(Part 1) Anatomy of the bearish market (in a nutshell)

We're supposedly at the end of the bullish market (RED) with inflated stocks with margin, credit, and debt. Some stocks will undoubtedly melt-up (skyrocket) [this year - highly shorted securities are current plays]
(Part 2) Eventually, once the bearish market in in our doorstep - In order to preserve wealth, investors would be buying gold as fiat currency will lose value for gold to pick up in value. They are inversely proportional.

Nothing is gained. Nothing is lost. All is transformed.
(Part 3) On the first step of the bearish market (PINK), investors would be looking out for the true dip of the stock market / real estate and crypto.

Nobody knows when the market will reach the very bottom so be prepared to average down on your holdings.
(Part 4) Considering the economy may face inflation risk [TEAL] (nothing as 0% chance for hyperinflation), every product of the market including the cost of living will increase. Hence, gold helps to hedge that change.
(Part 5) There is a small window for investors to look out for dips in the market before inflation is felt (not until months or years even) because increased liquidity from printing takes time to circulate in the open market.
(Part 6) For US & Canada only, mortgage / student loans are most likely on a fixed interest rate with a total amount to pay out already established in a contract. Take advantage of inflation to pay those up.
(Part 7) For adjustable interest rate-based loans, once the economy faces a correction - Interest rate will increase with inflation making your overall contract more expensive to pay up overtime. Pay these liabilities quickly between the melt-up (RED) and buying gold (PINK)
(Part 8) Here is the value of gold in Post-WW1 Germany in hyperinflation years.
(Part 9) Once investors feel the economy is at the bottom with the highest inflation rate possible, they will be dumping gold to retrieve back their initial investment + possibly a profit. Gold value increases when fiat currency value decreases.
(Part 10) In the ascending phase (PURPLE), inflation slowly decreases overtime and stocks will gradually reach the level from where they fell. Past that period, another bullish market will begin.

Anyone able to preserve its own wealth can indefinitely multiply its holdings.

• • •

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10 Jun
(Part 1) Let's explore some things. $AMC

Disclaimer: Anything under this thread is not financial advice. All of this is based on my professional experience and content here are for educational purposes.
(Part 2) The squeeze is imminent. Technical analysis doesn't work. Prediction models are haywire and inaccurate. Fundamentals are out of the window. Ortex and S3 Partners aren't reliable.
(Part 3) Lately, I've read talks about the 2nd book system. It is real. The 1st book is held by the company registering transactions between a buyer and a seller. The 2nd book is for validation of such transactions between these two parties through a clearing house.
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10 Jun
(Part 1) I don't understand this trend of holdings being held/delayed by a clearing house / market-maker.

The truth is they have been doing this for quite some time.
(Part 2) Let's go back to the basics: retail investors submit their orders through their brokerage services at market prices which take within two business days to settle through a market maker / clearing corporation.
(Part 3) Some of the delays are bound with the amount of buyers and sellers based on supply and demand - but also with the amount of wealth being exchanged. If it's a huge order, that might take some time to be fulfilled completely based on existing partial offers.
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8 Jun
(Part 1) For $AMC - $GME

For those joining $CLOV right now based on the words of someone without doing their own due diligence, they are shooting themselves on the foot.
(Part 2) That's not investing. It's gambling. Remember, division of wealth at this current stage defuses the magnitude and the amplitude of a short squeeze.
(Part 3) Any wise investor would spend days, weeks, perhaps even months before investing into a stock. If there's any doubt of this point, you didn't do your homework.
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8 Jun
(Part 1) A bit of common sense and real talk $AMC

I have witnessed a lot of division as of late and I've told members of the community the closer we are into the endgame - The amount of FUD will be something we have never seen before - and the worst type of FUD is between apes.
(Part 2) There are lot of unnecessary drama going on with social media that this guy and this girl are creating division with apes just adding oil to the fire- transforming these situations into a freaking circus, blowing these out of proportions. It's embarrassing.
(Part 3) A certain individual has been offering his input for free through his prediction-based model built off on the idea of mass behavioral analysis of the market.

Understand the differences between a right and a privilege.
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8 Jun
(Part 1) S3 Partners have reported 16.01M shorted shares sold short covered. $AMC

How is that even possible?

Relax. Take a deep breath.

Let's wait for Ortex if they are showing the same correlation of such similar change. Peer-review and reassess intel!
(Part 2) Let's not forget S3 Partners is speculatively owned by Citadel. Regardless of the documentation out there, there are no concrete proof to prove this connection - but it is healthy to challenge ourselves to give the benefit of the doubt - and being cautious.
(Part 3) Ortex and S3 Partners are distinctive proprietary analytical platforms and they receive information based on whatever institutions are authorized to give them.

We cannot blame them for doing their job of reporting regardless if it's false/true/delayed data.
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7 Jun
(Part 1) What is the relation of the reverse repo market with highly shorted securities (such as $AMC, $GME, $KOSS etc.)?

As featured in @masked_investor livestream with @RogueTheLegacy , @ShortTheVix1 & @bigdawgstocks
(Part 2) The reverse repo market is essentially the FED acting as a pawn / maintenance shop borrowing from banks, effectively decreasing market liquidity in the financial world.
(Part 3) The FED and the government are two different entities - their interests don't always align with each other but their primary mandate is to serve the general interest of the public. Hold that thought.
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