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1/Acc. to @DoveyWan, who has a good prior track record of CT #China insights, and @PandaofBinance the recent #BTC dump could be attributed to a Chinese Ponzi scheme #PlusToken selling tens of 000s of BTC:

2/The list of addresses mentioned in the story(total ~276k BTC received,last txs>0.01 BTC):
A (last tx 31-07-2019)…
B (last tx 26-05-2019)…
C (last tx 13-08-2019)…
D (last tx 04-04-2019)…
3/According to data by @CrystalPlatform wallet A belongs to @BixinIM bitcoin hosted wallet provider. It has been created 4 years ago, which is much longer than PlusToken exists.
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#Recession fears have spiked because of a reliable indicator that the USA is entering an economic recession. Throughout market history, anytime the yield on 10-year treasury notes went below the 2-year rate, recession followed. That happened today, so investors are fleeing.
#Dow Jones Industrial Average way down. Mega-banks are taking solid uppercuts to the chin today. Citigroup is down 5% right now.
Trump's trade/tariff war on China has not only decimated US agriculture, but it has added to a global economic slowdown. The Fed will now likely give in to his flip-flopped demand that they lower interest rates again. We may even see negative yield before its over.
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I see this argument pop up every once in a while - the numbers look shocking. While the number that @iam_preethi provided is less than shown on @bitinfocharts (2.83%,95.44%), there is a frame of reference that needs to be taken into account: Mini thread…
Of the Top 10 richest Bitcoin addresses, 7 of them are exchange wallets (4.0894% of total BTC). Exchange wallets are either amalgams of their customers holdings, or insurance funds in the event of a breach.
Of the remaining 18 out of the Top 25 wallets, 9 of them were first created prior to 2017 - 2 in 2010, 1 in 2011, 1 in 2013, 1 in 2014, 2 in 2015, and 2 in 2016. These wallets contain 2.3471% of total BTC.
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Hope you enjoy the weekend! 😀Deflation unfolding in economy. Stay tuned for my view on market and coming macro developments #HZupdates
Short term we may see a bounce in #AUDUSD, as wave 2 develops - which sets us up for strong wave 3 down #HZupdates
#OIL develops in Ending Diagonal, which sets a target <20USD before LT-bottom. Again - we could pot. see that LT-bottom in around early Spring 2020. The period from now - until then is the #DEFLATIONARY phase of the crisis. This is where liquidity (USD) is scarce #HZupdates
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The question for the #ethereum community is, how do we do #defi without creating another ICO boom and bust like #YOLO situation... IMO the main cause of current eth/btc price being out of whack with the immense technical progress in and around eth over the last two years.
#bitcoin is overpriced because there's been very little technological progress. But finance isn't just about technology. It's also about trust. #bitcoin is overpriced vs better tech including #ethereum BECAUSE nothing changes, same as the UK and US high street banks.
Finance isn't the best space to move fast and break things. Alright it isn't health care or space flights and #innovation is never risk free but its important for the community to call out things that don't make sense…?
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1/Why #bitcoin matters now.

Trump wants to look good for 2020. No surprise there. Strong economic numbers--especially GDP--are crucial.

So: trade war! Force a huge economy (China) to buy more of our products. Cranks up GDP. Yay us, right?!

Except China's fighting back.
2/China is devaluing their currency. Sounds bad for them, ya? So counter-intuitive.

A weaker Yuan makes it harder for China to import goods (they can't afford to buy other countries' stuff).

But also makes it cheaper for others to buy Chinese goods (our bucks go further).
3/But China is primarily an export economy. So they're happy to juice the trade flow out and disadvantage the flow in.

The $USD is already expensive relative to everyone else's currency. So what can Trump do? He *needs* to increase our exports... but we're expensive to buy from.
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0/ We recently released our Bitcoin Monthly Outlook covering several developing trends we’re watching closely. Below is a short thread on some of the key takeaways, but you can access the full report + our historical outlooks at!

Join us today!
1/ #Bitcoin remains one of the best performing assets globally this year, tracking its 2017 performance so far YTD. Historically, the second half of the year has been kind to $BTC, especially the early autumn months, but important to note history is obviously limited.
2/ Correlation between $BTC & gold has strengthened considerably the last few months amid plunging debt yields + rising geopolitical tensions (our quarterly outlook gives more context on the macro backdrop & why demand for an uncorrelated, non-sovereign asset likely increases).
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A Currency Crisis?

When the long-term charts all start pointing to a single event risk, I pay attention.

When those charts are at the KEY level, I focus.

And when they break, it is time for action...

Something really BIG is going on...
We are at the most important juncture in FX markets in my entire 30 year career. The dollar appears at risk of an uncontrolled rise.

Let me show you...
The Fed Broad Trade Weighted Dollar Index is incredibly close to breaking the ENORMOUS cup and handle pattern at 130. Barely a half a percent away...
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@vancanste @LHSummers 0% interest rates for 8 years and $4.2T printed and given to a select few. Not bitcoin, but the shitty USD
@vancanste @LHSummers i'll give you the benefit of providing you everything you need to know to understand your own question; I doubt you'll heed it, but in the interest of good will, here's a thread just for you:
@vancanste @LHSummers We left hard money much earlier than 1971 b/c of fractional reserve banking, but that was at least capped at a 14:1 ratio. Post 1971 when all semblance of backing the dollar to a hard asset was gone, everyone benefitting from it chose other stores of value: RE, equities, gold...
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I never Trust 4chan, 8chan and any other internet forum board along with sites Reddit, voat, mewe, gabai.. I am always on guard with Twitter, Google, YouTube, Facebook and others. Internet produces EVIL people. Look at how #Asia controls the forum boards.👇
And when you see your blocked by someone you do not even know.. you know why. Something evil is brewing and I bet I know what it is. Tick Tock
#cryptocurrency #Bitcoin #Childtrafficking #Drugs @FBI @FBIWFO @realDonaldTrump @SecretService @VP @SecPompeo
Go back to watching CSI, XFILES, MURDER SHE WROTE, NANCY DREW and other classic TV shows or movies you'll learn. Stop being idiots and relying on popular Twitter people to teach you. Be a #Freethinker @madmandave1011 @fedupwarrior4q @QWarrior1917
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1. #KriptoParalar neden artış trendinde? Ticaret savaşları,huzursuz paralar, #doların başına gelen haller...
2. ABD Başkanı Donald Trump’ın ,cuma günü %10 ek tarife ile Çin için 300 milyar dolarlık ithalat kaybı olabilecek bir süreci başlattı.
3. Çin, döviz kurlarını korumak için adım atmak yerine yuanın dolar karşısında değer kaybına izin vererek cevap verdi. Çin Yuanı pazartesi sabahı dolar karşısında yedi yılın en düşük seviyesine düştü .
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@twobitidiot 1/ I was never a good student. Not for lack of trying: I studied quite hard, but I only got average/poor grades. At the start of high school my self esteem hit rock bottom. Then in my 2nd year, 2 things happened:

- I read @tferriss #FourHourWorkWeek
- I started making websites
@twobitidiot @tferriss 2/ It was a perfect storm, because #4HWW showed me a side of the world I never knew about - entrepreneurship. Web dev showed me how easy it was to put something out into the world.

I joined up for an economics class and lo & behold it 'clicked' for me and became my best subject.
@twobitidiot @tferriss 3/ During my business classes I met a guy called Otis. He was a hilarious guy and a little more off the rails than me - I remember him talking to our teacher about how drug dealers could apply the 4 P's of marketing, lol. Halfway thru the year he enlisted me to learn about Tor...
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1/ Here is the @crypto_voices 2019 Q2 release on the global monetary base. This is the only comparable money supply with Bitcoin's 21 million. #Bitcoin is currently the 🔥11th largest money in the world. To dig deeper on what it all means, follow on below. This is installment #5.
2/ Gold & silver is base money of the past. Government fiat is base money today. It comprises both physical cash… and a digital cash component! Bitcoin may be base money of the future. Before we get to the charts, it's important to clarify a few common misconceptions in money.
3/ The first is everyone looking to value Bitcoin always jumps to the "narrow" or "broad" money supplies (M1/M2/M3). This is incorrect. The reason is those money supplies represent "claims" on something else. What is that something else? Answer: the base money supply!!
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Mini thread on the #Bitcoin:

I believe the argument that $BTC is not the real Bitcoin because it is not 'cash' is a purely semantics based error.

If you look up the synonyms of cash, the first that pop up are: money, currency, legal tender.

Let's dive into the WP 1/x
[Abstract] "A purely peer-to-peer version of electronic cash would allow online payments to be sent directly from one party to another without going through a financial institution."

Can payments be sent directly from one party to another without an intermediary? Yes.
[Introduction] "What is needed is an electronic payment system based on cryptographic proof instead of trust,
allowing any two willing parties to transact directly with each other without the need for a trusted
third party."

Does that sound like $BTC to you? Sounds like it to me
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Alright let's get this through.
My key takeaways from the latest @OwnMarket AMA, and why they make me more bullish than before.

18 tweets so stay focused. 😉

Let's go:

$CHX #STO #securitytokens #Blockchain #Crypto #Bitcoin #Exchanges #gaming #mobilegames #ETH #investing
Let's start with the big one. The first STO (project Crowd) is now confirmed to launch its raise in September, this will be accompanied with a huge marketing campaign.
Remember for every #STO, $CHX gets locked away depending on the total raise.
1 month to go 😎
OWN now has officially signed a cooperation with Raiffeisen Bank who will support them in the STO space and also with their upcoming Stock exchange.
This is an impressive bank with over 2 million customers which has received several "best bank" Awards. #banking #crypto $CHX
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The #UASF was a defining event of #Bitcoin. 2 years later we may forget what the movement looked like early on. It was never a sure thing. Many people were confused & felt powerless in the face of what looked like massive support for a forced protocol change (NYA/#SegWit2x).
In fact many thought that #Bitcoin was over as we knew it. How could anyone (or any group) go up against such an overwhelming amount of hashrate and corporate backing? It looked like an impossible battle. But Bitcoin and Bitcoiners exist for impossible battles. #RememberTheUASF
All revolutionary movements start small. People started to organize & coordinate. Code was written. Memes were made. Hats were manufactured. Momentum started to build. Eventually the #UASF won the day. It was never a sure thing but we were 100% committed and that’s what mattered.
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1-#Fed faizleri 25 baz puan indirdi ve Eylül’de bitecek Para Yakma programını, derhal sonlandırdı. Bu aslında 2008 sonrası izlenen politikaların iflasıdır. İşte Flood!

Fed cut rates by 25 bps and immediately ended QT program. This is indeed the bankruptcy of post-2008 policies.
2-2008’den sonra ABD’nin 200 yılda bastığı Merkez Bankası parasının 4 katını basıp faizleri 0’a indiren Fed, kriz bittiğinde normale dönecekti

After 2008, Fed slashed rates to 0 and quadrupled 200 years of central bank money. It was supposed to normalize when the crisis was over
3-Normalleşme faizlerin %4-5’e yükseltilmesi ve 2008’den sonra basılan paraların en az %50-60‘ının yakılması anlamına gelecekti

Normalization meant to lift rates up to 4-5% and burn at least %50-60% of the money Fed printed after 2008
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Happy Bitcoin Independence Day!

Today commemorates an important day in the #Bitcoin community where on August 1st, 2017, users decided to claim control over the network. We've compiled a thread of @AaronvanW's coverage on the event dating back to May 2017👇#UASF #No2X
May 24th, 2017 — Spearheaded by @barrysilbert's DCG, over 50 companies signed and published a “Bitcoin Scaling Agreement” on Medium. [It] intends to put an end to Bitcoin’s long-lasting scaling debate.

Whether it actually will is another question.…
June 16, 2017 — Bitcoin’s long-lasting scaling debate appeared to be heading toward a climax lately, with two proposals gaining significant traction. At one end... BIP148, a user activated soft fork.. On the other, there’s SegWit2x.…
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1/ #Bitcoin price update.

Vol dropping, funding rate and liquidity improving, and sentiment no longer depressed.

Progress for bulls as we end July.
2/ The Vol channel has had 2 consecutive days closing below the channel support.

I'd argue this channel is invalidated.

August is upon us and historically, traders trade less around this time.

Vol may trade sideways to lower until September now that we are invalidated.
3/ Bitcoin dominance appears to have finished its retracement after tagging 70% and is marching north to test that level again.

Alts will continue to bleed...
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@c_ehrbar Laugh all you want, I look at every timeframe on everything that I'm concerned with. I chose the 1H timeframe here, and even the 3m too on a facebook post, to serve as a "before" image if/when it plays out as quickly as expected. Then I can make something like this yet again.
@c_ehrbar An example of higher timeframe context that I've been providing... Notice how nicely it bounced from the .886 retracement 125 days after I posted it.…

#StockMarket $DJI $NDX $SPX $SPY
@c_ehrbar I use that along with my analysis on #bitcoin itself, the individual indices, my "sum of that american indices divided by the price of gold" private chart, and several others to be almost certain of my medium-term scenario playing out, just as I was about #bitcoin goin up from 3k
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1/ Other cryptoassets go up and down relative to #bitcoin— but if $BTC doesn’t go up in USD terms, nothing does (for the foreseeable future).
2/ So long as crypto remains relatively insular and #bitcoin continues to be the primary UoA & liquidity provider in the space, this connection is due to remain for a while.
3/ The length of that “while” will depend on how long it takes for valuation techniques to become guiding consensus, the integration of #crypto into broader global macro, and the economics of use at scale.
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Give me bitcoin, or give me death.
"Common sense will tell us, that
the power which hath endeavoured to subdue us, is of all others, the
most improper to defend us."
"Men who look upon themselves born to reign, and others to obey, soon grow insolent; selected from the rest of mankind their minds are early poisoned by importance; and the world they act in differs so materially from the world at large, that they have but little opportunity...
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Dollar vs. #Bitcoin inflation

In a USD economy the amount of dollars needed to purchase a loaf of bread goes up when prices rise.

In a BTC economy the amount of BTC needed for bread goes down when prices rise.

They can print infinite USD.

Bitcoin can subdivide infinitely.
The bread is worth the same but the money changes value.

As long as people still accept USD for bitcoin, the value of bitcoin is still influenced by fiat printing presses.

As more of that fiat inflates btc, goods priced in btc appear to cost less, well fewer units.
I could be wrong but it strikes me that unless a market is a completely closed BTC economy, with all goods and services denominated in btc, currency devaluation due to fiat printing presses are still likely.

But the inflation is inverted. Prices get lower not higher.
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I've been reading Eye The Spy lately and he is convinced that #Epstein is far, far bigger than we yet realize. So I've been #reviewing what is known about him. I think I may have figured out what he is #REALLY doing.
#QAnon #QArmy #QNN #WWG1WGA #PatriotsUnite
Yes, of course he was #blackmailing lots of people. But there is more to it. He was also making lots of #Money. And the #Blackmail #victims were not #flipping which means they were also #earning something somehow.
#QAnon #QArmy #QNN #WWG1WGA #PatriotsUnite
So I think he had them all running #scams of one sort or another. Small fish, just #invested with him. He stashed the money somewhere simple and safe, and it #earned without a lot of work.
#QAnon #QArmy #QNN #WWG1WGA #PatriotsUnite
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