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Rallying 4 #ajuststimulus or #peoplesbailout is not enough. Unless the Left is willing 2 show @SpeakerPelosi / Dems they are serious enough about their demands that they'd be willing to vote against/tank any deal that doesn't meet their key demands they will lose again. 🧵(1/11)
Good to hear that @SpeakerPelosi is working on new stimulus package. The question for progressives to decide where is the line in the sand when it comes to #musthave markers in this package.
Congress to date has passed 3 bills in response to #COVID_19 yet none of them provide paid sick leave for entire workforce including employees of big corps like #Amazon, #Walmart, #McDonalds et al. PSL imho is a #musthave.… (3/11)
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#COVID19 #coronavirus

Professor Philip Nolan, Chair of the NPHET Irish Epidemiological Modelling Advisory Group (IEMAG) said:

“We know what an unmitigated epidemic looks like, we are not on that track.”
#COVID19 #coronavirus

Professor Philip Nolan, Chair of NPHET IEMAG:

“The model reveals that before restrictions were in place, daily growth rate of confirmed cases was at 33%. This has fallen in recent days to around 15%. But it is still growing and needs to fall further.”
#COVID19 #coronavirus

Professor Philip Nolan, Chair of NPHET IEMAG:

“It takes time to see the impact of our efforts in the numbers. It will be another 7-10 days before we have a reliable picture of how effective our collective efforts have been.”
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The #Covid19 pandemic and shelter in place measures have thrown my privilege into sharp relief. My family and I are safe and well-fed in our house, and have resources and jobs that allow us to care for our child, too. And I keep an online appointment with my therapist.
Last week my therapist and I listed all the things that might be difficult about #COVID19 even for those with shelter and enough to eat. I thought the list might be helpful, so here it is. Remember there are lots of reasons you, loved ones and colleagues might be feeling wobbly.
You might struggle with being in isolation; or you might find it hard to have cohabitants in your space all the time. You might be juggling work and care responsibilities. You might be worried about money. You might simply find change destabilizing.
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The report that convinced #Trump to back off his "pack the pews on Easter" scheme to live #COVID19 restrictions was done by @IHME_UW . Here is a quick thread analysing the study.…
2/IHME study
IHME says if lockdowns are sustained thru April/May, the #COVID19 death toll in America will = 81,114 (confidence range up to over 100K).
Model averages hospitalization rates, fatalities & ICU use by age from China, Italy, SoKorea (excludes several countries.)
3/IHME study
All 3 countries see a strong age correlations for severe disease outcomes, hospitalization rates and deaths.
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1 / THREAD WARNING: READ AT YOUR OWN RISK. The following is an extremely political and possibly politically incorrect piece. I've never really expressed my political views. However, this time, it's a matter of life and death and I think this is of critical importance.
2 / If you do land up reading the whole thing and still do not get my point - please do not post your nasty comments here. I don't have the time, energy, mind-space or willingness to engage in a debate with you. Just unfollow. Here Goes
3 / A crises involving life and death, is the best time to judge a person’s intention. For it is at this time that our true nature is revealed.
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THREAD🧵--> For weeks, I've been tracking the scientific debate about whether we need masks to prevent transmission of the virus causing #COVID19 and whether it is #airborne. If you're confused, you are not alone. Stick with me here. Let's clear the air. 1/15
On Saturday, the World Health Organization used CAPS to say, "FACT: #COVID19 is NOT airborne." Here is the tweet. But keep reading this thread, because the wording is tricky.
As I wrote about 2 weeks ago, essentially, the word 'airborne' means something traveling in the air. But public health officials rely on a cutoff that any tiny bit of mucus larger than 5 microns in diameter that you cough out is called a 'droplet' 3/15…
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Hoy hemos probado la máscara @DecathlonES en 2 pts #COVID19 en el Marañón (gx al feedback de Valdemoro, HIL etc). Sat basal 87% reservorio. Hemos montado doble cánula O2. Con 1ª a 15L➡️93%. Con la 2ª (30L)➡️96%. El equipo @3d_maranon ha impreso3D piezas en 24h👏 (números 1)
El sistema es⬆️sencillo. La máscara sella perfectamente. Pieza3D (@3d_maranon) que engancha con máscara con salida para tubuladura doble. Reforzamos con aislante para mayor sujeción, pero funciona perfectamente también sóla.
Salida 1: FILTRO + Válvula de PEEP (la del ambú o similar). Salida 2: Pieza de Optiflow (antiguo) con salida DOBLE para 2 CÁNULAS de O2 (15+15L). No hay ⬆️truco, solo conducir +O2 que un reservorio (FiO2 práctica 100%) y 5-6 de PEEP. El propio pt se lo quita/pone para comer.
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Thread: A global tour of what's working in the fight against #COVID19 #coronavirus.

Democracy is no barrier to success, but failure to invest in fundamentals is. #Germany gets the award for all-round excellence.…
GERMANY: Best prepared health care system overall - widespread testing not only of symptomatic / old / hospitalized. Close to the best ratios of intensive care beds, doctors and nurses per 100,000 people. Clear and calm leaders. Gatherings of more than 2 banned.
TAIWAN - SCREENING MASTERS: Began checks of international arrivals Dec 31, 2019. Hospitals testing for virus in January, national command center open January 20. Border controls began Feb 6. Temperatures taken as people enter public buildings, helping avoid full lockdown
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⚪️Coronavirus en Belgique: séquence #BackToTheFuture avec l'avis du 30 mars 2009 (11 ans, jour pour jour!) du Comité de bioéthique de Belgique relatif au plan opérationnel belge "pandémie influenza". Toute ressemblance ne sera pas fortuite. #Thread 👇#COVID19 #gouvernance #begov
⚪️Coronavirus en Belgique: "Pour parer à une éventuelle pandémie, notre pays s’attache à actualiser ce plan de lutte en permanence, et veille notamment à constituer un stock de médicaments, de masques et de vaccins".
#Thread #BackToTheFuture #COVID19 #gouvernance #begov
⚪️Coronavirus en Belgique: "La capacité des hôpitaux belges n’est pas illimitée, tant en termes de nombre de lits que de respirateurs et de personnel" #Thread #BackToTheFuture #COVID19 #gouvernance #begov
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#COVID19 press conference from @WHO starts with @DrTedros pointing out that #covid19 is “straining health systems in many countries”. Says previous outbreaks have shown that when health systems are overwhelmed, deaths from other causes "increase dramatically”.
@WHO @DrTedros "Even though we're in the midst of a crisis, essential health services must continue”, says @DrTedros. Mentions involving medical students or retired health care workers as measures that can help do that. Plus setting up treatment centres focussed on #covid19.
@WHO @DrTedros Says @WHO has published a manual on how to set up such #covid19 centers by repurposing hospital wards or entire hospitals or setting up new ones in tents. Also describes how to set up screening facilities at hospitals and community facilities to care for mild patients.
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"The #COVID19 pandemic is straining health systems in many countries.
The rapidly increasing demand on health facilities and #healthworkers threatens to leave some health systems overstretched and unable to operate effectively"-@DrTedros #coronavirus
"Previous outbreaks have demonstrated that when health systems are overwhelmed, deaths due to vaccine-preventable and treatable conditions increase dramatically"-@DrTedros #COVID19 #coronavirus
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Clinical Update: Most patients require a ventilator due to respiratory failure, which happens when the body is unable to: 1) exhale enough carbon dioxide or 2) breathe in sufficient oxygen. In any ICU, there’s usually a mix of these patients. But #COVID19 patients are different:
With nearly a month of experience, we’ve seen that COVID patients almost exclusively end up on ventilators due to a lack of oxygen NOT an excess of CO2 (hypercarbic respiratory failure). We’ve been able to delay, and in many cases avoid, a ventilator with the following approach:
Patients with #coronavirus who are hypoxic (oxygen saturation < 93%) on 6 liters of supplemental oxygen are placed on a non-rebreather. If hypoxia persists, patients are moved to negative pressure room, and high-flow oxygen is used (up to 60 liters).
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Austria is making the wearing of masks compulsory as part of new rules to curb the spread of #covid19.…
You can argue about the evidence and how big an effect this is likely to produce, but it seems logical that if everyone wears a mask it should help reduce infections, because infected people who don’t know they may be spreading the virus will be wearing one too. Worth trying.
To be clear, given the shortage of N95 respirators and other PPE it is crucial that any limited supplies are reserved for frontline health workers. But if simple masks can be produced in sufficient numbers (whether from industry or privately) it makes sense for all of us to wear.
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🚨Outbreak of #COVID19 in a #WA choir suggests that #coronavirus can be *transmitted via microscopic aerosols*, in addition to much larger respiratory droplets from coughs or sneezes.

Of 60 members: 2 died, 3 in hospital,45 tested positive/have symptoms.…
Friends, all previous guidance was that this enveloped #coronavirus spread via respiratory droplets (secretions from your nose via cough, sneeze, touch).

Aerosols can come through normal talking (singing makes MORE), meaning it spreads MUCH more easily.

Prior guidance was based on #SARS, a close relative of this #coronavirus. Unfortunately, new #facts now suggest #COVID19 spreads more easily.

Masks likely will be needed to 1) decrease the release of aerosols, and 2) decrease exposure to aerosols.

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On why you should take this thread with a pinch of salt:

Let's start with the official data for today:

Cases: 41495 (+3186)
Deaths: 2757 (+117)
Recovered: 13911 (+1530)
Active: 24827 (+1540)

This is record number of daily cases - which frankly doesn't mean much considering how Iran has been testing #COVID19

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Bonjour @prefpolice @gouvernementFR @Place_Beauvau, je viens d'être verbalisé car je n'avais pas recopié TOUS les motifs sur mon attestation de déplacement sur papier libre, en plus de celui de ma sortie. Confirmez-vous qu'il s'agit d'un motif valable ? #Covid_19
Les mêmes policiers nous ont reproché d'être à deux (même famille) pour accompagner un enfant malade chez le pédiatre, nous répétant que c'était "inutile" alors que poussette lourde à monter et descendre sur 4 étages. Confirmez-vous ce point @prefpolice @Place_Beauvau ? #COVID19
Sur ce motifs, les policiers ont donc noté mes éléments d'identité et m'ont annoncé une amende de "200 euros", alors que je n'ai aucunement été verbalisé auparavant à ce sujet. Nous confirmez-vous @prefpolice @Place_Beauvau que la 1ere amende est passée à 200 ce matin ? #COVID19
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(1/) If the NY lockdown has been effective at reversing #coronavirus growth, be on the lookout for net new hospitalizations to gradually shrink to ~0 by the end of the first week of April. But, beware of potential new biases in the hospitalization data.…
(2/) In my latest post, I give some signposts to look out for to see (hopefully good) news in the data this week. You should also look out for evidence that we need more social distancing measures, like it net new #COVID19 hospitalizations stay above 1,000 per day.
(3/) #NY is still the epicenter of the US's #COVID19 crisis, but by #stayinghome and using data to make policy decisions, we can turn the tide and #protectNYC. Thank you to all the medical professionals working to keep us safe and healthy.
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We're learning more about the #COVID19 asymptomatic carriers, yet still much more to know
With broad testing, data for Iceland, Iceland vs. Netherland, Italy vs S Korea all show its propensity in the young, via @alexandreafonso w/ his informative thread 👇
There's still admixture with asymptomatic and mild symptoms, as previously summarized, with estimates ranging from 30-90% when these categories are combined. Iceland perhaps 50%. Prior summary of what's out there:
It's essential that we nail this down. Some countries like Germany and UK are doing systematic, large-scale random assessment of healthy people w/ serology. The US needs to do that too. I haven't heard of any plans to date. 3/3
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The Following STORY is just that, A STORY.

It has NO bearing on Real World Events until certain things

either happen or don't happen.

This is my THEORY until new information comes in.

China has attacked the Entire World with a Bio Weapon.

To destroy it's STRUCTURE
Yes, Millions might die, but that's not the GOAL of those who unleashed this.
The GOAL is to destroy the STRUCTURE of a cohesive, interconnected World that TORE N. Korea from their Orbit, supported Taiwan & the Hong Kong Rebellion & was poised to BRING CHINA TO HEEL
To FORCE Them into a Trade Deal that ended their MASSIVE THEFT of IP & Gov. Secrets.
China PRETENDED to go along as measure were prepared to WRECK the World (US leading the charge) that was about to force them to pay for their innumerable CRIMES.
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We need a national stay at home order. Needed it weeks ago. It remains the most powerful tool we have at this moment to reduce the spread of #covid19. The reluctance to call for such a policy represents a critical failure of federal leadership that will cost lives. (1/x)
Is it necessary for all states to have such an aggressive policy? Yes. Because we are still struggling to test, we have no idea what the real case count is but it’s likely many multiples higher than the recorded numbers and the virus is in far more places than we think. (2/x)
The bottom line is this: when it comes to public health response SPEED = LIVES SAVED. We had a slow start in responding to #covid19 and we are trying to catch up. But we need to move faster. Every day matters. (3/x END)
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I put together a table of selected metrics for the 2 pandemics. There are some remarkable similarities in terms of responses, but even that's surprising for it being 100 years later for #COVID19.
More on the asymptomatic carrier story (*not fully defined) later.
Fixed the table, row 1
Reference for the BCG:…
Reference for convalescent sera:
There are many, but I think this one is best on background in 1918 pandemic…
The very high mortality rate (>80%) is for patients requiring endotracheal intubation and mechanical ventilation
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A common suggestion is that having defendants in jail during a pandemic may actually be safer: isolated & can be quarantine. I want to share some thoughts regarding the challenge: (1)-it’s impossible to practice social distancing and heightened hygiene when 8,000 people are
detained in a close space. #COVID19 is extremely contagious and spreads through the air and from contaminated surfaces. When one person tests positive, there will be dozens more within a day or two. If even 20% of the jail population is infected, and that is a conservative
estimate, it will overwhelm the jail’s limited resources. (2)-we do not have the space or facilities to adequately quarantine people who test positive, nor do we have the medical facilities to respond to a serious case of #COVID19. Anyone who requires hospitalization, as 10% of
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“Who let the SARS out?”

@HousatonicITS goes live at 8pm est.
Highlights: #Covid19 is NOT the real name of the virus. Political reasons forced the CHANGING of the name. The REAL NAME of #coronavirus #Covid_19 is...
Correction: I should say “concealing” not “changing”.
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Mais uma vez, Bolsonaro distorce a realidade para vincular agendas que lhe convêm.

Vejam o exemplo desse vídeo. Ele é a sequência daquele tweet sorrateiro do chanceler, que sugeria que o Brasil está alinhado com as práticas do G20 sobre o combate à #COVID19.


Siga 👇
1) Bolsonaro começa o vídeo dizendo que esteve em cidades do DF p/falar c/trabalhadores. Atitude irresponsável sob qualquer ângulo.

Todos os países do G20, inclusive o 🇲🇽, cujo presidente também minimizava a pandemia, adotaram medidas restritivas + recomendação de ficar em casa.
2) A decisão contraria a declaração do G20 sobre #COVID19:

"O combate a esta pandemia exige uma resposta (...) baseada na ciência.

Comprometemo-nos a tomar todas as medidas de saúde necessárias (...) p/conter a pandemia e proteger as pessoas, especialmente as mais vulneráveis"
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