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A 12-year-old Kashmiri Muslim girl of the Ramsoo village of Indian-occupied Kashmir has reportedly been raped by a member of a Hindu militia. Her family is the only Muslim family of Ramsoo.

This is a repeat of Aasifa's tragedy!

The intent in both cases is the same: to instill fear amongst the Muslims of Jammu and drive them out. This genocidal impulse goes back to 1947 when an estimated 237,000 Muslims of Jammu were massacred by the forces of the Hindu maharajah of Kashmir.

For those who are interested in educating themselves about the Genocide of Jammu, here are a few quick reads:





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So #Facebook & #Instagram (second time in 3 weeks) deleted my accounts. For sharing information about #Kashmir. No explanations or replies to my questions are given. Of course this is not about Facebook, nor about me, but the much more dangerous path SM is taking.
It is all about Justice & about what is happening to many people living under oppression & facing severe surveillance & suppression on the ground and even online.
It is about principals & rights. Human rights. Enshrined in statues & bragged about. Said to be universal. Said to be
I don't know ONE Kashmiri who hasn't been subjected to some form of censorship. On the ground there are far worse consequences than removed posts. Journalists (and MANY civilians) have been trashed, arrested & targeted when covering human rights violations by India.
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Jinnah and Kashmir. A thread.
Muhammad Ali Jinnah visited Kashmir thrice, during 1926, 1927, 1936 (When he successfully fought an intricate case) and 1944 (When NC and MC fought over his reception).
The details of his first visit are scare, no details, except a visit to Pahalgam with his wife (Ruttie/Maryam Jinnah) is mentioned.
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I will share with you a series of stories related to life in #Kashmir. They are #BelieveItOrNot stories.

STORY 1- A few week ago many people shared the picture of this #Shiv temple in #Gulmarg. This temple has been an attraction primarily in the summer months. 1/n
It is on top of a hill inside the #Gulmarg bowl. The hill used to be covered with flowers on all sides as was most of Gulmarg and has the best view.

The temple also has some accommodation opposite to it which was used by the priest and sometimes rented as well by travellers. 2/n
This temple in #Gulmarg also had some accommodation opposite to it which was used by the priest & sometimes rented as well by travellers. Close to 3 decades back during the summer months, there used to be "havan" at the temple & they made the best halwa one could have. 3/n
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🇮🇳wouldn’t have suffered at the hands of @INCIndia for 70yrs had
#SardarVallabhbhaiPatel become our 1st PM!
1946,only 1 of the 16 PCC Presidents voted for #Nehru ,15 for #SardarPatel
#Gandhi used his veto power in favour of #Nehru because he’d threatened to split the Congress!
#Gandhi had a soft corner for #Nehru since the beginning
he had preferred Nehru over #SardarPatel twice for the post of Congress president, in 1929 & 1937.
Nehru made it clear that he’d not play 2nd fiddle to anybody
Gandhi feared that he’d revolt if denied PM’s post!
High Command’s Forced Decision making, Democracy @INCIndia ?
Follies of #Nehru on Kashmir,China proved-
showing utter disregard to overwhelming support from majority of PCCs for #SardarVallabhBhaiPatel
#Gandhi made a blunder by imposing Nehru on Nation weary of Colonial burden!
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1. Dear @ImranKhanPTI & @SMQureshiPTI thank you for opening #KartarpurCorridor . You rock! But here's a really BIG challenge. BiG, because it's actually in the conflict zone of Kashmir. Open a corridor to #SharadaPeeth through LoC. If someone can do it, it's you.
A tiny thread:
2. Kashmir has not had a bigger scholar than Kalhana. And #SharadaPeeth hosted him and other doyens. It is significant to BOTH Hindus and Buddhists and that boosts its secular credentials. It is a Kashmiri Pandit shrine in sufi Kashmir.
So please open it to shut sanghis up!
3. Sanghis in India, aided by a handful of opportunistic KP pretend to be saviors of KPs. Many of them don't even know that genuine KPs (not the failed desperados) can't stand sanghis. Sanghi rants to divide Kashmiris will get shut if you open #SharadaPeeth
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I knew that a massacre took place during 1947. But when I started to read up on the subject, it shocked me to see just how unaware we are about the "Nakba" that took place & the tales of horror it caused & most of all how the narrative got distorted by the perpetrator.

Because how can this crime, nothing less than a genocide, be so ignored outside of the area? How can massacres, several hundred thousands killed & a million forced to flee, not even render a whisper in our history books?

It is time to lift this historical injustice to the surface & give the victims the right to own their stories.
I have collected some articles dealing with the forgotten massacres & expulsion of the Kashmiri people. Each article has a short intro or quotes from content.

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A Kashmiri Pandit would not eat or drink from the hands of a Muslims. He would not allow him to enter his kitchen at any cost.

If only eleven families of Kashmiri Pandits were left in Kashmir during the rule of Sultans. How did 10,000 die during a pilgrimage when lighting struck the waters?

This guy spread Hinduism in Kashmir. That too by destorying Buddhist temples and converting buddhists. These guys later wrote the Nilamata Purana, which makes it doubtful too. -…
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Noone likes posting pics of dead bodies @myraemacdonald. Your polemics bothers me. Instead of highlighting a dead, mutilated body, being dragged on the streets & used as a selfie trophy, you are being nothing less than a fierce megaphone for the Indian state narrative.
To whitewash this colonial, racist & self proclaimed intellectual discussion, you are using non Kashmiri voices to dictate how the #Kashmir situation came about, why these, in your opinion backward, people are "fighting" & what they in really want. Like they don't have voices.
You are referring to the framework of International law (Humanitarian conventions are tightly knitted with that set of rules) and how "security forces"* are pressured to conduct abuses, and ask us all to have restraint reactions to these violations.

*Indian occupation forces
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One dead baby & we'll shift the entire debate from 40 lakh illegal Bangladeshis in Assam to compassion & Idea of India.
We'll convert those illegal Bangladeshis to refugees of 1971 war.
Illegal Bangladeshi's will riot, burn Assam. LEFT will paint d rioters as scared & marginalized. B'desh has 16 cr ppl. Now it is exporting M's out to make other Islamic caliphates. Assam & Bengal is next. Idea of India stands for Islamization of India.#NRCAssam
40 Lakh voters of Congress have been found out to be illegal Bangladeshis. #NRCAssam
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1) Do you know that Srinagar area in Jammu and Kashmir has some really beautiful, scenic and ancient Hindu temples? Here is a thread about some must-visit temples, that we visited.
#Kashmir Temple 1: The beautiful Durga Nag temple is in the heart of Srinagar city, within walking distance from the Z-security mansions of big name politicians in Rainawari. It is very safe to visit this temple and we did even when there was tension in other parts of Kashmir.
#Kashmir Temple 1: I never even dreamt that we would be getting a chance to participate in a Vedic Havan in Srinagar and specifically putting purnahuti to agni!

Durga Nag temple is a good place for local Hindus to visit with their children and participate in puja regularly.
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@UNHumanRights Petition by Joint Resistance Leadership on behalf of the people of J&K to President UN Human Rights Council urging him to set up a UN inquiry commission for Kashmir.
The link to the petition is people are urged to sign it and forward it as much as possible
@UNHumanRights MUST WATCH: #Kashmir: The On-going Genocide

By @ijassat
#Kashmir: The world's most militarised zone — in pictures #EndOccupation #FreeKashmir
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“Impunity for human rights violations and lack of access to justice are key human rights challenges in the state of Jammu and Kashmir,” says UN Human Rights in its first-ever report on the human rights situation in #Kashmir . Read more:…
The report noted that there has been an urgent need to address past and ongoing #humanrights violations and deliver justice for all people in #Kashmir, who have suffered a conflict that has claimed or ruined numerous lives. Read the report:…
Among its recommendations, the report calls on #India and #Pakistan to fully respect their international #humanrights law obligations in Indian-Administered and Pakistan-Administered #Kashmir respectively.…
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After getting a good rap on the knuckles by editors for being a lazy lurker on social media, here's course correction. I am now doing a thread of all my reportage in 2018. (@sree and @prempanicker had encouraged me to do this many years ago 🙈) Please read and share.
While urbanisation is a global trend, villagers around #Ahmedabad don't want to live in cities. Since 2012, #Gujarat government has encouraged 12 cities to swallow up some 800 villages. And now, most of them are resisting. A take on the 'Gujarat Model'.…
The two main problems for the new state of #Telangana are exemplified in
Vemulaghat, a village off #Hyderabad. I went there to understand their conflict over land and #water for irrigation. CC: @Landesa_Global @LandConflicts…
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The more I look at #Kathua case, the more bizarre it gets. It seems less about #JusticeforAsifa but a narrative being spun by puppet-masters.
Let the facts come. Let's ask—
1. Why did this 3-month old murder case suddenly become news. Why was it not news when the murder happened?
Why was a police officer from #Kashmir with a highly dubious history of murder-rape based on Islamist leanings, assigned to this case in #Jammu?
Q 3.
Were certain people being framed to create a narrative in this case. Was a poor dead girl being used to push agendas?
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Hinduism expansion in Asia, from its heartland in Indian Subcontinent, to the rest of Asia, started circa 1st century
Greater India was the historical extent of the culture of Hinduism & Buddhism beyond the Indian subcontinent.
Ruins of Ayutthaya Temple in Wat Cha Wattanaram, Ayutthaya Historical Park, Thailand which was named after Ayodhya.
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