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Mempool depth is still on the rise with all fee bands growing. Image
If we were headed into a major fee event, the #btc ecosystem would be much better prepared than in 2017. Native segwit is on the verge of wide adoption, opt-in RBF is right there for anyone that wants thrifty quick confirmations, LN maturity is coming along nicely, which…
… could at least serve as a valve for some smaller payments even when Wumbo seems a bit daunting still.

If you aren't working on all of these, you might want to consider to.
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La banque centrale chinoise prépare l'avenir en mettant en place le yuan digital directement émis par la banque centrale.
Le but est que chaque citoyen ait le droit à un compte à la banque centrale, et puisse utiliser des "yuans centraux".
C'est une révolution qui est en marche !
Les Chinois sont en avance. Suivent de près les américains : dans le "Banking for All Act" de Mars 2020, il est demandé que des comptes numériques soient à la disposition de tous les résidents et citoyens des États-Unis avant le 1er Janvier 2020 !…
Les banques centrales se mettent aux monnaies numériques pour 3 raisons :
1/ en cas d'effondrement du système bancaire -qui crée 97% de la monnaie via le crédit- il faut une issue de secours grâce à ces comptes centraux et la monnaie centrale indépendants des banques commerciales
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Ahora sí, ¿ Qué es xDAI ? Bueno, me imagino que ya sabés que es #DAI no lo sabés, es la criptomoneda estable más maravillosa de todas porque es descentralizada, colateralizada y porque mantiene su valor en relación a 1 dólar. En mi caso operaba #BTC y otras criptos hasta..
que un día un tal @Mariandipietra me estalló el coco con una explicación magistral sobre @MakerDAO y DAI en una pizzara ( mientras @mattiascaricato se robaba unas pizzas de roquefort creyendo que nadie lo veía )
Primero, xDai es una blockchain y un token cuyo principal objetivo es permitir realizar transacciones rápidas y con bajas comisiones, lo que la convierte en una opción ideal para realizar transacciones recurrentes, como pueden ser pagos diarios o lo que sea. .
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just a smol thread on 4 different ways to show that $btc $btcusd #btc 13-14k was a good target i've shared in the past 2 weeks

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PayPal's bitcoin adoption might be the biggest news of the year 2020.

Here is a thread about some fascinating PayPal stats and facts:

TL;DR Everything is good for bitcoin.

Let's go.
#bitcoin #btc #paypal
1. PayPal currently has 325 million active users.
- #bitcoin adoption rate goes parabolic?

2. PayPal is expected to exceed $17.7 billion in revenue in 2019.
- Will be much better than that in 2021, right @100trillionUSD ?

3. 43.86% of people who use PayPal are from the US.
4. 87.5% of online buyers use PayPal.
87% is big guys.

5. PayPal would be the 21st largest bank in the US.

6. PayPal had $15.45 billion in revenue in 2018.
-With a B

7. The average PayPal user has $485 on their account.

8. PayPal added 9.8 million new active users in Q3 2019.
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1/ Quick roundup of what I’m seeing as #Bitcoin consolidates below its last major resistance 👇
2/ Funding remains amazingly neutral - negative.

🔥 Bullish $BTC
3/ #BTC’s correlation to traditional markets appears to be unwinding.

If this persists in the coming weeks, it’ll be the biggest story in crypto.

🔥 Bullish $BTC

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I’ve talked about this a bunch before publicly, but it’s always a good reminder-

#Bitcoin is most reflexive asset on the planet.

Thread ⬇️
Coined by George Soros, reflexivity is the theory that a two way feedback loop exists in which investors perceptions affect the market environment, which in turn changes investor perceptions.

In short, it means higher prices beget higher prices & lower prices beget lower prices.
Reflexivity is foundational to the nature of #Bitcoin. It has a larger effect on #BTC than any other asset, because no other asset derives such a significant portion of its value from Network Effect.
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My 1st NFT experience,
A thread..
I have just experienced my first nft gaming event on the blockchain. @F1DeltaTime @REVV_Token. I came across revv a few weeks before the event. A whopping 1.6 million revv was up for grabs. It perked my interest.…
2/ So i never bought an NFT before. But i have been in crypto since 2017. So I started 1st just buying parts, thinking there will be many people that will race and potentially want to earn some revv through the event. Hoping to maybe just flip some nfts along the way..
3/ So one thing lead to another.. i started buying up a few parts. I understood quickly that each part had different boots and traits. So i thought i fliter my search and grab as much relative parts. Again thought there would be more racers over this event. What turned out..
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Piyasa Döngüleri ile ilgili görseller hazırladım
genelde ingilizce olarak sıkça karşılaştığımız görseller..

#btc #bullseason #bearseason #marketcycle #psychology

Neymiş bu🐻ayı market / bear market döngüsü
Bizler genelde mani fazında markete giriyoruz 🚀🚀🚀
sonrası malum..

#bitcoin #btc #altcoin #marketcycle #psychology
Finansal Davranışlarımızda bi döngü

"Duygular piyasa döngülerini kontrol eder."

#btc #bitcoin #altcoin #marketcycle #psychology
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XRP vs BTC (infographic)

1500 vs 7 tps
4 sec vs 60+ min

2) COST:
$0.00003 vs $0.5+

0.01 TWh vs 73.12 TWh

#xrp #bitcoin #btc #crypto #fintech @Ripple Image
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OK, so @cryptoquant_com is doing a closed beta and I'm lucky enough to be able to test it.

Let's make a Big thread right here to connect Onchain Analysis & Technical Analysis

Is in a bull market or what ?

Let's begin with Difficulty, Hashrate & Price, on a log scale.

A 10 year uninterrupted increase.

2/x Image

Price following closely the Number of Active Adresses

More people in the ecosystem -->
more money comin -->
price increase

3/x Image
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IT. IS. HERE. Article 2: Why i hate #Bitcoin and why #Tether will end up killing it.…

15,500+ words. Nearly 90,000 characters. And a decade of theorizing about Bitcoin, combined with the Ponzi Du Jour.

#BTC #Crypto #USD #Inflation #deflation #fraud
I'm really not going to short form explain this one. Simply because it's such comprehensive article. It is literally hours worth of reading time. Don't worry; i'll introduce a fix for that soon.

If you wanna read about tether alone; skip to about half way, until the first list.
As far as arguing about it goes; Gimme a day to recover. It's 5 am and i literally have a Gastroscopy in 4 hours where they shove a camera down my throat to see why my stomach hurts xD Still need sleep somewhere.

But my DMs remain open for contact! I'll get to it eventually.
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1. Huge thanks to @digitalbrock and his team at @Round_Block for supporting me with some very useful #BTC @CMEGroup options data for research! I've been focused mostly on @DeribitExchange in the past but CME seems to target institutional folks which should lead to new insights.
2. Given I had access to historical time-series options data, one of my first thoughts was to implement @SqueezeMetrics's paper on Gamma Exposure (GEX) and see whether this metric is relevant to crypto markets. This will be a longer and more involved post!…
3. Market-makers generally do not like to have exposure to the price of the underlying as their business is focused on collecting the bid-ask spread. To stay in business, option market-makers hedge their delta exposures when buying or selling options.
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Post & Archives Part 40
“They are now home and beyond pain...” #Benghazi

Never Forget - Thank The Survivors - Remember The Fallen
“Brennan & Obama Used ISIL To Kill Christians In Iraq - Decimated Christian Community From Millions To 250,000”
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On @StoboxCompany dubbed the "all-in-one" securities & tokenization platform.

🔥 @c0insbit listing soon!
🔥 Investor dashboard ready
🔥 Stobox exchange (Nov 2020)
🔥 P2P market place (2021) 'LIKE #UNISWAP FOR SECURITIES'

$STBU | powering "all-in-one" securities & tokenization platform

🖥️ Dashboard for managing & offering digital securities

📊 Crypto exchange using a proprietary DLT network to automate "compliance" between KYC registered companies & investors

📈 P2P securities marketplace
P2 | #Stobox mixes traditional & crypto finance: links ANY COMPANY to individual investors (via STO)

🔁 Incentivising investors via fee discounts to buy, stake & trade $STBU (adds liquidity)

🔐 Automated 'compliance layer' adapts to international regulations & issues legal docs
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1/ New #bitcoin addresses were absolutely off the charts last week.

The backstory is bullish and intriguing — a unique view on a new bull market catalyst.

I’m about to break this down 👇

2/ First: volume precedes price.

And #bitcoin active address counts are an OG on-chain leading indicator of volume.

3/ We typically see 5-10k new #bitcoin addresses / day.

That figure grew it its highest level in over two years last week, peaking above 22k.

data // @glassnode // indispensable
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1. This is one of the best resources I've come across for implementing emergency hedges using options in a cost effective manner. Now more than ever I think Hari's wisdom can be applied to manage risk within the crypto options space especially before things get interesting...
2. As @zackvoell mentioned in this note, #BTC 180 day rolling realized vol is at nearly a 2 year low. Vol has several characteristic features across every market - one of them is the concept of mean-reversion.
3. We may not know when, but vol tends to go back to its average long-term value. Since realized vol is so low right now, I'd be risk-averse to place large short vol trades. It feels as though things have quieted down a little too much - seems a bit off.
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1/ Learned a lot about variance swaps by reading through @EmanuelDerman's awesome paper. This inspired me to replicate a variance swap term structure for #BTC by using options data from @DeribitExchange. Image
2/ During my research I read about the first #BTC variance swap between @GSR_io and @BlockTower which occurred in the summer of 2019. Given the lack of public data for these swaps, the only real way to get a decent price estimate is to use a replicating portfolio of options.
3/ These variance swaps allow for traders to make outright bets on volatility^2. Instead of using options (ie: straddles), with these products there is no need to delta-hedge. The payoff is as follows:

(Realized Variance - Strike Variance) x Notional
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Quelques précisions sur l'hypothèse de voir la #BCE mettre en place un #euro digital
1/ Cet euro est émis directement par la BCE. Si vous avez 10€ sur votre portefeuille électronique, cela est l'équivalent d'avoir un billet de 10€ dans votre poche.
(Thread à dérouler)
2/ Peu de gens le savent, mais les euros qui sont sur vos comptes bancaires ne sont pas des euros émis par la #BCE. Ils sont simplement une reconnaissance de dette de votre banque envers vous. Pas plus !
L'euro digital de la #BCE est votre possession, quoiqu'il arrive !
3/ Si le système bancaire s'écroule, le fond de garantie des dépôts bancaires est si faible, que les déposants des banques commerciales perdraient tous leurs avoirs. Une faillite généralisée.
Avec un euro digital de la BCE vous êtes protégés contre ce risque de crise systémique.
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1/ Spent some time exploring the market implied distribution for #BTC options trading on @DeribitExchange. This was a bit trickier than I expected but learned some interesting things along the way...
2/ I came across a closed form risk-neutral probability density (RND) solution from @EGHaug's detailed book on options pricing. I was surprised to learn that the RND is just the 2nd derivative of the option value wrt strike price. For those interested below is the formula. Image
3/ The limited number of options for #BTC Dec-25-2020 required me to linearly interpolate the IV across theoretical strikes. Instead of just 18 actual IV values, now we are able to estimate nearly 3,000+ IV data points as shown below. This will allow for a smoother RND plot. Image
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#BTC daily returns are not normal! After running a Gaussian kernel density estimation and comparing this to its respective normal distribution, we can see that #BTC has a lot of kurtosis as shown by the "peakedness" near the centre. Image
Also, Black Thursday and other extreme events occur much more often than a normal distribution would predict. This can be seen in the weight of the tails of the estimated distribution.
Theoretically, if the market is pricing in a normal dist the trader can make money here.

As a recap, the estimated dist has a greater probability of staying in the centre than the normal dist would predict. Also, the estimated dist has fatter tails than the normal dist.
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Hoy traemos 9 datos y curiosidades sobre #Bitcoin y las criptomonedas que tal vez desconocías.

💬 ¿Eres más de #BTC o de #ETH?

Dentro hilo 👇 (1/10) Image
El Libro blanco y la palabra “bitcoin”. “Bitcoin” solo aparece dos veces en su Libro blanco, una es en su título y la otra en el dominio web, pero ninguna en todo el cuerpo del documento. (2/10) Image
El término “blockchain”. Hay ambiguedad sobre su uso correcto, pues nunca se menciona en el Libro blanco. Su autor solo ha llegado a mencionar los términos “chain” (cadena) y “blocks” (bloques) por separado, y la frase “chain of blocks” (cadena de bloques). (3/10) Image
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I've been thinking about the dangers of shorting long-dated options. These options cost more mostly due to their additional time value. Recall an option’s value = intrinsic value + time-value, therefore options with more time left will cost more.
Below are put prices for Oct-2020/11k vs. March-2021/11k. Despite both being OTM, March costs ~3x more than Oct. This is because the March option has 177 days vs. Oct only having 30 days left. March allows us to have optionality for 147 more days which is reflected in its price. ImageImage
It can be tempting to short these longer-dated options given their higher premium. If all goes to plan and these options expire OTM, then there is a nice premium which can be collected (or as the saying goes these days - we can "harvest" these premiums).
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The key is merchants and entrepreneurs demanding #Bitcoin for their services

I'm going to keep repeating that for myself to keep remembering as much as for others

I'm not the first one to say this, again just repeating for us all to think about
This is a reason why I'm rethinking if an optimized Bitcoin Merchant Directory actually helps drive any business to businesses that accept Bitcoin
I guess marginally it could but when I'm thinking about the purchases I've made w/ Bitcoin my flow did not take me through a directory and the times I've scrolled directories I haven't really seen anything I've needed or felt like I wanted to buy
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