Something is off. Nothing is normal. And no its not because of the virus. The first step in the solution is to stop depending on the same people with the same mentality to fix the problem they first started to begin with.
The people we watch day in and day out in Washington DC and Parliament do not know how to fix anything.And even if they could, why on earth would you listen to them? All they can do is keep up the "scheme".
So expecting them to fix or answer honestly in this mess, is nonsense. They are all complicit in it. Despite these “unprecedented times” none of them have ever acted in our best interests. If nothing else, the last 18 months should give credence to that.
While 2008 may have been the start of the crash, the governments delayed the inevitable collapse by buying toxic mortgage institutions, taking on bad debt and propping funds into zombie companies that should have died there and then.
In 2009/10 the crisis was papered over in the long run the bad debts are still there.The economy didn't grow,& it absolutely never recovered;it was forced on life support. I know I keep repeating this, but we MUST think beyond being told what to do and start thinking critically.
They say money is the root of all evil, and yet most people don’t even understand what money is. Let alone that most of the planet doesn't actually use money. There, I said it.
The world, at this moment in time, uses CURRENCY. There will be a day, very soon, where everyone knows the difference between currency and money but let me attempt to break it down here.
Money is a medium of exchange; the way it has evolved is by being something of intrinsic value.
For thousands of years the only real money has ever been gold and silver.
In 1944 WW II was coming to an end and the United Nations met in Bretton Woods NH to stabilise the worlds financial system.America had stepped up on a new stage as a world leader and it was during this time that the US dollar was chosen for the worlds reserve currency.
Under this new system the countries decided to fix their currencies to US dollar. And the US dollar would be tied to gold at a price of $35 an oz. It's important to understand why gold is so relevant. Gold is money, as thousands of years of history will attest for this.
Gold holds government spending accountable. So it only made sense in a post war world, especially when trying to stabilise a global economy, to set the worlds currencies against gold.
The problems of the financial world began when the USA started to run a budget deficit system. With all the new spending programs in the USA, other countries started to get concerned the USA was spending more than it currently held in gold reserves.
They started changing dollars for gold and demanded physical delivery for it— bc they felt the USA was printing more than it had the gold to back it.
To prevent the mass exodus of gold from the American vaults, on August 15 1971, there was an emergency HALT or suspension to the gold convertibility system. At the time, this was understood to be for the preservation of the dollar.
Gold was always the worlds money; until the politicians decided that “paper is money"- And what actually happened was, by removing the link between the note and gold, President Nixon created a system where all currencies are backed by nothing…except government promises.
This is called FIAT
It was interesting for me to learn that the word “Fiat” is a latin word more or less meaning “inconvertible paper money made legal tender by government decree” —
If government pushes it by force, it will enable the currency to circulate for a matter of time until the public loses confidence in it. From everything I have read it appears that it was meant to be a “temporary fix”to preserve the dollar as the reserve currency.
ou can find numerous videos on YouTube to explain how the Federal Reserve system works far better than I ever could here— but essentially the Fed is made up of member banks, private corporations that hold stock in the Federal reserve and earn dividends.
The Fed, lends money to governments it doesn't have by creating it with a few clicks. They do so with the issuance of IOU’s or bonds. The government then agrees to pay off the money, plus interest. In theory.
However shocking or not, all the problems we see now in the monetary system stem as a direct result from this one decision where we decided to leave the gold standard.
With out a fixed link to gold, meaning that with out this tangible backing, the government has borrowed and printed as much as they wanted, eroding the currencies value.
If currency or fiat is diluted— the purchasing power of the dollar is pushed down. Hence, the rise of inflation.
Think about this logically—- wouldn’t these investments in treasury IOU’s/bonds be the very definition of one big giant Ponzi scheme? Simple answer: absolutely.
The global economy functions in the same way the federal reserve does. The entire world has played its part in the scheme— and it relies on more debt to keep itself sustained.
Politicians tell us to live within our means, and pay off the debt— but what they don't tell you is that we CANT do that with out the entire thing collapsing. Obviously they don't want to do this while they are in power.. but the problem is, we have run out of road.
So those that hold bonds— may I ask, are they truly worth the money thats printed on them? Given that the institutions you bought them from are, technically broke? I don’t hold bonds because I don’t trust the institutions.
But more importantly than my personal opinions, I encourage anyone who needs further validation to this, to please research the details in how bond issuance works.
And if you are understanding what I am saying around the potential financial collapse, these are not viable avenues for wealth preservation. At least in my humble opinion, please DYOR.
We are going to see a very rapid decline of the dollar very soon. The currency crisis is inevitable.

Anything like a natural disaster, a pandemic, or even an upcoming CYBER ATTACK (*cue Klaus*) can set it off…
In a nutshell, People know the price of everything and the value of nothing.
My intention in this thread here has helped you better understand the difference between currency and REAL MONEY. If you can understand this, I hope you can deduct the common sense to understand how to better prepare.
Hopefully I have illustrated the concerns I have with paper anything: bonds, stocks, savings, mutual funds, ISSAS, pensions, ETF’s etc. All owned and controlled by the very institutions who are part of this rigged game where they win, every time, and we the public lose.
Real money is essential.We don’t hold Gold and precious metals for returns.There’s no return because there is no risk. Metals are the only insurance you need because they are real money.They are the ultimate preservation of purchasing power & wealth in whatever capacity you own.
It's NOT that the price of gold is going up, it that the value of cash is going DOWN. Golds price remains the same in terms of purchasing power. And as I have previously stated, purchasing power is everything.
So what is my point? Anything on paper can and will be manipulated. Real money can not. Knowledge empowers.
And guess whats just around the corner?Yet again another Bretton Woods moment—August 11-13 2021: another historic date to watch as the realignment of the worlds financial economies will once again take place.
The event is called the REALIGNMENT so not sure how more blatant it needs to be, for all those who doubt the credibility of what I am saying:… @blockworks_ I am personally very excited about it!
Thank you again for making time in your busy day to hear my thoughts. I hope to do a crypto thread soon- although I can already hear the #btc maxis getting upset when they hear what I have to say. Oh well, can’t please everyone. Truth and knowledge is better than false hope.
Apologies for errors and spelling mistakes. I do try to take that which I’ve written and make it as concise as possible for a Twitter audience, as I get everyone is busy.I try to pack as much as I can into bite sized tweets that hopefully resonate and are as punctual as possible.

• • •

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7 Jun
Every day in this rat trap, is another day moving towards the inevitable global banking collapse of the worlds fiat monetary system. The game is rigged, as I have said before.
I have had a lot of messages and will respond as best I can to all questions but today I have prepared a piece around Universal Basic Income, the furlough, that is placating the people. It too will collapse, like a house of cards that is the banking system, and the rest of gov.
Furlough keeps everyone in place.You’re not being paid to stay at home and “stay safe.”
You’re being paid NOT TO REVOLT.

YES, please read again: You’re being paid to stay complicit.
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Lockdowns DO work- but not at successfully stopping a virus. That was never what this was about. They ARE successful for destroying economies. The global debt bubble is of massive concern. And everyone needs to prepare for what’s coming. And no, it’s not about another variant.
The virus is as statistically as deadly as a bad flu; in fact this is why the U.K. gov website downgraded the threat last year. Research FACTS, and you will find the data- on all credible gov sites. Not conspiracy- no matter how loud the paid for shills cry. Image
Covid is the excuse; the smoke screen to bring about the great reset. Despite the echo chamber of fear: There’s no pandemic. It’s the media who made you scared. They aren’t here to report facts, please get this. They are paid to distract and advertise. Let me explain...
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