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OK, buckle your seatbelts, because this is about to be a wild ride!

The Senate has officially passed a $2 trillion relief package, which is actually $6 trillion when you count the loans, etc.).

Time to dissect this ‘puppy’…

First, a few comments about the bill, in general, starting with the page count.

The "Final" bill comes in at a whopping 883 pages, which is roughly 3 times longer than the bill Senate Majority Leader McConnel introduced last week

Now, let's talk about the bill in terms of dollars and cents. The main portions of the bill are estimated to cost about $2 Trillion.

To put that into perspective, it's about 10% of the entire US GDP, and could also buy every single #BTC in the world... about 15 times...
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🅼🅴🅶🅰 Thread on several Models / indicators / On Chain Analysis

post Doom Drop

Is $BTC a BUY ?
Balanced price @ 4100$
CVDD @ 4000$
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Analyse Daily du BTC
Je sais que la grande question est de savoir ou va se diriger le #BTC.
La vérité est que personnellement j’envisage tous les scénarios possibles.
J’ai des #Bitcoin qui sont réserver à l’investissement long terme qui dorment dans mon wallet @coldcard
car j’ai accepté le risque lié à investir dans le #BTC car je crois en la révolution qu’offre sa technologie.
Il faut garder en tête qu’il ne valait que quelques centimes après la crise financière de 2008.
Donc je différencie bien ma partie lie à l’investissement avec la partie réserver au trading.
Pour trader et analyser le prix à court terme, j’ai placer le prix dans un rectangle de décision.
Comme je procède à chaque fois sur ce type de configuration,
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1) 🧠 How to strengthen #crypto #BTC #ETH #BEP #BNB

One weakness of the market is driven by its LOW LIQUIDITY, and it's imperative that we aim for growth of a decentralized liquidity network, allowing for ALL #BTC #ETH #BNB #BEP hodlers to participate as automated market makers.
2) Allowing them to earn on their hodlings -- which currently centralized exchanges do not support.

If we can people to aggregate the dormant #BTC #ETH #BNB #BEP tokens sitting on cold storage devices into decentralized liquidity networks, perhaps we can develop more strength.
3) It would strengthen #cryptos against whale manipulation / over-leveraged traders (which causes price swings, which leads to panic and irrational trades).
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#BTC has turned out to be the biggest investing joke for newr entrants undr the 'doomsday' narrative. Its built on the prophecy that financial mkts will sumday turn insideout & only digital currency and gold will be a medium of exchange FAIR ENUFF!👇.
So the idea ws that whn all other asset classes crash BTC will 🚀due to a panic shift. But..What Happened?
The moment assets(eqty, yields, em currency) tanked BTC investors sold off, to cover their margins, losses or get into strong $¥£ this was the exact opp of the narrative👇
It was the equivalent of A flight crew(early BTC investors) showing you full safety procedure & yet in the 1st sign of turbulence... rushing to the exit leaving you strapped to your seats.
Lessons to be learnt. More SM exposure has led to an infinite degree of imagination👇
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Because of the highly increased volatility my way to scalp changed. Most experience this volatility for first time, so I would like to give out some tips and Ideas on how to manage this.

However, I dont know how long this series will be yet.
#BTC #cryptocurrencies #trading
Part [1/?] "Big Wicks, Flash Dumps/Pumps and Orderbook Wipes"

As a scalper you are usually looking for predictable move that you wanna take out a bit of. !!Your are not!! trying to catch whole move from the bottom to the top. When market is free falling, you let it fall!
Part [2/?]

High Volatility means, every single Level you see on 1/15/60 or daily means nothing. If a market is approaching a high timeframe Level without any volatility drop, you know no body respects it, dont fade it.

As a scalper you scalp a move and do not initiate it!
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🔥Friday Fire INCOMING🔥

Just when you thought it was safe to decompress, I'm dropping the last Breakdown in the craziest market week in a decade.

@PrestonPysh on what happens to #BTC & the world after inevitable intervention:

When. Currencies. Fail.…
We dig deep on:

🧐How bond markets will react to the wave of stimulus
🤝The challenge of global coordination for a new Bretton Woods
💪Why governments might turn to #bitcoin
☠️The three factors that lead to currency failure

Listen & subscribe NOW…
Join the conversation
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1/ Tired of hearing #BTC maxis moan about “Bah gubment print moar money”. It’s scary how so few people understand how economies work.

The first step is understanding the differences between Mediums of Exchange (MoE) and Stores of Value (SoV).
2/ An MoE derives its value not from its max supply,but from its utility & liquidity.
An MoE should be universally usable to buy things & pay for services.When the FED “prints” more money & introduces it into the market,it doesn’t change your purchasing power overnight
3/ eg. The price of a loaf of bread doesn’t change overnight. This is different from intentional devaluing & hyperinflation.

An MoE should also be extremely liquid. Ie if a million people buy 1 loaf of bread simultaneously with their $, the $ doesn’t devalue against bread.
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Another great discussion initiated by @lex_node based on a valuable piece on @coindesk written by @Frances_Coppola. As with many threads on Twitter, the tone quickly gets ... acerbic but it is a useful starting point to make a couple of important observations in both directions.
2/ As comments in the thread make clear, Coppola is focusing on “tokenizing” fungible and tangible assets. Her (spot on) point is that it is absurd to think that “blockchain“ can fix the trust issue when it comes to tangible IRL assets. However, I want to get to a deeper point.
3/ I spend quite a lot of time debating what is, and what is not a “security“. However, one thing is clear: in almost all cases, when you create a financial instrument backed by a pool of physical assets, under US law you have created a security.
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Are you pining away your weekend wishing you had more Crypto Experts and Forex Queens in your life? This botnet might be right up your alley. #SundaySpam

cc: @ZellaQuixote
We found a network of 58 accounts with names consisting of "cryptoexp" or "fxqueen" followed by a series of numbers. This network began life using its own custom automation software (cryptwizard), which it replaced with Twuffer and Twittimer following a hiatus in late 2019.
What does this botnet do? Its mission appears to be to link Telegram channels related to cryptocurrency and forex trading; thus far 9852 of 10020 tweets (98.3%) link one of two channels, generally accompanied by hashtag spam.
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So happy for #SamouraiWallet team as they see 5+ yrs of work get showcased to the #bitcoin world today.

Feels like I've waited forever to post on Twitter about #MobileMixing features, so a short thread on just some, nowhere near all, features.👇🏻 Let's see that liquidity!
The automatic labeling of "toxic change" from your #Whirlpool Tx0 is great. This label will stay, even if you uninstall/reinstall from backup.

*If restore from keys label will be lost* but can apply manually again.

Another helpful tool to manage UTXOs and avoid privacy slips.
Buying #bitcoin on @bisq_network? Withdraw to P2PKH (starts with a 1) consolidate that UTXO w/others you have in the wallet, maybe a P2SH (starts with 3) or bech32 (bc1)--Point is it doesn't matter. No more frivolous hops to get all UTXOs merged into one bech32 addy. Tx0 and go!
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Is Bitcoin A Safe Haven or 'Schmuck Insurance'?

As #BTC falls alongside everything else, the safe haven narrative is taking a *beating* but in today's Breakdown, I argue that 'safe haven' & 'uncorrelated' have been lumped when they're quite distinct.…
Featuring @chamath comments on CNBC today.

Episode also covers:

Central bank digital currency (CBDC) news: Canada's disinterest + China delays

The six-year anniversary of Mt. Gox’s lost 750,000 BTC coming to light.

Listen wherever:…
@chamath BTW if you aren't familiar with the genesis of the Schmuck Insurance line - this 2013 essay by Chamath will become a must read historical document in the history of Bitcoin.…
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Добрый день! Вам ничего не известно про Web Token Profit? Обещают просто огромные ежедневные проценты, вывод денег хоть каждый день. Одну знакомую затянуло туда, сама несёт туда деньги, знакомых агитирует очень настойчиво…

В данном проекте
налицо не только классические признаки финансовой пирамиды, но и также наличие в схеме псевдовалюты, MLM-схема распространения, реферальные выплаты.
Да и все три слова, вынесенные в название проекта (Web Token Profit) как бы кричат нам о том, что перед нами
лохотрон обыкновенный.

Подробнее:… для продвижения используют такие теги: #wtp, #webtokenprofit, #webtokenpay, #btc, #bitcoin, #trading, #dss, #crypta, #cryptocurrency, #hyip, #mlm, #млм, #заработок_в_интернете, #заработок_в_сети, #доход_в_сети,
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Do any altcoins have a relevant relationship between #S2F and their value?
I downloaded 77 data sets from #coinmetrics and let stata perform #S2F #cointegration testing whenever possible.
What surprised me most, was that of these 77 #altcoins, most did not even have a #S2F ratio, as they are premined. In other cases market capitalization was unavailable in the coinmetrics data set.
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5 themes that defined the week:

The sociological impact of Coronavirus
Crypto VC and M&A
$1B locked in DeFi
The Fed joins the game of coins
@HesterPeirce proposes safe harbor

Plus, why psychological barriers like $10k #BTC matter…
@HesterPeirce A few of my favorite threads:

@Melt_Dem on central bank digital currencies
@brian_armstrong on what happens when payments become as cheap and ubiquitous as messaging
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The #crypto bull is here.
People invest in hyped protocols, smart investors invest in promising tech, network effect, and even rumors.
I will give you my POV on #Bitcoin, on #Ethereum, #Tron and also on #IOTA
Share this with newcomers, protect future investors.
The most important rules before you invest:
-NEVER invest money that you can't afford to lose.
-NEVER participate in signal groups or pump and dump groups
-NEVER trust a stranger, don't send him money
-only trade on reputable exchanges, don't do personal trades in forums.
-You should go to (for example) Kraken, Coinbase, Binance, Bitpanda, Shapeshift, Gemini.
Create an account, verify yourself.
Only trade there and secure the account with 2FA and at best with a separate phone. Don't share your email or number anywhere!
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Think we'll ever find out who Vinnik was actually working for?

Laundering money in the #Ukraine???

Will he be dead of "suicide", 2 shots to the head🙄 before making it to the US?

Will the #MtGox #BTC hack have ties 2 the corrupt Ukraine govt or ...

🧐Eyes On!👇
2/ Accused Ukranian BTC-e exchange money launderer, Alexander Vinnik was extradited secretly from Greece to France and hospitalized after a 45 day hunger strike- Judge has ruled France first, then US (then Russia)...…
No, I have no idea of any links to #JoeBiden or the democratic party, but it sure would be interesting to follow this story given all the money laundering that was going on in the Ukraine during 2011 onward...
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1/ I realized that my last article about #bitcoin's diminishing returns and volatility was a bit too long. I'll try to make it a bit shorter, in tweet form, here.…
2/ Conclusions of the article:
- #btc grows slower and slower, long-term
- short-term volatility decreases over time
- these trends should continue in the future due to ever higher capital requirements
3/ Diminishing returns implies much lower future #btc prices compared to NON-diminishing returns.
Bitcoin's power-law corridor of growth used diminishing returns. We'll see more evidence for diminishing returns here.…
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$BTC $BSV #BTC #BSV #暗号通貨 #仮想通貨 #クレイグライト #サトシナカモト #Qアノン #Qarmy #トランプ #BitcoinSV #Dr #Craig #Wright #イルミナティ  #陰謀論


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To all involved in #crypto and not, DO NOT ignore this tweet

I was introduced to #bitcoin and #ethereum 5 years ago.
I even wrote my thesis on tokenizing real assets onto the #blockchain.

All I have to say is #Tezos! See threads below

$xtz #btc #eth #xmr #xrp $trx $btc
1/ #Tezos , #xtz is a decentralized blockchain that governs itself and it establishes a true digital commonwealth.
While #ethereum, is undergoing two fork, $xtz is upgrading its protocol by using voting on the blockchain.
Currently this is the 5th successful upgrade, #Babylon
2/ #Tezos is the first production-scale multi billion dollar asset tokenization project on the #blockchain.
Currently over $5 billion of assets ready in the pipeline for Q1 to be tokenized on the #xtz blockchain.

$btc $ltc $eth $eos $xtz $xmr $xrp $iot $neo $trx $ada $atom $tomo
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🎊🎉Happy New Year 2020!🎉🎊

We had such an amazing time interacting with the community and our partners throughout 2019🌎

Follow the below thread for a 2019 @CryptoLiveLeak Recap

#Crypto #Blockchain #CryptoNews #CryptoMedia #Marketing #Advertising #Bitcoin #Tezos #CLL $CLL
Tezos Boston Meetup 5 Featuring @KenGarofalo and @TezosCommons - Presentation on Tezos Amendment Process and Governance. @TezosBoston

Athens Tezos Protocol upgrade initiated.

#Tezos #XTZ $XTZ #TezosBoston #TezosBostonMeetup #TBM #Governance #AThens #TezosAthens
MVP launched for @AttentionMining - #AttentionMining #CLL $CLL - Check it out at and being demonstrated on
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1. Bütün #piyasa'lara yön vereceğini düşündüğüm temel etken, şimdilik soğumuş olan ABD-ÇİN arasındaki ticaret savaşı.
2. Bu noktada belki de marjinal bir analiz yöntemi bile uygulanabilir. ABD-ÇİN arasındaki ticaret savaşının #elliottwave Elliott dalga sayımı :)
Evet bence insan ilişkilerinde ve ülkeler arasındaki ilişkiler için de bu dalga sayımının yapılabileceğine inanıyorum.
3. Geçen sene ABD-ÇİN arasındaki ticaret savaşı bence önümüzdeki dönem yaşanacaklar için bir fragmandı. Elliott birinci dalgasıydı. Şu an ise elliott ikinci dalgası devam ediyor. Bu düzeltme dalgası sırasında ve sonrasında piyasalarda ne bekliyorum?
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1/ oh gosh, please forgive me, @mhass33 and I just started writing this [THREAD] and now its gotten out of control....
@mhass33 2/ Over a year ago I began professionally following Ethereum. I made lots of friends, saw how valuable community is. Traveled the world, tinkered with my own dApps, analysed countless projects for token economics. I thought it would be good to publish my notes. Brace yourself
@mhass33 3/ Ethereum gets a bad rap in the crypto market today, its much more fun to hate it then appreciate what has been built and what can be built…
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While @ work

Decided to take a Intro to Portfolio Risk Management in Python @DataCamp

Gonna apply the lessons to #Bitcoin price from Nov 2014 onwards /thread
@DataCamp General Bitcoin data so far:

Daily average return - 0.2406%

Implied average annualized return - 140.4271%

Standard deviation (volatility measure) - 3.9660

Graph below shows the daily return % on the x-axis plotted against the number of its occurrences on the y-axis $BTC
@DataCamp Does #Bitcoin follow a normal distribution?

For that we will need to measure the tilt of the distribution (Skewness) and the probability of outliers (Kurtosis)

Skewness - 0.2085

Kurtosis - 6.5293

This suggests that the is a greater probability of outliers & +ve returns
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