Mohammed Hijab declares that he takes NOTHING from the khariji Muhammad Ibn Abdul Wahhab [d. 1792] and claims he is “NOT a scholar in the (Hanbali) Madhbab” and “NOT authoritative in the least”.

And he is absolutely right ✅👍🏼
This statement from Mohammed Hijab - who has a huge Muslim & Salafi-leaning following - is good news. Speakers calling out the deception and exposing the truth of the Salafi/Wahhabi sect should be supported in doing so, and I pray for good in the bothers’ journey 🤲🏼
Muhammad ibn Abdul Wahhab [d. 1792] was not a scholar by any legitimate standard. There is no case of any contemporary Hanbali scholar of his time holding him in the post of a scholar in any field. MIAW's sons and students did, but that's what cults and sects do (in-bred).
His heresies were identified by many scholars of his time and after, not only from Hanbali Athari ulema such as Imam Muhammad Al-Afaliqi [d.1751] who deemed him unqualified and his principles “flithy”, but indeed, by scholars from all 4 legal schools.
As established by his own older brother:

“He [MIAW] does not possess one characteristic of the people of ijtihad. By Allah, indeed he does not possess one tenth! Yet he is opening his mouth and speaking a great deal of ignorance!”

~ Imam Sulaiman Ibn Abdul Wahhab [d.1794]
A teacher of both Wahhab brothers:

“Your filthy principles” (qawāʿiduka ʾl-khabītha) arrived “in two leaves” (fī waraqatayn) and “in your own handwriting” (bi-khaṭṭ yadika).”

~ Muhammad al-Afaliqi al-Hanbali [d.1751] “Tahakkum al-muqallidīn” (on receiving a letter from MIAW).
“Muhammad Ibn Abdul Wahhab was shown to have reached the level of a false Prophet and a liar of the same capacity as Musailimah, Sajjah the false Prophetess, Tulayha & others. As for his father, he was a pious man.”

~ Imam Abdullah Ibn Dawud al-Basri al-Hanbali [d.1810].
"Whoever does not agree with him [MIAW], then he judges them with having committed major kufr... So in reality he is calling to the Tawhid of himself rather than to the Tawhid of Allah."

~ Najdi Qadi, Sulaiman ibn Suhaim [d. 1773] (Scholar at time of ibn Abdul Wahhab).
Indeed, Ibn Humaid [d. 1878], another great Hanbali scholar and mufti of Mecca, wrote a continuation of Ibn Rajab’s "Tabaqat Al-Hanabila": an Official Encyclopaedia for Hanbali Scholars, and does NOT include MIAW. He does, however, include both MIAW’s brother and father.
Ibn Humaid [d. 1878] in fact notes that MIAW’s father was angry at his younger son's unwillingness to specialise in jurisprudence and warned people of “how much evil will you see from Muhammad” [Suhub ul-Wabila].

• • •

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28 May

When sects like the Wahhabis have people who go against their interests, there’s only one way they like to deal with them...

even if it's one of their top scholars… 🧵
The Wahhabis have a history of mass slaughtering Muslims. This is well documented in their own history books by Ibn Ghanam/Ibn Bishr. Of course, the Wahhabis label those killed as “mushriks”, but this is no different from Israel killing Palestinian civilians as evil “terrorists”.
How about when Wahhabis turn on THEIR OWN people who no longer serve their interests? Indeed, this happened notoriously when the Wahhabi leader, Abdul Aziz Ibn Saud murdered his own Wahhabi fighters, the Ikhwan, slaughtering them with machine guns supplied by his British allies.
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26 May
The "hujjah" that was "established" by MIAW on fellow Muslims was nothing but a warped reconstruction of Islam & the Shahada, which he even claimed was something 'divinely inspired', and not taught to him through his teachers (who he claimed were ignorant of la ilaha il Allah).
“Muhammad Ibn Abdul Wahhab and his followers are people of innovation because they contradict all of that which has been handed down.”

~ Hanbali Scholar & Judge, Muhammad Ibn Fairuz [d. 1801].
“Muhammad Ibn Abdul Wahhab was shown to have reached the level of a false Prophet and a liar of the same capacity as Musailimah, Sajjah the false Prophetess, Tulayha & others. As for his father, he was a pious man.”

~ Hanbali Scholar Abdullah Ibn Dawud al-Basri [d.1810]
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20 Apr
On Salafi claim that Trinity Tawhid is proved in the Qur'an.
An example of another Tawhid is “Tawhid Al-'Afāl”: that is, God is the real Creator of all actions and consequences as explained by scholars like explained by Imam Muhammad Nafis al- Banjari (b. 1148 AH/1735 AD).
The Mu’tazila had denied that Allah creates man’s actions and believed instead that man has his own will and power within himself to control the action. Thus they negated this form of Tawhid.

The point is that to say it's ONLY 3 is a reprehensible bida.
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1 Jan
This is an absolutely brilliant thread to prove the traditional Sunni position that seeking assistance through unseen beings is no more ‘shirk’ than seeking help through present humans. NEITHER any have power. No human, no angel, no jinn, seen or unseen: Power is ONLY with Allah.
To make a DISTINCTION in the assistance you might receive from a seen being compared to an unseen being is actually closer to SHIRK. Since this entails that you think the one in front of you, who is present, has some kind of intrinsic ability/power over the one that is not.
As Imam M. Ash-Shatti Al-Hanbali [d. 1929] said: “There is no difference between the state of life or death. Those who make a difference are actually much closer to idolatry... because their position is that the living have some sort of influence or intrinsic effect on things.”
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28 Dec 20


There are various ways in which the Salafi Sect manipulates our classical literature:

- Corrupt translations
- Adding footnotes to negate what’s in the actual text
- Changing words in their “edition”
- Completely omitting certain sections Image
This thread will be added to overtime to provide examples with scanned prints to show how manipulative the Salafi movement is in seeking to alter the religion of Islam.

They do this to IMPOSE their 18th century (khariji) ideology onto our classical texts.


[Thread...] Image
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13 Sep 20

Short story of Abu Ayyub Al-Ansari and his wife, Umm Ayyub, may Allah be pleased with them.


1 of 16.
When the Prophet ﷺ emigrated to Madinah, he was without a home. Joyous crowds of elders and children gathered for his arrival, each anticipating to receive him; how wonderful to be the Prophet's ﷺ host/neighbour. Even the trees of the city would become lovingly attached to him.
It was never the etiquette of the Prophet ﷺ to make anyone feel left out. So in choosing the location of his future abode, he allowed his camel, Qaswa, to roam the city - guided by God - and where the camel would decide to sit, would be where he ﷺ would build his home & mosque.
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