👉This collection is for CRT deniers in San Diego Unified who dismiss our critique of its woke Local Control & Accountability plan as misinformed, unintelligent, and unfounded. Right in your face! More in the 🧵
Also from SDUSD’s LCAP presentation. The dismantling practice is central to the plan’s Goal 1: Cultivating Inclusive, Anti-racism and restorative schools, classrooms and District. Pay attention to the semantics—safe spaces, site equity teams, affinity groups...@ZaidJilani
Also from SDUSD with “racialized love” for its teachers in the form of mandatory white privilege training. Whoops, is that Kendi and DiAngelo? What happens to “we are not reaching CRT”? 🤥🤥🤥
Don’t forget the compulsory anti-racist leadership and cultural awareness trainings from “never-CRT” SDUSD. We, the “misinformed and unintelligent” counterinsurgency, didn’t come up with such pathological manipulations.
Last but not least, this is the kind of Ethnic Studies being pushing on students and STEM. Not love or understanding but struggles and liberation. Most of these affiliated groups are with Union del Barrio whose mission is to liberate all races from Chile to Alaska.

• • •

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7 Jun
🔥CA’s 2nd largest school district San Diego Unified proposes $77 million ($46 mi. from COVID-19 windfalls) for “Ethnic Studie for All” & anti-racism in ALL core disciplines, professional learning & District leadership. District red guards are instructed to deny any trace of CRT.
2/ SDUSD red guards think that parents could be easily fooled by fancy code words like “critical self-awareness,” “social-emotional learning”... It is installing “Site Equity Teams” to enforce ABAR. But parents are waking 🆙 At least 4 community groups in SD are moving fast...
3/Just ponder this line--- "center student identity and cultural wealth in mathematics to support the ethnic studies initiative." Can you believe your own 👀? It is just a starter for SDUSD's faithful engagement with CRT and you are in for a treat...
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2 Jun
🙈 The Governing Board at Paloma College in San Diego is pushing for a DEI reform with:
1. Unconstitutional preferences: black space, diverse hiring of black faculty, extra support for “LatinX/ESL/undocumented” students.
2. Ethnic studies requirement.
3. Anti-racism foundation.
2/ CRT puritans want to distance their academic altar from its real-life applications. But look at the mushrooming DEI/racial equity/anti-racism craze--- can you honestly say that ideas have no consequences?!
Doesn't the fist in the call to action button remind you of this⬇️⬇️?
3/ 👀 at the "New Instructional Projects" slide--- 10 ethnic studies courses, land acknowledgment, and gender pronoun project?! Is this how California wants to invest part of the $48.7 billion of COVID windfall earmarked for higher ed? Taxpayers need to know! @FreeBlckThought
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28 May
🧵The Nueva School in Bay Area, tuition $30-50k, is going all in for CRT: it has an Anti-racist Strategy, a Task Force on Racial Equity & Accountability w. "a specific focus on the Black community," and it's in need of a "constructivist" middle school math teacher...
2/The math teacher must "demonstrate a commitment to social justice, equity and inclusion through pedagogy and incorporate an anti-racist and anti-oppressive lens into teaching practice." @ConceptualJames Do you have students that fit the profile?
@ConceptualJames 3/So assuming an average Nueva student is not deprived (tuition just below the median US household income), I wonder what the school admin is using as evidence of systemic oppression to justify its mission to become an "anti-racist" institution. 🤯
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26 May
☠️ If the "rebuttal" to CRT's "race essentialism" is the notion that race is a social construct, is "abolishing the white race" then just an abolitionist (not racial) practice to decenter Enlightenment values associated with social whiteness? Does this make it less racist? Image
2/In other words, does the excuse justify a revolutionary end goal to transform power to the racialized oppressed via a puritan purge of "white supremacist" ideas such as individualism, hard-work, merit, rationality... ? Isn't associating these ideas with whiteness racist?
3/What if the purge requires attacking fundamental liberal values upon which our civilization was forged, which has clearly been the case with the end goal--a power grab? Intersectionality, social constructs, lived experience... pale in terms of relevance and consequence.
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25 May
🔥 🧵🧵🧵The latest victim of the cancel culture, woke mob: Los Altos Councilwoman Lynette Lee Eng has been openly targeted, harassed and threatened by a local activist group called Justice Vanguard since November 2020, after refusing to vote for an anti-police proposal.
2/ On 11/24, Ms. Lee Eng received this text from the group leader: "Your name is going to be all over the papers. We know there are racists that supported you.” Since then, Justice Vanguard warriors have called into every Los Altos City Council meetings to bully & insult her.
3/On 12/08, Kenan Moos--Supreme Leader of Justice Vanguard called in: "Lynette, Lynette, Lynette, it has now been two weeks since you criminalized Justice Vanguard and me, two weeks since you joined the Karen's of America with your continued, denigration of black people..."
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14 May
🔥What’s worse than socialized medicine? 🌀CRT medicine! The American Medical Association recently released an 86-page strategic plan and a 3-year roadmap to dismantle “structural and institutional racism” through 5 equity-centered approaches. 👏👏👏Committee of Public Health?
AMA is following 🐾 of @TheLancet & @StanfordMed to actively engage CRT. The plan calls for racial and social justice throughout the AMA enterprise culture, systems, policies, and practices and racial healing, reconciliation and transformation in its racially discriminatory past.
AMA will promote policies that eliminate “racial essentialism” and “empower physicians and health systems to dismantle... intersecting systems of oppression.” This will surely exacerbate racial achievement gaps in medical education partly due to long-standing racial preferences.
Read 6 tweets

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