Remember, Trump waged a war on oversight, firing multiple Inspectors General, and replacing them with loyalists.

Today’s report that whitewashes Trump’s photo op at the church was written by one of Trump’s appointees.

Allowing them to stay does not protect our institutions.
We do not need Trump loyalists in government making policy recommendations.

Allowing them to remain does not strengthen our institutions, or public confidence in the same.

On the contrary, it weakens them.…
Protecting and restoring faith in our institutions is exactly what we need to be doing right now.

But a fear of accusations of ‘partisanship’ can also be exploited by bad faith actors in ways that actively do the opposite.

The narrative war has not stopped.
Trump appointees in our government will attempt to whitewash his administration and cover up his wrongdoing, just as surely as Republicans are working to do the same in the Senate as we speak.

We simply, sadly, cannot afford to make the mistake of assuming good faith behavior.

• • •

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11 Jun
During the 2018 midterms, Turning Point USA’s troll farm, Rally Forge, set up a fake progressive group on Facebook to convince leftwing voters in key races to support the Green Party.

Facebook knew, and did nothing until after the election.…
Facebook allows right wing group to pretend to be leftists to split the Dem vote.

Member of the group to FEC: ‘Gee, I’m just new, I didn’t know about these laws.’

Trump’s FEC: ‘We won’t pursue this. How *dare* you ask us to.’

6 months later, group admits it used Rally Forge. ImageImageImageImage
Trump’s FEC Commissioner James “Trey” Trainor, literally scolded the watchdog group for bringing the case to the FEC, and somehow asserted that “APN was established by an unsophisticated individual trying to show his support for several third party candidates.”

(Not true)
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8 Jun
Heritage and ALEC have been working, together, to write the archaic voter suppression laws that are being passed by Republican legislatures in Georgia, Texas, and other states.

Both of those organizations were founded by Paul Weyrich.

This has been the GOP's DNA for decades.
Weyrich is also the reason that abortion was weaponized as a political wedge, to consolidate evangelical voters under the Republican Party - and, originally to deny Jimmy Carter a second term.

Weyrich was a Christian activist.

In 1981, after working to elect Reagan with the evangelical vote, he founded the CNP with Rev. Tim LaHaye - an evangelical preacher, head of the "Moral Majority," and author of the rapturous Left Behind series.…
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8 Jun
McConnell had GOP Senators sanitize the insurrection report that was released today, censoring the word “insurrection,” and omitting Trump’s role.

Now he claims that we need reports like this instead of a full investigation.

Mitch is the getaway driver for the insurrectionists.
Thread/article on the ways in which the Senate Rules report was sanitized, in order to get Republicans to sign it:
I am not trying to imply that they will get away with it.

This is just further evidence (if we needed any more) for why Dems need to drop all of the bipartisanship efforts on a commission, and create a Select Committee to investigate the insurrectikn, sooner rather than later.
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8 Jun
The only question that should be asked of Joe Manchin at this point is:

“Senator, who exactly are you representing?”
Remember, on a private call with Republicans about HR-1, Koch’s Research Director said “there’s a large, very large, chunk of conservatives who are supportive of these types of efforts.”

And so he said they would need to use “under-the-dome-type strategies” to stop it.
Heritage wrote many of the voter suppression laws passed in GOP states, then waged influence campaigns.

Jessica Anderson, of Heritage Action (at 19:45):

“We’ve hosted events in West Virginia, to go after, and have a little fun with, Senator Manchin.”
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8 Jun
🚨Police in sixteen countries have launched multiple raids after intercepting the communications of organised criminal groups

For 18 months, criminals have been using encrypted comm systems that were 👉DEVELOPED. AND. RUN. BY. THE. FBI👈

h/t @100FrogLegs…
For over 18 months, ANOM’s criminal users unknowingly communicated on the system operated by FBI agents.

the platform presented opportunities to disrupt major drug trafficking, money laundering, and other criminal activity while the platform was active.… ImageImage
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6 Jun
An AL police officer shot his wife in a fight, shattering her arm.

The state agency investigating took it as evidence.

9 months later they gave it back, even though he wasn’t allowed to own one while charges were pending.

He killed her 13 days later.…
This man is a psycho.

It appears that, out of fear, she went along with his story that the shooting was an accident.

The DA filed zero charges against him.

The investigating agency left out of its report a recording of some of the sociopathic things that he said to her.
Our society’s deference to an absolutist and misguided view of the right to bear arms, has evolved to become a cancer in our society.

I am a gun owner, and it makes me sick to see the way it is used to justify allowing people to do essentially anything they want with firearms.
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