an interesting attempted snub I’ve seen of people who make a living outside traditional jobs is that they are trying to get away with doing less work

if it were truly less work, why do most people do traditional jobs? 🤔
In my experience talking with dozens of artists, entrepreneurs, streamers, etc, I’ve found Borges to be correct: a poet never rests. He is working even when he is dreaming. It is *continuous* work. That’s how we choose to live. Practically all of us walked away from simpler jobs
If you think being an artist or creator is easier than working a job where there’s an existing structure for you to plug into, I highly recommend that you try it yourself for a year and report your findings
What is an employer’s function? To be a legible proxy for the market. They abstract away the chaos and complexity and provide you with a relatively stable, predictable environment. If the company has product-market fit, the hardest challenge has already been taken care of
If you think that your job is harder than achieving product-market fit, again, you should quit your job and start a company because achieving product-market is incredibly lucrative and you’ll have to swat away people knocking on the door with briefcases of cash

• • •

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11 Jun
sometimes i read people's criticisms of the internet and it strikes me as criticizing New York because you went to Time Square and it was all garish and loud and full of tourists and pushy salespeople, 1 out of 5 stars
just because there's this, Image
doesn't mean there isn't this ImageImageImage
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11 Jun
ok I’ll bite: what is the best cocktail?
alright friends welcome to VV's cocktail bar, on your left you have our popular hot favorites and on the right you have the more obscure choices

might have missed a couple here and there but who's counting eh
our top hits are the Negroni (17), the Old Fashioned (14), the Sazerac (10) and the Margarita (8)
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10 Jun
if you're currently a couch potato, and you intend to run a marathon, it's not arrogant to say "I will run a marathon in 2 years" if you then go on to actually do it
it gets a little messier if you end up taking 2.5 years to do it, but personally I'd still respect it
I think this might be a sort of scissor / cleaving point. 🤔

some people think this makes you a fraud for making an overly precise claim in the first place, others think you captured the spirit of your intent and that's what counts. I'm in the latter group
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10 Jun
there’s a point in several private conversations I’ve had with people where they ask me what my deal is, and when I tell them I want to encourage more people to take better care of each other in an informal way, they look at me expectantly waiting for a punchline
they wanna hear how I’m going to monetize it, or turn it into some kind of club or cult or empire, and I’m like no I don’t want any of those things, I mostly just want a better public commons

and it takes them a long time to process that I’m serious
if it helps, I want what these guys wanted
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9 Jun
in the 5+ years I worked for my ex-boss Dinesh, he constantly, casually-yet-intensely would ask me about my goals & desired outcomes

"what do you want to get out of this?"

"how will you measure your progress?"

"what's the next step?"

"what's the limiting factor?"
I've since internalized that stuff so thoroughly, and found it so useful, that I now almost struggle to remember what it was like *before* I installed Dinesh's instrumental thinking module into my mental suite

(I do have old journal entries I can read to simulate it)
the wack thing is, once you internalize this, or a version of this, you look at the world in a completely different way than people who haven't internalized this. and you look around and you see that very few people really internalize this. you can get whiplash from the contrast
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9 Jun
I'm not entirely sure how I got here
juan snow 💀
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