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1/ A simple explanation of what happened in the UK Gilt market yesterday, and why #Bitcoin is cheap hedge against financial instability (or catastrophe). Image
2/ "Gilt" refers to UK government bonds, the equivalent of US treasuries.

Yesterday, Gilt prices plummeted (yields soared) and caused a possible melt down of UK pensions funds.

Bank of England had to step into the market to buy Gilt (see graph above).
3/ The liability of a pension fund is long term and hence its value is very sensitive to interest rate movement.

UK pension funds use swaps to manage this risk. To buy the swaps from banks, they use their assets (which are mainly Gilts) as collateral.
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🧵1/ There is an emergence of a variety of lending products around bitcoin. #Bitcoin as a bearer free instrument serves as prime collateral.

Referring to an article I recently published: "Why bitcoin is prestige #collateral for lending".…
2/Borrowing against your bitcoin makes economic sense for two reasons. First, there is a capital gains tax if you sell, and second, we are encouraged to spend fiat, not bitcoin, as long as the value of bitcoin is increasing faster than fiat interest rates.
3/ bitcoin should only be used to borrow against it, not to earn yield. Earning yield while being able to lose it all is not worth it. For lending purposes, you can use non-custodial solutions like @hodlhodl that are available.…
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Any further rate hikes from now on should be beneficial to crypto, as it pushes non-USD currencies into USD-denominated assets. If you're sitting in a country and your currency is being devalued due to high interest rates, the local price of #Bitcoin will continue to rise. (1/3)
#Bitcoin is the #1 crypto, which means it acts as a gateway into the crypto ecosystem, and I expect a lot of money to start pouring in as it exits heavily indebted and financially strained countries. The macro conditions this time are very different than in the past. (2/3)
What I'm saying is that if the Fed pushes this agenda any further, they're going to accelerate forex purchases of #Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies with any further rate hikes, as we saw with Britain earlier this week. #Bitcoin bears are going to be slaughtered. (3/3).
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"The Great Reset."

A comprehensive thread on the Global Elites' plan to control food, energy, and money.

What's their intention, and what can we do about it?

1/ Image
2/ For those awakening from the pod, I'll quickly get you up to speed so we can get into the thick of it.

The Great Reset is the World Economic Forum's plan to "shape the recovery" post-Covid-19.

It's an agenda to centrally plan the world.

It's global communism.
3/ The ultimate goal of the Great Reset is for you to own nothing and be happy.

And for them to own everything and be a little happier.

It's their strategy to consolidate power over food, energy, and money. Image
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It will take until 2140 until the last #Bitcoin is mined.

Wait, almost 120 years? How can that be?

🧵 A thread:

In 2022 Bitcoin number 19,000,000 was mined and it marked a huge milestone for the Bitcoin blockchain.

That means less than 2M $BTC are left until all 21,000,000 $BTC will have been successfully mined.

But how can this take so long?

Currently, there are issued around 900 $BTC per day:

6 Blocks per hour (10 min per Block) = 6 * 6.25 = 37.5 BTC per hour = 37.5 BTC/h * 24h = 900 BTC per day.

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With the recent announcement of @cosmos 2.0, is $ATOM the most undervalued token in DeFi?

What's the smallest thing in nature, but the biggest thing for crypto?

$ATOM! Image
What is $ATOM?

$ATOM is the governance token of @cosmos, a Layer 0 blockchain that allows other blockchains to build on it. They are built using the Cosmos SDK, which allows developers to quickly spin up PoS blockchains for their needs. Image
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(1/6) If your currency was rapidly depreciating what would you buy to protect your purchasing power?

The answer for Euro and Pound holders has overwhelmingly been #Bitcoin

This is notable because we did not see the same trend in previous crises in 2020 or 2021

A brief 🧵 Image
(2/6) What about other major crypto assets? Interestingly we haven't seen the same trend with Ether. Recent volumes are fairly unremarkable compared to the last 2 years. Hard money vs the world computer? Image
(3/6) "Real hard money" in Gold actually DEPRECIATED during the Sept 13th Euro sell-off and Sept 26th Pound drop off Image
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A comprehensive list of useful #Bitcoin block explorers.

🧵 Here is all you need to know in one thread:

First of all: What is a #Bitcoin block explorer?

A blockchain explorer is a tool for viewing and querying blocks on the blockchain. It works like a web browser but is connected to the blockchain rather than the internet.

The main function is to enable anyone with a connection to the internet to track all transactions taking place on the blockchain in real time.

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If you are hearing about the blood bath in the markets for bonds and USTs but aren't 100% certain what they are or what's the difference, we got your back.

Inspired by @_joerodgers and @mcshane_writes 😉

US Treasuries & Bonds 101 🧵👇
This isn't our first thread about bonds, have a look here at a slightly different topic: bond yield curves, where we high-level explain bonds, but deep dive more on the implications of their curves' inversion:
What is a US Treasury?
US Treasury securities are debt instruments issued by the US Dept of Treasury to raise the money required to operate the US govt.
They are backed by "the full faith and credit of the US govt: that interest and principal payments will be paid on time."
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New UK Chancellor of the Exchequer @KwasiKwarteng in 2015: “People who can game the system, a system which relies on printing huge amounts of paper currency, are going to be in a much more advantageous position than the average person” 👀 #bitcoin
If the UK media wasn’t so useless they’d cover this and books he’s written including on War and Gold. Instead all they cover is race and etiquette at royal funerals 🙄
“Order is represented by the gold standard or by a commodity standard… Chaos is when you don’t have any kind of mooring to commodities, you have fiat, paper money and you’re at the mercy of the printing press.”
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A thread on data & signals from the solar industry for #Bitcoin miners.

Source: 2022 Utility Scale Solar report by @NREL 👉🧵…
Data: similar to last year's report, solar provides below-average value in regions with high solar penetration
Signal: #Bitcoin miners should focus on co-locating with solar in established regions
Data: solar curtailment is a feature of the grid and will continue to rise
Signal: TX and CA solar could benefit the most by diverting curtailed energy into #Bitcoin mining
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#Bitcoin is down more than -71% from its all-time high in November 2021. Equities got hammered, and even large companies are trading significantly lower.

Bear markets can make you feel anxious, but they happen more often than you might think.

🧵 A thread:

First of all, bear markets are hard to predict and trade, but they are not reasons to panic.

On average a bear market lasts 290 days and a bull market lasts 991 days.

You will likely face losses of more than 40% during a bear market and gains of more than 120% during a bull market.

If you're 25, expect to live through 15 bear markets.

That means preparation is key!

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Großartiges #Bitcoin Interview mit @scholarium_at
Hier die besten Aussagen - bewusst aus dem Zusammenhang gerissen um den Effekt zu steigern!
1) Was ist Bitcoin? Ein dezentrales und allen Menschen zugängliches Netzwerk, das es erlaubt, Guthaben weltweit weiterzugeben.
2) Ist der enorme Energieverbrauch nicht umweltschädliche Verschwendung? Nein.

Die Umweltschäden durch bestehende Vermögenswerte – wie etwa leerstehende Anlageimmobilien – sind ungleich höher als jene, die der Wettbewerb um Bitcoin verursacht
Zudem begünstigt Bitcoin den Ausbau erneuerbarer Energie. Denn die Herstellung – auch Schürfen genannt –, kann orts- und zeitunabhängig direkt an den Energiequellen erfolgen, verwertet damit sonst gerade nicht nutzbare Energie und erhöht deren Wirtschaftlichkeit.
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The most critical battle of our lives.

Between freedom & serfdom.

#Bitcoin vs. #CBDC.

1/16 Image
2/ Freedom has been in a bear market for decades, but the final death blow is on the horizon.

The end of financial freedom via Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) & social credit.

We must stop CBDCs at all costs.

Keep reading to get up to speed on what's at stake.
3/ CBDCs create a direct relationship between you & central bank [CB].

Currently, CBs work w/ commercial banks, which work w/ ppl.

But CBDCs disintermediate the comm. banking system providing you w/ financial services directly from the CB.

Doesn't sound so bad, does it?
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🧵#Bitcoin consumes less energy than the world's 25 largest banks.

The world's largest 25 banks employ 4.5M people.

Last year, Bitcoin consumed 36B kWh, which is the electricity consumed by Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont and Rhode Island's 4.5M people. /1 Image
The figure comes from the @Earthjustice and @SierraClub report on Proof of Work mining. /2
Number of Employees in the 25 Largest Banks in the World = 4,506,988 people.

Population of Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont and Rhode Island = 4,481,554 people. /3…
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$BTC #Bitcoin

Is the bottom of Bitcoin in, or not?

In this thread, I would like to update you with charts and on-chain analysis on this topic, since my last thread was more than 3 months ago.

$BTC #Bitcoin

If you ask me, this is one of the most important trendlines for Bitcoin (for the last 5 years).

Every time $BTC has broken through it (whether down or up), the price fluctuations have been very volatile afterwards.

For now, the line is holding.


This chart shows quite clearly that structures can always repeat themselves. It doesn't matter, whether it is inverse, other timeframes, or other assets.

Left= $BTC '18-'21.
Right=Inverse-Chart $BTC '21-'22.

We should see a reversal very soon.

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GM l’équipe ! ☀️

Petite update au réveil. Un réveil dans le positif pour une fois 😂

Bon le BTC pump ce matin mais attention c’est peut être juste une chasse de liquidité, un short squeeze pour vider le train des shorters tardif !

Je vous donne les targets après 🧵 Image
Nous sommes au alentours du première arrêt de FIBO 0,382 et pile dans la poche de liquidité.

Je vais commencer à me poser des questions si nous atteignons la de zone de rechargement ( RLZ ), entre les 21 015$ et les 21 839$.

Pourquoi ? 🧵
Car nous n’avons pas fait de nouveau plus bas dans la dernière chute ( théorie de Dow ) et ensuite dans la RLZ nous nous retrouvons pile sur la grosse trendline baissière qui n’a jamais étaient cassé depuis le début du Bearmarket.

Niveau ultime selon moi ? 🧵
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This is an honest assessment of #Bitcoin PoW based on the actual present impacts, not a potential future. See Section VIII for responses to enviro arguments in favor of PoW. My main critique is that they don't even address the idea of landfill CH4 mining.…
"In the year prior to July 2022, Bitcoin consumed an estimated 36 billion kilowatt-hours (kWh) of electricity, as much as all of the electricity consumed in Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, and Rhode Island put together in that same time period."
As far as I can tell, this is a relatively accurate portrayal of the existing condition of Bitcoin's energy consumption and CO2 emissions. This is not to say that advocates' projections of Bitcoin becoming a net positive technology aren't technically possible in the future.
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Look y'all, I'm not saying the halving isn't cool. It's an engineering marvel.

But I will make the argument that the halving doesn't drive price action the way its reputation suggests, and I think a lot of folks have it wrong.

Some charts and ideas 🧵
The halving is a magical event where the issuance rate of new #BTC is halved every 210,000 blocks.

It is fundamental to Bitcoin's design.

It is also arguably the most well known, most priced-in aspect of Bitcoin. The entire issuance schedule is known over a century in advance!
Historically, price has mooned within months after the halving, which gave a reputation of bullishness to the event itself.

I argue this credit is misplaced, namely because it is known in advance, but also because daily issuance is not determining market depth nor demand. Image
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Inflation is eating your hard-earned savings. 💰

Thank Satoshi, we now have a way of defending ourselves against this beast.

To protect yourself from inflation, follow along this thread!

🧵👇 Image
1/ Inflation is described as the gradual increase in prices and decline in purchasing power of money over time.

While the short-term effects of inflation may appear negligible, over a long period, inflation reduces how much your money is worth.
2/ Inflation refers to the decrease in purchasing power when prices of goods and services increase.

The inflation rate is the rate at which the value of money declines as prices for things such as food, clothing, consumer staples, transport, and utilities increase. Image
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Llegar a ser constante en el trading no es tarea fácil. Pero con disciplina nada es imposible, y eso, comienza mucho antes de abrir un trade


➤ Cada inversor es único, cada método diferente, cada estrategia por pura lógica debería ser personal

No copies modelos que no entiendes

Crea tu propio sistema de entrenamiento diario. Aquí te cuento el que me ha ayudado a mi ⤵️
➤ No te fíes por su sencillez, resultará mentalmente agotador. Pero te prometo que si no sigues una estrategia, la que sea, el mundo del trading te destrozará. Esto lo evitará:

1️⃣ Preparate a ti mismo
2️⃣ Sentimiento de mercado
3️⃣ Zonas relevantes
4️⃣ Ejecución

Let’s go!!
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Morning update:

Crazy times, as soon as the #FX market opened, the British pound dropped hard against the dollar👀📉

#GBP #usdgbp
Same story when it comes to #EUR, just not so extreme📉🤦‍♂️
Meanwhile, #Bitcoin is holding quite well. We will need to wait for the stock market open to see how things play out before celebrating tho👀 In our view, a short-term bounce is likely and then we will be most probably making new lows📉
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截止到今天中午11点的 #Bitcoin 持仓价格分布,从昨天上午10点到现在历时25个小时的 #BTC 链上地址变化。今天因为一些突发情况导致了更新有些晚,本来是可以继续用13小时的数据,但是想了想,几乎没有用过24小时的数据,而且可以完整的看一下整个周末中流通力最低的这段时间发生的变化。
依然是从持仓超过半年的获利筹码以及高位套牢的 #BTC 开始,可以看到整体的减持量不到970枚BTC,平均每小时的减持不到40枚,即便是在周末也是较低的范畴了。而持仓超过一个月并且价格在25,000美金上方的整体亏损筹码的减持在3,500枚BTC以内,平均每小时的减持在140枚左右,这也是较低的数据了。
所以仍然可以得出的结论就是虽然 #BTC 的价格一直在19,000美金左右震荡,几乎每天都有跌破近期新低的可能,但是较长时间持有的筹码依然没有参与换手的迹象,这就说明了一方面中短期操作为主的散户手上套牢筹码已经不多了,另一个方面可以发现长期持有的筹码包括对于政策和宏观的变化几乎是完全没有兴趣
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1)Bu tweet serisinde Pazar okuması tadında #Bitcoin'in doğumuna kadar olan yaklaşık 60 yıllık süreci paylaşacağım.

Çalışmanın, tekrar tekrar denemenin ne kadar önemli olduğunu anlamak açısından çok kıymetli bilgiler olduğunu düşünüyorum.
2)Bilgisayar ağlarının gelişiminden önce, 1949 yılında Avusturyalı ekonomist ve filozof Ludwig von Mises tarafından, İnsan Eylemi isminde bir kitap yayınlanarak para ve toplum ilişkisi sorgulanıyor.
3)1953 yılında ise Mises, The Theory of Money and Credit isimli kitabını İngilizce olarak Yale Üniversitesi yayını olarak çıkarıyor. Kitabın orijinal Almanca halinin basımı 1912. Bu kitapta Mises paranın kökenlerine dair sorgulamalar yapıyor.
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