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20 Jun, 85 tweets, 33 min read
The General Assembly has begun.

🔸Several matters, including the financial situation, the budget for the year, and the vote of members to enter the Super League will be discussed.

We'll post the updates in the THREAD below, RTs & Likes Appreciated 🤗⬇️
🗣️ Joan Laporta: “I want to say that our responsibility as a club is to move forward. The club is about 120 years old, we had a good and bad time, our responsibility today is to move forward.”
🔸ex-president Josep Bartomeu apologized for not attending and sent his former deputy, Jordi Moix to the assembly.

🔹Jordi Moix is preparing to speak, and as he arrives, he gets whistled by the audience!
🗣️ Jordi Moix: Good evening everyone, first of all I want to thank everyone who attended. Like us, Clubs such as Juventus, Dortmund, and Manchester have suffered from the crisis.”
🗣️ Jordi Moix: “I would like to thank President Laporta for the gesture he made when Sandro Rosell was released from detention, as well as the allowing us to intervene to explain our accounts for the last full fiscal year.”
🗣️ Jordi Moix: “The impact of the pandemic has caused a loss of revenue of €1.6 billion in European leagues. The budget we approved 2 years ago exceeded 1 billion in revenue and we were expecting about 11 million in profits. But with Covid-19, we suffered a loss of 100 million.”
🗣️ Jordi Moix: “These numbers are not good and we should not be proud of them. After Covid-19, we tried to reduce costs and we were able to reduce €70 million.”
🗣️ Jordi Moix: “Barça closed with a debt of 800m and a net debt of 488m. Without the impact of Covid, the net debt was about 280m. In the past four years, the wage bill has been between 60-70%, but with the decrease in income due to the economic situation, we reached the limit.”
🗣️ Jordi Moix on the whistles:

« Please, please I hope you are more respectful. »
🗣️ Jordi Moix: "We won 22 titles with Barcelona. This season, we achieved 4 leagues in all the different sections, and it can be 5 if we win the Futsal. We also developed Barça Studios."
🗣️ Jordi Moix: “Forbes magazine ranks us as the most valuable club in the world not only because of what we did, but because of the capabilities we have. We are in a difficult situation because of the pandemic, but we have the tools required to combat this crisis.”
@BarcaWorldwide @Forbes @brfootball 🗣️ Jordi Moix: “When Covid arrived, we put in place procedures and cut employee salaries. This saved about €70 million.”

“Since the first civil war, the club has not been in this situation, but we have promoted the Super League and Barça Corporate.”
🗣️ Jordi Moix: “We have the principles and confidence of the banks, today we are talking about a loan from Goldman Sachs and it seems to me that this is a good solution to get out of the crisis.”
🗣️ Joan Laporta is angry because of the whistling:

“ Please, please, calm down a little. I know the numbers are difficult and Moix didn't even like the numbers, but please calm down and show the respect that FC Barcelona deserves. ”
🗣️ Jordi Moix: “The Super League and the Barça corporate are projects to improve the world of football. We must realize that we are in a delicate situation. We are all Culés and feel that this club is our club.”
Jordi Moix will now reply to members' questions, The fans have stopped whistling after Joan Laporta's request.
🗣️ Jordi Moix: “The Pjanic-Arthur swap and Cillessen-Neto case have always been in agreement with the sports administration. Juventus was interested in the process. They were deals that had an economic and sporting meaning.”
🗣️ Jordi Moix: “The splitting of the bills in court affected President Bartomeu. I have no doubts about the innocence of those involved, we have nothing to hide in the accounts, but we must wait for the decision. Presumption of innocence is a right that we should all exercise.”
🗣️ Jordi Moix: “If we look at the rest of the clubs, the economic impact on them is very large, and I would like to remind you that 200-250 million did not enter the club's accounts due to the pandemic. Ignoring the topic of the pandemic crisis is a departure from reality.”
🗣️ Jordi Moix: “Suarez? We negotiated with the technical staff and they asked him to leave. With Atletico, we put some variables that are easy to implement. It was not a gift to Atletico. It was similar to David Villa's deal.”
@BarcaWorldwide 🗣️ Jordi Moix: “We used to receive around 50 million from the club museum and now we hope to get 500 thousand, the pandemic has hurt us a lot.”
🗣️ Joan Laporta: “Well, this is not an ordinary meeting, it's a complicated one. We did not like Moix's talk, we did not like the accounts. He said the numbers are not good and this is clear, like you, I did not like the numbers.”
🗣️ Joan Laporta: “We do not like these accounts, but they reflect the reality of the club since June 30, 2020. They have been audited and there is no document that proves that they are false.”
🗣️ Joan Laporta: “I would like to clarify one thing: your vote for the 2019/20 accounts does not completely excuse the previous administration from punishment, and I can confirm that to you.”
🗣️ Joan Laporta: “We will agree to these accounts, failure to do so will make it difficult for the club to take responsibility. We will vote in favor of the accounts, and we will vote for what is most important, which is the club.”
‼️Members will now vote to accept or reject the 2019/20 season accounts.

Note: Laporta asked them a while ago to accept the accounts.
The vote is on and whoever raises 🔴 means that he is against accepting the accounts of the 2019/20 season.

The vast majority have raised 🔵 which mean that they accept the accounts.
Members have voted “yes” (agree) on Bartomeu’s financial accounts for the 2019/2020 season ✅

🔸616 YES
🔹67 NO
🗣️ Joan Laporta: “This approval of the 2019/20 accounts does not mean forgiving the previous administration of their mistakes. Everyone will bear responsibility for their action.”
@BarcaWorldwide OFFICIAL |
Majority of members vote "YES" (agree) to approve the 2020/21 budget.

✅ 578 - In favour
❌ 71 - Against
@BarcaWorldwide 🗣️ Joan Laporta: “For several reasons, the 2019/20 season was not good. What I want to say today is that this must end. We showed this video (⬇️) because these things can happen: celebrations, bad moments and things that should not happen.”
🗣️ Joan Laporta: “We have been in charge since March 17th and the last stage must end. I am convinced that the next stage will be a wonderful one. You chose us in order to bring joy to Barcelona, ​​I have complete confidence in all the administrative staff.”
🗣️ Joan Laporta: “I have a plan and we are working for it. We make decisions that we see best. We will not rest, and we will not give you with fake promises. No decision will be made based on hatred, this is not good for Barça, we will make the best decisions based on our plans.”
🗣️ Joan Laporta: “We have the full power to reverse the economic situation. Our goal is for Barcelona to be loved again, respected and admired.”
🗣️ Joan Laporta: “Thank you, Visca Barça.”
Laporta's board members are now being voted on:

🟦 Yes

🟥 No
‼️The majority of members approve of Laporta's board members.
The majority of members voted "YES" (agree) on Laporta's new Board of Directors.

🟦 680 YES

‼️The appointments of four members of the Board of Directors have been approved:

🔹Eduard Romeu
🔸Ferran Olivé
🔹Àngel Riudalbàs
🔸Joan Soler

✅ 680 - voted in favour
❌ 7 - votes against
⚪ 31 - blank votes
The majority of members vote "YES" (agree) on the economic council for the new Laporta administration.

🟦 670 YES

🗣️ Eduard Romeu: “We went from a net financial debt of 159 million euros in June 2018 to 673 million euros in March 2021.”
🗣️ Eduard Romeu: Our proposal is to implement the necessary procedures to sign a loan of 525 million euros from Goldman Sachs to cover the debt.”
Barça Member: “All the clips that you've shown were for the first team, but I didn't see any clip of the women's team, for me Barcelona is the best club but you should pay attention to these topics!”

🗣️ Barça member: “We've had a virus for years, and I don't mean the Corona virus, but the high salary virus. All players do not want to leave the club and are ready to sit in the stands because their salary is very high compared to other players.”
🗣️ Barça member: “First of all, I want to congratulate you for your courage, obviously our problem is being in debt However I don't see you talking about the players leaving this summer...”
One Barça member proposes the Barcelona administration to allow all members to make donations and then the club can find a way to pay back the money to those who want it after 5 years.
@BarcaWorldwide 🗣️ Joan Laporta: “We're committed to the women's team, we're proud of them. The video was our focus on the 2019/20 season. We can make 3 videos for the women's team this season. Also, during the video that was shown, there was a goal scored by Aitana.”

🗣️ Joan Laporta: “We're credible enough to go and ask for a loan from the financial market. We don't want to burden the members with this cost because they're not responsible for this situation. We must run the club properly and turn losses into profits.”

🗣️ Joan Laporta: “We spoke with players and their agents about the economic situation and they reacted well because everyone wants to help.”

🗣️ Joan Laporta: “Members who paid for the season ticket last season, will not pay for next season's ticket.”
🗣️ Joan Laporta: ”The market is the same and there will be only exchanges (swap deals), we have players that we cannot profit from.”
🗣️ Joan Laporta: “The loan is necessary. It won't be allocated to signings because there's not much margin, but it gives us peace of mind to run the club.”
Barça Members vote “YES” (agree) to the club’s request for a loan of €525 million.

🟦 588 - YES
🟥 28 - AGAINST
🗣️ Joan Laporta: “We're still working on Messi's contract, I'd really love to give you good news soon, but we're working on it.”
Some members request for a statue of Messi next to the statue of Cruyff and Kubala...

🗣️ Joan Laporta: “The board of directors would totally be in favor. Messi means a lot to Barcelona fans.”
🗣️ Joan Laporta: “We hope to celebrate the signing of Messi's new contract because he can still give us a lot of success.”
🗣️ Joan Laporta: “Allow us not to vote on the #SuperLeague project because the competition does not exist at the moment. When it comes back we will put it to vote, because the project is still on.”
🗣️ Joan Laporta: “The English clubs were threatened by the British government and the rest of the teams were also threatened to not participate in the Champions League and other things.”
🗣️ Joan Laporta: “We don't understand UEFA's position because we are protected by the law and they say we are right but UEFA does not want to listen to us.”
🗣️ Joan Laporta: “We were threatened and pressured. They told us that we wouldn't play in the Champions League but we rejected these threats. In the end, it turned out that we were right, and UEFA canceled these penalties and agreed to our participation in the Champions League.”
🗣️ Joan Laporta: “We will not apologize to the European Union for being the masters of our own destiny. The remaining three clubs in the Super League have their own conditions. We will not apologize for trying to compete. We will not apologize for wanting to decide our own fate.”
🗣️ Joan Laporta: “Youngsters want exciting matches, they want fun matches, what we are seeing right now is a lack of interest from the fans on football.”
🗣️ Joan Laporta: “Football belongs to clubs, not UEFA.”
🗣️ Joan Laporta: “We will make the Super League the most exciting football competition in the world, but this does not mean the end of the League or the King's Cup. We will find solutions to make the management of the competition decided by the clubs.”
🗣️ Joan Laporta: “Everything we do regarding the European #SuperLeague represents the interests of Barcelona.
We are excited for this historic step for European football. All the clubs that pulled out are still in contact with us."
🗣️ Barça member: “I think we should not trust FIFA and UEFA, but before the launch of the #SuperLeague, it was necessary to meet with them. I think this issue should be voted on by the members, but not today, on another occasion to be determined later.”
🗣️ Joan Laporta: “You're right, maybe these projects should have been told to the members, but UEFA's attitude was very aggressive and it was difficult to fight against them. You see how they reacted and threatened us. Their reaction was out of place.”

🗣️ Joan Gaspart (ex-president):

“All the clubs in Europe except for 2 are owned by Chinese, Arab and other companies. There are only 2 clubs owned by the members. Today it is very clear that Barcelona is more than just a club.”
🗣️ Joan Laporta: “What a coincidence that a club owned by the state (Paris) invests more than ever and offers twice the amount a player wants.”
Laporta is still answering the questions of the members.
🗣️ Joan Laporta: “Garcia Pimenta? We thanked him a lot for what he did, but we appointed Sergi Barjuán who made an economic effort. I haven't called Guillermo Amor but I think his job could be done by someone else. We need to reduce the salary burden.”
🗣️ Barça member: “Since I was 7, I used to come to Camp Nou with my father and now I go with my friends. I love everything in Camp Nou except the toilets. There can be no stadium like this & the bathrooms are not pretty, are you planning to change that?”
🗣️ Barça member: “In 2010, you appointed Cruyff as honorary president, but the president after you abolished it. Can this position be restored?”
🗣️ Barça member: “Twitter is not our biggest problem, but we see more focus on the English language... What is your idea to improve the Catalan language on social media?”
🗣️ Barça member: “How come Messi and Fati do not speak Catalan in interviews?”
🗣️ Joan Laporta: “Nice to meet you, I understand that the bathroom is unimproved and we will work to improve it to suit everyone. There are other maintenance works in the stadium that we will work on.”

🗣️ Joan Laporta: “I hope we can start the 2021/22 season with 50% of the fans present, and this is what is being discussed.”
🗣️ Joan Laporta: “Increase the number of female workers at the club? We are working on that at the moment.”
🗣️ Joan Laporta: “Elena Fort (Barça Spokesperson) is equal to 6 or 7 of us, we are very honored to have her.”
🗣️ Joan Laporta: “I never understood why Cruyff was withdrawn from that position. Johan came here in 1973 and brought us beautiful football. He won 4 leagues and the 1st #UCL as coach. He was a member of Barcelona, ​​one of the best people in Barcelona.”

🗣️ Joan Laporta: “Johan Cruyff is the father of this football that we play and which brought us several trophies and that is why we gave him the position of honorary president.”
🗣️ Joan Laporta: “We will put Catalan as the main language, this is clear to us. The main language of Barcelona is Catalan, but at the same time we will not remove English, Spanish or French from our accounts. Posting in several languages ​​is important.”

🗣️ Joan Laporta: “We will use English, French, Chinese, Arabic etc... We have more than 500 million fans worldwide. We are all aware that Catalan is the language of Barça and I am sure the rest of the fans respect the language, but English is most used the language in the world.”
🗣️ Joan Laporta: “Thank you for coming and participating, Visca Barça, Visca Catalunya.”

‼️𝗘𝗻𝗱 𝗼𝗳 𝗴𝗲𝗻𝗲𝗿𝗮𝗹 𝗮𝘀𝘀𝗲𝗺𝗯𝗹𝘆‼️

* * * End of THREAD * * *

- Updates via: @FCBW_A7 💪

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