Kashmir - The land of Shakti

A war broke out between Shri Krishna & Jarasandha years before the great Mahabharata war. The then reining Prince of Kashmir Gonanda was an ally of Jarasandha. Eventually, Gonanda lost his life in the battle against Sri Krishna.

Damodara, the son of Gonanda and successor to the throne, was set to avenge his father's death. In pursuit of his vengeance, Damodar marched on with his army to fight Sri Krishna. A mighty battle ensued between them both. But in the end, Damodar was defeated and killed.

Nevertheless, Sri Krishna knowing the importance & sanctity of the Kashmir land, came himself to Kashmir and arranged the coronation ceremony and made Yashovati, the Queen of Kashmir. (pregnant wife of Damodar). This is the real woman empowerment in ancient Bharat.

This maybe very well the first women, a war widow of the King, was made ruler. Because she has right to inherit the wealth & throne after her husband's death. And it was done by none other than Sri Krishna himself. वासुदेवो महात्मा यदभ्यषिञ्चत् स्वयं स्त्रियम् (नी.पु.30)
This ensured the sanctity of Kashmir land. The pregnant Queen Yashovati accompanied her husband in the war like a warrior. She was brave & strong. The revolutionary move to take over the throne by Queen and guiding the State affairs after the death of King began in Kashmir.

Maharshi Vaishampayan said to Janamejaya - 'The land of Kashmir is the manifestation of Bhagwati Uma'. Eons ago it was called Satidesh - सतीदेश इति ख्यातं देवाक्रीडं मनोहरम् (नी.पु. 66)

The beautiful land was being ravished by a demon named Jalodbhava. Maharshi Kashyap witnessed the ravage caused by the Daitya and invoked the help of Brahma, Vishnu & Shiva. After a prolonged mighty war the Vishnu cut off the head of Daitya much to the delight of all Devas.

Thus the Satidesh became present day Kashmir. Kashmir is the name because of Maharshi Kashyap -

कः प्रजापतिरुद्दुष्टो कश्यपश्च प्रजापतिः ।
तेनासौ निर्मितो देशः कश्मीराख्यो भविष्यति॥
(नी. पु. 291)

The Kashmir, became the abode of Brahma, Vishnu & Shiva and other Devas.

Repeatedly, the land of Kashmir suffered the attacks of Daityas (It still suffers). But by the grace Shri Mahavishnu & Mahadev it was averted.

Kashmir - the land of Shakti
Kashmir - the land of all Devas
Kashmir - the land of Knowledge
Kashmir - the land of Equality
Kashmir - the land of Brave
Kashmir - the land established by by Rishi Kashyap
Kashmir - the land of glorious past which was know to Shri krishna too

I hope this Kashmir restores once again as the Knowledge Capital that it was years ago.

When & how?

Only Mahakal Knows...





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