I’m sorry but if I hear the insane argument that anti Zionism is not antisemitism one more time!

Do you realize 95% of Jews are Zionists?

Whoever supports that argument is justifying the hate and is therefore an antisemite themselves, as politically incorrect as that might be!
I grew up in a orthodox Jewish home. My dad is a Jewish educator and a rabbi. Before I even wore a yarmulke or was able to read Hebrew, I knew that my home, even though I was living in NY, was Israel. I prayed toward Jerusalem 3x a day.

Zionism is core to Judaism! Inseparable!
Every generation has another lame excuse to hate Jews. This generation’s is Zionism. Those antisemites who call themselves anti zionists fabricate history to justify their Jew hatred. Occupation, Apartheid, Ethnic cleansing, an Arab Palestinian state.

All fabrications and lies.
Previous generations: “We don’t hate Jews. We just hate that they killed Jesus.”, “We don’t hate Jews. We just hate that they murder Christian children in order to use their blood in the their religious rituals.”, “We don’t hate Jews. We just hate that they control the media!”
No one buys these excuses to hate Jews. The thing is though, these antisemites are cowards. They should at least be like radical islamists and say what they really want. The “Palestinians” say it loud and clear. “Cut off the Jews’ heads wherever you see them. At least be honest.
The bottom line is, you can by all means oppose the policies of the Israeli government without being an antisemite. Half of Israel opposes them. You cannot, however, oppose the existence of the state of Israel, the only Jewish state, without being a blatant antisemite. Sorry. 🤷‍♂️
Saying you’re anti Zionist, aka you oppose the right of Israel to exist as a Jewish state, but you are not an antisemite is equivalent to saying you don’t hate Christians, you just hate Jesus or church or the Vatican. You don’t hate Islam, you only hate the Quran. It’s silly.
So I suggest we skip the formalities and call it what it is. You oppose the right of Israel to exist as the eternal homeland of the Jewish people, you are denying history in order to single out and persecute the Jews. What’s that called again?? Oh yea, antisemitism.

Just like I’m imploring antisemites to at least have the integrity to call it what it is, I will do the same. If you constantly repeat the whole “Anti Zionism isn’t antisemitism” lie, you are part of the problem and will go down in history with the worst humanity has to offer.
That massive spike in violence against Jews across the western world? How do you explain beating Jews in the streets because of anti Zionism? Jews who in some cases never stepped foot in Israel. How do you justify that? Can we stop the charade? It’s good ol’ fashioned Jew hatred!
So let me say this loud and clear so I don’t look back at 2021 and ask myself how I stayed silent. If you boycott Israel, if you believe Israel does not have a right to exist, or if you justify anti Zionism as a legitimate movement, look in the mirror. You are an antisemite.
And one more thing.

״ולירושלים עירך ברחמים תשוב״,

That is one of literally hundreds of verses we say in our prayers about coming back to Jerusalem. Jews have prayed about and toward Jerusalem countless times a day for thousands of years.

Israel, Zionism, is core to Judaism.
I know I said one more thing. I lied. Sue me.

I cannot believe, like truly cannot believe that in 2021, Jews in NYC and LA have to remove their Star of David or yarmulke out of fear for their lives.

How did we get here? How is this happening again? And in the US, no less!
Just to end with a call to action. If you are reading this, if you are witnessing the biggest spike in antisemitism since the 40s in Germany, don’t remain silent. Every voice counts. I always wondered how people were silent during the Holocaust. Don’t repeat history! Speak up!!

• • •

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24 Feb 20
What would you have said 10 years ago if I had told you that in 2020, people would march in the streets of Europe mocking Jews by wearing hooked noses, radical Islamists would fire hundreds of rockets into Israeli towns including at nurseries, and the global reaction was silence?
What would you have said if I told you that people would be brutally attacked in the streets of NY for wearing a kippa and that the EU would be banning Jewish products?

Would you have believed me that the UN would be spending most of its time attacking the only Jewish country?
Would you have believed, 10 years ago, that legitimate members of Congress would be openly sharing and promoting blatantly Antisemitic content from self declared jew hating sources and that mainstream political voices would declare the need to boycott Israel and no other country?
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25 Aug 19
It’s Sunday 7:30am and my heart hurts. We’re about to start the last week of summer vacation and a beautiful 17 year old girl, Rina Shnerb, won’t be starting a new year. She was brutally murdered by radical islamists for having the nerve, as a Jew, to go swimming with her family.
Her brother and father who were severely injured in this attack are improving medically. They went swimming and a Palestinian terrorist detonated a bomb which killed Rina and injured them. They might be improving medically but are scarred emotionally forever. Trust me, I know.
Then last night, the Israeli security cabinet approved a very rare preemptive strike on Iran forces in Syria. The Irani plan was to attack northern Israel with militarized drones. Israel prevented it. Can’t help but imagine what would have happened. What could have happened.
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31 May 19
Now when I hear of a Palestinian stabbing a Jew, my thoughts are different than they once were.

I used to think about how that terrorist and his family should be punished.

Now all I think about is the poor family of the victim and what they’ll go through.

Heart wrenching.
I used to think about how Israel should react, create deterrence, about how Israel has to end this already. I used to think about the incitement/hatred in the Palestinian education system. Now all I think about is how the victim’s wife/kids/spouse will wake up tomorrow morning.
The victim of this morning’s attack, in which a Palestinian, according to reports, went on a stabbing spree with a fork, the victim is unconscious in critical condition. In Shaarei Tzedek hospital, where Ari was brought. The family trauma is being created now. I know it well.
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19 Jan 19
I have only one thing to say about this Women’s March. As a Jew, I always wondered how the Germans didn’t oppose Hitler. The answer? He aligned the economic issues with Jew hatred so people confused the two. Blurring the lines between feminism and antisemitism? Same story again!
As Sarsour takes the stage and promotes BDS to cheers from the crowd; that is the same demagogy we saw in Germany. “Oh you’re suffering financially? Let’s scapegoat Jews!” “Oh you support feminism? Then you can’t support the Jewish State!” Both vile rhetoric we *should* reject!
One difference. Today, we, the jews, me, we won’t sit back and let it happen again. This time around; we can/will stand up for ourselves to antisemites like Sarsour and the rest of the thugs because; this time we have our home to come to. As much as they hate it, we have Israel.
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