Wall Street Journals tips on online security.

1. Stop posting personal information on public forums. e.g. travel plans, new purchases. sure share with your friends on private networks, but the public?

2. Cover your employee ID when taking pictures. bad guys can clone it.
3. Stop tagging images, geotags alert bad guys where you have been, and allow them to craft a profile and send malware e.g, " hi we met at that conference in Calabar in February".
4. Don't take photos of your workstation, hackers can see the type of software you use then customize phishing attacks on your organization.

Stop writing user names with passwords on post-it notes and sticking them on the monitor
Stop sharing work emails on social media profiles. work emails for work only and never on social media profiles. Make your email on your Linkedin and sites like Facebook profile invisible to everyone but yourself.
Create 4 email accounts

a. for work
b. for spam
c. for social media
d. personal messages

never use work email for anything else., nor use the same passwords for all 4 accounts, change passwords frequently.
Use different profile pictures for different social media sites. This prevents Artificial Intelligence (Ai) apps that can rapidly scan millions of social media pages from identifying you by pic matches or similar characteristics

Those Ai can then build a massive database on you
Be careful what you share on dating sites.

hashtag nudes.... could be used to blackmail you in the future.

when you make a connection, move to a secure site
Sanitize your online CV

If possible, hide the schools you have been to, remove email and phone numbers...unless your verify

"I attended a major school in the Northwest" is ok.

Don't send CVs to organizations before you look them up. Vet people first
some of these suggestions are easy.


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25 May
"Assets in investment funds focused partly on the environment reached almost $2 trillion globally in Q1, more than tripling in three years. Investors are putting $3 billion a day into these funds." Image
More than $5 billion worth of bonds and loans designed to fund green initiatives are now issued every day. The two biggest U.S. banks pledged $4 trillion in climate-oriented financing over the next decade. Image
"As recently as 2014, the world’s energy companies spent $735b on oil-&-gas extraction. The figure was less than half that last year, while spending on wind & solar projects rose to nearly $220b, up from about $135b 6years earlier, according to Rystad Energy, a consulting firm"
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14 May
Restructure? Yes

1. Review Land Use, that's trillion locked up in land.

set up digital land registry. Make land transfer sane as buying shares or car.

Mortgages become cheaper, farmers get collateral for legal mortgage, home owners can draw "equity"

Repeal Railways Act

In essence, allow other players into the railway space.

You boost FDI, jobs, and commerce.

Lagos constitutionally can build a "light" rail...not a rail.

Difference? Light rail does not carry cargo?

So what's the point?

Allow Non Bank Regulators like NCC issue FINTECH licenses.

Simple stuff. Allow MTN issue loans and accept deposits.

You can cap total transaction limit to N1m a month max, so it's clearly not competing with banks but deepening Financial Inclusion.

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2 May
Ajax in Netherlands is a Value "stock"

Ajax is big, has large brand share and makes consistent titles sorry profits annually

It can no longer "grow" in Dutch league.

To grow, it needs to invest in new markets, like the Super League, over there, it becomes a Growth "stock".
Value stock are somewhat "predictable".

Ajax is always favorites to win the Dutch league, Boeing always favorites to win aircraft contract.

Predictable means less volatility, and lower price spread. However the large markets means consistent titles and profits and dividends.
So how can one trade in Value Stocks?

Well you wait for bad news, like Ajax losing a game, or striker, that short term news means they may not win the league..

So price falls.

Value remains, Ajax Stadiums are still full even if they lose a game.

So buy when prices fall...
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1 May
"Seven Common Money Arguments in marriage"

1. Your Financial Visions are Misaligned; They have different priorities on what is important, spending-wise

Solution: Couples need to sit down separately and map out their own financial visions and then do the same thing together.
2. There’s no follow-through on financial goals

Solution: Set specific goals and dates by which those goals will be accomplished
3. One Partner Tends to Overspend

Solution: You and your partner need to sit down and devise a spending plan, create boundaries on spending
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20 Mar
Been looking at Aboki FX to gauge the response of the Diaspora to the N5 per $1 promotion.

I will come back to that..

Suffice to say I do not believe that promotion will work...

Let talk in a few posts..
Why is the CBN offering a promotion?

In marketing, You have the 4 P's..(now 7). Promotion relates to publicity or advertising...in essence informing a market.

So CBN is informing or enticing the diaspora to remit via Nigerian banks. .


Because the Diaspora is not Image
In February 2020, CBN issued tweets and circulars that were inimical to the Diaspoers remittances.

Eg "$ remitted could not be withdrawn as cash". This was later clarified,but the damage was done.

Many believe the CBN is partisan to a strong Naira

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19 Mar

Lots of power required
Generates lots of heat

That's a rig

Think of it like an inverter array but consuming power 24/7. This only makes sense because BTC is near $60 a pop.
Your farm gets paid in coins

Smaller qtr but more value per coin
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