There truly are so many parallels between anorexia and gender dysphoria; especially re underlying causes. Yet consider the difference in clinical response to...

"I'm unhappy with my body b/c I'm fat (when I'm skinny)"

"I'm unhappy with my body b/c I'm a male (when I'm female)"
Imagine if the path of treatment for anorexia was to embrace it and alter the individual's world so they live as an obese person. That immediately strays into the realm of the bizarre, right?

Then it should give you great pause to push children down a path towards transition.
Now, obviously, my thoughts here rest on two critical pillars...

1) I do not subscribe to gender theory. I believe all forms of gender dysphoria are a mental health condition

2) I believe there is widespread social contagion

Neither position is at all unreasonable.
If you disagree with either of the above, you might as well close this thread. I'm not saying I'm "right" and you're "wrong", just that we'll never understand each other here because we sit at such different places.
And this lands us exactly on why it's such sensational nonsense that transactivists package every position that doesn't fully embrace gender theory as "they don't want us to exist!". Absolute nonsense. A distracting clown show; nothing more.
That gender theorists have published a bunch to build foundation for other gender theorists does not make it "science". It remains nothing but fortified dogma.

What's the cleanest proof that gender theory is academic witchcraft? This...

There is no rational argument against that tweet above. It's concrete. That's because the selection of male/female was finalized before that human ever filled its lungs with oxygen. From there, it's all in the mind. Literally.
I am all for peoples "right to exist" and right to live life however they want. In fact, thats what I'm all about. And that's not where my angst on the gender front comes from.

That source is the demand of transactivists, now being codified as high up as the federal gov that...
that we all accept gender theory, and allow selective gender to supercede biological reality for the purpose of human classification. No, I reject that today and I always will. But I support a transperson's right to live that way. And I encourage respect of transgender people.
That's prong #1 above. Now let's circle back to my OP here and discuss prong #2...

My main concern is social contagion. Meaning, children who are NOT dysphoric being encouraged down these same channels.

To be frank...
if you're dismissive of social contagion at this point, you are simply electing to live with your head buried in the sand on this issue and, honestly, you should be ashamed of yourself...

If you accept there is a level of social contagion going on, then my OP here (and Zoe's thread I QTd above) should really trouble you.

Now, cast that out to thousands and thousands of children nationwide and we land at the below.

This is a true crisis.

• • •

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10 Jun
It's been something to watch so many of the "anti-racist" camp reveal themselves as full-throated straight up overt racists!
You would think this would go without saying, but just as a public service announcement...

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9 Jun
I just clicked a YouTube link and the ad before the video was Stacey Abrams. She said "As we speak, Republicans are trying to enact widespread voter suppression laws and bring us to Jim Crow 2.0".

I'm not ok with this type of verbiage anymore. And you shouldn't be either.
"Nothing less" than Jim Crow 2.0.

Stop and think about what Jim Crow means; what that time period looked like. Picture the images.

Now flip back to current times.

Fuck this type of rhetoric and fuck those who spew it! 🖕

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9 Jun
The byproduct of "anti-racist" ideology is "I hate white people".

What's worse... the heinous sentiment itself, the fact almost 500 people liked it, or that this person has almost 30,000 followers? Image
How long do we plan to keep pretending? ImageImageImage
BTW, if you arent aware of who that first lovely lady above is, she rose to be Student Body President of a major US university, Virginia Commonwealth (VCU). President of over 22,000 students at that campus. Yep.

Bet you've never even heard of her.

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9 Jun
Can you fairly describe being obsessed with intersectionality/oppression hierarchies and both crafting your identity as well as deriving benefit/self-worth from imposed victimhood as a form of Munchausen Syndrome?

Watch that clip below. How is it different exactly?
Replace the need to present as sick (and the response/benefit it yields, eventually consuming the person) with the need to present as victimized (and similar response/benefit in our current climate, eventually becoming the person's full identity).

Seems almost dead on.
My starting point here was the tweet below. I unquestionably believe we have Munchausen by proxy manifesting re gender. Mainly with parents (HBO Transhood scene is like a sculpture of it), but I was seeing it through the lens of educators as well.
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4 Jun
Feminist movement --> women are equal to men --> women can do anything men do/possess any associated trait --> effort to disprove any positive trait is associated with being male --> all that then remains as acceptable descriptors for males is...

"Toxic masculinity". 💡
My mind had never connected those dots so cleanly until last night.

I got there because I was thinking about "confidence" and "assertiveness" as traits of masculinity. My mind literally pictured a feminist snapping w/ "are you saying women arent confident or assertive?!?" and...
all of a sudden it hit me, "Theyve literally made it so no positive trait is allowed to be associated as male/masculine". If you do position that, then you're a misogynist. But then the end-result of this perverse analysis is that only negative factors are left as acacceptable.
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1 Jun
Teaching children to love their country is a good thing.
It's surreal and horrifying that those words would even need to be said.

Yet, they do need to be said.
And, no, the above does not demand ignoring or masking our history, nor does it require some North Korea-like brainwashing apparatus.

It starts at home.
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