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The White House, on Friday, said that any successful dialogue between #India & #Pakistan would be possible only if #Pakistan cracks down on terrorists&extremists on its territory.

Tensions with #Pakistan spiked after the revoking of special status of J&K on Aug 5 2019.
"We continue to believe a core foundation of any successful dialogue between the two (Indian&Pak) is based on continued momentum in #Pak's efforts to crack down on terrorists and extremists on its territory. So we continue to look for that," an official of the White House said.
The White House official's comments came after the FATF retained #Pakistan on the 'Grey List' with a stern warning from the global anti-terror financing watchdog to complete the 27-point action plan it has been given by June 2020 or face being put on the 'Black List'.
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Over 94% poll takers believe that local business are getting effected by #InternetShutdowns.
#InternetShutdown means that no small #onlinebusiness can effectively function to use online payment gateways like @GooglePay, @Paytm, @NPCI_BHIM to accept payments especially after #demonetization or to operate via social media channels like @instagram for publicity & orders.
#Kashmir has lost some Rs 1.78 lakh crore ($25 billion) in economic output in the five months since August 2019. This is 11% of the erstwhile state’s nominal gross state domestic product (GSDP) of Rs 1.59 lakh crore for 2018-19. @qzindia…
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In Modi we trust ✊🏼

I am going back home ❤️❤️
Is it weird that I cried after reading this news article ?
Is it weird that I have a lump in my throat ?

#Kashmir #kashmirihinduexodus

Waise is proposal ka vishleshan karke aur post karungi.

After reading the article, here is my analysis:
Pros: Temples will be constructed
The townships will be scattered around 10 districts of #Kashmir and if they are anything like the "modern day concentration camps" in Jagti, then we are doomed. It also makes us sitting ducks
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US Congress in its report says President Don­ald Trump’s offer to mediate betw­een India - Pakistan over the #Kashmir dispute might have prompted India to abrogate Article 370 of J&K and bifurcate the state into two ‘Union Territories’.

I disagree —here’s why — [Thread]
The situation was in a sort of stalemate for last 10 years in Kashmir, things didn't move, status-quo prevailed. It was basically the never ending fight fought between the Kashmiri people and the Indian state. The Indian state was in perpetual warfare.
You had daily scenes in which militants were killed by Indian forces, followed by massive funerals. Kashmiris would throng the gunfight sites to aid militants. This clearly frustrated Indian state. They desperately wanted a change to take over. The narrative was almost lost.
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In Pictures: 196 days of crippling lockdown in Indian occupied Kashmir.
Kashmir reels under unprecedented security lockdown since its special status was scrapped on August 6. @antonioguterres @UNPeacekeeping @ImranKhanPTI @ForeignOfficePk @SMQureshiPTI
@antonioguterres @UNPeacekeeping @ImranKhanPTI @ForeignOfficePk @SMQureshiPTI Women in Indian occupied Kashmir have been at the receiving end throughout the decades old conflict, which has taken a toll on their daily lives. Photo: MUKHTAR ZAHOOR/AL JAZEERA
@antonioguterres @UNPeacekeeping @ImranKhanPTI @ForeignOfficePk @SMQureshiPTI Paramilitary troops @ Srinagar's Lal Chowk area on Aug 5, the day India abrogated Article 370. Tens of thousands of troops were sent to Kashmir. The disputed region has been turned into a fortress with armed troops manning every nook and corner. Photo: MUKHTAR ZAHOOR/AL JAZEERA
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#Kashmir: It has been over a week since Indian government/ bankrupt BSNL bought an internet firewall for 50-million Indian rupees to stop Kashmiris from using social media. However, there’s no news on the restoration of broadband services yet. What is taking government so long?
What is weird is that mobile internet (2G) was enabled two weeks ago. 80% internet users use mobile internet in #Kashmir valley, broadband by only 20%. Broadband is more secure than mobile internet, has more accountability and is directly controlled by government.
Is government experimenting with 2G, trying to understand how Kashmiris behave? —otherwise it makes No sense to restore mobile internet before broadband. It used to be the other way around, always. Will government restore broadband with firewall and shut mobile internet?
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Justice AP Shah to deliver Fourth LC Jain Memorial Lecture on the Topic "Fighting For Freedom: Supreme Court in the 21st Century
Romila Thapar- had Jain been around, he would have been approving of the protests, especially the involvement of women. Underlines the ethics of what is happening today
Justice AP Shah is speaking now
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Basit Ahmed Khan, 17 yr old youth from Kupwara #Kashmir who was working as a waiter in #Jaipur was allegedly beaten to death after a fight broke out with his co worker.

Rajasthan police has arrested one accused under section 302 & 307 of IPC and detained two others
Sufiyan, who was accompanying Basit at the time of attack on Feb 05 night tells DH, "There were 8 other waiters in the car who hit him on his head over a small argument of opening the car gate".

Sufiyan had lodged FIR at Harmada police station in #Rajasthan

"Basit, 17 yr old, had recently cleared his 11 grade exams with a strong desire to join army just like his father Late Khursheed Ahmed Khan", his uncle tells DH outside the mortuary at SMS hospital.

The body has been sent to Kupwara his hometown in an ambulance @DeccanHerald
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Watched #Shikara.
It has secularised the #HinduGenocide in #Kashmir and romanticised it for the mega bucks it will make.
Our homes and murders are a mere prop in this story.
Massacres, rapes and vandalised temples must've been too gory to qualify for even a prop, in a love story.
It reeks of the bhaichara politics of @VVCFilms right through
Blaming American guns
Disparaging the #Ayodhya movement
Rationalising #Jihad and cleverly masking its underlying #HinduHate
Glossing over the judicial apathy
Mocking at the help rendered by a 'Party' in the camps...
Airbrushed #Islam as a non-issue
Underplayed #Jihad as mere stray events
Exaggerated exceptions of individual warmth over deep society wide hostility.
Gross simplification of the issue of our return.
#Shikara like #Padmavat turns #HinduGenocide into entertainment for commerce.
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My article--

Pak's strategy is to transmogrify Punjab into an ethnically-homogeneous-state by pushing out HINDUS, just like it did in #Kashmir.
Khalistani drug lord Happy PhD ws assisting ISI in it's mission.

And then he crossed a RED LINE.…
2/3 Harmeet Singh aka Happy PhD fell for a married Muslim woman, something that ISI didn't approve of.
Terrorist organisations like Jaish and Khalistani liberation force are ideologically diff and ergo ISI doesn't entertain it's agents irking the other side.
ISI abandoned Harmeet Singh and soon he was killed.

Every Khalistani should tk a leaf out of Harmeet Singh's killing. ISI hs a bigger game plan n it'll sacrifice every Sikh pawn to accomplish it's mission.
Ethnic cleansing is another issue that stares Punjab in it's face.
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How Indian history books ignored the reign of King #Lalitaditya Muktapida of Kashmir

He was called the “ALEXANDER OF INDIA”

Under his rule, literature, science, art, architecture, and culture flourished in Kashmir

Builder of The Martand Sun temple in Kashmir
#Lalitaditya was born as third son of Durlabhak-Pratapaditya (Nagvanshi Karkota Kayastha Dynasty) of Kashmir

Karkota Kayastha families were mainly serving in army of the kings of Kashmir since decades

Lalitaditya was one of the most brave Kings India ever saw
When Muktapida took over the Kingdom of Kashmir, it was the same time, when the western invasion had begun

Arab king Mohammad Bin Qasim, was already threatening to occupy Kashmir & central India

But however, the task wasn’t easy since he had to face #Lalitaditya in Kashmir
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Let's Understand the Economics of Abrogation of #Article370 from #Kashmir

This world moves on economics. Everything else is just a catalyst. Including Religion.

Why Pakistan is so shaken up by removal of #Article370 by India ?
Reason 1 : Kashmiri #Apple

#Kashmir provides 70% of apple production in India. It earns Rs.8000 crore annually from export of apple. 8 Lakh hectares of land in Kashmir is under apple farming. But the farmers of Kashmir gets Rs.3 to 15 per kg of apple

...which is sold in the market anywhere from Rs 100 - 150 per Kg. So where goes rest of the money?

Its goes to the relatives of Abdullah, Muftis, Geelani & Sabbir Ahmed...

Yes these politicians who have build huge properties in US, Europe & India...

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49. Per new revelations, Hizb-ul-mujahideēn militant Naveed Babu wanted to replace Hizb-ul-mujahideēn chief Syed Salahudin and take charge of the militant group. Hizb-ul-mujahideēn moles in Kashmir passed on the intel to J&K Police and had Naveed Babu, DySP arrested. (OSINT)
50. I won’t be surprised if this is true. In 2003, Hizb-ul-mujahideēn (HM) chief Syed Salahudin had HM deputy chief Yusuf Hajam (Qamar Zaman) arrested and killed by Indian forces. He was either arrested at Calcutta airport or Nepal border while trying to go to Pakistan.
51. Qamar Zaman was allegedly going to Pakistan to take over HM command from Syed Salahudin, was later killed in a fake encounter in forests of Pulwama (…).Qamar Zaman was also a former J&K Police officer, worked in intelligence wing in Ladakh and Kashmir.
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How do we understand the editorial ideology of a magazine like #TheEconomist ? A thread that raises some questions to the magazine. I recently read articles from the below 6 editions with some observations. You can read & decide if same questions hit your mind. @TVMohandasPai
@TheEconomist takes note of major economic reforms but choses to overshadow those by “Hindu nationalist goals” like Kashmir lockdown. Hindu-Nationalist ? I don’t see Chinese nationalist or English nationalist being used. So how does patriotism in India becomes Hindu nationalism?
#TheEconomist says #Modi achieved “unusual unity amongst Hindus” & his victory has “settled the debate in favor of Hindutva”. In a 80% Hindu country, what’s wrong with “unity amongst Hindus” ? You want to see us divided as before?
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@soniandtv Farooq Abdullah in an interview to Times of India:

“I directed my party-men to lie low, go across the border, get training in arms handling, do anything but do not get caught by Jagmohan.”

PUB: Times of India, Feb, 7 1991.

@soniandtv Farooq Abdullah openly admitted to preparing & deploying Islamist terrorists against the Indian State.

Abusing the powers of the office of Chief Minister to inflict genocide on a tiny minority and waging jihad against the Indian State is morally, ethically and legally wrong!
@soniandtv It’s no secret that Mehbooba Mufti was a rabid Islamist secessionist who had links Hizbul Mujahideen.
In fact, she rose to power only because of the support she received from the Jamaat-e-Islaami and the Hizbul Mujahideen during the 2002 elections when the PDP formed the Govt.
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The Supreme Court is hearing petitions challenging the abrogation of Article 370

Yesterday, Senior Advocate Zafar Ahmed Shah argued for the Petitioners. He will continue his submissions today.

#Kashmir #Article370
Justice Kaul puts a question to Shah - “Was the Instrument of Accession signed by Kashmir different from the one signed by other princely states?”

Shah answers - Substantially no.

#Kashmir #Article370
Shah says the principle difference is of the trap of 370 and the two succeeding steps - Standstill Agreement and Merger agreement, which were entered into by others except Kashmir. #Kashmir #Article370 #SupremeCourt
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#Article370 #Kashmir
Senior Advocate Zaffar Ahmed Shah continuing submissions before the 5-judge bench
Shah - The merger and standstill documents had not been executed when it comes to the State of J&K.
Shah : The basis of Sampat Prakash and Prem Nath Kaul are different. But, I would rather not go into the merits at this point.

Sr. Adv. Rajeev Dhawan gets up and says that he agrees with the AG on the point of reference.
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The Supreme Court resumes arguments in the matter of Article 370 abrogation. Senior Advocate Sanjay Parekh resumes his arguments on behalf of the petitioners. #Article370 #Kashmir #JammuAndKashmir #SupremeCourt
Read what happened during yesterday's hearing in the challenge to Article 370 #Article370 #Kashmir #JammuAndKashmir #SupremeCourt
Parekh brings the attention of the Court to the Instrument of Accession and insists that the Bench must look at the word “Sovereignty” that has been reiterated in it.

He submits that the basis of the Instrument was to effectuate sovereignty of J&K. #Article370 #Kashmir
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A Five Judge Constitution Bench headed by Justice Ramana will continue the hearing on Petitions challenging the Abrogation of #Article370 and bifurcation of #JammuAndKashmir
Bench has assembled. Sr. Adv. Sanjay Parikh has resumed his arguments regarding reference to larger Bench.

He’s being asked to not repeat arguments, but he states that as continuity of thought is important, he will do his best not to do so.

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@IndianPrism @amitmalviya @AnupamPKher Even in 1947, your Pashtun Muslim brethren inflicted unprovoked ISIS-esque horrors on the native Hindus of #Kashmir.
Entire villages were burnt. Hindu women were abducted & enslaved. They raped, plundered and cleansed all Hindus from POK and South Kashmir.
@IndianPrism @amitmalviya @AnupamPKher We Kashmiri Hindus have faced 7 genocides at the hands of Islamists.

There’s no comparison between two-sided clashes during the partition involving three communities (Muslims, Hindus & Sikhs) and repeated unprovoked and one-sided genocides unleashed on innocent Kashmiri Hindus.
@IndianPrism @amitmalviya @AnupamPKher Also, we don’t need “empathy” from rabid genocide deniers!

This isn’t the first time you’ve tried to justify the Kashmiri Hindu genocide.

So, please spare us the crocodile tears!

Here’s another thread that exposes your barefaced lies.

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Article 370: A five-Judge Constitution Bench assembles to resume hearing on the batch of petitions challenging abrogation of Article 370.

Senior Counsel Rajeev Dhavan tells the Court he would like this to be excused from arguing today. Dhavan says those Counsel arguing for reference to a larger Bench should argue on the specific point on which they are seeking a reference.

Justice Sanjay Kishan Kaul agrees with Dhavan and says to the Counsel arguing for reference,

"If you think that this Bench cannot put quietus to the question then argued on the preliminary issue of reference only, not on the substantive questions involved."

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SC Constitution bench considering the legality of the Article 370 and J&K Reorganization Act has assembled.
Follow this thread for live updates from the hearing of #Article370 and #JKReorganization cases
The bench is now sorting out who all will argue. Discussing with Senior Advs Dinesh Dwivedi, Rajeev Dhavan etc.
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January 21 :
Day of bloodshed in #Kashmir.Innocent civilians were fired upon by Indi*n armed forces on a bridge.
Here's a small account of what happend:

On January 19 night, Indian security forces conducted a house-to-house search in Srinagar,supposedly to find weapons & hidden
militants. Hundreds were arrested in the process. The next day, a huge crowd of protesters turned up at Gawkadal bridge. Troops open fired. At least 50 people were killed on spot in what is now called the #GawkadalMassacre.
This was yet another attempt by Ind*a to stifle the voice of Kashmiris. The governer of the time Jagmohan bagged a Padma Vibushan for this enormity. He was always a spin doctor of New D*lhi's game, particularly in 1990's upholding the policies of voilence.
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Today in 1990, the J&K history witnessed one of the deadliest massacres. Indian paramilitary force CRPF opened fire on #Kashmiri protestors at the #Gawkadal bridge in srinagar, which left at least 52 dead & over 200 injured.
Fact Alert🚨: There was no concept of 'Patharbaajji' in 90s.
And this massacre was clearly a provoked & deliberate attack on #Kashmiri Muslims. Just before a day of #GawkadalMasacre Jagmohhan Malhotra(an associate of BJP) said "Every Muslim in #Kashmir is a militant today. All of them are for secession from india. I am scuttling srinagar's
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