For some strange reason, Al Jazeera has cult status in some Western circles.

It shouldn't. It should be viewed with contempt.

Here's an updated "greatest hits" list to underscore that point:
2/ To set the stage:

Most recently, a the network accepted an award from Hamas, an antisemitic terror organization known for its suicide bombing attacks on Jewish civilians, for what Hamas viewed as Al Jazeera's excellent coverage.

3/ Al Jazeera once threw a birthday party for Samir Kuntar, a Lebanese terrorist convicted of bludgeoning to death a 4-year-old Israeli girl and shooting her father.
4/ And a pity party for someone responsible for the murder 15 Israeli civilians, including 7 children.
5/ AJ+, the arm of Al Jazeera that targets a younger audience (in part by feigning concern about social justice) recently produced and published a Holocaust-denial video.…
6/ More Holocaust denial broadcast by Al Jazeera:
7/ More Holocaust denial and Holocaust inversion broadcast by Al Jazeera:
8/ More Holocaust inversion by Al Jazeera:
9/ After the host of an Al Jazeera program praised Hitler, he promised another genocide during the program:
10/ Al Jazeera broadcasts stuff like that. And stuff like, "Kill them, down to the very last one!"
11/ After the murder of three Israeli teenagers, and as Hamas was firing indiscriminate rockets into Israeli cities and towns—a clear war crime—an AJ+ producer and presenter defended Palestinian terrorism as legitimate "resistance."
12/ In 2019, Al Jazeera editor promoted the "Khazar" myth (the false charge that Ashkenazi Jews aren't really the descendants of Jews), and misinformed about the definition of antisemitism, pretending it doesn't mean Jew-hatred but rather anti-Arabism.
13/ In a Oct. 10, 2001 editorial, the New York Times said of Al Jazeera that "the station reported that Jews were told not to go to work in the World Trade Center on Sept. 11 — promoting the rumor, widely believed by Muslims, that Jews were behind the attack."
14/ An article defending a French demonstrator who accosted a Jewish philosopher, yelling "dirty Zionist" and, more tellingly, "dirty race!" (The Al Jazeera piece didn't bother telling readers about the latter words.)
15/ Arguments that Jews are suspect because extremist Jews exist.
16/ After the Gaza Strip was flooded by torrential rains, Al Jazeera ran a piece claiming that Israel purposefully flooded Gaza by opening (non-existent) dams. (They later retracted.)
17/ Some levity: When Israel decided to issue thousands of permits for Palestinians to enter Israel, Al Jazeera—which had previously criticized the withholding of permits—ran an piece criticizing the *granting* of permits…since Palestinians might shop.
18/ Of course, there are countless examples of smaller stuff: The supposedly serious news organization pretend a convicted World Trade Center bomber wasn't convicted, but just accused; and pretends he was killed by the U.S. after he died in prison.
19/ (And a whole boatload of hypocrisy and dishonesty.…)
20 / There are surely plenty of other examples that don't appear in this thread. But dayenu.

• • •

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9 Jun
1/ There's a letter circulating "from journalists, to journalists" that calls for abandoning journalistic objectivity in favor of anti-Israel activism.

Most signers are from fringe sites (Jewish Currents, the Intercept, Mondoweiss), but some (!) are mainstream news reporters.
2/ The names in that latter group—the handful from The @BuzzFeed, @washingtonpost, @latimes—should amount to a list of reporters that news organizations promising objective, impartial, and fair reporting should bar from touching anything related to Israel, Hamas, or the conflict.
3/ There's nothing at all noteworthy about journalists from Al Jazeera/AJ+ signing the letter:
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7 Jun
I discontinued updating my great, big, endless, partial antisemitism thread. ().

But just as a reminder of what's still happing, the next four tweets are a look at what's come across my Twitter feed today.
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3 Jun
1/ I get the hesitations about describing the Israel-child-killer! narrative as a "blood libel"—a reprise of the medieval habit of fomenting antisemitism by claiming Jews murder Christian kids. That analogy, too, is imperfect, as @NickKristof put it.

But something's rotten here:
2/ There's something rotten, ugly, and mendacious when someone describes Hamas—a group that has just killed children, and that certainly targets Jewish children—as merely "shelling Israel" in the same breath as he characterizes Israel as "killing children."
3/ Hamas, after all, is the group that used its most precise weapon—suicide bombers—to stand in crowds of Israeli children at pizza shops and dance clubs and detonate themselves. With clear intent, it attacks Jewish children.
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28 May
This is…actually…true. And it's actually insane. As a wave of antisemitic assaults makes headlines, Rutgers condemned antisemitism—in a letter condemning all bigotry against all groups including Muslims—but then apologized after complaints from Palestinian students.
Please read the letters.



Can anyone defend this?
Jewish students at Rutgers should be incensed. So should Jews everywhere. So should Muslims and Asians and anyone else who have been targeted with waves of violence. And who hasn't.

Condemning a specific bigotry during a wave of that specific bigotry should be okay.
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26 May
In which Jeet calls @IzaTabaro and @bariweiss liars.

See, Zionists are liars.

Why would anyone want to live with them?
I mean, no one would be so immoderate as to do that, right Jeet?
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18 May
1/ There's a silly talking point, this time promoted in the @nytimes via Nathan Thrall, that says Hamas couldn't *possible* fire rockets at Israel from somewhere sparsely populated.

"There is almost no way to fight from [Gaza] without exposing civilians to danger."
2/ What Thrall means is that "there is almost no way to fight from Gaza's open spaces without exposing Hamas attackers to great danger."

Yes, Gaza's cities are densely populated. They're cities. But Gaza's rural spaces (*very* roughly marked in green) are sparsely populated.
3/ Hamas wants to operate from civilian areas because it's better for Hamas. Not because everywhere in Gaza is packed with civilians.

Hamas *wants to* attack from civilian areas. It doesn't *have to* attack from there.
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