1\ It's odd: the collective kabuki dance in which we all pretend to be fragile and afraid of giving or taking offense

Meanwhile, we thrill to the Hollywood trope of "comfortable American place": the black barbershop, the construction site, the police precinct locker room
2\ These tropes are lovable because they reveal our real values, we know their boundaries, the friction is out in the open and honest

They are earthy, jocose, ribald, a bit harsh, and we *like that*

Humans LOVE it when a spade gets called a spade
3\ Non-PC culture is the seedy but essentially harmless uncle who would drop everything to teach you how to change a flat tire

PC culture is the hyper verbal mother with borderline personality disorder; what confected rage might she fly into next?
4\ This difference was hit on beautifully by Aruna Khilanani

Despite being insane enough to give a Yale lecture called "The Psychopathic Problem of the White Mind", she was still able to perceive that her own liberal friends are scarier than, say, @AnnCoulter:

• • •

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5 Jun
The jury unanimously recommends banning the practice of "city planning"
City planners are their own constituency

Each generation decrees that what its predecessors built was racist, and sets about planning something new...
First there was "slum clearance", later euphemized as "revitalization"

Then grids of public housing grew out of fashion, and planners discovered "mixed use" developments

Lately there's been a fetish for "organic spaces" with Old World fractal dimensionality
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4 Jun
Pupil dilation and constriction reflect memory storage and retrieval

Is this related to the fact that we squint a little when trying to recall some fact?

I also notice that when completing a timed pattern puzzle, I let my eyes go open and wide initially. Related?
Apparently pupil size corresponds activity of the locus coeruleus, which plays some sort of regulating role in brain function

h/t @michaelbyrne for alerting me to this data
More on locus coeruleus function
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1 Jun
1\ Hospitals across the world were empty, even as the media told us they were full

Don't believe me? This thread is a compilation of data showing just how empty the hospitals were

To start with, here's the US. Empty all year
2\ Here's the New York City Presbyterian hospital system, ostensibly ground zero for the US COVID-19 outbreak:
3\ Here's German hospitals. Also empty.

h/t @ImDarrenDunn2
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27 May
1\ It is well to ridicule those who dip into the third world for a few instagram moments and come away with a "transformative" experience

So I would like to submit myself for ridicule!
2\ I flew into Dubai last month to meet, of all people, a Twitter friend

He hired a guide, and we drove into the desert for one of those curated came rides

It was amazing!
3\ And it was all the cliches you'd expect

The dry heat was a "force pressing down on you" etc. etc.

But it really was eye opening

Every. Single. Thing. in the desert lives on the knife's edge of existence
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23 May
Listening to an Amy Chua book lament that capitalism has only let a few crumbs fall to the world's poor

While literally driving by African cow herders on their smart phones
Even if it were true, which it is not, that capitalism mostly enriches the rich, Steve Jobs' table scraps did more for an entire continent than it did for itself in 10,000 years
Chua argues that ethnically homogenous China's lack of economic persecution is the exception that proves the rule of "market dominant minorities" catalyzing their own extermination

Uhhh, there was this thing called the Cultural Revolution...

She mistook a disproof for a proof
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16 May
1\ So the guy that discovered that solar doesn't work and that electric cars don't make money just discovered that $BTC is slow and expensive

Let's talk about why his proposed "fix" won't work
2\ A distributed network is only as safe as the cost to attack it, which means that miners/validators must be paid to be honest by users via transaction fees and/or seigniorage (inflation)

Crypto fans don't want inflation so let's assume Musk's dream coin will only have fees
3\ Let's also assume we want a $100B annual security budget. That's 2.5x $BTC's current security budget (but still paltry compared to the US' $700B military spend)

Musk proposes 100x more transaction throughput than $BTC, or ~10B transactions per year
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