Just skip to page 9 where they give away the game: “[T]hey are trying to socially replace you.”
This document makes fairly explicit the strategy I posited in a thread yesteday.

Step 1: Take the sprawling body of academic work that can be labeled “Critical Race Theory,” give it a cartoonishly evil definition, and set it up as the new bogeyman coming for your children.
Step 2: But the CRT overlords are tricksy, and won’t CALL their indoctrination schemes “CRT”. So you have to look out for “buzzwords.” Like “structural bias.” Or “white supremacy.” Or “institutional bias.” Or “normativity.” Or… “equity.”

I mean, this is some brilliant Alice in Wonderland level logic-judo. “CRT is essentialist and racist. ‘Institutional racism’ is a CRT buzzword. Therefore anyone talking about institutional racism in a classroom IS THEMSELVES PEDDLING RACISM.”
I should add that this blunderbuss approach seems counterproductive in terms of pushing back on *actually* misguided or harmful (or occasionally even unconstitutional) stuff that really does get incorporated in teacher trainings or curricula sometimes.
It seems likely to be that much harder to get schoolboards & other parents to take legitimate objections seriously if you’ve got people screaming bloody murder whenever the phrase “systemic racism” is uttered.
I wrote yesterday about how hard it was to find specifics in reporting on the backlash against supposed CRT infiltration of Loudon County schools. A little further digging did indeed turn up some specific “equity” draft proposals that were dubious or even potentially unlawful.
But it’s hard to see how you have a productive converation about specific problems when you’ve split parents & faculty into warring camps over an abstraction like “Critical Race Theory.”

• • •

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Trump could probably put a stop to this. If he wanted to. Image
We need to be blunt about where we are. The de facto head of one of our two major political parties is leveraging threats of terrorist violence as part of a campaign to corrupt the administration of the electoral process.
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I very much doubt county schools are teaching “critical race theory,” for the same reason I doubt they’re teaching vector calculus. But the label does a good job obscuring what concrete elements of the curriculum parents are objecting to.
I have no trouble buying that there’s some actually cringy struggle-session stuff being pushed in some schools. I’d also bet many parents want their kids to learn mythologized history where systemic racism is a footnote. “CRT” as a vague umbrella term obscures the details.
I just skimmed half a dozen articles on Loudon County schools & “Critical Race Theory” and it’s striking how thin on specifics they all are. Parents are convinced it’s become part of the curriculum, which administrators deny, but there was virtually nothing concrete.
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This is incredibly depressing if true, but it’s also extremely hard to believe. A third of DEMOCRATS believe their own party cheated?
I will say, to the extent this even close to accurate, it may be because the press keeps saying “no evidence” when what they mean is “no serious or credible evidence”. There’s tons of bogus “evidence”—indeed, too much to address in any detail in a normal news article.
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If it’s correct, or at least has a good chance of being correct, it should be reported in the news pages after peer review. If it’s wrong, you’ve leapfrogged that process and given it unwarranted currency. Either way, this is not a useful “opinion”.
Which is to say, it does not present an argument that the normal reader (or, really, 99.9% of the readership) has any meaningful capability to evaluate.
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