10 Ideas Which Will Change Your Perspective On Life

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1. Watch Your Desires

The idea of advertising is based on this structure:

- Feeding the benefits to people
- Dragging people into new trends
- Getting people to talk about the product

When you think of buying something. Wait a week and then see if you still want it.
2. Talent vs Genius

Talented people are good at hitting targets others can’t hit.

Geniuses hit targets others can’t even see.

The talent get’s the recognition because people understand them.

A genius is left unappreciated because of their unpredictability.
3. Confliction

People who are similar are more likely to argue than those who are different.

Think about civil wards and family feud.

Why do you think they take place?

Finding people who think different to you is important.

Open your mind to different ideas.
4. There Are Always Opportunities

Because you are reading this thread, you are choosing to miss someones else’s.

Life involves choices:

- Social Media vs Books
- Comfort Vs Discomfort
- Procrastination vs Action

In life: Choosing something, means sacrificing something else
5. Setting Deadlines

Our work effort comes from the time available.

If you have 6 months to complete a project, you'll complete it in 6 months.

If you set it for 3 months, you'll complete it in 3 months.

Deadlines affect your productivity.

Choose your deadlines accordingly.
6. The Myth Of Work Ethic

- Lifting for 1 hour instead of 4
- Reading for 1 hour instead of 5
- Doing work for 4 hours instead of 8

High doses will drain you physically or mentally.

Work harder in the small doses and you’ll attain much more information and positive change.
7. Becoming A Creator

The boss will often reward his employees for sticking to the rules and fitting in.

In areas of life (like the internet) you are rewarded for your:

- Influence
- Personality
- Information which helps others

Remember: You can be both.
8. Problem Solving

When we have a new problem, the natural decision is to add a new habit to fix that problem.

Many time, you can fix the problem by taking something away.

Important quote to remember:

“The food you avoid is more important than the food you eat”.
9. Life’s Abundance Of Information

The average information you receive is getting worse.

However, the best information is getting even better.

This means you should:

- Be careful what you consume
- Fully understand what you consume

Stop taking meaningless dopamine hits.
10. You’re Your Own Competition

“Wealth is a positive game of creation together. However with the status game, a winner has to also have a loser.”

- Naval

Leverage others knowledge to create your own market.

And don't compare your market to theirs.
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