Maya Forstater's former employer rejects the judgment protecting the belief that sex is immutable.

Their CEO, Amanda Glassman, refers to the expression of such belief as "offensive speech" that causes harm.

They're consulting with lawyers.
What's the plan here?
What an appalling organization.
What an appalling CEO.

The best course of action would have been to recognize the court's judgment, acknowledge failings, and settle compensation for discrimination and wrongful dismissal.

Instead, they're doubling down.

What did I think would happen?
I thought reason and self-interest would prevail, as opposed to naked ideology.

I mean it's not like CGD is short of money.

But it is true that I don't see any donor support specifically for their special project "Restrict women's freedom of expression".


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10 Jun
One of Maya Forstater's lawyers, @peter_daly, on @amnesty , the @fawcettsociety, the organised Trade Union movement, the political parties: "All have ignored these women, or been positively hostile"

Maya Forstater's lawyer:

"Amnesty Ireland went furthest of all by putting its name to a statement calling for people with Gender Critical beliefs to be “denied legitimate political representation”. Even typing that sentence feels implausible."
Maya Forstater's lawyer says in the light of today's judgment, @theSNP need to review their proposed hate crime legislation, and national police forces need to stand down from thought policing.

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18 Apr
Total garbage story:

1. Says it's a huge injustice that AI can correctly identify the sex of humans, even of those who claim to be the opposite sex.

2. Has 5 paragraphs slandering @salltweets and her company Giggle, for being a women-only platform.
Written by this person, who seems surprised that facial recognition technology can correctly identify sex, but not the effects of magical thinking:

Previous thread on the wondrous and surprising fact that artificial intelligence cannot detect esoteric beliefs which contradict physical reality on the faces of people who hold them:

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6 Apr
Lavery pops up in ghoulish delight at his fantasy that a male could have a uterus implanted from a dead or living woman, only to abort the fetus that was presumably was the point of the operation.

A vanity womb, with a vanity abortion, top points in the Great Validation Game <3 Image
Lavery clearly derives pleasure from offending women, as many such misogynists do. Here Lavery takes an event that is often traumatizing for women and sets it as a goal for trans validation.

So yes, it's a fetish for these people, like menstruation, pregnancy, breastfeeding. Image
Notice the slur & the deliberate "misgendering".

Lavery knows it's women objecting to his fetishistic fantasy of trophy abortions when he says "Real feminist activists, these GUYS".

Weird to claim to be a woman when you hate them so much, isn't it?

Or is that the whole point. Image
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2 Apr
Two sexist men briefly interrupt chanting the misogynistic cult slogan "Trans women are women", as they suddenly remember they require actual women as reproductive workers for the human commodities they wish to acquire.
Just trying to help out Owen Jones in his noble mission to secure some lesbians to make him some babies:

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2 Apr
"Like so many other institutions whose worthy missions we naively assumed to be inviolable—the ACLU is no longer itself."

"Like many activists consumed by this issue, Chase Strangio is uncompromising in demanding strict adherence to a set of highly contestable orthodoxies, and merciless toward anyone who dares question them."
tabletmag.com/sections/news/… Image
"Strangio is of course perfectly entitled to his views about the fairness of allowing natal males to compete against natal females in high school sports, and to advocate for an “information climate” suppressing books he doesn’t like..."

But: Image
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15 Mar
University of Leicester: Our students anticipate pleasure at being prostituted to pay for their fees.

Looks like the pimp lobby is well ensconced at @uniofleicester, working hard to normalize students in porn and prostitution.
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