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The “origins of Covid” is a scripted red herring.

Notice how Establishment held it back until they achieved their #vaccine targets.

Look how US & allies suddenly reoriented geopolitics against China.

Those mindlessly repeating “origins” canard are doing their bidding.

Just as with Iraq WMDs, they’re parading fake Chinese ‘whistleblowers’ on MSM, making vague claims re Wuhan, MSM running hard with it. They’re building a new layer to narrative.

Ultimately, this allows our Gov’t to scapegoat all their failed policies on #Covid19 & Chinese.

If the virus was so deadly, or was some exotic ‘bioweapon!’, they why from Day 1 did they create a fraudulent PCR test to falsify global ‘cases’ and ‘deaths from COV’, and also change/relax rules for recording a ‘COV death’ on death certificates, thus inflating the numbers?

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Didn’t sleep much last night, thoughts of what is actually happening in this country running through my head…. Then light bulb moment💡💡are we in one big social experiment???

Firstly #BrexitChaos remove freedom of movement. So only the elite can travel. Therefore keeping 1/
The masses on the island !!!

Then ;- #COVID19 remove the weak from society. They aren’t needed, they aren’t useful.
Use the media, lockdown to control the masses while the elite ignore all the rules.
Use the counties finances to ensure your peers are well looked after. 2/
Control the borders stop people getting in or out of the island.

#BrexitChaos no food on the shelves, #PetrolShortages fuel prices increase the masses are now pliant they need fuel to travel.

Pretend nothing is wrong

Build homes next to manufacturing units so the masses 3/
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DISINFECTION—Study found portable air cleaners are highly effective in clearing particles from the air & reducing spread to other areas. ➡️2 small air cleaners in one patient room clears 99% of potentially infectious aerosols within 5.5 minutes! #COVID19🧵… Image
2) “These air cleaners are relatively cheap and commercially available. We believe they could help reduce the risk of health-care workers and other patients acquiring COVID-19 in health care”
3) these portable HEPA filters are really good. But put them centrally in a room optimally.
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This is a damning indictment of health policy in Australia.

In 5 months, with no #covid19 deaths to blame it on, 3500 excess deaths occurred.

These were predominantly allocated to cancer, dementia and "other" causes.

This is a major scandal. ImageImageImage
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DEVASTATING—life expectancy of 2019 to 2020 plummeted in women (red) & men (light blue). US young men lost the most—ONE FULL YEAR among age 0-59. Sweden🇸🇪 lost more than all its Scandinavian neighbors. And we haven’t added 2021 #DeltaVariant yet! #COVID19… Image
2) It’s actually worse… “Males in the USA and Lithuania experienced the largest losses in life expectancy at birth during 2020 (2.2 and 1.7 years, respectively)” — the drop was so high that it was cut off in the graph!!
3) Life expectancy at birth declined from 2019 to 2020 in 27 out of 29 countriesaareductions of more than an entire year were documented in 11 countries for males & 8 among females. Reductions were mostly attributable to increased mortality in 60+ years and to official COVID-19.
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Analicemos la situación #COVID19 #COVID a nivel Mundial.
Y que nos espera a la Argentina con la #VarianteDelta
1- En EE.UU., la variante delta es la responsable de más del 93%* de los casos de COVID-19. También está presente y se ha propagando en más de 130 paises. y aumenta. ImageImage
2- Es extremadamente peligrosa
Es mucho más contagiosa que el virus original. Es extremadamente trasmisible y, por eso, se está propagando de manera tan rápida y peligrosa.…
3- Por cada particula viral en la delta hay 1260. Mientras más se propague el nuevo coronavirus, más variantes preocupantes surgirán, y la pandemia se prolongará durante más tiempo para todo el mundo.
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NSW recorded 787 new locally acquired cases of #COVID19 in the 24 hours to 8pm last night. ImageImage
One new case was acquired overseas, and 10 previously reported cases have been excluded following further investigation. The total number of cases in NSW since the beginning of the pandemic is 59,520.
Sadly, NSW Health is today reporting the deaths of 12 people with COVID-19 – six men and six women.

Four people were in their 60s, two people were in their 70s, four people were in their 80s, and two people were in their 90s.
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[Thread] 1 With respect, big issues with the arguments in your article and Dr Robert Malone's interview w @jimmy_dore. (1) Discussion of leaky vaccines is not relegated to the fringes, it's appeared on eg Reuters and National Geographic recently. (2) Vaccines have been highly
@jimmy_dore 2 efficient in damping transmission of previous variants, see eg…. Even vs delta, current estimates stand at 50-60% vaccine effectiveness at preventing infection. The compounding effect across the population
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Sunday review of current #COVID19 data for NYC. 🧵

Overall, our key indicators remain stable to slightly improved for September thus far, compared to a month ago.

Explore all of the numbers, in detail, at: Summary of COVID indicators...
Total cases are stable, but remain at a relatively high level. Now is not the time for us to be complacent, particularly with cooler months ahead. Citywide case curve from la...
When we break down case rates by vaccination status, we see a marked difference in risk depending on whether one is vaccinated versus unvaccinated. The same holds true for hospitalization rates. Case rates over time for un...
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📍687,000+ #COVID19 deceased and still counting. Those who say we should “learn to live with the virus” mean waving the white flag 🏳 to thousands more innocent lives lost. Let fight to save lives, prevent #LongCovid, and protect children. 🙏
2) the white flags are an exhibit of @sbfirstenberg: Image
3) the exhibit runs until October 3 at the Washington Monument Image
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RT 🧵

Criminal Minds: False flag
episode 2017


With explanation how it works

Help me spread the word!

#coronapas #IkPrikNiet #COVID19
#GreatReset #wappie #Iktestniet #FVD #MAGA #COVIDIOTS
1. The spreaders
The big mouths saying the people get scammed!!
Are actually the people selling
2. How actual science works
The methods of the counters

👌Cognitieve truc!!

How deep the conspiracy goes=eliminating the evidence
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(1/n) Patients with severe or critical #COVID19 have a dysregulated immune response with high levels of #SARSCoV2 specific IgG antibodies. Circulating multimeric immune complexes (sICs) seem to play an important role:… Image
(2/n) "a so far undisclosed predisposing condition divides patients into sIC-prone and non-sIC-prone individuals with patients developing sICs in response to an infectious trigger also developing enhanced disease."
(3/n) "We suggest a hidden predisposition in sIC-prone patients resulting in a strong early inflammatory response to SARS-CoV-2 infection possibly being a trigger for further sIC formation and the generation of afucosylated SARS-CoV-2 IgG."
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ATROCIOUS—This Lab Charges $380 for a #COVID19 Test. Insurers say GS Lab is price-gouging, but Trump-era CARES Act of 2020 left an opening for labs to charge any price they wished—up $380 a test—as well as billing both antibody+rapid on same day (no sense)… Image
2) At the drugstore, a rapid Covid test usually costs less than $20.
Across the country, over a dozen testing sites owned by the start-up company GS Labs regularly bill $380.
3) There’s a reason they can. When Congress tried to ensure that Americans wouldn’t have to pay for coronavirus testing, it required insurers to pay certain laboratories whatever “cash price” they listed online for the tests, with no limit on what that might be.
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A couple of misrepresentations in the @WSJ article that I’d like to address… short thread⬇️
The @WHO SAGO is NOT the next mission team to China. It is an advisory group set up to establish a framework to study the origins of emerging and re-emerging pathogens of pandemic potential when they emerge.
For decades, we have seen the repeated threat of emergence of known & new threats: SARS-CoV, MERS-CoV, avian flu, pandemic flu H1N1pdm09, Ebola, Marburg, Lassa, Nipah, Zika… SARS-CoV-2. #COVID19 was disease X and the next disease X is out there.
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MISCALCULATION BY GOP—As an epidemiologist, I think Republicans might be killing off their voter base faster than they think. The #COVID19 death rate since June 30 in counties where Trump got >90% of the vote are 9.5x higher than where he got <10%—pretty strong. HT @charles_gaba Image
2) To be clear, as an epidemiologist, I present this because I am worried for all public health. There are plenty of people of both political parties dying. But clearly there is a strong geographic political skew. People need to vaccinate and mask, or else it will hurt us all. Image
3) This mass death trend in areas voting for authoritarians like Trump is also true in parts of Brazil 🇧🇷 that voted more of Bolsonaro. Not a coincidence conservatives in both US and Brazil are more often anti mask and anti vax.… Image
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Omg 😱 why does @ucu not care about safety protocols on #COVID19 ???
@ucu No wonder I’m seeing so many campuses in the UK apparently not bothering with safety measures. I had hoped to see @ucu campaigning to protect staff, faculty and students…
“Fighting for jobs, pay and conditions” on the wall - incredible. Are packed out rooms in universities which put everyone at risk from #Covid the working conditions that @ucu supports?
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Let this sink in—1 in 24 children age 10-14 have caught #COVID19 in Kettering 🇬🇧 in the last 7 days (figure by @ProfColinDavis). Overall in England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿, ~1 in 100 kids that same age group have testing COVID positive last week. Schools need mask mandates. Kids need to #vaccinate
2) England needs new leadership. That is all.
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„To big zo fail“ - „Geef het volk brood en spelen“ letterlijk 'eten en amusement' … wie kent deze uitspraken niet. Anno 2021: de leugen is te groot om ontmaskerd te worden en de QR code de beloning voor experimenteel goedje in je lichaam te laten spuiten. Dank aan @2eKamertweets
COVID19 is een pandemie van angst, vluchtend in een logica waarin we de realiteit beperken, resulterend in ontwrichting van de samenleving en het creëren van gevaarlijke sociaalpsychologische mechanismen. #COVID19 info die de MSM wegmoffelt

Deskundigen: "Mondkapjes bieden een vorm van schijnveiligheid."
Maatregel? Mondkapjesplicht!

Deskundigen: "De PCR test is geen betrouwbare methode om "v!russen" op te sporen".
Maatregel? Testplicht!

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CDC studies show masks lessen school outbreaks—a study in Arizona found #COVID19 outbreaks were almost 4 times more common at public schools without mask mandates on the first day than at those that re-opened with a masking requirement. #maskup…
2) this country in exponential #DeltaVariant runaway situation… because it didn’t mandate masks for kids. This is England. Do we really want to follow Boris Johnson’s UK 🇬🇧 example?
3) if we don’t mask in schools, this is the fate for our kids. #MaskUp
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'Siri, show me in one image the relationship between #COVID19 conspiracy theorists, fascists, and far-right grifters.'
Under the terms of the #AUKUS treaty & British common & United States constitutional law, I'm obliged to share:

Anyway, here's Putin's No.1 Aussie/Cossack fanboy Simeon Boikov w some bloke called John(?):
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Antiviral pills for #COVID19 may be available soon: 3 in clinical trials, results expected as soon as late fall/winter: Merck & Ridgeback Biotherapeutics’ #molnupiravir ; Pfizer’s #PF07321332, & Roche & Atea’s #AT527…
“only one antiviral drug, remdesivir, has been approved to treat #COVID. But it is given intravenously to patients ill enough to be hospitalized, & is not intended for early, widespread use. By contrast, the top contenders under study can be packaged as pills.”
“That would mean millions …could have access to a daily orally administered medication, ideally a single pill, that could be taken for five to 10 days at the first confirmation of #COVID19 infection”
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@ProfPCDoherty 1/- The TGA - I have no confidence. Coercion is beyond belief.
State Governments mandating are in breach of the Constitution section 51-23A No medical civil conscription authorised.
10,000 DAEN entries have no age in the report lists and a snapshot of adverse events is shocking.
@ProfPCDoherty 2/- #HerdImmunity can’t be achieved with a narrow epitope systemic v@x that doesn’t stop infection or transmission especially with viral mutations. May need turbo boosters ad-Infinitum. Natural immunity adjunct with anti-viral drugs, broader epitope memory based mucosal immunity
@ProfPCDoherty 3/- Professor Robert Clancy
Need of efficacious #Covid19 drug protocol therapies, keep people out of hospital and vaccines. Traditional antigen based vaccines Novavax recombinant spike, Chinese inactivated virus clinical trials appear safe,no adverse evt…
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#ABEd #k12 “As schools across Alberta continue to struggle with outbreaks and soaring cases of #COVID19 [in schools], no changes have been announced around increased support for identifying cases and contact tracing”…
True test of “leadership” is not found in times of prosperity, health, & peace—those waters are calm & readily navigable: The true tests of leadership occurs in navigating challenge, distress, & upheaval well, at the least minimizing harms if not prospering.
“As many as 7 Calgary schools are now being investigated for #COVID19 outbreaks and, according to a letter sent to the province by the Calgary Board of Education last week, at least 350 self-reported COVID cases are now linked to more than 120 CBE schools” #k12 #Delta
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