Research shows us that the majority of all women who are raped or sexually assaulted will ‘freeze’ during the assault.

They will not fight back or scream for help.

Freezing is the most common response (70%+) - if you froze, that’s completely normal and natural.
It’s common to feel a lot of self blame and self doubt if you froze when you were being raped or sexually abused.

It’s common to wonder why you didn’t fight back or tell someone.

You can be made to feel like everyone else’s natural instinct would have been to fight back.
But that is absolutely not true.

The majority of us will freeze.

The second most common response is to try to negotiate with the perp or allow them to continue the offence, or bargain with them ‘you can do this but please don’t do that’.

Fight responses are very rare.
The reason they are so rare in sexual and domestic violence is because there is a huge power imbalance to consider.

Fighting back is often not in your best interests with a perpetrator who would harm you even more (or kill you) for resisting.

You know this, and so you freeze.

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1 Jun
Thread 🤩

Stop waiting for permission and approval from others to create the things in your head.

If I had waited for others to support me or believe in me, I wouldn’t have created any of these.
I went ahead and created them and published them because I knew they were needed - despite many people not believing in what I was doing.
Women write to me all the time and tell me they have amazing ideas but feel like they need someone in authority to tell them it’s a good idea
I always write back to tell them that they are searching for approval from the wrong people. All they need is self-belief. They do not require someone else to endorse them.
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7 May
A reminder that Elsevier made
$6 BILLION selling your academic journals and articles behind paywalls, and made more profit than Amazon, Google and Apple every year for YEARS...

And paid the academics who wrote the articles $0
And paid the reviewers of the articles $0
They are literally convincing you to give your work over for free for a made up concept ‘REF’ or ‘reputation’ so they can sell it for billions of dollars a year.

You’re being ROBBED.
The entire thing is an elaborate scam that you are trapped in for kudos and reputation.

It’s exploitation. It’s theft.
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3 May
I have a friend who is a brilliant forensic psychologist who has recently conducted a set of studies which has seriously upset the apple cart. Originally, they were all kept in academia until recently, she decided she had a duty to women who had been raped to make her work public
She wrote some accessible style blogs and has started to post publicly about her studies and findings, and what it means for women who have been raped whose statements are discredited or disbelieved.

As soon as she stepped outside of academia, she’s been vilified
Her findings and methods are very different to the norm. Her arguments are vital for women. She’s been trolled and bullied online now for about a fortnight. Academics in her specialism keep RT and subtweeting her saying she’s full of shit, questioning her method and findings
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3 May
Well, now that everyone is an expert in research methods, sampling and presentation of data, I cannot wait to watch you all retract your use of the UN stat which reported ‘97% of all women are sexually harassed’ based on 1089 self selecting women aged 18-25 years old.
Funny how everyone was perfectly happy to use that without even reading the original report (which I did) to find that their findings were only relevant to 18-25yr olds, which YouGov and UN reported as a generalised stat for all women. So did the media. Yet, no uproar. At all.
Here’s another - not the mention that the stat was on the TV and in media for weeks. In parliament by several MPs. It was generalised to our entire population by every single media outlet including BBC and Sky.
No one gave a shit did they.
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1 May
We have made some little videos explaining the key issues in the study. We also presented yesterday to 2000 people and explained the following to everyone:

1. We do not seek to generalise or extrapolate to the UK population from our data
2. This is the report of 22,419 UK women and their own experiences and that should be significant enough. We are not looking to make wider generalisations so we do not need to weight data or rake it.
3. Lots of people misunderstanding what a ‘self selecting sample’ is and how common that is in these kinds of studies. The UN 97% stat from last month was based on 1000 18-25yr self selecting sample too, but no uproar. Amazing.
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1 May
I am immensely proud of the fact that I always choose to present complex information in an accessible, simplified and jargon-free way. It might look ‘non-academic’ but that’s the point. I could write it to look like an impenetrable paper if I wanted, but what good would that do?
Academics often have to present their work in ways which mean that their own participants can’t even understand their own responses - and I don’t want my work to ever be like that. I want it to be laid out in easy read style every single time. I want accessibility and free access
We have a dataset with over 4 million data-points and it will take us all summer to finish the deeper statistical analysis. That will come out too, but I’m still going to present it as simply as possible, with as many diagrams and tables as I can so people can engage with it
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