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Received legal notices from @twitter for two days straight: the Gov of India has complained that I’ve violated the “laws of India.”

Till yesterday, @twitter cited certain tweets to be problematic (for India).

Today, my account @wajskhan in general is allegedly in violation.
So far, @twitter has been very straightforward, giving me my legal options.

Till yesterday, I was advised that among my choices, deleting certain tweets was one option.

However, not quite sure what to do today, considering my entire account - active since ‘09 - is at stake.
I’ve written back to @twitter but not heard back.

I worry that my account may be removed because of my critique of India’s policies & actions in #Kashmir.

Also believe that social media, already blacked out by India in Kashmir, is crucial for global discourse & truth-telling.
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#Kashmir , A thread based on whats happening currently,Reaction of the world,intl media,kashmiris,india and pakistan,a likely possible standoff between india and pakistan and what could happen if things move on like the way they are 🇵🇰🇮🇳👇
This thread will be based on my personal views,analysis and assesment,i do not work or represent any organisation and is writing this thread by my own will.The thread will be based on 3 parts

1)What is kashmir?what is happening in the valley? plus the recent developments,5th Aug
2)Kashmiris,india pakistan,and the whole world involving their reaction and why is kashmir so important to all parties

3)A possible standoff between india and pakistan,including nuclear threats and diplomacy by both sides to tackle the issue
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(The following tweets should be sung to the tune of "Herod's Song", from "Jesus Christ, Superstar". For a refresher, see this YouTube link...
Donald, I am Overjoyed
You tweet most every day,
You've been making quite a noise
In Every Single Way!
Buying Greenland, Tweet-Slappin' The Fed.
And now I understand You're God?
At least that's what You've said…
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This is how the Arab World has responded to India’s annexation of #Kashmir.
First, UAE’s ambassador to New Delhi called the decision an internal matter, adding that it would "improve social justice and security and confidence of the people in the local governance and ... encourage further stability and peace".
Then the UAE’s foreign ministry released a statement in which it changed track and called on India and Pakistan to “overcome this crisis through communication and constructive dialogue, away from escalation and confrontation."
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I've returned after 9 days under the communications blackout in Kashmir, and one word that has stuck with me is “zulm.” From teenagers to the elderly, so many asked: “Kyun kar raha hai India itna zulm hum par?” / “Why is India committing such oppression on us?"
A thread of my reporting findings and the voices of people in Kashmir, so many of whom are desperate to speak out.

“We have no voice. We are exploding from within," a young man asked me in Soura, a neighbourhood residents say is under siege. Our report:…
"If the world won’t listen to us too, then what should we do? Pick up guns?” the young man asked. Residents of Soura are keeping a round-the-clock vigil at entrances into the area, and have created makeshift barricades to keep off security forces.…
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Best known experts on Pakistan Army @iamthedrifter exposes @OfficialDGISPR's Propaganda machinery - how top students from Universities in every city are recruited, brainwashed at early age into believing theres no future without PA & anyone who questions is RAW Agent & Traitor.
Heres how Pakistani Disinformation campaign was launched against India at the height of India-Pak conflict recently with a special focus on #Kashmir. Almost all of the handles mentioned in our report are still actively engaged in propaganda even now.

Heres how in an extensive tracking operation @GreatGameIndia busted a Pakistani propaganda unit peddling #fakenews under cover of #OSINT under guidance of retired Pakistani Generals directed by British and Israeli Generals headquartered in London.…
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Let the world know -- Pakistan & India have entered into an age of visible conventional war, which can escalate into a nuclear conflict!
Also know that India started it & now plans a genocide...
Pakistan will never remain a silent spectator even if the world is.
Next few weeks are critical.
India has bitten more that it can chew....but have over committed itself in Kashmir. Now withdrawal from this position & deployment is not violence can only escalate & situation deteriorate from here.
All bets are off now!!
All axis of war would be triggered now.
Kashmiri urban civilian Intifada will explode once curfew is lifted.
Kashmiri freedom fighters will launch urban guerilla war.
Clashes between two armies on CFL.
Air war.
Major war across CFL/International border.
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On a fateful night of Feb 1931 in Kanikoot, 9 members of a Kashmiri Pandit Janki Nath's families were hacked to death with an axe including ladies & children. After hacking to death, conspirators set on fire top floor of the house to destroy the evidence.
1998 Wandhama massacre refers to murder of 23 Kashmiri Pandit Hindus in the town of Wandhama, victims included 4 children, 9 women & 10 men. Attackers also demolished Hindu temple. Lashkar-e-Taiba was blamed for perpetrating the massacre.
@ashokepandit @rahulpandita @TarekFatah @AartiTikoo @mariawirth1 @samskarebyaha @PrasenjitKBasu @pratiba_sk @gurichopra @ramprasad_c #KashmirHinduMassacre

On 13th July 1931 communal pogrom against Kashmiri Hindus & Khatri traders was a pre-planned move. Hindus became victims of mad frenzy in Vicharnag, Maharajganj, Khankah Mohalla, Shopian & Anantnag. More than 100 Pandits were killed.
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#Kashmir A thread;
It is 4AM and as usual I exhaust both my phone and external battery's charge and switch to my laptop because my mind has fallen into a loop. I wake up, I barely function I open my phone so fast, I don't remember what day it is most days or what time it is [1/?]
I see another slew of xenophobic, vile and cruel comments from mostly Indians who say 'Kashmir is our internal matter' underneath @hasanminhaj or whosoever amplifies our voice. Again I am so consumed with anger that my heart almost feels heavy and my eyes become fuzzy [2/?]
@hasanminhaj I see Indians going so far as to say, 'Oh it is only Muslims that are always complaining the rest our happy' or I see dipshits like @AnupamPKher congratulating the zealot @narendramodi for being 'an excellent leader' and again I question whether the human brain is wired [3/?]
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Thread: Hindutva & Nazism: A Revised Perspective

By: @naikrooh
Purpose of this thread is to analyze the recent statement by the Prime Minister of Pakistan in which he claimed that the political wing of RSS known as BJP is following the ideology of Adolf Hitler/Nazism. Intro: 1/3
Thread will revisit the historical context of the statement in both theory & practice of RSS. It is a basically an old-school research based on existing historical evidence which proves that current regime of India is following the ideology of fascism till date. Intro: 2/3
All the well published evidences are furnished with references in the end of this thread. The later part will cover visual evidence including footages & interviews. So, I will only be sharing published work here nothing from my own. Intro: 3/3
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Two days ago, a senior police officer received a message from one of the separatist leaders currently under detention in #Kashmir. “I want to talk to you,” the message read. #Thread
The police officer arranged a call. After dua-salaam, the officer asked: “Do you want to come out?” The separatist said: No, no. He said he will have no face to show to his supporters. He wanted to tell the officer that he should be released only in chillai’e kalaan, harsh winter
By this time, the separatist said, things would have died down and at least he can tell people that he was in “jail”. Here lies a lesson for New Delhi. It must release all political leaders now. Their detention serves no purpose except their own.
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Why was #ShahFaesal fleeing to #Turkey?

For Jamat-e-Liberal folks/peacefuls, Faesal is a legend

First #Kashmiri IAS topper & an #Harvard alumni

He quit everything to bring peace, prosperity & dev to #Kashmir by starting a political party!
Shah Faesal went to attend Mason program in Harvard Kennedy School (HKS)

Prestigious program attended by many politicians from around the world

Half of class becomes PMs, Prez, ministers after they go bk

US senators come there

Top NGOs, UN positions are given to HKS fellows
Why govt sponsored him to Harvard if they knew his allegiance and spent 1crore+?

Claimed he got Fullbright scholarship, but that only pays for travel/boarding

Tuition fees of $80000 is very expensive & fully-paid leave from job with no agreement to work after coming back
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As an independent journalist, going to #Kashmir in this crisis wasn’t easy. As I am not affiliated with any organisation,I don’t have an identity card representing any media organisation.The worry was,how do you convince the forces you are a journalist.
Thankfully,DM issued a movement pass and I could do my job. Many journo friends and acquaintances discouraged me from going, handful were genuinely concerned for my own safety and others either love to toe the government line or couldn’t go themselves for some constraints.
The best part of being an independent journalist is you don’t have to take endless in-house permissions, you just go because you believe in it. I went with a conviction that I am a reporter and my primary job is tell stories of people, hear the voices that have not been heard.
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"A #Nazi ideology of Hindu supremacy" says @ImranKhanPTI
On the streets of muzaffarabad, some say “These measures don’t satisfy us. We want Pakistan to take practical steps. An Army can only be expelled by another army. Kashmiris have made enough sacrifices"
Latest on @AJEnglish
A high level meeting underway in Islamabad on Kashmir after #UNSC

Pakistanis even in tribal areas have protested for the issue. Many of these people are the descendants of tribal fighters who helped the military take the area what is now Pakistan administered #Kashmir
A high level meeting underway in Islamabad on Kashmir strategy after #UNSC
Pakistan even in tribal areas protested with a slogan Kashmir will become Pakistan. Many are descendants of tribal fighters who helped the military take the area what is now Pakistan administered #Kashmir
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Many Pakistanis are unable to digest this truth by @WajSKhan
And namard @OfficialDGISPR didn't even reply to him!
I will reveal the names & pics of those Pakistani soldiers shortly
#Kashmir LoC
@WajSKhan @OfficialDGISPR Captain Sohaib Ashraf was killed at LoC #Kashmir on August 4 and
@OfficialDGISPR resorted to dirty tactics of hiding his death from 20 Crore Pakistanis!
@WajSKhan @OfficialDGISPR On the night of 31st July, many Pakistani soldiers were killed at Chhamb Sector LoC #Kashmir , but @OfficialDGISPR didn't acknowledge any!
Sepoy Raheel Iqbal Chaudhry was one of them!
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#Article370: CJI Ranjan Gogoi berating ML Sharma for the poor drafting of petition.

What kind of petition is this? What are your pleadings, prayer. We don't want to dismiss it because it might affect other petitions

In a matter of this nature, how can you file such a petition?
#Article370: I tried to read your petition for half an hour but could not understand it, CJI Ranjan Gogoi to ML Sharma

ML Sharma seeking permission to amend petition.
#Article370: Four other petitions on Jammu & Kashmir also have defects which are yet to be cured, says CJI

Now asking one petitioner why defective petitions are filed.

"We accommodate you in between Ayodhya hearing and this is what we get in return", CJI Gogoi.
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The repeal of Art 35A on August 5 has scrapped special land rights granted to the residents of Jammu & #Kashmir. Here’s a thread on some other legal provisions to protect ‘original’ citizens’ rights over land in the rest of India and how these provisions are under attack. 1/17
Article 35A, a by-product of Article 370 that gave special status to Jammu and Kashmir, stated that permanent residents of the state would be conferred with special rights over the acquisition of immovable property in the state. 2/17
On August 5, 2019, Article 35A of the Constitution was abrogated on the grounds of it being “discriminatory against non-permanent residents of Jammu and Kashmir” and to “enable economic development” in the area. Now, non-residents have access to land and property in J&K. 3/17
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Pakistan’s leadership is building up a serious case against India, but so far, most of its been for domestic audiences.

Internationally, @ImranKhanPTI hasn’t been able to really sell his cause for #Kashmir. The UNSC consultation today is a test case of Pak’s diplomatic muscle.
Failure in New York by @MOFAPakistan will further build up frustration at home - especially in the rank & file of the military - and increasingly validate the hawks to position Pakistan to launch an asymmetric war, if not conventional operations against India.
The last time Pakistanis needed such existential validation was after their fall in 1971.

Consequently, nukes & Islamization were experimented with by civ & military governments alike. A Constitution was birthed & prolifically amended to support national security & identity.
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Regardless of the veracity of the terror threat in #Kashmir, that the government used it as subterfuge to prepare the ground for its dramatic steps is now beyond question.
Yet, among all the din of jubilation and paeans to the ‘making of history’, the fact that the government most probably misled the people over the nature of a terrorist threat is now almost an irrelevant aside. #Article370 #Article35A
As the ruling party rightly anticipated, people don’t seem to mind being deceived. This acceptance to lying with a “mixture of gullibility & cynicism” is reminiscent of d totalitarian societies Hannah Arendt described in her book The Origins of Totalitarianism. How #Fascism work
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At UNSC it's a meeting about Central Africa, but with Inner City Press banned by @AntonioGuterres, no one asks any questions about Cameroon. Instead it's #Kashmir. Russia would not oppose a closed #sUNSC meeting to "reload the file." thread
@antonioguterres @silas_atefor @FUNCA_info @MatthewLeeICP @ngans15 Even the UK, which left the British Southern Cameroons behind, is asked by the correspondents allowed in only about Kashmir - another UK failure
@antonioguterres @silas_atefor @FUNCA_info @MatthewLeeICP @ngans15 Most UNSC meeting about UNOCA / Central Africa are open, so Inner City Press can cover them in real time even while banned by Antonio "Golden Statue" Guterres. But today's is closed door, on Guterres' report claiming "inclusive processes in #Cameroon. #corrupt
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#ImranKhan must hv recvd report that #INSArihant has disappeared from its home base n not getting tracked as it is hibernating in operational mode! So the scary #AzadKashmir vomiting!
No future left for IK n GenB! Surrender Surrender Surrender!
Reason behind Skardu deployment of PAF is to ensure at least few machines remain unharmed if IAF takes initiative n bombs Pakistan airbases! To avert such mishap its deterent move. But #Brahmos hv already set its goal n electricity infra wd b finished in 1st few hrs.
#Balakot references by IK today r showing confusion in #PakistanArmy ldrshp. Also pointing towards its psychological impact. What do HE mean by more fearful attacks than earlier? Everyone knows Indians won't use IAF again! Then?
Raining fire from skies? But how?
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After spending a week in the curfewed #Kashmir with my parents, I just got back to Jaipur

In this thread I discuss how restrictions on communication is affecting #Kashmiris living in or outside the valley

The communication ban & Curfew enters 10th day - Aug 14, 2019
With no landlines , mobiles, internet working in the valley , this is the second longest communication blockade witnessed since 2016.
And what makes it worst is that not even a single post office is operational from last 10 data since the valley is under curfew #KashmirUnreported
Administration has arranged telephone lines in the district HQs & police stations for parents who want to speak to their children.

BUT how do people reach those spots under curfew?

Is one telephone line sufficient for the population of lakhs ?

@HMOIndia #Kashmir
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Got back to Delhi after spending 5 days in Kashmir. I could not access any internet but for a few min last night. On return I am surprised to see the copious amount of commentary on fellow journalists who did manage access. #thread 1/n
No journalist, even those who may be doing shoddy work are roaming around in bullet proof cars. They are having to use every bit of ingenuity in what is an extremely sensitive, complex and tough story to report. 2/n
Access is not journalism and if the access is defining their journalism (and it is for some) call them out, but this mob approach and undermining everyone who is managing to send their stories out is frankly a case of sour grapes. 3/n
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