Yes, there are Democrats who suspect that the GOP has stolen elections from them via hacking. They just won’t say it publicly (at least not until years later) bc they are afraid of being called sore losers or tin foil. As if cheating is a far-fetched concept. 🙄 1/
Max Cleland also had concerns about the unexpected Republican wins in Georgia that followed the state’s switch to paperless Diebold voting machines in 2002. That year, Diebold secretly installed uncertified software patches throughout the state shortly before the election. 2/
But he didn’t say anything until he wrote his book years later. Maybe Democratic Party leadership persuades these “losing” candidates to shut up. I wish I knew. 3/
Stacey Abrams’s group, Fair Fight, has gone further than most. They created this 40 page document which summarizes corruption & electronic failures involving ES&S, which had the servicing & maintenance contract in Georgia before the switch to Dominion. 4/…
But she rarely discusses election security publicly. My strong suspicion is that Democratic Party leadership told her not to. 5/
Because Democrats said so little, there was a void that MAGAs were happy to fill with half-truths, outright lies, and cherry picking. They have completely taken over the narrative. 6/
And now Georgia Republicans hope to dump Dominion to go back to ES&S, whose machines lost thousands of black votes in 2018. 7/…
How can Democrats possibly sound the alarm now that all election security concerns are cast as tin foil? They won’t sound it. They will roll over. 8/
I’ll be happy if I’m wrong. 9/
.@DonSiegelman is the only Democratic candidate with the b#lls to say at the time that he thought his election was stolen. And the GOP locked him up. Even many Rs thought it was politically motivated. I wrote about it here. 10/

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11 Jun
Someone asked me if I’d ever appear on Steve Bannon’s show to discuss election security. I said “not in a million years.” He said “the right seems always willing to debate the left, but not vice versa.” I told him that meaningful debate requires good faith participants. 1/
Otherwise, “debate” is just another platform for bad faith actors to elevate themselves and spread disinformation. 2/
Bannon has bragged about “flooding the zone with shit.” There is no good faith commitment to truth. I would never appear on his show. 3/ Image
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11 Jun
To de-program people who’ve been fooled by disinformation, it’s “important that the corrective information be repeated as frequently, and with even greater clarity, than the myth.” 1/…
IMO, repeating the mantra that this was “the most secure election ever” does not provide sufficient clarity to debunk baseless claims by TFG and his allies. Krebs must be specific and clearly explain how he knows that vote tallies weren’t changed. 2/
If he can’t or won’t do that, then that is a problem. 3/
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11 Jun
The most infamous politically motivated prosecution occurred when the Bush DOJ locked up @DonSiegelman, Alabama’s last Democratic Governor. Eric Holder (Obama/Biden admin) looked the other way, an ominous precedent 4 recent revelations re: Trump’s DOJ. 1/
Even Republicans thought it was politically motivated. The best guess for Holder’s inaction is that he was too afraid to right an obvious wrong against a fellow Democrat. 2/
“I personally believe that what happened here is that they targeted Don Siegelman because they could not beat him fair and square. This was a Republican state and he was the one Democrat they could never get rid of.” - Grant Woods, Republican (former Arizona AG). 3/ Image
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10 Jun
Obama reportedly told her to concede. She had no support from within the Democratic Party.… 1/
3/ “‘You need to concede,’ Obama told Clinton after his political director had failed to persuade Clinton’s campaign manager, Robby Mook, on the point.”…
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10 Jun
FFS!!!! In 2018, Trump blocked the bipartisan Secure Elections Act, which wld have required manual election audits for federal elections & incentivized the reduction or elimination of paperless voting machines!!!

Trump did NOT want a secure election! 1/…
The Secure Elections Act did not go nearly far enough in my opinion. That Trump wouldn’t even tolerate this modest election-security bill speaks volumes. That the Democrats have failed to scream this from the rooftops is political messaging malpractice. 2/
That the media has steadfastly failed to remind the public of this is journalistic malpractice. 3/
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9 Jun
Anonymous hackers claimed 2 have stopped the GOP from hacking the 2012 presidential election in Ohio. I don’t know if it was true or not. What I do know is that voting machine vendor ES&S installed uncertified software patches throughout Ohio that year. 1/…
This is what the hackers wrote about the 2012 election. They were specific that Rove was directing the operation. They offered no proof. But in light of the software patches, this should have been investigated. 2/…
And here was Karl Rove’s infamous 2012 election night meltdown when he could not and would not accept that Ohio had gone to Obama. 3/
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