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11 Jun, 18 tweets, 6 min read
Today I watched Taleb and Nouriel’s trainwreck of a ‘performance’ at @RealCoinGeek Switzerland so you don’t have to.

During pause taken while throwing up in my mouth several times throughout the show I have jotted down several key points (in order of my own abstract relevance):
1. The most series of events went down as such: Firstly, Ian Griggs ‘famous’ creator of the Ricardian contracts *gag* talked about the author of the bitcoin whitepaper, & shortly thereafter Jimmy Win introduces “the author of the Whitepaper, Craig Wright”, what transpires... is the most salient topic to have transgressed at this *clearly* infomercial like @RealCoinGeek propaganda event where all speakers have 100% been paid to attend. Drum roll please...
Not a single person corrected Jimmy. Not a word was uttered, not a single soul blinked as a very publicly well-known fraud used them as pawns within a marketing scam and lies about the origins of bitcoin, and by extension Craig Wright, etc.

“Fuck you, Fuck you, Fuck you...
...Grandma who came just for the free sandwhiches, you’re cool! 👍...
And fuck you Calvin Ayre, I’m out.”
Coingeek only exists to attempt to steal Satoshi Nakamoto’s glory, and as a front for a litigious couple of criminals and frauds to promote lies and propaganda, of which all guests are now aiding and abetting, by way of their public images and reputations.
1.1 @nntaleb how can you take their dirty money, take part in their propaganda, and then not stand by your own apparent principles on a public stage? You sir (is that even your pronoun?) are a coward, and more importantly you are by very definition a fraud. Sue me.
2. The second key take away from hearing them talk here is that both Nouriel and Taleb have absolutely no idea what they are talking about in terms of technology, especially irt permissionless and distributed systems, how incentives work within bitcoin...
and how a “basket of physical goods/assets” can’t be used as a store of value/currency in a truly permissionless fashion, and or themselves be a bearer instrument, that to which bitcoin derives some value by allowing for clearing without trusted third parties ie. security holes.
In laymen’s terms they both seem to think you can remove the token from within the bitcoin system and replace it with a stable basket of goods. Cannot make this up.
Side note and humour about how out of touch these boomers are: Taleb says that in his entire career “he’s never heard a complaint about custodians...” *rofl*

Have they not logged onto the internet lately? Deplatforming and financial persecution is the flavour of our age grandad.
Last few notes on Taleb given how he so publicly is flaunting that he is working with frauds...
Between Taleb not understanding how to set up a microphone where you can actually hear him (zero understanding of technology) and his terrible internet signal, I can not make out a few different things. Another technology fail. #boomer
Most notably from listening to his entire talk is that he doesn’t really get how the internet &/or bitcoin works, why it works, or a single thing about the game theory of its incentives, and why those ideas are more powerful than he will ever seemingly understand.
Nassim’s ego is generally always on display, and today is not unlike any other. Taleb is oft self congratulatory and generally likes to think that he is the smartest person in the room. He laughs at his own jokes, he impresses himself, he really loves the sound of his own voice.
Jimmy Win puts Nassim on the spot about naming bitcoiners “Bitdiots”, Nassim fumbles and deflects... his body language pivots instantly, he’s seems to be hiding his intentions. Taleb coined #bitdiots when #covidiots was a buzz word, right around when he had his argument with...
with Saifedean Ammous re Covid. Prior to this Taleb had written a foreword for ‘The Bitcoin Standard’ and was a proponent for #bitcoin and its apparent antifragile properties. /fin

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