To ensure that a journey to be undertaken will be successful, chant the following remedy 108 times in morning after bath on the day you plan to make journey.

प्रबिसि नगर कीजे सब काजा ।
हृदय राखि कोसलपुर राजा ॥

Its power is mentioned in Chaupai (couplet) that succeeds it.

गरल सुधा रिपु करहिं मिताई ।
गोपद सिंधु अनल सितलाई ।।

It means for such person, poison becomes Amrit, enemies do friendship, oceans (virtually endless bodies) appear like hoof of cow and there is coolness in fire.
Yes, magical Chaupai. The first one (hriday raakhi kosalpur raja) is also a part of Shri Ram Shlaka. 🙏

It's a couplet from Ramcharitmanas by Goswami Tulsidas ji.

Prabisi Nagar Kije Sab Kaaja.
Hriday Raakhi Kosalpur Raja.

It means: Enter city and do all tasks after keeping the king of Kosal (i.e. Bhagwan Shri Ram Chandra) in your heart.

Only first one has to be chanted. I mentioned the second to give idea of its impact. Chant only first.

• • •

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9 Jun

India's transit from 19-22 June is very good, so good for us but does it mean India would also win WTC Final?

For that, NZ chart also needs to be accounted - if impact on transit on it is better (or at least not bad), result can be any including a draw. I haven't done that.

Best example to understand this is to watch transit during U-19 Final where BD won against India.

Hence, it is not a good idea to create sensationalism without reading whole picture. Jupiter out of malefic Nakshatra + other good transits are a great support (in many areas).
I meant to say that good transits can/will support our country well in other problems she is going through and will enable govt. to act boldly. It may support during WTC too but this is time to look beyond cricket. This time must be used to resolve important and troubling issues.
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7 Jun
Those who saw my two videos on impact of Retrograde Saturn (where I mentioned its impact on India) and window of relief for India will now understand what importance do Vedhan of India's birth points have.

PM @narendramodi to address the nation today. Read today's transit too.
India can get results associated to 6th and 12 Bhava today given Moon's transit.

However, quality of decisions will be better in July as I indicated yesterday and before as well.

However, today could be just more than talks like last time as Moon, Saturn and Venus are involved.
Okay, just saw. Today is not a one-off transit and cannot be ignored just like that. Moon, Saturn, Venus, Mars and Ketu are going to bring many remarkable days, intensity will increase once Jupiter impact subdues further. Until mid-August.

Will try to explain in videos.
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21 May
A very important transit coming up today. Jupiter moves to Shatbhisha Nakshatra.

India faced wrath 2nd wave from the time it moved and transited in Dhanishtha, a Nakshatra malefic for her. Now with Jupiter exiting it for 2 months, pray for continuous and big dip in numbers. 🙏
Big actions require some extraordinary transits for country. So, may be not in 2 months but from July last week to mid-August. Hopefully 5 August.

And you correctly realize my fear. May be not till mid-August or August end (due to some favourable transits), but thereafter.

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19 May
Shani Dev is worshipped because he remains unfazed by blame/criticism and dispenses justice calmly. At any time, 5 out of 12 people remain under the impact of either Saadhe Saati or Dhaiyya, so blame of failure is easily put on on Shani, & not on actual cause.
There are countless reasons to worship Shani Dev. I mentioned only one.

All I wanted to say is that when a man is encountering failures and Saadhe Saati is going on, entire blame is put on it. But it doesn't happen like that. Reason could well be other Graha than Shani Dev.
Sir, Ketu has got a place among Navgrahas. Blaming it just like that is a bad idea.

Grahas give results to natives according to their charts and quality of results can only be ascertained from chart. Dahsas also need to be seen. Not easy as it seems.

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18 May
Communists in Kerala are truly following Jyotish by having delayed the oath-taking ceremony, thus excluding both Guru and Shani from afflicting their crucial Nakshatras in this term. Despite a clear mandate, they seem to have closely followed the advice of a prudent Jyotishi.
Okay, here's a little correction I would like to make. Guru will make affliction but not anytime sooner.

But in any case, the person who advised them delay is very much aware of is benefits. Oath-taking could be around 3-4 PM (sorry if they already announced time).
हाथी के दांत - खाने के और, दिखाने के कुछ और.

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16 May
Benjamin Netanyahu is wise to stop unnecessary trouble for NaMo from one more front when India is reeling under second COVID-19 wave.

You know which front I'm talking about.
Imagine state backed Pro-Palestine demonstrations amidst severe second wave in many states. All Bibi needed was to add a 🇮🇳 in his tweet.

But he's an understanding friend.

And pro-Palestinian buddies in India are helpless as NaMo has maintained silence on both sides.
Water cannon, tear gas and baton charges already being used against pro-Palestine protesters in Paris.

Imagine such protests in India at this point of time. I am sure govts. wouldn't even disperse them.

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