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11 Jun, 3 tweets, 1 min read
To Allah we belong and to Him we return.

Sh. Taha Karaan has passed away. May Allah grant him a high station in paradise and forgive his shortcomings.
I recently asked here on twitter about the most important scholarly works that were left incomplete due to the passing of the author.

Sh. Taha's refutation of Peshawar Nights deserves an honorable mention, as he proved in his introduction alone that it was a fictional debate.
I recall he provided examples of the books that were cited during the alleged debate not being even printed at the time.

May Allah accept it from him as a sadaqa jariya.

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14 Mar
-=[Contradictions in AUTHENTIC Narrations]

Don’t contradictions in authentic narrations suggest an issue with the hadith system?

Here are some of the forms of contradictions and why these actually give us greater faith in the system.
[1- Opinions of Companions]

Sometimes two companions differ in regards to a specific matter. One example is Anas stating that the Prophet ﷺ was in Makkah for 10 years, while Ibn Abbas said that he was there for 13 years.
Both attributions are authentic, however, Anas and Ibn Abbas simply disagreed in the same way our parents would disagree with dates that occurred in the distant past. The issue isn’t with attribution. It is with their perception or in this case, their calculations.
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4 Mar
-=[Final Thread on Aabhas]

Aabhas, the wannabe revisionist, makes multiple wild claims about the origins of Islam, both on twitter and youtube interviews, to his audience that doesn't know any better.

Prepare for rant.

I don't want to put any effort into this. Truly any time spent on this is wasted, but I wanted to stress the importance of calling people out and pressing them on their references.

This was my initial question to Aabhas who questioned the identity of the Prophet ﷺ.
In any case, Aabhas referred me to "Mohammedans in China" and asked me to read pages 55-70 instead of giving me a specific page.

I responded by sharing with him a screenshot of the actual size of the book.
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2 Mar
[An Explanation of al-Albani’s Fatwa]

The opinion expressed by al-Albānī has been misunderstood by Muslims, as well as Islamophobes, which is why I felt the need to write this set of tweets. Before starting, I need to emphasize that I DON'T agree with al-Albānī on this subject,
but I do feel a need to provide the context so that he wouldn’t be misunderstood.

The origin of this topic surrounds Sālim, the servant of Abū Ḥuḏayfa, and his situation. Sālim was also the adopted son of Abū Ḥuḏayfa before the prohibition of adoption in Islam.
Sahla, his wife, was, therefore, Sālim’s mother through adoption.

However, with adoption invalidated and Sālim growing older, Abū Ḥuḏayfa felt uncomfortable about Sālim being around his wife, since they all lived together in one room, and since Sālim was no longer his “son”.
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15 Feb
Just saw someone post these images which misrepresent the hadith compilations.

In regards to the first image, the "ahadith found" section refers to chains and not the actual text of the hadiths. You can technically hear a hadith from a hundred teachers

1/9 ImageImage
then refer to it as a hundred reports.

More importantly, there is no reason to believe that the narrations that weren't included in their works were fabrications.

Reports are not included if they do not fall under the subjects that the author chose to compile about.
Furthermore, even if the scholar assumed that a report is not reliable enough to be included in his book, it doesn't mean that it is a fabrication. Rather, the author feels that the report does not meet the conditions that he has placed upon himself.
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6 Jan
-=[Mastering the Recitation]

The reciters of the Qurʾān put an incredible amount of effort into perfecting their recitation under their teachers. They would recite the Qurʾān, from cover to cover, in order to master every single aspect of the recitation. Here are some examples:
- Abū Muḥammad al-Khuzāʿī recited under Ibn Fulayḥ 27 times and al-Bazzī 30 times.

- Abū ʿĀliyah recited under Ubay, Zayd, and Ibn ʿAbbās. He also recited under ʿOmar 3 or 4 times.

- Mujāhid recited under Ibn ʿAbbās over 20 times.
- Qālūn says that he lost count on the number of times he recited under Nāfiʿ.

- Yūsuf bin ʿOmar recited under Warsh 20 times.

- Muḥammad bin Ġālib recited under Shujāʿ 10 times.

- Al-Tammār recited under Ruways 47 times.

- Ibn Mujāhid recited under Ibn ʿAbdūs 20 times.
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23 Dec 20
Just because it is written by a Harvard professor doesn't mean that you don't need to check the references!

So, I was reading this interesting line by Shady Hekmat about Qunbul's character, which reflects negatively on his role as a reciter of the Qurʾān.

Well, the only problem here is that by returning to the Arabic reference, which happens to be Abū Ghudda's edition of Lisān al-Mīzān, we find it saying: "He became chief of the police in Makkah and he was PRAISED."

Isn't that strange? So... How did this happen?

Well, firstly, let us establish that Ibn Ḥajar did have it as "and he was praised" and not "but he grew corrupt".

The image on the left is from a manuscript that indicates this and the one right shows that the copy was reviewed by Ibn Ḥajar himself.

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