1/ Steve Jobs famously said innovation is "saying no to 1000 things" before you say yes.

For more than a decade, Apple has used Pablo Picasso's Bull to drive home the lesson.

Here's a breakdown 🧵
2/ In Dec. 1945, Picasso created "The Bull", a series of 11 lithographs (stone prints).

With each successive print, a bull is simplified and abstracted. Picasso's goal was to find "spirit of the beast".

At Apple, employees are taught this philosophy.
3/ Below is the 1st, 4th and last stone print.

Picasso's bull progresses from:
◻️ a realistic drawing
◻️ to a deconstructed image with his famous "abstract" style
◻️ to a series of lines outlining the bull's shape
4/ Through 11 iterations, Picasso simplified and abstracted the bull until it captured the "essence" of what he was looking for.
5/ Apple uses the evolution of its mouse as an example of Picasso's Way (e.g., the buttons were "abstracted" away).
6/ For new employees, Apple also teaches the lessons by contrasting its Apple TV remote with existing smart controllers (significantly fewer buttons).
7/ The Picasso way of saying "no" and capturing "the essence" extends to business strategy.

When Steve Jobs returned as CEO in 1997, Apple was near bankruptcy and on a streak of failed products including a gaming machine (Pippin) and a personal digital assistant (Newton).
8/ During one product meeting with his team, Jobs shouted "stop...this is crazy" and got up to draw something on the whiteboard.

It was a 2x2 matrix laying out his product line:

• Desktop / Portable
• Consumer / Pro
9/ By saying "no" to a ton of fluff and simplifying the product offerings, Apple would start its legendary resurgence.

Its market cap was <$5B upon Jobs' return...
10/ ...and reached~$350B by the time he passed in 2011.

The evolution of the iPod/iPhone followed the Picasso Way, especially with the removal of the trackpad (and introduction of touchscreen)
11/ Per Jobs: “The way we’re running the company, the product design, the advertising, it all comes down to this: Let’s make it simple. Really simple.”

Speaking of advertising, Picasso's Bull gets a direct hat tip in Apple's famous "Think Different" ad:
12/ If you enjoyed this, follow @TrungTPhan for other business insights and, also, very dumb memes:
14/ Here's a related thread of how Apple added $1.5T+ in market cap under Tim Cook
15/ Last thing: Jony Ive has a great interview explaining Jobs' "say no" philosophy

• • •

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0/ A Redditor digs into the career of AMC's CEO Adam Aron @CEOAdam, who has an impressive track record of turning companies around (it's also a hysterically-written business bio).

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1/ Amazon's $8B+ deal for MGM strengthens Prime, its subscription bundle with 200m+ users and revenue of $20B+.

Prime is now a staple in our lives but was a total Hail Mary when it launched in Feb 2005. Incredibly, Bezos & Co. created it in a 6-week sprint.

Here's the story 🧵
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3/ The catalyst for Prime was annoyance with Amazon's existing free-shipping offer ("Super Saver Shipping").

It was too complicated:

◻️ You had to hit a min. order of $25 (which created a complicated recommendation system)
◻️ Then wait 8-10 days for the items (customers pissed)
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