Coming up: The @HouseJudiciary Committee meets with FBI Director Chris Wray tomorrow, June 10 at 10AM ET, for an oversight hearing on the agency he leads. I will live-tweet.
Catch the livestream here on Thursday:

The @HouseJudiciary Committee will convene its hearing with FBI director Chris Wray momentarily.
House Judiciary Cmte chair Jerry Nadler says they must confront what happened on January 6 - which he calls a terrorist attack today Nadler says Trump used his full power to convince supporters the election was stolen, encouraged people to march on the capitol.
Nadler says some of his colleagues would merely rebrand these traitors as tourists and he condemns them and their blocking of 1/6 commission and adds that the people who tried to murder leadership did so with the express purpose of trying to topple the democracy.
On Jan. 6, Chairman Nadler says: "I for one, simply won't look away."
A video is being played showing how police were overrun, the now familiar images of the crowd chanting "heave ho" as they nearly crushed one officer to death in a doorway, the nooses, the clips of people on the ground calling for "30k guns up here."
Tourists indeed, Nadler says.
Nadler: The attack was planned in the open. Right wing militia groups trained for it. Trump whipped his supporters into a frenzy for weeks. They marched into the Capitol chanting "Stop the Steal."
In 2020, FBI put together 15 intel assessments on domestic extremism.
The last one was in Dec. And it had zero mention of the joint session ahead where people were planning for weeks by that point to come to DC, Nadler says.
Nadler: This is not a rhetorical problem. The threat of white nationalism is very real.
Then to Wray: I know you to be a man of good conscience, Nadler says, but the time has come to put the resources of the bureau where they belong.
White supremacists conducted 2/3 of the terrorist plots and attacks in 2020. The time has come for the FBI to confront this directly, Nadler says.
For too long, FBI has downplayed the threat of white nationalism and focused on other threats, and occasionally the made up threat of black extremism, Nadler says.
Ample evidence has shown that many who attacked the Capitol on 1/6 were former police or had law enforcement experience. Nadler calls for a full internal review of white supremacist membership within the bureau.
Ranking member of the House Judic Jim Jordan begins remarks by saying Biden admin is not supporting the First Amendment. "Mayorkas turned press away" from the border during a recent visit. Freedom is under attack, Jordan says. And a lot of Americans think Wray is the problem.
Here's a link to the footage Chairman Nadler shared as he delivered his remarks this morning and called on FBI director Wray to finally take white nationalism as a terroristic threat seriously:
Ranking member Jim Jordan said the rights of Americans have been infringed repeatedly, he has issues with the FISA court, warrantless spying etc. He did not mention 1/6 Commission, or build off any requests from Chair Nadler to Wray to investigate white supremacist threats
FBI director Wray begins.
We have worked tirelessly to confront a host of threats, both foreign and domestic, to aggressive adversaries internationally, to cybercriminals, he says.
He says over the last few years, FBI has seen a rise in people destroying property while being inspired by extremist ideologies. He adds: The FBI does not and should not police ideology and we do not investigate groups or individuals based on the exercise of 1A activity alone
Wray: But when we encounter violence and threats to public safety, the FBI will not hesitate to take appropriate action.
That's not controversial, he says.
"We can all agree that violence in any form in any set of beliefs cannot and will not be tolerated."
Wray says what we saw on 1/6 was a reflection of this rising tide of extremism. He says "We also saw extremist violence during last year's civil unrest."
He notes, while most were peaceful, others weren't.
Damage to federal buildings was estimated in the millions, officers hurt
Wray says "we've seen an alarming rise in hate crimes" and they would categorize some of those crimes as racially and ethnically motivated
The words "white supremacy" or "white nationalist" were not yet a part of Wray's opening remarks.
Wray highlights the uptick in violence towards police in the first 5 months of 2021. Wray: 36 officers were feloniously killed, that's almost 2 LEOs shot and killed every week.
942 people have been shot and killed by police in the past year:…
Nadler: According to FBI docs they hve rec'd, the FBI knew in December that certain militia groups were preparing for a significant event, perhaps on inaug day. The report also noted maps of Cap complex tunnels
Nadler: The warnings coming in from around the country were clear (about 1/6). Did the FBI simply miss the evidence in Washington or did it see and simply fail to piece it together?
The report Nadler references is the Norfolk Report, and Wray says it was raw, emerged on Jan. 5 from an unvetted online source. Despite that, Wray says it was passed to US Capitol Police, in an email, verbal briefing to command posts and in a LEO portal
Wray: "You are darn sure we are going to be looking at how we can do better.. in terms of collecting, analyzing and disseminating intelligence."
At 12:53PM on 1/6, rioters broke through barriers. After 1:30PM surged the steps. A riot was declared at 1:49PM.
When did USCP request assistance from the FBI and how quickly was it deployed? Wray says he doesn't have the specific time.
In Feb, Secy of Defense directed sr military officials to assess extremist ideology in their ranks. In April, DHS said it was conducting an internal review to root out white extremists in their ranks. Is the FBI conducting its own inspection to root out white supremacy?
Wray on whether FBI is looking for white extremists in their ranks: Well Mr Chairman, we take the prospect of what the intel community would refer to as an insider threat seriously. We have a whole slew of procedures that speak to that.
(continued) Wray on whether the FBI is conducting internal review of white extremists in their ranks: " I'd be happy to see if we could provide you more information separately."
Wray says that cartel activity on the other side of the border is spilling over "in all sorts of ways", including human trafficking. Rep. McClintock, R-CA, says "we have slavery burgeoning in this country" because human trafficking goes unchecked. What is FBI doing about it?
Rep. McClintock asks how much money FBI is spending to combat human trafficking.
He doesn't have the figure.
But he says that the largest allocation of resources, including agents, in FBI go toward trying combatting, investigating human and sex trafficking
The loophole in Section 702 and warrantless surveillance by the FISA court was the focus for Rep. Zoe Lofgren in her 5 mins. Wray says changes to surveil requirements, oversight, guidance and training have been underway at FBI. Lofgren asks Wray for a hearing on those changes.
More about Section 702 here. h/t @JakeLaperruque…
Rep. Issa asks Wray for assurances that the FBI has resources or a plan to prevent or anticipate cyberattacks, like ransomware attacks that have plagued the US of late.
Wray says they always need more resources to surveil,
Blacks are targeted in 48.5% of all hate crimes. Is the fbi prioritizing its investigations into violent hate crimes, Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee asks.
Wray says yes. She asks for % of those extremists tied to white supremacy? He says he'll report back.
Wray adds last year, the FBI did elevate racially motivated extremist violence to the top of their list of items to be concerned about.
Rep Jackson Lee says, and would you say it's still that way?
Wray says yes.
Rep Jackson Lee on the day of the attack, did FBI HQ, Wray's Office, call the WH, the Speaker or any member of Congress?
Wray says he knows there was communication, but he doesn't have specific information and offers to provide info to her following up.
Rep Jackson Lee also asked if Wray was aware of any online threats to VP Pence, Speaker of the House or lawmakers. Wray says he cant think of any sitting here right now. They were aware of online chatter, he adds.
Trump at 1:10PM on 1/6: We fight like hell and if you don't fight like hell you arent going to have a country anymore. At 2:11PM on 1/6 rioters breached the capitol. Jackson Lee: Trump motivated domestic terrorists.
Rep. Jackson Lee: Have these words been reviewed by FBI to see if his words and deeds contributed to violent insurrection on 1/6? (Lee says it should be sent to DOJ)
Wray:: I'm not sure there's a whole lot I can add but if there's something I can provide in follow up...
Rep. Jackson Lee: You're the investigatory agency to the DOJ
She press again, is there a probe or not?
Wray says he's not aware of any probes on that, but they have 100s of investigations on much of what happened that day.
Wray again offers to report back.
We're getting a lot of deliverable requests today!
Rep Steve Cohen asks Wray if he can look into Trump's request to Don McGahn that he lie.
He asks Wray to consult with AG Garland about what FBI can do. Background:…
Rep Cohen, a, Democrat, then asks if the FBI infiltrated the protest at BLM plaza in DC?
Wray: We don't infiltrate protests as a general rule.
Rep Cohen asks Wray if "he will admit 1/6 was an insurrection."
Wray: "When it comes to Jan 6, it's a unique type of attack not just in terms of the number of individuals but in terms of the effort to disrupt a key part of our constitutional system and a peaceful transition...
Wray: "...of our govt which is a hallmark of our country. It's a very significant attack in its own right and we have close to 500 arrests. We have all of our field offices fully engaged and the amount of manpower devoted to it is extremely significant for one attack, absolutely"
Related to Wray's comments earlier in the thread:…
Rep. Matt Gaetz, pictured below, at today's FBI oversight hearing, presses director Wray aggressively about the origins of Covid-19. Wray says the intel community has been looking at this issue. He notes "there are differences in view" about the origins among agents.
Rep. Ted Deutch asks Wray if they will declassify fully all docs about 9/11. Wray says they will continue to provide information as appropriate and as requested, but offers no hard or fast answer.
Wray emphasizes to lawmakers on the House Judiciary Committee that the FBI does not designate domestic terrorist organizations, period. Unlike foreign terrorist enforcement side where there's a specific statutory scheme to designate foreign terrorists.
Rep Bass, again for clarity, so you don't designate organizations as domestic terrorist organizations?
Wray says that's right, but what they will do is see how individuals conspire with each other and they will open a conspiracy investigation.
Wray: We investigate individuals for criminal activity that occurs in the middle of protests, regardless of what the protest is. We do not investigate First Amendment groups, for speech, assembly, membership, in domestic first amendment groups.
Wray: The FBI has had a few cases in the last 2 years involving individuals who committed domestic terror attacks, justifying their lethal attacks based on their interpretation of the so-called Black Hebrew Israelite faith. That's the best example I can give you.
Rep. Hakeem Jeffries asks Wray if he believes violent white supremacy is the greatest threat to national security? (Pres. Biden said it was days ago)
Wray: "The way we look at it, I think we're saying the same thing. We have elevated racially motivated violent extremism...
Wray continued: "The vast majority tend to be on behalf of white superiority and it is at our highest threat priority level commensurate with ISIS and it is certainly true in the last few years the most lethal attacks here in the homeland have been...
Wray continued... "by individuals in that racially motivated extremist category specifically advocating for superiority of the white race.

Jeffries: "Right. Otherwise known as white supremacists.
Jeffries is asking Wray why they are reluctant to use the word white supremacy.
Wray: We're trying to make clear to everyone who is involved, is on the violence. Part of reason we change nomenclature is that it gets back to having one standard.
Wray continued: It doesn't matter how foreign or despicable your motive is, but what we have to be focused on is the violence.

Jeffries says, I understand that but if you don't name and claim the problem, it seems to be, it's harder to solve the problem.
Jeffries: Emmett Till's murder: an act of domestic terror. The Birmingham church bombing in 1963, an act of domestic terror. January 6, that resulted in death and mayhem, was an act of domestic terror. The through-line through all of those instances is white supremacy.
I have to pull off live-tweeting for now but you can catch a live-stream here:
Wray says there are 56 FBI field offices collecting/disseminating info about domestic terror threats, all 200+ joint taskforces of FBI are trained to handle specifically and 4500+ investigations "surely have domestic terrorism within their sights"
“January 6, that resulted in death and mayhem, that was also an act of domestic terror,” Hakeem Jeffries told FBI director Chris Wray today. “The through line through all of those instances is white supremacy.”…

• • •

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