I disagree with @mattyglesias take that everyone becoming homeowners is a problem. Theres high income countries have high homeownership yet build homes. It's American homeownership culture where the house is relied on as a class-jumping tool that creates shortages that's failed
The real problem is that we tell people homeownership is their key to the middle class rather than wages being the key to the middle class since the latter has been stagnant for decades now.
We should have 90% homeownership like Singapore and China. At least half of NYC or more should be homeowners like Tokyo. Owning your home with a low yield is good. Real estate being the "get rich quick" scheme for Americans and thus a feudal culture that Blackrock exploits is bad
I support mass homeownership. Landlords dont deserve a monopoly over land and housing. But in order to take off the American experiment the government made select people homeowners with loans and subsidized the suburbs' construction. This created a huge wealth gap & feudal class
And the feudal class manifests itself in many ways but mainly being anti-housing over a perceived economic and culture hegemony and homogeneity of their neighborhoods and "asset."
Good question. The simple appeal of homeownership is having control over your home rather than living at the whim's of a landlord's lease.

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10 Jun
Treatment is good. No jokes to be made here, its great Peskin has done this and said so openly.
Obviously this stuff is wildly inappropriate. Part of being a bigtime politician is having lots of friends who will understandably defend Peskin but anybody looking at this reasonably would know this is unbecoming. Glad he's getting treatment.
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9 Jun
A Berkeley NIMBY who works in real estate designing mansions, who lives in a $2 million dollar all white neighborhood, the 1st in the U.S. zoned for single family to bar Black people invokes the Tulsa massacre he just learned about to oppose two family zoning. He crossed the line
@alfred_twu: you crossed the line first Darrell, you squeezed the NIMBYs, you hammered them to the point of desperation. And in their desperation they turned to arguments they dont fully understand.
NIMBYs arent complicated Alfred, we just need to find out what hes after
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8 Jun
Freddie deBoer's piece was good? It's another Leftist piece saying explicitly: "YIMBYs are right on the big picture, but annoying day-to-day." Offering criticism that YIMBYs should treat communities with nuance rather than blanket NIMBY accusations.
deBoer states the obvious: some developers are bad and YIMBYs should be critical. Anti-gentrification activists can be wrong but they should not made fun of. That many POC have cultural attachment to things and that "we need YIMBYs" so they should stop being socially inept online
I'm getting a sense that people are kinda pissed or mocking this piece, I dont know this deBoer guy too well, but I thought it was pretty decent. I've basically heard the same exact thing from yimby-lites in the housing activist spaces. Seems pretty supportive all-in-all Image
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2 Jun
Wait, okay my bad. Alec here said "bike lanes" but the story isnt about that, its recreational biking on the trail. I dont care about that but on *bike lanes* e bikes are welcome and anyone complaining can get them widened or shut up.
Now whats a "recreational" trail? I dont use ebikes but i see em on city park trails or shoreline trails where i do "recreational cycling" and thats great. Unless its out in the wilderness, and even then i dont care, but especially green areas and parks in suburbs and cities
Whenever in doubt its safe to side against exclusionary cyclists who bitch about bike lanes, people not wearing helmets, ebikes ect. Fuck your midlife crisis, let people bike, electric or not.
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1 Jun
"transit in LA is losing riders to a better option, not a cheaper one."
Free fares is good but if 98% of your region would rather pay premiums for years, pay insurance, pay $50 in gas weekly, tolls, parking fees over riding transit, the problem is far bigger than a $2.50 bus fare
But fares DO matter. I know people who will not ride the bus until their college passes come online. Low Income people cant opt out and just have to pay ever increasing fares for subpar service
Now whether fares ought to be made free or cheaper is a worthy debate but fare burden DOES matter and urbanist gotta stop acting like it doesn't
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1 Jun
An unsuspecting subdivided fiveplex
Just your average fourplex
Another fourplex identical to a single family home, only identifiable by the meters on the side
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