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1/ Big day.

After 3 months of testing, tweaking, and auditing, we've launched tBTC rc.1 on mainnet. I expect it will be the final release candidate for tBTC.

#bitcoin #ethereum 💏
2/ As far as I know, this release is the first permissionless, censorship-resistant Bitcoin bridge on Ethereum. Anyone can mint by connecting to the Bitcoin and Ethereum chains, and no one can censor transactions or redemptions.
3/ Of course, censorship-resistance is on a spectrum. Today, there are ~67 signers powering the bridge- not 1000s. That number is increasing every hour, and I hope we'll see 500+ signers online before the end of the year.

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1/ Just as individuals hold private keys as a standard in #bitcoin, so too should businesses.

We are pleased to introduce the Unchained Capital Advanced Business Accounts.

There are no bailouts in bitcoin. There is no replacement for private keys.…
2/ With the OCC interpretive letter giving nationally chartered-banks the greenlight to pursue custody strategies and with companies like @MicroStrategy and @SnappaHQ leading a trend of shifting cash reserves to bitcoin, business adoption is becoming more mainstream by the day
3/ Businesses have different challenges than individuals

There are multiple employees, shareholders, investors, etc that share in financial controls

Financial controls are equally, if not more important, than sovereignty, censorship resistance, and avoiding counterparty risk
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Not that it changes anything but #bitcoin looks like its either forming a head and shoulders top (less likely but def possible). Image
Or its going to re-test the break out and form a wedge (more probable). Image
Weakness is the opportunity to slowly add. The correlation between risk assets and BTC I think is a passing phase. First you flush out shorter term traders, then if the Fed gets active it should begin to decouple or stocks rally again and bitcoin goes up too. Let's see...
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1/ Bitcoin Citadels 🏰

They represent security, self sovereignty, and for some, a utopian future built on #Bitcoin.

Time for a thread👇 Image
2/ Image
3/ Image
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El estado de Wyoming (EEUU) ha aprobado la solicitud de dar apertura a un banco comercial a la exchange de criptomonedas Kraken, con el que la empresa puede mejorar y expandir sus productos, según un comunicado de prensa.

Hasta ahora, Kraken dependía de terceros para ...

...las transferencias bancarias y otros servicios que le permitían interactuar con el sistema financiero convencional.

Ahora sus clientes podrán realizar operaciones bancarias directamente con Kraken Financial, tal como lo harían con su banco actual. Para empezar, la ...

...compañía ofrece a los usuarios la opción de depositar USD y activos virtuales, que se integrarán en los servicios de intercambio existentes. El comunicado de prensa establece que esto puede proporcionar a los clientes una mejor infraestructura financiera, una mejor...
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1/ Now that the Chad money is coming in, let's look at what moving to a bitcoin-denominated balance sheet might mean.

On inflows, outflows, balance sheets, and how a circular orange future might resolve the points of contention in #Bitcoin

2/ In essence, every economic actor needs to have an economic inflow to survive. This is true for individuals, companies, and even states.

A healthy actor has more inflow than outflow, resulting in a positive balance. Spending is necessary for survival or growth.
3/ Most economic actors sell goods and services to generate inflow. Sooner or later, what they earn is spent again on other goods and services. A payment is simply a moment in time where one is given what is due for goods or services.
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“Half of the $MSTR board already owned Bitcoin personally before I started pitching it as our reserve asset.” — @michael_saylor

H/t recent @RealVision interview
“Every treasury asset has a negative real yield, except for Bitcoin” — Michael Saylor
“No one who actually understands bitcoin only puts in 1%” — Michael Saylor
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We were questioned and ridiculed for buying #Bitcoin with our cash reserves. We posted a tweet to explain. People are still skeptical but came back with more questions which is good. We will continue to help educate on why we made that decision

Time for another thread👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽
1) When Vicious Lion Investor @TraceMayer says “#Bitcoin is a claim on the future productivity of the planet in perpetuity discounted back to the present”
You should listen 👇🏽…
2) When The Worlds Favourite Rich Dad & Best Selling Author @theRealKiyosaki says that fiat currencies are pyramid schemes, and bought #Bitcoin with his wealth.
You should listen 👇🏽
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Some takeaways from @APompliano's interview with @michael_saylor, CEO of MicroStrategy, after their 38,250 BTC buy ($425m).

Plot goes: "I'm a good thinker and a large financial player, this what I found researching Bitcoin coming from outside of the industry"

Read on...

Michael trained as a rocket scientist, MicroStrategy sells business intelligence software for large clients.

A very engaging interview. He reminded me of this character (The Big Short).
They had a $0.5b of spare cash on the books with no need to deploy it in the foreseeable future.

Meanwhile the assets you really want (real estate, ivy league education, etc) were inflating against their USD stockpile at a real rate of 7% per annum.
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Superthread of @michael_saylor quotes from the Pomp interview.

I believe this interview will be viewed as a pivotal moment in the history of finance/money, and I wanted to document some of the quotes and insights/lessons as a reference for myself and others.
Quote 1:

"I lived to see my stock price go from $333 a share to $0.42...and I'm the longest lived public company CEO in my industry...and I'm pretty sure I'm the only public company CEO that ever presided over a 99.8% stock price drop and kept his job."
Lesson 1:

With vision, strength, and wisdom you can weather any storm.

Strong hands are made by carrying a heavy burden when others have released their grip.
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What you need to know about SEC Regulation of Digital Assets.

Last week, the Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) informed the public about its plan to regulate the crypto space and blockchain activities in Nigeria.
The organization’s objectives are thus; to protect investor(s), safeguard the interest of the public, ensure there is market integrity & transparency in the market.
Nigeria is an active country in the cryptocurrency space since the inception of #Bitcoin(genesis block). As far back as 2010, there is no law or policy to regulate the activity of transactions within Nigeria or that of foreign establishment that target investors from Nigeria.
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The @michael_saylor interview with @APompliano about MicroStrategy buying $425M worth of #Bitcoin was truly remarkable.

I've compiled a list of all my favourite quotes and remarks in the thread below 👇
"You’re not getting inflation on YouTube and Netflix streaming videos and candy bars manufactured by robots in factories. You’re getting inflation on everything you want. If you wanted anything scarce, everything you want is going up 7% and that’s asset price inflation." /2
"I have a mega mega mega problem and the mega problem is I have a lot of cash and I’m watching it melt away… and I’m helped to realize I have a mega problem by this insane V shaped recovery in the bond market and the equity market." /3
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1/5 The .@APompliano interview with .@michael_saylor goes straight to the #Bitcoin Podcast Hall of Fame. You will not find another CEO who will better represent the ethos of the Bitcoin community. His backstory on how he got here with MicroStrategy is telling.
A Thread. 👇👇👇
2/5 A few takeaways. First, Michael Saylor is open to other's ideas. On many occasions in growing his company he took the advice of a friend/consultant on emerging technologies and incorporated them into his products. This usually led to doubling his profits every few years.
3/5 Second, he was a forward thinker who saw the promise of mobile apps and domain names. You want conviction? He once refused to sell a domain name for $100,000 and held out until he broke them and finally sold it for $30 Million!
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There's now more than $1 billion in #Bitcoin on Ethereum (0.5% of total supply).

$500 million in the past 30 days 📈

This is the gravity of triple digit yields.

1/ Image
While I personally think the biggest cross-chain opportunity is exchange rather than pegged assets, pegged assets will definitely be huge as yield farming opportunities continue to pop up.…
Also interesting here is how the trend demonstrates how powerful yield farming incentives are.

There's a lot of assets that have been left out the DeFi mania because they're unproductive and sit idly in wallets.
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So you want to be free(er). There are a few stages of what people do when they realize this. It starts by being this in forefront of your consciousness. First stage is despair - I live in a non-free world. This law and that law limits my freedom. And often not only laws.
Then you start looking for ways out. Second stage is usually looking for loopholes. Yes, I have to pay custom duty if I import coffee, but if I roast it inside, the duty is lower. If I move my business somewhere else, the taxes are lower and so on.
Then you realize that these loopholes take a lot of time and they are constantly changing. Navigating them becomes as difficult as sailing from Europe to North America in a stormy night without stars. You are blind to the future.
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#bitcoin volatility ranges vs other assets a mini thread:

(as measured by the BVOL index = rolling 30-day annualised vol)

Dec 2017: 81-162
Sept 2020 (last 30 days, mid-Aug to mid-Sept): 27-44

Price c. $10,000 both times

Which is more of a bubble?!

Sept 2020 (last 30 days) volatility for:

Silver (VXSLV): 46-84
GDX (VXGDX): 41-52
Nasdaq (VXN): 27-48
Gold (GVZ): 20-28
Oil (OVX): 30-59

Bitcoin (BVOL): 27-44

So Silver and GDX, Nasdaq and Oil are currently more volatile

Gold is less volatile

Compared to December 2017, or indeed any time around that time, $BTC is now far less volatile in general (everything had a vol spike in March 2020), although still TOO volatile to rival gold, but give it time..

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𝗧𝗵𝗿𝗲𝗮𝗱 𝗼𝗻 𝐗𝐑𝐏/𝐑𝐢𝐩𝐩𝐥𝐞 🐳

I've been an active $XRP Investor since 2013. I've spent lots of time researching + comparing alt coins, and have XRP ranked at the top.

$XRP is promising project, with an even more promising future for long term Investors, here's why:
#XRP is a digital asset utilizing Distributed Ledger Technology like #Bitcoin but that's where the similarities stop.

🕒XRP is x1000 faster than $BTC (3-4 seconds)
💰XRP is x1000 cheaper than $BTC (> $0.01)
🌳XRP is better for the environment (no mining)
⚖️XRP is more scalable
Ripple is the 𝕆ℕ𝕃𝕐 company on the market that is actively pushing for regulations.

They've been working closely with government agencies to ensure they are fully compliant.

This gives XRP a huge advantage compared to other alts which will eventually vanish.
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1/10 First law of thermodynamics:
energy can't be created or destroyed,it's always transfered in a closed system (like our Universe).
2/10 we put energy into everything we do, therefore energy = work done. there aren't any free meals
3/10 any work done is proof of energy used,or transferred. building a home ,a home represents someone's time and energy used to build it.
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#Bitcoin is a poster child for @nntaleb's barbell.

It is simultaneously hyper local and hyper global. You can store it in your pocket or send it anywhere in the world.

You have 100% control of your bitcoin and 0% control of everyone else's.
#Bitcoin is publicly transparent and extremely private.

It provides a small, local economy access to a large, global one--while allowing independence.

It has a decentralized production model (mining) with a centralized outcome (collaboration around one monetary unit).
Bitcoin's first layer infrastructure seamlessly interacts with the internet while also existing apart from the internet.

It's both entirely intangible (digital) and completely tangible (it has scarcity that gives it trading desirability).
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People question us all the time about why we put our cash reserves into #Bitcoin Here is why

Time for a thread 👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽
1) When tech titan & innovator @jack CEO of @Twitter & @Square has #Bitcoin as his bio
You should listen 👇🏽
2) When one of the greatest traders of our time Paul Tudor Jones says “The best profit-maximizing strategy is to own the fastest horse,” #Bitcoin
You should listen 👇🏽…
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The term "meme" was coined by @RichardDawkins on the 1976 book "The Selfish Gene", wherein the author explores a gene centered view of evolution. These ideas explain why it makes evolutionary sense for genetically related individuals to behave selflessly and 1/11
also why an individual risks its life and health to bring its offspring to the world. The term "meme" is meant to represent an analogous to the gene on a second layer to biology which is also susceptible to evolution, namely, human culture. Thus, the term is meant to convey 2/11
a unit of human culture which is subjected to the similar mutation, competition and selection pressures as genes. Whereas genes compete between each other for number of copies in the next generation of hosts, memes compete for mindshare. Evolving genes are constantly 3/11
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Why are developers describing tiny Polkadot as the ($400 billion) Amazon Web Service of blockchain?

Scan 30 bullets about the worst kept secret in the next-generation blockchain.

• Discover why Warren Buffet’s #BerkshireHathaway owns more #Polkadot than you.

• The truth about why Bitcoin coders jumped ship to rack-up crazy hours coding Polkadot. Ever heard of the “sharp knife” theory?

• Why never compare Ethereum to Polkadot (even if #Ethereum leads the $9 billion #DeFi boom)
• The world’s most powerful blockchain scaling strategy: is this the code to finally unshackle 4 billion internet users from privacy abusing Google?

• The often overlooked feature that can see #Polkadot 10X before the next scandal bursts into the headlines about crypto forks!
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MEGATHREAD: Building on Liquid

Liquid is a #Bitcoin sidechain built for traders & exchanges & includes new tech not available on Bitcoin.

Learn about the new tools, libraries, webinars, tutorials, projects, & tech being built for the #LiquidNetwork. 🌊
Nigiri is a one-click personal #Bitcoin network and #LiquidNetwork. It provides a command line interface that manages a selection of docker containers to have a ready-to-use Bitcoin and Liquid regtest environment so you can write code and test quickly.
Liquid.Coach is a browser-based tool for Liquid devs & power users for doing operations like checking the balance of an address, creating & importing a PSET (Partial Signed Elements Transaction) or even sign it, all from the browser!…
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1. Can family offices protect their legacy without #Bitcoin?

The looming “Great Monetary Inflation” hints at no.

Thread on the $5.9 trillion family offices asset manager category, which will have to share only 21 million bitcoins.

On @knoxcustody blog:
2. It is now irresponsible for fund managers with medium to long term investment horizons to have no allocations in scarce and non-debaseable assets.

Bond yields have reached their lowest lows, real estate has recently hit all time highs, and an ounce of gold is now topping $2k.
3. Even risk-on assets such as stocks have been surging since the global monetary printing presses went full blast, with over $6 trillion of QE.

Fundamentals such as corporate earnings are weak have stayed flat if not worsened.

Wealth inequality is further polarizing society.
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