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There's issues there, but let's not forget they may also be a group that's active online in large numbers & which has been mapped out psychologically more thoroughly than anyone else.

We tend to think social media.

MMORPGs could work *very* well to mass test scenarios/stimuli.
For one, you can work towards embedding unconscious, instinctive responses to certain forms of stress.

For example, convincing someone they're about to be attacked or an association is building in that direction.

& that there are painful consequences for failing to respond.
And by respond, of course, you could mean violently, or:

It could mean by failing to plan out and execute a preemptive attack.

It's a cliche that some games "program you" to pull a gun instinctively & shoot first.

Games could take that to the next level.
cc: @saradannerdukic
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Si usted es profesor,ra de Economía y no encuentra la forma de explicar por qué sube y baja el precio del bitcóin, le sugiero utilizar, a modo de ejemplo, el precio de los 💐 a las 18hrs en el Día de San Valentín, Día de la Madre...

#bitcoin $BTC #hilo
1. El precio de los 💐 vale lo que la gente está dispuesta a pagar.
2. El precio de los 💐 no está regulado.
3. El único factor que determina el valor de los 💐 es el que se establece entre la oferta y la demanda.
Ahora bien, si desea explicar si el bitcóin es una «gran burbuja» , le recomiendo leer lo que se explica en la imagen adjunta.
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Square co-founder and CEO Jack Dorsey, Lightning Labs co-founder and CEO Elizabeth Stark on stage for a fireside chat at #Consensus2018 @Square @jack @starkness @lightning #BlockchainWeekNY
.@jack: "When the bitcoin white paper came out I admit I didn't fully understand how much of it suddenly came together. I really appreciated the philosophy, how it was introduced to the world under a pseudonym … I didn't really understand the implications of it."
.@starkness: "I was a skeptic too—initially. No longer." @lightning #Consensus2018
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1/ I’m in Vilnius this week. Here’s an attempt to connect a couple dots from observations and conversations. Bear with me. Want to paint the human side of this story. #Facebook
2/ Just met a 40-year old father of 2 from Venezuela. We’ll call him John. John studied chemical engineering
3/ John’s grand parents were from Lithuania and fled the country in 1944 when the Soviet occupation began.…
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Inspired by @giacomozucco's twitterstorm yesterday, here's some more thoughts on why #bcash is pointless.

Though this has been argued since forever, I've had several irl interactions recently that made me realise BCashers still don't understand these points. #bitcoin <thread>
(First of all, we're ultimately on the same side, main disagreement is on timelines. The ad-hominem name-calling bullshit hasn't helped anyone's cause, and is an easy way to divide and weaken a community that is meant to be strong in numbers. Vires in numeris.)
Technical issues aside, Bitcoin isn't ready to be a payment network yet. "Spend and replace" is a much worse UX than simply paying by card or using PayPal.
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UK orders Cayman & BVI to divulge Shell Co ownership info.🤗

US Treas gives Deripraska’s Rusal relief from sanctions.😱

Goldman Sachs lurves BitCoin?😱

CA closes US offices, but will EmerData rise & begin Ops?😱

Why did NYTs falsely attribute list of ?? to SCO? 🤔
Britain agreed on Tuesday to order its overseas territories such as the Cayman Islands and the British Virgin Islands to make secretive company ownership information public by the end of 2020 to try to tackle corruption and tax avoidance.

U.S. Treasury amends sanctions on Russia, paving the way for aluminum giant Rusal to be removed from the blacklist

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We're attracted to having large numbers of things.
Some #altcoins should therefore split to unlock latent value; the more utilitarian the $crypto token, the more potential benefit if cheap & numerous.
eg $GEO - large caches seem more bountiful, single tokens have cheap utilities
More examples:
$BLOCK - Service rewards are non-decimal numbers
$FANS - small bets are still whole numbers; big bets are BIG numbers
$DCR - better representation as a currency as well as store of value
Everyone says #Bitcoin is infinitely divisible and wallets can be revised to move the decimal, but no coin to my knowledge has ever done this (instead splitting by fork). Attempts to hack people's impressions, like promoting denomination in bits (100 sat), have failed so far.
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Hello everyone and thank you for hosting me on #Audacious, @arkinsquare! My tweets will be a thread, so please follow along. I'll also take questions afterwards.
First of all, introductions. I'm Subomi Plumptre, wearer of many hats - investor, #brand strategist, #socialmedia strategist and idea developer. #Audacious @arkinsquare
Here are a few of my professional credentials - I'm a member of the Executive Committee at @AlderConsulting, a Creative Intelligence Firm. #Audacious @arkinsquare
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I kind of see @HeyRhett as the Martin Shkreli of cryptocurrency. He's convinced that his hopping from fork-to-fork and turning a profit isn't market manipulation - and maybe legally he's in the clear (I'm not a lawyer). But is it morally corrupt? Hell to the yes.
I am *so* done bearing witness to this behavior. I implore everyone in the #crypto / #Bitcoin / etc. space to call this stuff out and start caring more about projects that actually improve on a technology or benefit society rather than simply paying a dude who forks a coin.
Just to be clear - in the screenshotted thread, Rhett is admitting to *more than doubling* the price of his investment by accumulating Primecoin prior to mentioning a fork on Twitter - which subsequently pumped the price. And he thinks he did nothing wrong. This space... 😐
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1/ Altcoins compete on *claims* of complex features, but that's a losing model, because with time new complex feature ideas will become popular.

The real challenge is to create simple, robust and unchangeable features like #bitcoin.
2/ The short history of the #BitcoinEra has shown altcoins' claims of complex features are a dime a dozen. Popular features come and go, or evolve into yet new features.

By the time your altcoin has built a working network, its feature list is passe.
3/ #Bitcoin, on the other hand, does a few things very well, and provides a space for people/businesses/apps to capitalize on those unchangeable strengths of its system.
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$BCH isn't a scam, but it kinda is. BCash isn't a scam because #Bitcoin is an open-source project and anyone can fork it (and sometimes it feels that almost everyone did at some point). The software isn't the problem, it's certain people behind it that are committing fraud.
BCash came into existence as an attempt to strong-arm Bitcoin users and businesses. It was backed and funded by 3 people: Roger Ver, Jihan Wu and Craig Wright. Again: no issue with them forking off, their choice and they want to try to take a different route, which is fine.
It resulted in a centralized coin (3 main backers) with centralized development (3/4 different "implementations" by devs who lack experience and all funded by the same people) and centralized mining. Nothing special about it, although claiming it to be decentralized isn't true.
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On July 18, 2010 ArtForz started mining bitcoin with GPU, reducing drastically the reward for the rest of the miners. The result was pretty interesting: instead of putting them out of business, the price jumped 10x to fully compensate the new difficulty.…
The subjective theory of value states that the value of a good is determined by the importance an acting individual places on it. ArtForz was not selling, so he restricted the offer forcing buyers to reconsider the subjective value of bitcoin and buy at CPU miners price.
Pricing collectibles such as #gold or #bitcoin is very different from pricing other objects. When #offer is depleted #price can quickly jump orders of magnitude. #monetization #hyperbitcoinization
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1/ Check out this interesting conversation between @_nirajshah and Professor @AswathDamodaran.

‘If there is one thing the crypto currencies are, they are not simple’ concludes @_nirajshah gallantly.
2/ By making that statement, @_nirajshah inherently assumes that central banking, free float exchange system and FIAT money creation are simple and well understood by the Average Joe leading to its high acceptance and usage.
3/ Nothing can be farther from the truth. Not more than 1% of the world population would understand the nitty-gritty of how FIAT money works. (Hint: It doesn’t)!
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1/ There is a socio-financial transition taking place in the world.
2/ The organisation of our world into nation-states no longer ministers to the needs of humanity.
3/ Humanity yearns to be unified; yet our structures continue to divide us.
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Some interesting comments from SEC Chairman Jay Clayton during talk about #cryptocurrency regulation at Princeton. #ClaytonCrypto #Ethereum #Bitcoin

1. SEC is starting from the principle that DLT has incredible promise
/2. SEC are still trying to wrap their heads around this -- "where does our jurisdiction begin?"
/3. However, they need to enforce regulation to actually prevent regulation from becoming too severe due to the immense risk of fraud in crypto
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Thread: 1/@rogerkver has been speaking around #Korea, such as at #deconomy2018 (along with @Excellion, @Jcp, @VitalikButerin, + many others). We want to address some of his popular talking points, such as the ones in his promotion video:
2/starting with a promotion of - several pointers: this website presents itself as a Bitcoin site and as a community. In fact, it's a for-profit site to promote $BCH first and foremost. There ARE strings attached. He HAS a stake in it, incentive to promote
3/@rogerkver and many others overestimated #Bitcoin technology in the early days, pitching it in certain way, based on what they saw at that time. Merchant adoption would be nice to see, but is limited by the constraints of the technology. That became clear as adoption grew.
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$Crypto thread on $BTC smart money.

1. Institutional, and all smart money, in general, don't enter the market at the top.
They drive the price all the way down, sponsor propaganda to create negative market sentiment, and force people to liquidate.
2. Let's say a group of investors wants to buy 100,000 $BTC.
Where do you think they will get this amount of liquidity in a bull market?

Now multiply this amount by N number of investors.
There's plenty of people with that kind of purchasing power.
3. Current $BTC liquidity providers are margin traders on 50x leverage and early #Bitcoin investors like @RichardHeartWin who believe $20,000 was the top.
If they don't sell, where do you get so much BTC?

You can't "just buy" 100,000 BTC. There is no such liquidity.
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#Bitcoin's off chain layer 2 is what makes it adaptable to nearly anything the free market can think of.

Bitcoin's decentralization on layer 1 is what ensures it's a "free" market.
Altcoins and ICO tokens are relatively centralized, and as a result are less free and adaptable.
Thanks to #bitcoin's relative decentralization and resulting freedom, its adoption is higher and it's ecosystem more vibrant.
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Cryptocurrency is effecting a turning of the tide from Gresham's Law to Thiers' Law.
2/ Gresham’s Law states that "bad money drives out good.” It applies when both forms of money are considered legal tender and have their exchange rate set by law.
3/ People will hoard the “good” money (which becomes the store of value) and transact with the “bad” money (which becomes the medium of exchange). Merchants are forced to accept this “bad” money because of the legal tender laws.
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The Dutch didn't just get the whole hack on video, they got personal information on 420,000+ Hansa users.

When I say you can track #cryptocurrency - you can *literally* search your evidence for the number string of a #bitcoin wallet.

You can *Google* it.…
Even if you're more cautious now, it's easy to track past transactions.

But even local cops can search a computers files for numerical strings of interest.

Now ask yourself what the @FBI & @NSAGov can do.…
When @NeonaziWallets can run an automated feed showing the daily bitcoin activities of white supremacists, imagine what the Federal law enforcement & counterintelligence who have known about this for at least almost 6 months could do with their data.
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To help raise the tide of crypto, I'm going to be doing the 100 days of shitcoins challenge, where I'll try to provide digestible summaries for coins, hopefully inspiring you to want to learn more and DYOR.

Follow & Retweet so you don't miss a shitcoin.
Day: 1 Ripple (#XRP) #cryptocurrency

Enterprise payment settlement network that uses blockchain tech. Designed to move large amounts of money more quickly and reliably.

Centralized AF because few parties will be validating transactions.
Day: 2 Cardano $ADA #cryptocurrency

Currency + platform for decentralized apps + smart contracts + formal code verification.

Considered "3rd gen" crypto (improving upon $BTC & $ETH). Bunch of smart folks trying to tackle too many issues. Vaporware until proven otherwise.
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The Dutch Hansa takeover.
"They obtained at least some data on 420,000 users, including at least 10,000 home addresses, which they've turned over to Europol to be distributed to other police agencies..."

#Cryptocurrency map.

@ericgarland @patribotics
"We want people to be aware," says Ras. "We have the data. It's here, and it's not going away."…
"Researchers have used the blockchain to tie years-old Silk Road bitcoin transactions to current, public accounts."…
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Some thoughts about the really bigger picture:
1) This week we witness how BTC and blockchain disrupt the banking economy. We all hope to get filthy rich and make a better world.
But what will happen next week?
2) We might see the coming of age of AI and robotics. Look at the latest public robots of Boston dynamics, they work together, realize when a situation changes and react accordingly. Is your skillset still scarce if a bot total recall and <1ms reaction is around the corner?
3) This is the conservative approach, if we look further we might see nanotechnology arriving, which ultimately makes all physical things replaceable and imitable. So what will remain scarce in such a world and as a consequence still be seen as a store of value?
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1/ #Bitcoin Stages -

Price momentum can always be divided into 4 stages -@markminervini

-S1 accumulation range (no media/max opportunity)
-S2 directionnal trend (<<-- THIS IS WHERE YOU SHOULD TRADE)
-S3 huge volatility (media are nuts/min opportunity)
-S4 final mark down/crash
2/ I told you to look into this article, that was the key for a great trade to do:

- Leave S2 behind
- Act during S3 that's going nowhere (22nd dec -40% day was the clue for S3)
- So you had plenty of time to avoid S4 by beeing invested in it.

3/ #Bitcoin is the key leader and barometer of $CRYPTO sector. Hate it or not. This is just rationnal and reality. As long it's not trending up (S2), $CRYPTO will mostly not trending up.

Your goal is to survive/make minimum mistakes not beeing right every move so avoid S1/S3/S4
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