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I wanted to copy the fully-synced #Bitcoin blockchain data from my @getumbrel node to a new raspi that I'm setting up.

Quick 🧵on how to do it: Image
* First you have to STOP the Umbrel services but keep its Pi running.

You want the Bitcoin Core data to be frozen in time so that it doesn't get out of sync with itself when you're copying (which will take a while).

In order to stop Umbrel...
* `ssh` into your Umbrel node. Password is the same as the web UI.

ssh umbrel@umbrel.local

If you can't resolve `umbrel.local`, you can use its IP addr:

ssh umbrel@192.168.x.y Image
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#Etherium #BTC #Bitcoin #Cryptos

Unique view - planetary motion & price

ETH on top, BTC below, through lens of planets in tropical zodiac signs

Weekly visual update Saturdays
Detailed astro & markets Sundays

I combine technicals & timing to understand markets

Thread >
Data through 9/17 close

For signs see legend to right - consistent colors across charts

Saturn Image

Jupiter in Aquarius helped revive crypto rally Image
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My original #Bitcoin Core node (from Nov 2019!) finally maxed out its 500GB ssd a few days ago.

Bought a 1TB and cloned the old drive.

Quick 🧵 on how to swap your SSD: Image
I use @SpecterWallet so first I backed up my Specter data and Bitcoin Core's wallets dir using `scp` from my Macbook. `scp` uses the same login credentials as ssh.

(obv your directories on your Pi will vary) Image
Opted for this SK hynix 1TB ssd.

* I powered down my node (Pi1)
* Moved its 500GB ssd to a different, already running Pi (Pi2)
* Also plugged the new SSD into Pi2…
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1/Time for another one of Sri's long threads. Today I'm going to point out some of the logical fallacies in @saifedean book 'The #Bitcoin Standard'.

The core of my argument is that the book is full of logical fallacies and dogma. Let's jump right in! 👇
2/Before we look at the arguments, I wanted to quickly define what a post hoc fallacy is, as this is the most common fallacy in the book (and bitcoiners in general).

Post hoc fallacy = X came after Y, therefore X happened BECAUSE of Y (with no proof of causation)
3/The book is in ~3 parts, the first is all about money, the second is saying how the world bloomed under a gold standard and the third is a synopsis of the features of Bitcoin.

The initial part of the book is riddled with post hoc fallacies.
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1/ In November 1992, in an English village called Hoxne, a villager searching for a lost hammer with a metal detector discovered a hoard of almost 15,000 gold coins that had been buried during late antiquity when the Roman empire was beginning to crumble in Britain. 👇
2/ The amazing thing about this hoard of gold coins is that it had maintained its purchasing power for over 1,500 years (accounting for only its bullion value, not its historical value).
3/ We have lost from our collective wisdom the main purpose of money - that it should transport the value of our savings reliably into the future. This simply is not possible when the supply of money is controlled by the State.
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1/ (of 17)💥Even if you HATE #HEX or @RichardHeartWin, read this thread. Clarity ahead.

I helped a friend set up a STAKE LADDER this year. Here's how it went:

She bought $10K of $Hex total back in Feb of this year. Price was a little under 1 cent at ...
(continued) 👇👇
2/ ...that time. Today it is 40 cents, for a 4,000% gain.

Her $10K investment if she cashed out now would be worth $400K.

But here's the magic in what we did:

$10K bought her about 1 million #HEX.

She created 5 stakes. Today, we call this a #STAKE LADDER.

(continued) 👇👇
3/ Each #Stake was for 200K $Hex (1 Million #Hex divided into 5 stakes.)

Stake 1 matures in 3 years
Stake 2 matures in 4 years
Stake 3 matures in 5 years
Stake 4 matures in 6 years
Stake 5 matures in 7 years

A lot can happen in the #crypto world in 7 yrs, so...

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Fun fact about Taproot:

Taproot is a #bitcoin upgrade which will occur at block #709632, ie. in Nov 2021

It brings several new innovations and features but one of them is especially interesting: Schnorr Signatures.

Let me tell you the brief history of asymetric cryptography 🧵
Asymmetric cryptography is a process that uses a pair of keys: public / private key.

Its most interesting application is *Digital signature*. It's a process where you can prove you know your private key without revealing it while anyone with your public key can verify your proof
This is exactly what we do, when we "send" #bitcoin

Asymmetric cryptography has been publicly discovered by the famous Diffie, Hellman, and then Merkle in the 70s. Then, in the late 70s, Rivest Shamir and Adleman invented the famous RSA cryptosystem which is still widely used.
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🧵6 Magical Reasons why we recommend to HODL $Rune, the native token of @THORChain. #Blockchain #Crypto #DeFi #investing
1. @THORChain is a liquidity protocol that thanks to its interface @THORSwap allows transactions across multiple blockchains. That is really powerful stuff given that no one else out there can do it now!
2. The price of $Rune is undervalued. The network had recently seen some network attacks. Many investors saw it as a bad sign, however, we believe that it is good that it happened in the early days. Thanks to them, the network is now better than ever prepared for the future.
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Hay varios problemas: El proceso no respeta los límites establecidos en el art. 248 de la Constitución, proponen cambiar ese artículo que es cláusula pétrea.

Cristosal elaboró un análisis jurídico sobre el anteproyecto de reformas👇🏽(lo puede compartir)

Se irrespeta el procedimiento (art. 248) porque:

⚠️Amplían período presidencial (cláusula pétrea)
⚠️Hay regresión de derechos fundamentales (desaparece prohibición de dar valor a declaraciones obtenidas por la fuerza)
⚠️Se cambiaría Constitución por mayoría simple.
⚠️Asamblea Legislativa podría dar más facultad a la Fuerza Armada por ley. Vid. Art. 211 inciso 3°
⚠️En un régimen de excepción, podrían
suspenderse derechos por ley secundaria, por 43 votos (Esta materia actualmente se encuentra reservada a la Constitución)
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Let's address some concerns in this thread that people bring up when talking about $ATOM and why they are false. And the price is confirming that.
1/ GRAVITY DEX/ EMERIS is a permissionless AMM and a cross-chain dashboard. Meaning, as more chains connect to #IBC you will be able to connect to all kind of dAPPS through Emeris (Ex. swapping on PancakeSwap or LP-ing on Uniswap on one single website) That is @emerisHQ .
2/ For the comfort of using emeris as a one-stop-shop, people will have to pay fees for all the #IBC transactions in $ATOM. Creating value for the $ATOM stakers. IMO well worth it since Emeris has a clean UI/UX for all the new people coming into crypto + non-custodial wallet.
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1/50 🧵
@THORChain is slowly resuming operation after the sobering hacks 2 months ago and the hardening that followed. This thread is about my thesis for the protocol and what it means to me. Not financial advice. No rocket emojis & price targets here. #DYOR
I initially ignored TC (THORChain) back in February because it sounded a bit goofy. The web page I landed on looked like an infomercial. Everything changed after I read @multicoincap's analysis in May:…
I understood the deterministic price floor of $RUNE and the size of the total addressable market (TAM) for a cross-chain DEX and what followed was a 4-month obsession. There are only 3 whitepapers that I've read more than once: #Bitcoin, #Ethereum, and @THORChain
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On platform risk:

Smart contract platforms have seemingly found PMF with DeFi over the last year. App devs are flocking to said platforms in hopes of launching the next COMP, UNI, SNX, etc. and cashing out life-changing money after a few months of work.

Too good to be true? 🧵
The canonical platform risk case study is Facebook vs. Zynga. Zynga built a $10B company on Facebook's platform, until March 2011 when Facebook cut off Zynga's access to their APIs and cratered their business.…
Ethereum's narrative from 2014-2018 was that it existed to fix this problem.

A "world computer" running "unstoppable code" where nobody could pull the rug out from under you like Facebook did to Zynga.

Inspiring stuff! Have they lived up to it?…
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Today I started compiling a list of the #twitter accounts of companies that develop useful #OSINT tools.…

In this thread🧵, I'll talk about the project behind each account on the this list.
@haveibeenpwned Check if your email or phone is in a data breach

@duckduckgo Privacy search engine

@webintmaster Companies research tool…
@Fear_the_Foca tool used to find metadata and hidden information in documents

@SpyseHQ internet access search engine

@sploitus_com tools & exploits search engine
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💬 Parlons de @publish0x, une plateforme qui permet de gagner de la #crypto en lisant, en écrivant et en partageant du contenu de qualité.

Oui Messieurs-Dames, lire des articles peut vous rapporter de la crypto avec le #EarnToRead & #EarnToWrite, c'est GRATUIT et c'est ici ⬇️ Image
La plateforme @publish0x a été fondée en 2018 par @bigbirdvc.

Son but vise à rémunérer avec de la #crypto, les auteurs ET les lecteurs autour d'un contenu de qualité sous forme de #blog comme @Medium.

C'est totalement #GRATUIT et ça vous permettra d'arrondir vos fins de mois. Image
Pour pouvoir commencer à participer et #gagner de la #crypto, vous devez préalablement vous inscrire à la plateforme.

Ci-dessous, mon lien d'affiliation (non obligatoire) qui me permet de récupérer 5% de vos gains en guise de #parrainage.
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🧵Hilo Ante la caída de la red de @solana y teniendo como base que @ethereum es un #Fork de #EthereumClassic post-suceso TheDAO
Hay un dato interesante que analizar, una de las características de #bitcoin es la #inmutabilidad pero según un suceso ocurrido en el año 2013, sigue 👇
En el 2013 un ataque de #DobleGasto para poder contrarrestarlo #bitcoin se vio obligado a realizar un #Rollback, puedes ver todos los detalles del suceso aquí 👉…
La pregunta es; si este rollback sucedió entonces ¿El tema de la inmutabilidad dónde queda?
El suceso anterior tiene como registro: CVE-2013-3220 (Migracion de BerkeleyDB a LevelDB).
Contexto: #Bitcoin al utilizar UTXO; para poder parchar el Bug fue necesario sacar un nuevo cliente a través de un #softfork el cual regreso la cadena al bloque 74,691 (rollback).
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Conceptos Básicos de #Bitcoin
-Transacciones: Las Tx de bitcoin, son entendidas como los envíos de BTC de una persona a otra usando la red Bitcoin. ... Gracias a ello podemos enviar y recibir las criptomonedas, es decir, realizar o recibir transacciones. Esto qué significa...
Bitcoin es un sistema basado en UTXO (siglas en inglés de «Unspent Transaction Output», comúnmente traducido al español como "monedas no gastadas"). Las cantidades de los UTXO están vinculadas a las direcciones que las pueden gastar por medio del registro de la cadena de bloques
Cuando un usuario (A) desea transferir Bitcoin a otro usuario (B), construye una transacción –especificando en ella la cantidad de BTC que cede de los UTXO que desea gastar y la dirección pública del destinatario (B)–, la firma con su clave privada y la transmite a la red Bitcoin
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밑에 가셔서 한 번 글 읽어 보시기를...저도 기술충이지만 지금 이게임은 누가 더 나은 기술을 가지고 있느냐는 엔지니어링적 접근보다는 누가 더 믿을 만한 자산과 장부(ledger)를 가져가느냐...

즉 누가 더 돈 다운 돈을 만들고 있느냐의 게임이라 생각합니다.
솔직히 백서를 본들 이해가 안되는게 제 탓이라 생각도 하지만 백서 작성자들이 명징하지 않아서라고도 생각합니다...

그런데 비트코인 백서는 이해가 처음부터 되었습니다. 저는 그 점땜에 기술충이지만 비트코인의 간단함과 그 강함에 반했습니다.
비트코인을 제대로 이해하는 사람은 그것에 감동하여 바깥 사람들이 보기에는 종교적으로 보이는 것이 당연할지도 모르겠습니다.

결국 화폐 현상이라는 것이 '믿음'에 기반으로 하는 철학적, 문화적 현상이기 때문에 그렇습니다.

정부가 믿을 만하니깐 정부가 발행한 돈을 믿는 것입니다.
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Let’s set the record straight:

Version 0.8

L1’s during their early initial rollout run into speed bumps and resolve if they have a good community behind them.
Many of you who are relatively new may not know what I’m referring to in those two instances.

You can search them both and see what I mean.

You can also add “block 74638” when you search.

Also re version 0.8:
Protocols of all shapes & sizes run into issues early as it did w/ #Bitcoin

The community of devs are phenomenal & resolved; we are seeing that at #Solana

Historical perspective is important when evaluating new tech. Labeling events “brutal” is incorrect - it’s growing pains
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A Twitter novel

Who? When? Why?

Keep reading 👇👇👇
2/ Solana was down yesterday, Arbitrum was "down" as well.

Salty maxis crawled out from the caves shouting "#Bitcoin is never down" "#Ethereum is never down" "#IOTA is never down"

Technically they are not correct.
3/ So let's look at all the bad things that happened with the blockchain networks as a whole in history.
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Today im leaving crypto space forever. No, im not retiring with millions. This is little different story. Started investing into bitcoin in 2016, my vision was to make life changing money so my mom dont have to work anymore, i knew it was possible, believed in crypto so much.
I became crypto addict. I made some money but i lost much more. In 5 years i turned from normal, happy person enjoying life, partying, traveling - rode on my bike from Czech republic to st.tropez and back, 29 days 2900km, doing lot of sports like
downhill biking, boxing etc. into something, i dont even know who i am anymore. Cant talk to people, cant look them into eyes, have no friends, 5 years lying to my family that im fine, living in absolute isolation, dont want anybody look at me, thats how much
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I finally listened to the @BanklessHQ discussion with @cburniske, @yassineARK, & @CathieDWood and I wanted to share my takeaways. Incredibly thoughtful convo.

At the bottom of the thread, you can find a link to my full notes.

On Investing in the Future:

Investing in the future has never been more attractive. The rate of innovation is happening much faster than in the past and continues to compound. This has also been enabled by collapsing prices for innovation (it’s becoming cheaper to innovate).
On Fear of Change:

Because of the institutional investor's mental incapacity to look forward caused by the telecom and tech bubble, there is a major opportunity for retail investors to outperform the institutions with the use of the emerging supply of open-sourced research.
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"Imagine trying to build a house and the value of the meter was constantly in flux or constantly being diluted or deteriorated. It would just make planning really difficult and that's sort of what we have with money today..."
-@Breedlove22 's underrated outro
"...In the sphere of money, we lack an engineering standard for money...

#Bitcoin is the first universal
metric system or value system for money
that can't be violated or changed.

...This is very important for harmonizing human action at scale."
"Inflation is nominally deceptive because you're not actually richer, the dollar is actually worth less. It's the most simple yet brilliant illusion ever perpetrated; people think they're getting something for nothing via inflation when, in fact, the opposite is true."
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Why it is taking so long for Institutional Investors to buy $BTC?

Answer: Institutional Alice (IA) must venture down the crypto Rabbit Hole

1. IA must understand Cryptos in general

Many are already down this path, but you would be surprised how many are still not

Try to remember how long it took you to understand #Bitcoin at first
2. IA must have a total grasp of #Bitcoin vs other Cryptos/ETH

The uniqueness of $Bitcoin is difficult to get at first, especially for newcomers

Many are still not far enough down this path yet
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1/ Over the years, the New York Times (aka Mouth of Sauron) has produced some fairly poor takes on #Bitcoin. But the one published today by @BCAppelbaum (who's on their editorial board 🤦‍♂️) may be the most embarrassing yet.…
2/ It is so rife with misunderstandings and errors (both technical and economic) that one is left with the impression that the NYT isn't capable of the most basic reporting of facts on #Bitcoin. Quelle surprise.
3/ Consider this doozy where the author thinks #Bitcoin's security is breakable because Alan Turing "figured out the password" of the Enigma in WW2.

This cringeworthy argument is like saying that if someone can jump over a ball, they can jump over the moon.
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