So now the mouth foamers are trying to destroy Kirsten Gillibrand because she missed a vote, even though it was something that wasn’t going to pass at this time anyway, and she surely had a valid reason for her absence. These types aren’t activists, they’re just rage addicts.
These mouth foamers, who DO NOT CARE about progress or winning, are the worst enemy the rest of us have. They’re destructive maniacs who just want to rage and destroy things, and they’re happy to destroy their own side. The rest of us must defeat and silence these mental patients
Because while we’ve already shown we can defeat the right wing mouth foamers, it’s a hell of a lot harder to defeat the liberal mouth foamers who are living under our own tent. They’re trying to sabotage us from within. And they’ll pull it off, unless we take a stand against them
And yes, we must neutralize the liberal doomsday pundits who spend all day pandering to these diseased liberal mouth foamers. These pundits know the harm they’re doing by stoking this insanity, but they like the retweets it gets them. Evil scum that they are.

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11 Jun
Can't believe I have to say this, but stop calling for Merrick Garland to be fired. This is madness. You haven't even had an opportunity to see anything out of him yet, beyond some procedural court filings. Be smarter than this. Pressure him, yes. Fire him? You're fucking nuts.
Also, how have you already decided that Biden is an idiot who can’t be trusted to pick an Attorney General?

Why do liberals always instantly turn against their own leaders, the minute the media baits them into it?

We’re fucking idiots – and it’s why we lose.
Just a few days ago, y’all were demanding that Chuck Schumer be ousted. Now you’re calling for Garland’s head. This isn’t anything close to a winning strategy. It’s just you trying to make yourself feel superior to your own party’s leaders and officials. It’s embarrassing.
Read 4 tweets
9 Jun
Sam Darnold needs to be suspended from the NFL without pay until he gets vaccinated for COVID. Simple as that. This isn't some "personal choice" that only impacts him. We're all trying to keep a deadly pandemic from making a comeback and killing more Americans.
People have a right to not get vaccinated. But if they make that choice, they don't have an inherent right to go anywhere, do anything, or participate in anything. They sure as hell don't belong in contact sport played in front of a crowd. That's reckless endangerment.
Now I get to block some crazy stupid dickheads who will appear out of nowhere to troll me, because I dared to tweet about a sports figure 😆
Read 4 tweets
9 Jun
None of us know why the DOJ has made these recent procedural filings, all of which have added up to nothing so far. The media and the pundits are pushing absurd conspiracy theories about Merrick Garland to drum up ratings. But we should all simmer down until real answers emerge.
Flying off the handle and yelling angry stupid shit, before you even have the facts understand what’s going on, is no way to go through life. Truth is, when it comes to Garland, you’re very probably panicking and raging over what will turn out to be nothing.
If it turns out the DOJ legally had to retain these Trump era positions, knowing the judge would toss them anyway, many of you are going to feel awfully foolish by the time the smoke clears. You’ll have wasted your time over nothing, when you could have focused on real battles.
Read 10 tweets
9 Jun
McConnell had full control for two years, and he really only managed to pass one major piece of partisan legislation (tax bill).

Democrats have only had four months. They've already passed the relief bill. Working on two more major bills. Way ahead of McConnell's snail pace.
You have to get past the fictional narrative that Trump and McConnell were magically and instantly doing everything they wanted. That just flat out never happened. They got very, very little of their own stated agenda accomplished. It's just how it goes – even with full control.
Also, Biden is on pace to confirm far more judges, far more quickly, than McConnell did. You may not know that, since the media is giving zero coverage to the onslaught of judge confirmations the the Senate has scheduled for this month. But it's true.
Read 12 tweets
9 Jun
You all MUST get over the fictional doomsday narrative that voting rights legislation has to pass right this second or we're all dead. That's nonsense. Back in the real world, voting rights doesn't have to pass any time soon. It just has to pass before the midterms – and it will.
I could get ten times as many likes, retweets, followers, and page views if I were willing to push the doomsday hyperbole that voting rights legislation must happen right this second or ALL HOPE IS LOST. But I refuse to push that crap, because it's false. And counter productive.
Most liberal pundits only exist to sell you this doomsday hyperbole, so you'll give them likes and retweets, and so you'll believe they're smarter and fiercer than the Democratic Party leadership. Your job is to not fall for this sky is falling nonsense. It'll paralyze you.
Read 10 tweets
7 Jun
The biggest piece of fiction in all of politics is that Mitch McConnell had some kind of magic wand control over his caucus. He did not. He spent forever wrestling with Collins, Murkowski, etc, on every bill. It was an ugly, slow, tortured process. Always that way on both sides.
The problem is that the media spent four years pretending McConnell was instantly getting everything he wanted without any difficulty. Even though your eyes kept showing you that this was never remotely true, the media has convinced you to believe it anyway.
So now that you believe a fictional previous four years where McConnell magically got everything in an instant, you’re outraged that Schumer isn’t able to pull off the same magic. Except in reality McConnell was constantly plagued by exactly what Schumer is plagued with.
Read 12 tweets

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