1 A malicious campaign is being run against me by certain elements who are obsessed with gaumutra jokes as Hindus worship gaumata. A tiny clip of my Spaces talk is being wrongly presented as if I am inciting to lynch innocent people if I don't like their joke

Here is the truth:
2. The Spaces talk was exclusively about terrorists & fanatic elements. How terrorists & enemies of India keep making Gaumutra jibes on Hindus. This includes Adil Dar who insulted Hindus as Gaumutra drinkers before killing 49 jawans. Read this thread till end for more examples
3. I called for a detailed LAW with provisions & exceptions where hostile Gaumutra insults be considered security threat and hence banned. If anyone violates law and makes such jibes, people be enabled to act as per self defense provisions of IPC. I NEVER called for violating law
4. On contrary, I proposed legal amendments considering the unique but serious challenge that country faces from terrorist elements in most secured areas like Pulwama

Casual banters or private discussions were not even in the scope of the Spaces talk.
5. It is worrisome that these haters are least concerned with security of nation and are instead spreading lies to derail the discussion. All for their fetish to hurt harmless sentiments of majority of this country
6. Certain elements who want to silence me are deliberately circulating 90sec clip fm a 2+ hour talk with false, malicious propaganda that I am asking for lynching

Ironically, it comes from those who remained mum on illegal ‘sar tan se juda’ rallies that openly incited beheading
7. Also note that I did not refer to hate speech in general against Hindus (despite they increasing by day) because related legal provisions already exist. I specifically talked about Gaumutra jibes as a national security threat quoting several examples of terror.
8. I talked about this security menace that caused Pulwama blasts to be tackled through government. Have never even hinted on violating law of land. In fact, my entire social activism is all about working with government agencies through provisions of law to serve vulnerable
9. It is also cowardly that these haters are targeting @swati_gs for this recording for saying a "ji bilkul" only when I said Gaumutra jokes should be banned.

She had not even give a reaction when I talked about self-defense provisions of IPC being amended.
10. Here are some of many clips that explain why we believe gaumutra jibes and hostile attacks on Hindus are a national security threat and appropriate legal provisions must be created
11. Adil Ahmad Dar cracking Gaumutra jibe before blasting himself and killing 49 jawans
12. Pakistan's minister cracks a gaumutra jibe while threatening to destroy idol worshipping Indians
13. Maulana Khadim Rizvi of Pakistan - mentor of many terrorist elements - cracks Gaumutra jibe against Hindus while remembering Muhammad Ghori
14. Zaid Hamid - another mentor of many terrorist elements - threatens to destroy India along with a gaumutra jibe
15. Here is an India Today report on how ISIS refers to Indians as gaumutra drinkers and plans to kill them all

16. Why would a sane person still insist on cracking Gaumutra jokes in India when it is an abusive trait of terrorists and haters of India?

Isn't it sad that instead of showing solidarity with nation and being concerned about its security, these liars run malicious campaigns?
17. I once again ask that if an appeal to govt for legal provision to tackle a national security threat is so offensive to some that they run ugly campaigns based on lies, why they never spoke about countless illegal "sar tan se juda" rallies? Why?
18. They want me to have no emotions for my heroes killed by a gaumutra-joker in Pulwama. They are offended when I want it to never happen and seek legal intervention

But such "sar tan se juda" rallies are legal for them. They never spoke against these

• • •

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More from @SanjeevSanskrit

10 Jun
प्रणम्य शिरसा विष्णुं त्रैलोक्याधिपतिं प्रभुम् ।
नानाशास्त्रोद्धृतं वक्ष्ये राजनीतिसमुच्चयम् ॥ ०१-०१
I bow my head to Prabhu(All Powerful) Vishnu(who is everywhere) who rules 3 Loka(Prithvi, Antariksh, Dyu)

I will explain all about Raajneeti based on many Shaastra
Note: original name of Chanakya Neeti was Rajneeti Samucchaya (all about Rajneeti)

Also note that Rajneeti is not just politics. Rajneeti has a goal of establishing rule of Dharma. That is why study of Rajneeti begins with Pranam to the Raja of all - Prabhu
अधीत्येदं यथाशास्त्रं नरो जानाति सत्तमः ।
धर्मोपदेशविख्यातं कार्याकार्यं शुभाशुभम् ॥ ०१-०२
By studying this Shaastra properly, sattvik people will learn Dharma as per established scriptures. They will know what should be done, what should not be done, what is good, what is bad
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10 Jun
Will be sharing translations/ interpretations of various Sanskrit texts as tweets in coming days. Am referring to several scholars for these translations. However will attempt to share independent unbiased interpretation from original Sanskrit +
The texts chosen initially are:
1. Chanakya Neeti
2. Bhagwad Gita
3. Nyaya Darshan
4. Yoga Darshan

Will create separate threads for each text. Will share Sanskrit verse first followed by meaning. Would welcome alternate interpretations and discussions +
I will be translating in English, and would welcome if willing mahanubhav can translate them in different languages as comments +
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9 Jun
There is no confusion. A mafia holds "sar tan se juda" rallies. To protect my pariwar, mandirs, sadhus from such psychos is my Dharma

No other detail matters. Am committed

However, I have differences on some core issues with Yatiji that I have honestly stated in public
Say tomorrow you become my sworn enemy for some reason. And then some zombies start announcing prize for your beheading
What should be my Dharma? To let you die? Or do my bit to protect you from zombies and work for destruction of zombies? Will choose latter without hitch.
"sar Tan Se Juda" is a national or rather global issue. Person doesn't matter here. Everyone has to unite against it even if we have other differences.

Ghar ka jhagda ghar mein. Baahar wale pishaach ko uski aukaat dikhana ham sabka Param Dharm hai.
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7 Jun
The interview in @TwitterSpaces conducted by me today, reflects the views of the interviewee. I don't endorse them. In fact, have stark differences with them. Yati Narsinghanand and I have core differences in identification of the problem as well as steps for resolution

1. I believe in unity and working within ambit of law of land

2. I trust the existing political leadership and find it wrong to singularly attack them, more so in current situation of nation. I have deep respect for RSS and BJP workers whose sacrifices are a debt on us +
3. I don't believe in creating fissures via angry statements that can be misinterpreted

4. We have different definitions of fight and warrior. Mine comes from Sangathan Sukta of Vedas where unity, harmony, discipline are key
Read 6 tweets
6 Jun
Bandho. We are in midst of most testing time since 1947. Enemies were never so worried of us. Hence also, they are doing best to break us, confuse us, corner us

My recommendations:
1. Support political leadership
2. If grievances, discuss internally than make a public spectacle+
3. Hinduism has multiple sampradayas. We must take extra-efforts to not get into needless intellectual superiority debates to prove our sampraday the best. Instead find ways to nurture all
4. Postpone issues that create internal fissures +
5. Unity across Jaatis, Regions, Bhasha, Sampradayas is critical. We are all one Hindu Samaj. Bash only those who want to divide us

6. Lots of family issues can be resolved by cordial dialogs.

7. If needed, censure pariwar members in private, but praise in public +
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5 Jun
Have blocked 100s of anonymous "trads" cursing me and @agniveer for giving Janeu/ Vedas to Dalits. Blocked a few casteist influencers and neela tikkas who feel proud of their unprovoked attacks on us

Had patiently ignored hoping that sanity will prevail on them. No more.
Neither me nor our team has vela time to answer a new silly accusation from these morons. Few months ago these bigots were claiming my real name is Shoeb. If you are in doubt, follow our work at @agniveer @GauSevaAgniveer @sewanyaya @GemsOfBollywood @GemsOfBooks @RashtraJyoti
Also evaluate the track record of those who attack us. And made your decision.

We have decided to not differentiate between an Adil Dar and those who attack us without provocation. And will do needful to not allow them to jeopardize our karya.

We are in a state of crisis...
Read 5 tweets

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