(1) As sure as @DannyAkin is forwarding the concept of intersectionality at his seminary, the same is happening at @albertmohler 's @SBTS through Jarvis Williams. @ConceptualJames and I have consistently shown where Dr. Williams clearly teaches CRT/ I. This is undeniable.
(2) And as the Praetorian Guard of the SBC seminaries prepares their inconsistent and fractured defenses of @albertmohler and Jarvis Williams, please note that they are being doubly dishonest: claiming they can be "trusted for truth" while denying the obvious.
(3) And the primary reason for all of Progressive Russell Moore's "leaked" (lol) letters and fallacious accusations is to create a fog that diffuses this:

Under @albertmohler 's watch and even through his own seminary, CRT / I has spread across the SBC.
(4) As @albertmohler 's own seminary has been responsible for much of the spread of CRT/I over the past 10 years, how can @albertmohler be trusted to rid the SBC of CRT/I? He can't. It took a fat Irish Cuban to start the movement against CRT/I before @albertmohler would act.
(5) And by "act" I don't mean taking real, tangible, objective action. Instead, as is the norm with @albertmohler , Al has delivered words an *no action* to remove the stain of CRT/I from the SBC.

• • •

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More from @SovMichael

10 Jun
(1) This past March, @ConceptualJames commented on Danny Akin's propagating the radically subjective concept of standpoint epistemology. In short, standpoint theory posits that one’s social position relative to systemic power confers additional insight or access to knowledge(s)
(2) ) that allows the oppressed to understand both oppression and the society or systems it operates within better than the privileged are able to.
(3) In this new “kaleidoscopic” understanding, one can engage their positionality to identify which “truths” or “knowledges” they can access and be taken as an authority upon.
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10 Jun
(1) What @BaptistBlogger (the SBC's Rachel Maddow) doesn't seem to understand is that by helping to create the reflexive fertile fallacy around @PastorMikeStone , he has assisted in invigorating 90% of faithful Southern Baptists to unify against the SBC elites.
(2) Faithful SBC congregations understand that the virus CRT / I spread and grew amongst evangelicals through organizations like @T4Gorg , @TGC , and @SBTS - all organizations that @albertmohler either is directly involved with or is leading.
(3) So, at the very least, while CRT has grown and spread through the SBC and our nation, Dr. Mohler did *nothing* to stop it's spread, that is, until after the Dallas Statement and the the 2019 Sovereign Nation's conference
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9 Jun
(1) The entire situation revolving around @albertmohler 's refusals over the past 3 years to repent of the teachings of Woods, Hall and Williams is a political situation.

These men were central to @albertmohler 's idea laundering report on race at SBTS.

(2) Mohler's commissioned project was guided by one man who claims to be a racist because of his immutable attributes (Hall). Dr. Hall states that he will be a "racist" until the Lord brings him home (even though racism is a sin) so Dr. Hall believes that his sin is perpetual.
(3) Along with Hall, Dr. Woods and Dr. Hall, these men have - on video - all embraced being Critical Race Theorists. Understood properly, they prescribe to the concept that to end "systemic oppression" against POC "systemic oppression" must be applied towards whites and males.
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8 Jun
This is an interview by Don Lemon of CNN with Albert Mohler on the rumors and allegations regarding his Brother in Christ, Roy Moore.

Dr. Mohler skillfully and carefully forwards snarky gossip and slander behind the DNC and progressive talking points.

(2) Notice the chosen venue: CNN. Notice the chosen "expert on the subject at hand": @albertmohler .

Dr. Mohler continuously states how "serious these allegations are" and "if these allegations are true" -- in other words, passionate delivering of here-say and gossip.
(3)If Dr. Mohler is going to claim to be a statesman,he owes an apology to Moore, myself and Ambassador Keyes for his delivering this caustic,speculative gossip against Roy Moore.Mohler's gossip led to Amb. Keyes and I recording this video from years ago:

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22 Apr
There is a crisis that no one is talking about:

The lack of intervention in horrifying assaults witnessed (and recorded on iPhones) by adult males.

Men have become spectators - not wanting to "get involved."

Men don't believe that it is our role to restore civility anymore.
2) @ConceptualJames , @peterboghossian , Ryan Dick and I made the split-second decision to intervene in what was an obvious sexual / physical assault in NYC back in 2019.

The creep fled the scene

That moment bonded all of us - and was referenced in our Trojan Horse interviews
3) But men have lost their chivalry, their heroic nature, their rightful place to protect and save women - even from eachother.

The normal response from a 20-40 year old is to whip out their phone and begin recording.

What have we become?
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21 Apr
(1) The problem for @RichardDawkins is that he didn't realize that a massive, ecumenical religion was being developed right underneath his feet - with dogmatic pronouncements that you are not allowed to disagree with.

So as the rules of the game in regards to
(2) objective standards of truth, falsification and what constitutes "science" was irrevocably changed by the new subjective magisterium, @RichardDawkins -

just as Martin Luther was called *exactly 500 years ago this week*

was called to "recant" his statements.
(3) And if I may please offer a suggestion to @RichardDawkins ...

Look at your detractors straight in the eyes and say

"Take your plastic, worthless, subjective awards - please.

I will not dance to your tune.

Here I stand. I can do no other."
Read 4 tweets

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