An interesting thing that comes up a lot in conversations with end users in payments: some folks feel much more comfortable with push payments or other mechanisms which are structurally guaranteed to be one-time unless user acts to put more money into a relationship.
In the U.S. this is often associated with lower socioeconomic status; in Japan it's often folks across the spectrum who don't want to give credit card number because they believe that it will either leak or be repeatedly charged in a way which is against their expectations.
(This is one reason why Japan continues to have a huge share of e-commerce conducted via convenience store payments. You're guaranteed to not pay more than what was on the invoice unless you walk down to conbini and hand cashier more cash (after another invoice).)
If you've never seen a convenience store payment here's a handy YouTube tutorial for the user side of it:

(Video in Tagalog with English subtitles; you'll note this infra is important to make e-commerce accessible for those who might not be banked here.)
Incidentally, pip pip for technology for helping folks on the move: computers are structurally more multilingual than staff and are basically infinitely patient if you need to e.g. watch a video walkthrough while doing a transaction to complete it.

Rarely hear this mentioned.

• • •

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10 Jun
One defining characteristic of fraud, which is a primary way by which they are detected, is that they make assertions about their actions but those actions do not cause the ripples in the world that a legitimate business would.

This is checkable, often surprisingly easily.
I’m still annoyed how long Mt. Gox was given grace by the financial press, among others, due to assertions about the Japanese banking system that could have been cleared up with a two minute phone call to any of several hundred thousand people.
“We can’t send wires because we DDOSed the wire department at Mizuho.”
“... The second largest bank in Japan?”
“Yes that Mizuho.”
“So if I were to call Mizuho and ask ‘Can I send a wire?’ the answer is ‘Not until the Magic The Gathering Online Exchange gets done with theirs’?!?”
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9 Jun
NFTs are one of the class of startup ideas which contain an implicit better business, because a hypothetical commercially useful NFT combines a slow database that nobody really needs with an immensely valuable working DRM system, which many billions depend on.
Some of those other startup ideas are not primarily investment scams.
One of the classics is Shopify, where to sell snowboards over the Internet you have to first have a halfway decent e-commerce platform, and after you have written a halfway decent e-commerce platform, snowboards are a silly thing to spend your time on.
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8 Jun
In a bit of good news, Japan is starting to bring operational competence to bear on the vaccination campaign:… Image
There was a local human-interest story which I really liked from an ops perspective: a local government said "What's the limiting factor on how many people we can vaccinate in a day?", got told "Doctor time?", and refactored the line.
They had nurses and healthcare aids do the recordkeeping and patient questions, had the old folks take a seat on a snaking line of chairs through a gym, and doctor walked the line injecting pre-prepped patients. 120 shots per hour per doctor.
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4 Jun
Baldur’s Gate 3 opens with the best use of cinematics I have ever seen in a video game. It starts in media res, immediately establishes the danger and the stakes, and is absolutely thrilling, both to my inner child and to one surprisingly adult fear for a D&D game.
Goodness the game does *not* play around.

"Oh my this is a situation a first level character has ABSOLUTELY NO BUSINESS being in the same room with. Good thing that enemy is distracted."
Enemy: kills distraction and turns to me.
Game: Introducing the Dash feature.
And that, Internets, is how a 30+ year veteran of Dungeons and Dragons got a TPK in the second fight of the game, for thinking "Meh I don't need to spend the action Dashing I am obviously far away enough from $TERRIFYING_MONSTER."
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2 Jun
Inbox: "How many LLCs can a person have?"

Typically LLCs are counted one, two, a shedload. The thing which provokes a shedload is either a) financial structuring or b) many parallel projects with similar but distinct risks that one wants to silo from each other.
This makes real estate investors a particularly intensive user of them; many professional investors would have every property owned by its own LLC, potentially having a number of LLCs being members of that LLC (representing various investor interests, etc).
(If you think tech company cap tables are complicated try commercial real estate sometime. *shudders* My dad has stories which give me apoplexy.)
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1 Jun
Ruriko to Kuroneko (Japanese UPS): "Can you take my husband a brown shopping bag of clean clothes?"
Kuroneko driver: "We can only accept sealed packages, unfortunately."
Ruriko: "Oh dear."
Kuroneko driver: "So I'll need to fold the top of the bag together and apply masking tape."
Meanwhile the last time I visited the US Kuroneko and purchased a cardboard box ($10) to ship domestically (~$50) they would not give me masking tape for the box but would let me purchase a separate single-use roll for $3.50.
Part of the reason for Japanese logistics being so darn good as an experience is it treats the last quarter mile problem like the customer service that it is.
Read 7 tweets

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