Want to know something? Some of my dearest, trusted colleagues, the ones I confide in in my moments of greatest distress, the ones with whom I share the best camaraderie & have the most in common...are Jewish. They embody the essence of the word "mensch" 1/
When I trained many years ago at (what was) Mt Sinai Hospital as a medical resident, many patients thought I was Jewish. At first glance, I looked it. After a few of my silly jabs in Yiddish, even I wondered if I was Abdu or Avram? 😉 2/
I marvel at how many words in Arabic & Hebrew have such striking similarity. Some, like "Shabbath" for Saturday (Sabt) are less colorful in connotation than "meshuganah" (majnoonah) for crazy, intended in playful spirit of jest more than insult/offense 3/
I make a point of recognizing every Jewish high holiday that I can to share a greeting of peace & goodwill with my Jewish friends & colleagues. They share pictures of Seder, Passover. I share mine for Eid. Our families see what we share, how we bond. 4/
When one of my Jewish friends invited me as a "virtual guest" at his pandemic Seder, I was overwhelmed by his graciousness. Not a distant relative or even Jewish. Deeply honored. 5/
There is simply NO acceptable excuse for anti-semitism of any sort just like there is none for Islamophobia. At their core, Judaism & Islam are far more alike than different. If it's not "kosher", it's probably not "halal" either. So try. Try again. 6/
I say this today because my heart aches with too much grief as I witness a world descending further into tribalism, racial injustice & xenophobia with each hate-filled tragedy that visits itself upon us. It cannot go on unchallenged. 7/
I'll end with a plea for hope, healing, & a humanity that builds bridges not fences. Who wants to kibbitz, kvetch, kvell with the klutz who penned this? I'll gladly be that meshuggah if I gain another mensch. Shalom & Salaam. 8/End

• • •

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9 Jun
Today, for the first time in years, I looked outside my home & nervously regarded a strange SUV parked by the curb. Instead of the FedEx guy or DoorDash I worried it was someone who wanted to harm my family because of my name, my culture, or religion 1/
Today, for the first time in years, my mind raced between thoughts of my children walking into a kitchen with lego pieces scattered on the floor & riding their bikes on a sidewalk, a monster fueled by hate, waiting to scatter their remains instead. 2/
Today, for the first time in years, I had to remind myself who my neighbours were. The same people who knew my children as babies, taught them to swim in their pools, shared cookies, toys, books & the most tender smiles a child could ever ask for. 3/
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6 Jun
GTA: Please note *Heat Advisory* remains in effect. Remember:
1. Limit sun exposure
2. Hats, 😎 sunscreen (min SPF 30)
3. Hydrate with non-alcoholic, non-caffeinated 🍸(water + electrolytes)
4. Protect homeless, elderly please 1/ Image
Swimming outdoors is a (Covid) safe, effective way to stay cool. Remember that sunscreen must be applied regularly still to avoid sunburn. Reapplication should be at least every 3 h, more frequent during peak sun exposure (12-3 pm) 2/
Hydration doesn't have to be a fancy or colorful sport drink. Make your own:
1 tbsp honey, 1/2 tbsp salt (coarse preferred but not necessary), 3 tbsp lemon juice, 1/3 cup apple juice, 700 Cc water. Shake. Enjoy! #HomemadeRescueAde 3/
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31 May
A lot of anxiety & trust called into question re the "AZ expired but not expired" story. It's not the same as a best before date on a milk carton. It's based on batch testing. It's actual science & math. Let me try to explain 1/
Every drug product (vaccine or not) goes through a testing process to determine storage requirements, stability & shelf-life. The results are compiled & a mathematical model predicts best likelihood of viability of this product at "X date" 2/
Usually err on conservative side for obvious reasons which means that variation on some recommendations can be entirely safe (with repeat testing to support). This is what allowed Pfizer/Moderna to be stored in fridge longer than initially recommended. 3/
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29 May
Many are asking about potential link between Pfizer vaccine & myocarditis. Since posting clip below couple weeks back, 14 more cases reported out of more than 286 Million doses delivered. Still not much of a signal for concern for vaccine safety here. 1/
Most cases are occurring in young men, possibly due to variation in immune response after 2nd dose. Most cases are short-lived, treated successfully. No fatalities reported. Very much unrelated, less worrisome than VIIT or associated clot syndrome 2/
Reminder that many inflammatory conditions occur MUCH more frequently as a complication of Covid-19 & may be less amenable to successful treatment in that setting. Likely bc immune-mediated damage via Covid itself generally far worse than vs vaccine. 3/
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12 May
AZ dose #1 & feeling like you're in purgatory for dose #2? My wife & I are talking about this too. I'll share what I think is the safest & most reasonable strategy for my family & the whole extended family of Canadians I love from Nanaimo to Newfoundland1/
First of all, NO regrets for AZ dose #1. When taken, the risk of Covid in our community was probably > 1/60 K and definitely > 1/100 K. We feel good with each passing day that this decision was the best one at the time to keep our family safest. 2/
BUT, success creates a conundrum. PH measures & ironically enough, vaccines have driven #Covid transmission way down in the past 2 wks. So risk of a rare but serious VITT clot is no longer dismissable, at least 1/60-100 K (in Ontario) 3/
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10 May
What do measles, diphtheria, tetanus, whooping cough, polio, typhoid, Hepatitis A/B & chicken pox have in common? They all have vaccines that are safe & effective in both kids & adults. Covid-19 will be no different.
#DontDiscriminate #Vaccinate 1/
There isn't a single communicable disease that affects both kids & adults which has a vaccine for adults that's contraindicated in kids. Not one. Dosing, routes of administration might differ but physiology, immunologic principles are the same. 2/
To those who scoff at the need for vaccinating kids know this: kids might not get as sick from #Covid19 as often but they DO spread it & more than you think with stickier variants of concern that now dominate around the world 3/
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