Hello to the folks at @Upworthy I have always wondered about who you all are and what your mission is. I am aware that you are looking to promote wellbeing and positivity and that is great, but I fear that when you filed this piece under "prosperity" 1/
You might have missed the point of my whole piece. Perhaps I neglected to explain this part of it. Having too much money is the opposite of "prosperity" if you define prosperity as something more expansive than having money. Yes, I was taught how to grow money, 2/
How to hoard money and how to keep it away from the government lest it get "wasted." Whether that little chestnut is indeed true is a discussion for another time. But if you have a lot of money and you do not spend significant time 3/
understanding how to grasp the meaning of money you will be a miserable and unhappy soul. Many people with money are therefore not "prosperous" in the way I suspect you mean to use the word. Quite the opposite, in fact. A feeling of impoverishment can run quite deep 4/
In the people who never grasp that money is a social tool, not a marker of significance or a measure of a person's value. And as a social tool, it only matters insofar as it acts within the lives of others and not just your own. Once one opens up to the idea that money 5/
Has meaning when one uses it, the impulse to amass and to hoard drops away and one begins to wonder why one thinks that leaving it, for instance, in the form of shares of stock in companies that do active damage to the world (as most wealthy people do) 6/
is a morally neutral act rather than one that dishonors the social and ethical obligations of a person with money. One will also wonder how, then, to use one's money in a way that is positive rather than negative or neutral. 7/
Urging people to follow the "advice" (tho I prefer the word indoctrination in this context) of my class, as this piece seems to imply people should, is destructive and problematic. I wish every wealthy person on earth would read 8/
and take to heart @mackenziescott 's announcement from earlier this week. It is the antidote to my peice in the Atlantic. And it ends in a spectacular manner we would all do well to take to heart.. that is with Rumi's beautiful exhortation 9/
“A candle as it diminishes explains,
Gathering more and more is not the way.
Burn, become light and heat and help. Melt.”

May all wealthy families begin the process of melting, welcome the gift of diminishing, and enjoy the pleasures of rejoining the human race. END/

• • •

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24 Apr
In complete sincerity I reach out to you, Jonathan VanBoskerck just to say I am sorry that everything feels like it is leaving you behind. I feel the same way sometimes. I want to offer you a chance to meet some of the folks behind this “woke” culture that troubles you so much 1/
As a survivor of sexual assault myself, I have to confess that the carefree way in which the pirates bid for and buy women whom they clearly intend to rape left me feeling traumatized and certain that what happened to me didn’t matter to anyone but me.And that’s a hard feeling 2/
For a person who is already ashamed. I would like to introduce you to the sons and daughters of men and women who can remember their enslaved forebears so you can listen to them talk about the scars on their backs, the children sold away from under them3/
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Thread: I don't want to be hiding from this piece so here it is. Bummer. It doesn't, of course, represent who we are and what we are about. In the least. Which is not to say that we've been perfect 1/ hollywoodreporter.com/news/ex-staff-…
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So I do know something about this. If anyone thinks I am taking the Conway family's problems lightly, then I would ask you to take this into consideration. There was nothing ok about what happened to me, and I wish I'd known how to help myself. If I'd had access to Twitter, 2/
I know I'd never have taken my issues to be aired in the public square because I was just too timid of a kid for that, but I can see how another kid might want to do that. Knowing the way my parents would have taken such a thing, there would have been hell to pay for sure. 3/
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The other bone Trump tickled for small business people and aspirants was his hostility to taxes and regulation, the two things that feel the most arbitrary and capricious to someone trying something very difficult which is to get a small business to profitability.
If you are trying to start a restaurant, and a black or latino, or god forbid, female AND black or latino city worker comes to inspect and finds a small problem, or the government is telling you what the minimum wage must be, or the ADA is requiring a ramp when you've (ct'd)
never had a customer even once come in in a wheelchair can feel like the government is solely in the business of making you fail. And then charging you for it in the form of your tax bill.
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Anthony Tata. Former Fox commentator. Called Obama a Muslim and a terrorist. Pushed a conspiracy theory that Brennan was trying to overthrow Trump. Described by some as unconfirmable. In charge of defense policy now 3/ cnn.com/2020/06/12/pol…
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Here’s my list for 2022. These mofo’s need to go DOWN. 1) Ron Johnson WI. Won his race in 2016 with 3.4%. Led the nit brigade today. Vulnerable.
2) Pat Toomey PA Won his race by only 1.5%. Tried to see above the fray today but has been a trump booster from the get go. A classic ends-justify-means evangelical who can only think about stopping the ladies from using their vaginas. Must go.
3) Richard Burr ND squeaked into office in 2016 by 2.8%. ND is a battleground. If we organize something fierce it can turn into our second Georgia.
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