Recently, Amnesty International released a report on the situation in Xinjiang, recommending that China "immediately release all persons held in internment camps or other detention facilities – including prisons – in Xinjiang...". This is my review of it.
First, let's look at the title and note 2 important things:
1) It doesn't use the word "genocide"; and
2) It doesn't use the word "Uyghur".

Instead, it refers to 3 potential Crimes Against Humanity (CAH) and Muslims as a whole.
Whilst this allows them to avoid the obvious problems with the genocide claim (see thread below), it creates new problems for Amnesty to answer. For example, why is the persecution limited to Muslims in Xinjiang? Why not all of China?

Amnesty admits on Page 13 that their report is not a proper investigation, but a documentation of unproved allegations. Indeed, the report only includes rehashes of past articles and quotes from anonymous interviewees, without giving concrete statistics to support their claims.
Interestingly, most of the interviewees were not Uyghurs, but Kazakhs. This could explain why they couldn't use "Uyghur genocide" in their title, because the evidence was so thin. The interviewee's details were not disclosed, so it's impossible to determine their reliability.
These depictions of Xinjiang (on p.12 and p.130-131) show that the report is inaccurate. Many YouTubers have done videos from inside Xinjiang recently, showing freedom of movement. @DanielDumbrill @JaYoeLife @Jingjing_Li @Noel_Calibre @ChinaTeacher1 @Gweilo60 @Jerry_grey2002
Let's look at the merits of their claim. A number of acts would qualify as CAH under the Rome Statute Article 7.1 (screenshotted). The general elements required to prove CAH are also screenshotted below. There are also specific requirements, which will be examined in turn.
The first charge is arbitrary imprisonment. Aside from the general requirements mentioned above, there also needs to be proof that there is no internationally accepted legal basis for the deprivation of liberty.…
The Background section (starting p.19) actually documents the historical incidents that directly led to what's happening now. Anti-terrorism operations are allowed under international norms. Therefore, restrictions to liberty in current terrorism prevention campaigns are not CAH.
It's interesting that Amnesty doesn't mention the terrorist organization behind the attacks (ETIM), they are more concerned with freedoms of potential terrorists over lives of citizens, and they don't directly address the elements required to prove CAH of arbitrary imprisonment.
The next charge is torture. When we read their section devoted to torture, we find that the first hand accounts of torture tallied by Amnesty is "more than a dozen", with some from "journalists" and many from XJ Victims Database, including some widely discredited accounts.
They described but didn't count cases that were witnessed by their interviewees and other hearsay testimonies. Amnesty claims that there are "millions" being detained in XJ, so even if we accept all these accounts without challenge, total tortured represent ~0.002% of detainees.
To me this is a statistical anomaly more likely to be isolated cases, rather than representative of the whole, which means the requirement that the torture be "widespread or systematic" is not satisfied. Amnesty claims these are not random events, but provides no proof.
The final charge is persecution. In addition to the standard elements, there is a special mental element of intent required to prove persecution. As Amnesty doesn't address this element at all, there is no justification for the charge of persecution.…
Aside from the CAH claims, Amnesty also makes forced labour claims. However, some of the stories provided are less than incriminating. We must remember that these are amongst the worst accounts Amnesty gathered, so the typical experience would sound even less concerning.
Finally, there's this reference to the SUPChina article on interethnic marriages, which has been cited in numerous reports previously. This article is so badly written and nonsensical, that no reputable report should reference it and I vow to show you why in an upcoming thread.
All in all, this Amnesty report doesn't provide any new evidence and does a poor job of justifying its claims. Unfortunately, it is now added to the list of useless reports that will be cited as "evidence" in future reports, just like how this report cited others before it.
Sorry...second picture didn't copy properly first time. The complete picture clearly shows barriers to entry from the rest of China as well, which is clearly not true.

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Epic rant @DanielDumbrill, congrats on the 100k, and looking forward to the Xinjiang video. One topic that I would be interested to hear more of is the missing evidence if there is in fact a genocide happening in XJ. My thoughts below.

via @YouTube
What would you do if you were being persecuted for your religion or race? Run!
Therefore, if there is a large scale persecution of Uyghurs, with 1m in camps already, then I would expect a majority of the population to be seeking refugee status in neighbouring muslim countries.
This map clearly shows that there are few refugee camps in the 4 countries directly bordering XJ. Most of those are refugees from Afghanistan. The bottom right of the map also shows a bunch of refugee camps near Myanmar, i.e. from the Rohingya genocide. Image
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After interacting with anti-China people recently, I summarize CCP’s powers according to them in this thread. Please help add more where appropriate @DanielDumbrill @Jingjing_Li @GerhardtJvdM @thecyrusjanssen @Jerry_grey2002 @theo_fletcher @steelmuslim @CarlZha @BarrettYouTube
1. Successfully brainwashed at least 95% of their 1.4b population (more efficient than God)
2. Able to create a new virus and direct it to attack their opponents
3. Able to control rainfall in order to drown Southern Chinese villages
4. Needed to do 2 & 3 to hide disappointing GDP figures, even though their GDP is completely made up
5. Able to make people forget their own language and culture, through requiring minimum Mandarin proficiency for students
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