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#SARSCoV2 manda a decir, que TODOS somos vulnerables. Lea el hilo🧵 hasta el final y sabrá porque...
H/T @drclairetaylor

Agradezco RT🙏🏽 Image
La vacuna no es la respuesta correcta.

R/.No todas las personas responden a la vacuna cuando están inmunodeprimidas o tienen un trastorno inmunitario. Image
Los niños también entran en esta categoría.
R/.Se espera que vayan a escuelas repletas de covid.
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There is a huge convergence of interests in presenting #LongCovid as a "fatiguing syndrome" and some "vague symptoms". This is not the case: Long Covid comes with prolonged dysfunction and injury across multiple organs and body systems. This includes the cardiovascular system
#LongCovid can affect basically all systems and organs, although with variability across individuals: liver, lung, kidney, immune system, gastrointestinal tract, blood vessels, endothelium, heart, nervous system and brain, just to name a few. We know this since 2020 and 2021
There is a huge amount of scientific evidence on acute and #LongCovid which are/is among the most studied diseases in human history. Anyone speaking of a "mysterious" disease is wrong, or not up to date with the evidence. Covid has massively accelerated research in biomedicine
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If you're not willing to acknowledge that right now your government has adopted a policy of unmitigated spread — knowing it will sacrifice millions of lives to #LongCovid — as cost to "return to normal", then you have lost all of your humanity.
All of it. No exceptions.
This is one of the greatest scandals in modern history, and if you think those suffering are going to go down silently, we've got news for you.
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It is 100% clear #MicroClots & endothelialitis are central to #LongCovid pathology. Period.

What’d be great is if #MedTwitter could express outrage on how we’re not moving this research fast enough — rather than scathing patients trying to help themselves…
“the next step is to determine whether the amount of #MicroClots in a person’s body correlates with their symptom severity. @PutrinoLab lab has already gathered some unpublished data that suggest extensive clotting is linked to increased cognitive impairment”
@resiapretorius believes leading hypotheses about #LongCovid are interconnected. She posits viral remnants may damage cells that line blood vessels, prompting the formation of inflammation & #microclots, which could in turn make the immune system attack itself. ‘It’s connected’”
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Viertes Kind stirbt in Großbritannien nach A-Streptokokken-Infektion

„Ein viertes Kind ist im Vereinigten Königreich nach einer Streptokokkeninfektion gestorben. Die Gesundheitsbehörden haben…

#COVID19 #ProtectTheKids #CovidIsntOver #CovidIsNotOver #BringBackMasks Image
Eltern und Schulpersonal vor den Anzeichen und Symptomen der Infektion gewarnt.
Dazu gehören Halsschmerzen, Fieber und leichte Hautinfektionen. In seltenen Fällen kann sich die Infektion zu einer schweren Krankheit auswachsen, und jeder, der hohes Fieber, starke Muskelschmerzen,
Schmerzen in einer Körperregion und unerklärliches Erbrechen oder Durchfall hat, sollte dringend ärztliche Hilfe in Anspruch nehmen. Die Gesundheitsbehörden melden in letzter Zeit einen leichten Anstieg der Fälle von Streptokokken A, die Scharlach verursachen können, obwohl
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Antihistamines should be near the top of your list of things to try for #LongCovid.

Yes, allergy and heartburn medication have provided *substantial* relief for many.

How does it work, and how do you get started? 🧵
1/ How does it work?

Histamine is in all of us, and plays a role in:
- Regulating sleep-wake cycles, temperature, and blood pressure
- Stimulating production of mucus and gastric acid
- Inflammation

It's in food, and it's also produced by your body. Too much is bad.
Enter Mast Cell Activation Syndrome (#MCAS).

In an allergic reaction, your immune system alerts your mast cells of an invader, and, among other things, they produce histamine to help clear things out.

Sometimes, they're too easily stimulated and flood the system with histamine.
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Looking forward to talk about #LongCovid at the PANSOC
—Centre for Research on Pandemics & Society— webinar series @CASOslo on 16 March 2023
I will speak about “Long Covid: history, research, future challenges.” Thanks @jesdimka for the kind invitation
A lot of other interesting talks in the spring PANSOC webinars for those interested in present and past epidemics/ pandemics, epidemiology, and human health across different societies and periods @jesdimka

In my talk, I will address the rise of #LongCovid as an international patient-led research and advocacy movement in 2020— the latest research on the disease— and the role of Long Covid in a reassessment of viral-onset diseases and sequelae like #longSARS and (pandemic) #longflu
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Des gens me demandent conseil sur le booster quand on est en bonne santé. Quelques éléments:

Le #COVID19 fait courir trois risques très différents l'un de l'autre: l'infection, la maladie grave, le #longCOVID ou #postCOVID. La vaccination les diminue tous, mais pas pareil 1/
Comme beaucoup de risques, ces risques du #COVID19 ne sont pas des interrupteurs mais des boutons de volume

Plutôt que de les allumer ou de les éteindre, nos actions les augmentent ou les diminuent

1) Le risque d'infection c'est le risque d'être malade, généralement pas gravement. Pas cool, mais pas la fin du monde
C'est aussi être contagieux. Selon votre entourage, ce risque-là va de bénin à dangereux.
Le risque d'infection est réduit par la vaccination pour 2-3 mois

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Ich empfehle wirklich jedem, der mit #Longcovid zu tun hat, dieses Preprint zu lesen, Hypothesen mit Erkenntnissen zu vergleichen und den zweiten Artikel über SARS zu lesen.
Die #Mitochondrien spielen eine große Rolle in SarsCov2 - wie schon bei SARS.…
Es scheint eine Überexpression und gleichzeitig eine Unterexpression bestimmter mitochondrialer (mt-DNA) Gene zu geben.
Die Apoptose infizierter Zellen wird verhindert, gleichzeitig der Fettstoffwechsel unterdrückt.… Image
Betrachtet man nun noch dieses Paper, schließt sich der Kreis. Unterdrückte Apoptose. Ohne Fettstoffwechsel keine Erholung. Geht nicht.

Meine Meinung:
Wir müssen dort die Mechanismen identifizieren und Antworten finden.… Image
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“We’ve identified 2 types of #LongCovid: Short LC (<six months) & long LC (>six months) — Treatment for short is 4-8 weeks, chances of recovery are great. Long you need treatment 4-6 months.”

“You can think about it like a stroke — if you get there too late damage might be done”
Further notes treated nearly 400 patients, 5 haven’t responded — & has had two bleeds — less than 1%.

Regardless of your thoughts on triple therapy, it’s likely the longer we’re sick the harder we are to treat & early treatment will end up being critical.

We need treatment NOW
Thank you @gezmedinger & @doctorasadkhan for this video — this entire series was excellent. It’s urgent they we get a clinical trial on this #LongCovid therapy.
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For a long time, I chocked my Long COVID up to burnout. Being a nurse in a leadership role was exhausting, coupled with a toxic community of ppl who called themselves friends= perfect recipe.

The exhaustion never left. Then the other symptoms started.
I was off work for 5 months. Going to counselling and seeing an OT for my cognitive challenges. Diagnosed with ADHD, started vyvanse and was able to do a gradual return to work. My concentration was shot. My memory was now terrible. My once so capable brain was not familiar now.
Between gaslighting myself and a hefty dose of vyvanse I worked back up to FT hours.

Then the GI issues hit. GERD. Pancreatic pain, enlarged spleen and liver, wonky indefinitive blood work. Sever abdominal pain that landed me in the ER a couple times.
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Mutationen im #SARSCoV2-Spike-Protein beeinträchtigen die epitopspezifische Erkennung durch CD4+-T-Zellen

CD4+ T-Zellen sind für den Schutz vor Viren, einschließlich SARS-CoV-2, unerlässlich. Die Empfindlichkeit von CD4+ T-Zellen gegenüber Mutationen…

#COVID19 #ImpfenSchuetzt
in SARS-CoV-2-Varianten (VOCs) ist nur unzureichend bekannt. Im Rahmen der Studie wurden 159 SARS-CoV-2-spezifische CD4+ T-Zell-Klone von Mitarbeitern des Gesundheitswesens isoliert, die zuvor mit dem Wildtyp von SARS-CoV-2 (D614G) infiziert waren, und 21 Epitope in Spike,
Membran und Nukleoprotein definiert. Das Fehlen einer Kreuzreaktivität der CD4+ T-Zellen zwischen SARS-CoV-2 und endemischen Beta-Coronaviren deutet darauf hin, dass diese Reaktionen eher von naiven als von bereits vorhandenen kreuzreaktiven coronavirus-spezifischen T-Zellen
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A thread on @WorkSafeBC's woefully inadequate Covid guidelines for employers. 🧵
1/ the 2022 guidelines fail to mention #LongCovid, though this is a serious disease that has caused ~4M Americans to leave the workforce…
2/ The guidelines say "As COVID-19 vaccinations have become widely available to British Columbians, the overall risk of COVID-19 transmission and serious consequences has diminished."

Really? 👀
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1/4 - Des chercheurs nord-américains ont tenté de mieux décrire le #LongCovid en explorant par des techniques de machine learning deux cohortes de 20'881 et 13'724 patients infectés par #SARSCoV2 et rapportant des symptômes de Covid long dans les 30-180j.…
2/4 - Les symptômes de #LongCovid peuvent se classer en quatre sous-groupes:
1. Cardiaques et rénaux (34% des patients)
2. Respiratoires, sommeil, anxiété (33%)
3. Musculosquelettiques et neurologiques (23%)
4. Digestifs et respiratoires (10%) Image
3/4 - Le groupe 1 est constitué de patients plus souvent plus âgés, ayant davantage de comorbidités pré-existantes, une plus grande sévérité de leur #COVID19 aigu, et plus souvent des hommes.
Le groupe 2 est constitué de patients plus jeunes.
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Yes. We knew covid was a disaster in the making, and cardiovascular—clotting "bomb" in 2020 and 2021 already— in addition to all additional downstream effects of infection, like organ injury. Wasn't it a mistake and a deranged strategy to let SARS-CoV-2 rip? I say yes
"A pandemic of historic impact, coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) has potential consequences on the cardiovascular health of millions of people who survive infection worldwide."


"we would like to emphasise the risk of associated stroke." [to covid]

"a 7·6-fold increase in the odds of stroke with COVID-19 compared with influenza was recently reported"

"endotheliitis or endotheliopathy [potentially leading to] thrombosis"

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#LongCovid is the new #AIDS. There are no therapeutics & doctors have no guidance. The #NIH is dragging it’s feet with drug trials & expediting reasonable treatments (not meditation or exercise). The #WHO needs to call for an expedited international effort to combat this disease.
Aside from being a moral problem it’s an economic problem. If billions are spent now trillions will be saved later. Imagine 10% of your workforce on disability. @jpmorgan @WellsFargo @BankofAmerica @Citi @GoldmanSachs should speak up. @Forbes & others understand. Action is needed
The public is losing trust due to the lack luster results of the recover initiative. The @NIHDirector, @CDCDirector, @WHCOVIDResponse, @HHS_ASH, @Surgeon_General, @AshishKJha46, @SecBecerra, @DrCaliff_FDA, & @POTUS need to be held accountable. Their failures to help this…
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#covid-Update: Tag 20 - Der Neurologentermin

Gestern war mein Termin beim Neurologen. Und nein, den hab ich nicht so schnell bekommen weil ich privatversichert bin sondern den hatte ich aufgrund des bereits bestehenden Long COVID …

und der diesbezüglichen Zustandsverschlechterung schon im Juni gemacht.

Und eigentlich hätte ich mir den Weg sparen können. Aber fangen wir vorn an.
Ich habe mich für das Auto entschieden. Ich war ziemlich klar und konnte so ohne Maske mit mehreren Pausen entspannt fahren.
War also rechtzeitig da, alles entspannt. Ich war trotzdem ziemlich geschafft. Aber okay.

Aufgrund der akuten Infektion vor 3 Wochen konnte er mir aber kaum helfen. Ich bin halt in diesem grauen Feld zwischen Akutinfektion und Long Covid. Aber irgendwie bin ich ja eh…

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If you see tweets by prominent people saying they tested positive, their covid is mild, and they're working from home, please consider: elite people have access to "tools" like top care many of us don't have. Also, covid can get worse with time: one reason why we say #LongCovid
Elite people and the very rich will have a very different covid experience than me, and you, and marginalised communities. They have fast access to antivirals and other early interventions. They have sick pay, or they're so rich they can just afford not working and rest
They have, most likely, their own home in affluent neighbourhoods, so they can modulate their risk for, and avoid, early reinfection, if they want to. They have optimal access to medical care.
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Belangrijke kamervragen van @Lisawesterveld over studenten met #LongCovid, die een goed antwoord verdienen. Helaas kunnen we al uittekenen wat de antwoorden worden:
"We hebben geen idee hoeveel studenten Long Covid hebben, maar hier zijn een paar lachwekkend lage schattingen"
"Voor studenten met Long Covid gelden dezelfde regels als voor studenten met andere ziekten"

Ik wil @Lisawesterveld en haar collega's op het hart drukken: jullie hebben in juli een motie aangenomen die het kabinet vraagt aantallen Long Covid patiënten te onderzoeken! 2/3
Dwing het kabinet de motie uit te voeren! Het is onacceptabel dat we na bijna 3 jaar, ondanks een ruime kamermeerderheid, nog altijd geen idee hebben hoeveel #LongCovid patiënten er zijn, wat de economische schade is, hoeveel kinderen en studenten te ziek zijn voor onderwijs.
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I suffer from #LongCovid and #POTS . I was Associate Professor and Chair of Physical Therapy and Exercise Science Department, now disabled. I’ve been bed ridden in a dark, quiet room since 10/21, the first 7 months with uncontrollable seizures. …“ - @KellyMMeiners

„My brain is still unable to process mental or physical stimulation without severe symptoms including overwhelming confusion, myoclonus, inability to walk or talk, and intense migraines. …“
- @KellyMMeiners

„I miss my 3 kids, running, sunshine, gardening, working, lifting weights, date nights with my partner, music, charity work and my busy social life.“
- @KellyMMeiners

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Been burnt out, but recently feeling energy to get back into the fight - much in part due to "new" #longCovid advocates who've been so great this year. Was also wonderful for @lisaamccorkell & I to spend time in virtual space w' @loscharlos, @cjmaddison, @useless_priest recently!
Sometimes the older/tired-er advocates (illders as @TheCrankyQueer says) are the ones I go to for energy, to be reminded of their hard-won wisdom of pacing and slowing down, that this has to be treated as a long journey.
Sometimes it's the kind notes I get, usually from doctors or other #LongCovid researchers or advocates or patients, which give me more energy and help me get through the day and do what needs to be done.
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On #IDPWD, I'm sharing some of my favourite quotes from submissions to the Aus #LongCOVID enquiry and joint standing committee.

"Reassurance is incredibly important because, by the time they get to see us, the patients are just paralysed with hypervigilance"
"We've learnt to not over-investigate"
"There is no pathophysiology"
"One of those roadblocks [to getting better] is anxiety and frustration"
- Royal Melbourne Hospital Post-Covid Clinic, source…
"The consequence is that COVID infections have further reduced activity levels of a huge number of individuals who were already extraordinarily inactive. This provides an attractive explanation for the high prevalence of Long COVID."

"Deconditioning is likely to be a cause and..
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Just hung up w friend who called for advice.

She contracted Covid 2 mos ago.

She is 39, active, “healthy.“

Still v sick, can’t work, short of breath, coughing etc.

I asked if she treated early & she said her doc told her, “You’re young, no need.”

This is malpractice.
In what universe do MDs think it’s cool to let a persistent, organ & vascular-destroying virus run its natural course when we know early treatment can reduce worst outcomes?

Wtaf is your logic here?
PLEASE ADVOCATE FOR YOURSELVES & loved ones to get early treatment.

Do not trust this virus. A mild case still confers high risk of #LongCovid, which may not present for weeks or months or more.

Do all you can to mitigate symptoms down the road. It’s Russian Roulette.
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@JolentaG @ADANational @ACLU @Disabilitygov @DRNY_org @CDRNYS @ADANational @ACLU @CDRNYS @CID_NY @DEJCollab @DRNY_org @Disabilitygov that’s what I’m wondering!

Segregation is supposed to be over. Even disabled people were legally desegregated by Ruth Bader Ginsburg et al writing majority opinion in 1999. Right?!
@JolentaG @ADANational @ACLU @Disabilitygov @DRNY_org @CDRNYS @CID_NY @DEJCollab How is it remotely legal, then, for @CDCgov to deliberately make all public spaces a grave threat to our lives/health?

To force us to choose between “living life”/existing in public or literally staying alive?

Purging us from society through death or indefinite isolation
@JolentaG @ADANational @ACLU @Disabilitygov @DRNY_org @CDRNYS @CID_NY @DEJCollab @CDCgov IS certainly segregation!

It’s also a basic infringement of the ADA’s accessibility mandate in public spaces. It’s also reminiscent of the Ugly Laws @Imani_Barbarin taught me about!

Is it because they assume disabled folks are “not doing so well anyway?” 🧐
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