I think this budget serves the lower part of the society much more than the rich.

1. Rs 500k loans interest free for poor families.
2. Salary increase of 10%.
3. No taxes on pensioners
4. No new taxes for salaried class
5. Small cars taxes reduced

6. Subsidies Rs 680 billion up by Rs 480 billion
7. Vaccination drive Rs 155 billion
8. Ehsaas program Rs 250 billion
9. 12 types of Withholding taxes finished
10. Zero Rating for IT Sector
11. Small companies taxes up to Rs 100 million only 0.75%
12. Rs 2 lacs subsidy

For tractors

13. MERI GAARI Scheme for middle income people
14. Special Economic ZoneTurnover taxes abolished
15. Special Technical Economic Zone 10 year tax holiday
16. Poverty Alleviation Rs 100 billion
17. Warehouses for foodpreservation tax free


• • •

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31 May
The @HamidMirPAK @AsadAToor SAGA:

This Is What Happened In My View: Call It My Assessment or Call It Whatever Else

A Thread:

Americans are forcing Pakistan to grant them airbases and full access to our land. Pakistan has refused. @ImranKhanPTI has vehemently opposed it

Americans need this to happen. It is their requirement but to be refused like this is something that they are not used to. They are used to getting their way and past is the proof of this claim of mine.

Absar ALAM incident took place and not even 1/10th of the ruckus

Took place in Pakistan by the pseudo journalistic community. No visit by the PDM. No quick articles within hours of the incident by Dawn or Tribune or even the international press.

ASAD Toor who is an infant in experience within the journalism community compared to Absar

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28 Jan
This GameStop phenomenon where the millennials think that they can beat the sharks of Wall Street is absolutely a pipe dream.

Stock rising 8154% percent may look like a coup d’etat against The Wall Street by The Main Street. But it is a mirage.

Wall Street is an expert at 1/3
Manipulation. You cannot even fathom the unity and honour amongst the thieves when it comes to never letting the outsiders beat them.

This brick rock will fall and along with it crushing the small investors beyond repair. A $24 billion dollar valuation can drop 2/3
Even 90% in a week to $2 billion or even worst. The stock touched $482 dollars a share today from a low of few dollars 30 weeks ago.

To all the Overseas Pakistanis, please do not touch it. This game is not what your naked eyes can see and understand. Please.
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5 Dec 20
Dear @FarhatullahB Saheb:

I have never replied or commented on your Tweets. But I, this time CANNOT allow you to Twist facts out of your hatred for the Pakistan Army.

I will reply you in a thread and I challenge you to challenge these facts.


The total 1/8
Strength of Pakistan Army in East Pakistan was 34,000. The fake figure of 90,000 includes Civil Administration and other citizens. Army was only 34,000.

Even at the peak of “Operation Searchlight” the strength was 12,000 total.

Now let’s Come to the lies of Rapes.

Oxford Professor and one of the most sought after Bangladeshi Authors Sarmila Bose in her book “Dead Reckoning” has mentioned that Shaikh Mujib ur Rahman had established CAMPS for 3 months after the breakup of the East and the West for reporting of Rapes.

Did you know 3/8
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30 Aug 20
This Is Becoming Hilarious: A SMALL THREAD

Ahmed Noorani with Matiullah Jan YouTube says that he is now “Investigating” FAST Telecom, BAJCO Telecom & KRYPTON Mining and no authority is helping him.

GENIUS NOORANI. What is there to help ? But how about i help you. Lol
Let me tell you what “My Sources” tell me. lol. It’s fun to say the word “Sources”. At least mine are real.

The reason authorities can’t help you is because they can’t. Nothing is in business. BAJCO and FAST Telecom closes down decades ago.
BAJCO & FAST Telecom owned franchise of WARID store. More than a decade and half ago. By a brother. Not by General Bajwa. Franchise did not make money and was closed down in no time.

And KRYPTON Mining. Sounds like a trillion dollar Rio Tinto Mining right ?

Krypton doesn’t even
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27 Aug 20
What a crock of crap article I have ever read in my life.

1. Franchises are not the property of the FRANCHISOR. It is the property of the FRANCHISEE

2. Where are the documents showing ownership details.

3. 90 franchises means 90 FRANCHISEES own them- factfocus.com/bajwa-family-b…
4. Someone starting a business in 2002 in America means that was started with their own hard work. What the heck does that have to do with pakistani relatives ? The brother started as a rider in Papa Johns and rose through the ranks in America. A VERY COMMON THING IN AMERICA.
5. $1.14 million investment, and then Uji I wrote “We estimate”. Why estimate ? Why not publish the audited financials and let the black be black and the white be white. Why misguide the readers.

6. How do you make the estimates of a UAE franchise ? Is it a public company ? NO
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31 Jul 20
What Actually Happened On Chaman Border (A Thread)

1. Afghanistan government requested that the border be opened for one day so the people can cross the border normally

2. The requested was considered and a decision was made by PAKISTAN that the request should be granted
In good faith

3. We opened the border for a day as requested and people were allowed the movement the Afghan government had requested

4. Keep in mind that the request was for just a day

5. The very next day when the border was sealed again just as planned it was
Again asked that the border be opened indefinitely so the people can move freely

6. At this time the REQUEST had turned into a DEMAND

7. The DEMAND was rejected by the GoP and our Armed forces due to many security concerns that borders cannot be left open indefinitely
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