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#Breaking: An Encounter break out between terrorist and security forces at Shokbaba forest, Sumblar area of #Bandipora.

Police and security forces are on the job. Further details shall follow.
#Jammu & #kashmir
#Updated: Two terrorists killed in outgoing encounter at Sumblar area of Bandipore in North Kashmir.

Operation still in progress. More details awaited......
Updated:Three soldiers were injured in the ongoing encounter with terrorist in Shokbaba forests of #Bandipora district.
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1 - The ordeal of Mullah Zaeef ( by Ayaz Amir September 22, 2006 Dawn) On 21 Sept 2011 Mullah Zaeef narrated his ordeal to the @UN while living in Pakistan

Ref :

#Taliban #Afghanistan #Pakistan #TTP #AlQaeda
2 - The ordeal of Mullah Zaeef ( by Ayaz Amir September 22, 2006 Dawn) On 21 Sept 2011 Mullah Zaeef narrated his ordeal to the @UN while living in Pakistan

Ref :

#Taliban #Afghanistan #Pakistan #TTP #AlQaeda
۱ - ایاز امیر نے ۲۲ ستمبر ۲۰۰۶ میں #طالبان کے ملا ضعیف کی ان تکالیف کے بارے میں لکھا جو پاکستان نے انہیں دیں 👈

جو مشکل طالبان نے ۲۰۰۱ میں پاکستان کے لیئے کھڑی کیں 👈

#Taliban #Afghanistan #Pakistan #TTP #AlQaeda
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Updated:Three terrorists including a Top Pakistani LeT terrorist Commander Ishfaq Dar trapped inside residential house in Check-Sidiq village of #Shopian of South Kashmir.

The terrorists refused to kneel/surrender before the security forces....

#Jammu & #Kashmir
Updated🇮🇳: Encounter started between terrorists and Security forces in Check Sidiq area of #Shopian.
#Jammu & #Kashmir
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Updated: terrorist shot and injured a son of BJP worker Mohammad Shafi worker in #Gulgam area of #Kupwara.

He has received injuries in the attack and has been rushed to hospital.
More details awaiting...
#Jammu & #Kashmir
Updated:The Injured has been identified as Ishfaq Ahmad S/o Mohammad Shafi (BJP District President Kupwara).

His condition is stated to be critical and is being treated at hospital.

Ishfaq along with two others were distributing food items in the locality.
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8⃣ Serial blasts planned for #15August by Al Q@eda backed terr0rist grp foiled by UP ATS y'day.

9⃣ #lSlS module busted in a joint op by #NIA, IB, RAW, 5 arrested & 9 r being questioned.👏

🔟3 Jamaat-ul-Mujahideen Bangladesh (JMB) terr0rists arrested by Kolkata Police.
The above is a serties of attacks which wr planned by terr0rist grps and watered down by our agnecies.
10 such attempts thwarted!!!

I hv been saying this-- a major pan India attack is being planned. And agencies are being kept on their toes.
Pls b careful!
The above mentioned 9th attempt in which NIA, IB & RAW conducted a joint op-- is one of it's kind.

Could we have a huge round of applause for our agencies pls.👏👏👏

Frm Al qaeda to LeT all the terr0roist grps are suddenly active. And how!
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When Afghan mujahideen defeated Soviets in 1989, they were looking for new jihadi grounds, most of them favoured migrating to #Kashmir. However, Pakistani establishment did not allow it. The mujahideen went to Chechnya, most went back to their countries, some stayed back.
Pakistan preferred #Kashmir to remain under what it calls “illegal Indian occupation” than ending up being liberated by mujahideen. A handful of Afghan mujahideen did make it to Kashmir. They turned many areas in Kashmir no-gone zones for Indian forces. Google “Akbar Bhai Sopore”
So, if Pakistan didn’t want the mujahideen to liberate Kashmir, why did it support/ sponsor Kashmiri militants? It’s called proxy war; Pakistan started a very limited proxy war with India in Kashmir with a ‘jihad’ that it fully controls. India had started its proxy wars too.
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1/9 Greek FM hs said INDIA, GREECE & UAE will hold a trilateral dialogue. WHY IS THIS IMPORTANT?
1️⃣Turkey cld be looking to acquire NUCLEAR wpns(rpts Greek media).
2️⃣ Greece dominates the sea opening towards Turkey via CRETE island.👇
India & UAE might utilise it.
2/9 Crete played a significant role during US’s missions in middle east.
Island ws under Ottoman control earlier.
3️⃣Partnering with Greece comes with another benefit for UAE & INDIA—v use similar platforms like Mirage 2000 (Greece & India) & #Rafale (UAE,Grc & Ind).But
3/9 Qatar recently agreed to deploy 36 of it’s fighter jets in Turkey, which inclds Mirage 2000 & Rafale. Media reports speculate, these can be accessed by Pakistani & Turkish pilots. For obvious reasons this hasn’t gone down well with India & Greece. (pic Pak-Turk joint ex 👇)
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Al-Qaeda jihadis will not arrive in #Kashmir from Afghanistan. They are apparently already here! Al-Qaeda in the Indian Subcontinent (AQIS) in its monthly magazine Nawai Ghazwa-e-Hind says one of its fighters was killed fighting Indian army near Mughal Road, Poonch on 13/12/2020.
AQIS claims that its fighters based out of Pakistan administrated Kashmir attacked Indian army posts using RPGs/ mortars multiple times in 2020, inflicted casualties on Indians. It claims Pakistani army fired at its fighters for crossing LoC to carry out raids, injuring many.
The magazine also reports that its fighters had to go underground and operate covertly. It says Pakistani ISI had also raided the home of its 21-yo fighter from Multan who was killed in a gunfight near Mughal Road on December 13, 2020 while he was on his way to #Kashmir valley.
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Reminder about false narrative on #Kashmir by #Pakistan:

>Pakistan signed Standstill Agreement with J&K.

>Maharaja Hari Singh,ruler of J&K
signed Instrument Of Accession with #India.

>Pakistan tried to annex the state forcefully invading it with PakArmy alongwith mercenaries
>Invaders ruthlessly killed,raped and looted Kashmiris.

>India retaliated to evict the PakArmy.

> Meanwhile Indian PM Jawaharlal Nehru approached UN to declare Pakistan,an aggressor.

> Ceasefire declared by UN in the midst of PakArmy retreat after suffering heavy losses.
>UN constituted a 3member committee with members from India,Pakistan& on from neutral country agreed by both the nation to look into the matter.

> Pakistan delayed nominating its member to buy time, fully aware of the fact that J&K will go with India.
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June is torture awareness month and this month, we'd like to highlight how widespread torture is in Indian-occupied #Kashmir.

Since the #occupation began in 1947, India has used gruesome #torture as a tool of suppression against Kashmiris. (A THREAD)
Torture is used as a systematic mechanism to create a fear-psychosis in the Kashmiri people & weaken the people’s resolve to resist occupation. It's used to show absolute power & to make examples out of people so that the entire society submits to Indian occupation & colonialism.
Since the occupation began in 1947, India has used gruesome torture as a tool of suppression against Kashmiris. Torture against Kashmiris intensified further since the armed struggle for freedom began in the late 1980s.
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A very timely & sobering warning if one may call it that. My 2 paisa. Rest of India from long has been worked up about #JammuKashmir but they were the silent majority who knew their voice didn't count. The BJP-PDP alliance IMV was a brilliant strategy becoz unless one is inside
you learn nothing. BJP had zero connect from a administrative PoV. Likely they used this to learn & plan better. The LoC as a international border seems the only logical solution IMV. I have often said here, that any solution on #Kashmir that is not led/includes @BJP4India will
never find acceptance in India even if it is the best option. People will even accept a suboptimal solution especially if led by @narendramodi given the trust in India. Modi would be making a double himalayan mistake if there is even a hint of discussing status quo ante as agenda
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#Thread |

Barely a day after the union govt. invites 14 top political leaders frm J&K to discuss the political roadmap ahead, #Pakistan seems rattled & petrified of peace, normalcy & electoral politics returning to the valley!
#IndiaNarrative Image
Scared of its hollow anti-India rhetoric failing to gain traction, #Pakistan on #Saturday said that it would oppose any move by India to divide #Kashmir & change its demography

@Jammu4India @KhushnumaKashm1
In a break from the past, Centre, this time has completely ignored militant/separatist groups causing tensions at the behest of their masters across the LOC!
Pakistan is cognizant that their proxies in #Kashmir are running out of political mileage!


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60 yr old ws g@ng r*ped in front her 6 yr old grandson in WB.

Remember #ColPurohit?
In 2008 he hd warned abt 26/11 attacks
& in 2007 abt #WESTBENGAL.
14yrs ago!

~His rpt said MauIv!s frm Bangladesh wr settling dwn in WB & wr acting as PLACEMENT AGENCIES.
~His report also said that plan of the inimical entities ws "NECKLACING Of Major Indian Cities" with minority community.
~He pointed at 5 REGIONS in India-- that would experience major terrorist activities which included West Bengal & #Assam.
~This ws #lSl's strategy in 2007.
~He warned that these illegal immigrants along with 5th Columnists wld create LAW & ORDER situation by carrying out Rail/ Road blocks in time of need especially when #ArmedForces wr to b mobilized during an EXTERNAL AGGRESSION.
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Kashmir - The land of Shakti

A war broke out between Shri Krishna & Jarasandha years before the great Mahabharata war. The then reining Prince of Kashmir Gonanda was an ally of Jarasandha. Eventually, Gonanda lost his life in the battle against Sri Krishna.

Damodara, the son of Gonanda and successor to the throne, was set to avenge his father's death. In pursuit of his vengeance, Damodar marched on with his army to fight Sri Krishna. A mighty battle ensued between them both. But in the end, Damodar was defeated and killed.

Nevertheless, Sri Krishna knowing the importance & sanctity of the Kashmir land, came himself to Kashmir and arranged the coronation ceremony and made Yashovati, the Queen of Kashmir. (pregnant wife of Damodar). This is the real woman empowerment in ancient Bharat.

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Historically #Kashmiri women have enjoyed freedom like none of their counterparts in the other regions of our country. The intrusion of regressive ideologies, targeted at women, in the 90’s, might have pushed them behind but they are rapidly changing the gender norms.

The spirit of women in #Kashmir, supported aptly by various #government initiatives, have grown wings that enable them to soar the skies and break the glass ceiling.
#WomenEmpowerment #Kashmir

@FatimaDar_jk @MirYanaSY @AsimKhanTweets @IAmErAijaz
With the #abrogation, women of #Kashmir now have a stake in their ancestral properties regardless of their choice is spouse. This have liberated women who are not bound, shackled with patriarchal laws.

@NamrataWakhloo @AartiTikoo @IAmErAijaz
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Education enables us to make effective decisions about ourselves, our surroundings, and our societies.
Suffice to say #Education as an institution is notably significant in a civil society. And more so for #Kashmir.

@AdityaRajKaul @LtGenGurmit @AsimKhanTweets @MirYanaSY Image
In #Kashmir, the importance of structured #Education increases manifolds due to the dynamic nature of this region. Lack of education has a severe cascading effect here, eventually leading the gullible young people towards unlawful activities.
@kakar_harsha @neeraj_rajput Image
#Pandemic has restricted movement all over. With every public institution closed including schools and colleges, the Govt of #Jammu and #Kashmir have introduced initiatives to help students continue their studies, even in such uncertain times.
@MirYanaSY @Fayak_Wani1 @IAmErAijaz Image
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This is d 1st time I've spotted Capt #TusharMahajan's pic in which he's disguised as a muj@h!deen.
10 #ParaSF, attained veergati in 2016, while fighting agnst terr0rists in #Kashmir valley.
As a kid wen asked to write an essay he wrote--his aim ws to join Army & k!ll terr0r!sts. Image
His last whatsapp msg on Jan 26, 2016 read:
“so jaegi kal lipatkar tirange ke sath, yeh deshbhakti hai sahab, tarikhon per jagti hai”.

The 26yr old officer took 4 bullets in Feb that yr.
Capt Tushar Mahajan amar rahe!🇮🇳 Image
Correction: 9 Para SF
As it can be spotted in the pic below.

Those wr days when any and every op used to be followed by stone pelting and with tawdry statements frm Kashmiri separatists and politicians. Image
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In his telephone interactions with the public, PM #ImranKhan of #Pakistan rejected normalization of ties with #India until India restores the position in #Kashmir to pre 5 Aug 2019.

Good claptrap but Kashmiri people deserve more serious discussion than this. /1
As the self-declared 'Ambassador of #Kashmir', PM #ImranKhan has done little in two years to galvanize international diplomacy and public opinion on this conflict, and failed to exploit multiple leverages on #India that changing intl media and political landscape presented. /2
Judging by the sudden Pakistani diplomacy on #Gaza (in which #Pakistan in effect has no role), the Govt's #Kashmir diplomacy is virtually dead. International media gets credit for highlighting K situation. Pak state+private media is tedious/repetitious. Pak narrative invisible./3
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Here are a few uncomfortable truths. From 1947 to 2021 (except 75-77) India has been as free or unfree a democracy as you chose to label it. NOTHING has changed. So all of you out there put a lid on your lips & if you want to lecture India about democracy, freedom etc please 1st
read the threads by the brilliant scientist @ARanganathan72 & if you find his facts too hard to stomach search for the number of books banned, leaders jailed, riots etc with the help of Dr Google & you will find answers. So what has changed that post 2014 you hear these cries?
1) Till 2014 it didn't matter who was in power in Delhi as PM, the brokers middlemen, dalals, Lutyens club members, fixers, were in power. They decided everything from foreign policy to defence to internal security 2) They decided what was good for the country & it's people &
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#RememberingNehru 🤡

PM #Nehru GIFTED the Kabo Valley (Manipur, 11,000+ sq. km.) to Burma.

Was it his ancestral property, to gift?…
Burma paid a monthly lease for the Kabo Valley until 1949. After that, with Nehru's consent, it stopped paying & annexed the valley.

Nehru did not take Parliament's consent for this act. Congress-dominated Parliament did not intervene, nor did later governments.
PM Nehru GIFTED the Coco Islands (Andamans) to #Burma. The Burmese gave them to #CHINA to spy on India.

Chinese airstrip & spy station on Coco Island which PM Nehru GIFTED to Burma.…
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~Is #Lakshadweep in Danger? YES!
~ When NATIONAL security is sacrificed at d altar of politics. #SaveLakshadweep 🚨
~Like other campaigns this too hs a T00LKIT and it is #EXPOSED.
~If no strict action is taken then Lakshdweep will b next #Kashmir 👇
For once people living in INDIA should know what is happening across the length & breadth of the country.
Ignoring any region comes with the peril of losing it to inimical elements. 🚨
The pattern is same, social media campaign, ACTORS, and MISINFO.
The usual suspects r behind Lakshadweep #T00LKIT. Celebrities involved in spreading misinfo shld b taken to task. Lakshadweep is a strategically & economically imp location and ergo CHEEN’s interest in it. Its a completely diff case that cheen’s way of earning money is ILLEGAL.
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As of now, Pakistan may not have come off the #FATF's grey list but its compliance with 24 out of 27 action plans has been most impressive, neutralizing the Indian agenda of keeping Islamabad on the global radar with a "compromised financial system".
#India's human rights record has never been exposed the way it has been in recent months, starting with New Delhi's August 5th action of revoking the special status of #Kashmir.
The imposition of curfew and a complete information blockade of the valley has only been followed by the worst human rights abuses.
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@kajalmishra2002 @DoT_India @cmohry @CMOfficeUP @BJP4India @prabhat_kr_jha @ashish14231

Look at this guys words how his #Islamophobic words "Maulana", and use derogatory comment to dehumanizing Muslim community he use the words #Mughal Haramai etc, and how he describes himself as Hindu Nationalist, he was working with #Toshiba as 1/
@kajalmishra2002 @DoT_India @cmohry @CMOfficeUP @BJP4India @prabhat_kr_jha @ashish14231 Look at this guys words "Population control to point out Muslims which right wing use these words, and how he instigating by showing example of #Kashmir etc,

Imagine how a Muslim junior associate work under him? How he will treat him?

@kajalmishra2002 @DoT_India @cmohry @CMOfficeUP @BJP4India @prabhat_kr_jha @ashish14231 Look at this guys #Islamophobic words,he held many big positions in many big MNC's like #Toshiba #Doosan #Tractebel etc, just imagine how he will treat his Muslim associates, if he might in selection authority, i think definitely he will not select Muslims
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Please do not amplify Indians who speak a big game on #Palestine but refuse to speak about india’s occupation of #Kashmir. They are part of the liberal discourse that maintains the status quo & prevents oppressed people from working together.
Indian liberals/ most Left have consistently duped Palestinians into thinking they are anti-empire & anti-occupation, while providing cover for India’s occupation of Kashmir describing the issue as ‘complicated’ or ‘intractable’ just as fake progressives in West do with Palestine
They use same talking points as pro-Israel: 1/ terrorism 2/ claim Kashmiris don’t know what they want 3/ label neighbour as aggressor 4/ describe it an Islamic struggle & problematic 5/ blame victim 6/ focus on spectacle of “violence” ignoring violence of military occupation.
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