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THREAD - Hari ini adalah hari di mana pemegang saham utama klub mengantongi dividen tahunan mereka, jadi mari sedikit melenceng dari hingar bingar saga transfer Frenkie de Jong yang gak kelar-kelar, untuk berbicara soal... uang.

(Pink Floyd's Money plays in the background)
Beberapa ulasan (plus foto ilustrasi) di utas ini akan mengikutkan data dan konten yang bersumber dari artikel the Athletic yang ditulis oleh Dan Sheldon yang terbit hari ini, dengan judul "How #mufc went from record revenues to losing money in 2021". Sisanya adalah opini.
Flashback ke 2018, di sesi conference call dengan investor, Woodward dengan bangga menyampaikan: "Performa dan pencapaian di lapangan tidak memiliki dampak berarti dalam apa yang dapat kami lakukan dari sisi komersial bisnis."

How many red flags can you spot in this sentence?
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Khaldoon Al Mubarak: “You don’t need to put any extra pressure on Pep as he puts enough on himself for everyone. It's the exact opposite; I try to bring back the pressure - I think he puts too much on himself. The pressure of not winning this or that, we're all in it together..."
Khaldoon Al Mubarak: “Sheikh Mansour looks at the game, understands the game and understands winning and losing very, very well. That’s why his ethos, his philosophy is what I’ve tried to instil on this organisation and what we have had these last years..."
Khaldoon Al Mubarak: “We approach every season to win, every competition. That's the mindset over the last ten years. The same in the #UCL, the #PL, FA Cup. We show up every game with full intention to give everything we have. You see the results.” [via @ManCity/@SunMartinB]
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🇦🇷 Llegó el fin de temporada en Europa y ahora Argentina tendrá el camino final de cara al Mundial de 🇶🇦Qatar.
¿Cómo fue la temporada de nuestros jugadores? Acá, en este hilo, haré un 1x1 de cada uno.

Si les gustó, agradecería un RT, MG o Follow.
Antes de comenzar, explicar que habrá un tweet por cada jugador y se tendrá en cuenta absolutamente toda la temporada (desde Julio 2021 a Mayo 2022).

Además de los representantes de la lista, estarán Paredes, Buendía, Alario, Martínez Quarta y Ocampos.
Iniciando con los arqueros, el titular es Emiliano Martínez.
En un Aston Villa con muchos problemas defensivos, disputó 37 partidos dejando la valla invicta en 11 de ellos. Tuvo 2.6 atajadas por encuentro en Premier League. Con Argentina, solo en 2 de 8 partidos le hicieron gol.
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⚪️ Tactical FOCUS : Real Madrid's defensive animation against Liverpool in #UCL final ⤵️⤵️

Madrid's defensive process began in Liverpool's def third. Modric as #10, he had the difficult mission to position between Liverpool's double pivot to prevent any quick passes between them.
Globally in a 4-2-3-1 shape in mid third, Madrid knew Liverpool would insist on TAA excellent long balls. Militao and Alaba consequently implemented a funnel to trap Mane's runs in behind.
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La polémique monte autour des responsabilités de chacun dans les problèmes d’organisation de la finale de la Ligue des champions au Stade de France, avec des conséquences redoutées en terme d'image à deux ans des Jeux olympiques de Paris #UCLfinal #ChampionsLeagueFinal #AFP
105 personnes ont été interpellées et 39 placées en garde à vue à Paris lors de la soirée, émaillée d'incidents autour de l'accès au Stade de France, selon le bilan du ministère de l'Intérieur #UCLfinal #ChampionsLeagueFinal #AFP
Fait rare pour un match de ce niveau, le début de la rencontre entre le Real Madrid et Liverpool (1-0) avait dû être reporté d'une demi-heure, en raison de tensions à l'extérieur du stade #UCLfinal #ChampionsLeagueFinal #AFP
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Según llevo leyendo desde anoche, aficionados del Liverpool y del R.Madrid acosados y perseguidos para robarles sus pertenencias, entradas, carteras, lo que llevarán en calles colindantes al estadio, dentro hilo:
Al parecer grupos de “franceses” habian roto el primer anillo de seguridad, donde ya solo pueden pasar aficionados con entrada
Actuando impunemente en grupos, había aficionados de ambos equipos que se tuvieron que defender unidos del acoso y robo de este gente, las cosas claras, sin pelos en la lengua
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La victoria #14 del #RealMadrid ha sido fantástica. Pero para los que hemos estado en París, también ha sido una jornada muy reveladora; una de esas ocasiones en las que te das cuenta de lo bien que hacemos muchas cosas en España… y de cómo se puede estropear todo. Hilo:

En primer lugar, los accesos al estadio han sido un verdadero desastre. El anillo exterior tenía muy pocos puntos de acceso, y estaban absolutamente colapsados. Falta de previsión, de capacidad de organización… y encima echan la culpa a los aficionados! Una vergüenza…
La realidad es que han creado unos embudos que es raro que no hayan acabado en tragedia. Empujones, gente aplastada contra las vallas y contra los demás, peleas, y hasta robos de entradas aprovechando el lío a la entrada. Un desastre!
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The two men who defined the 2018 #UCL final between Liverpool and Real Madrid won’t be taking part this time 🔴⚪ #LFC #RMCF

We took a look at the errors, the overhead kick, and the weirdly similar careers of Karius and Bale since then 👇🧵…
In Kyiv, Gareth Bale swivelled rearward, propelled his left leg at a right-angle towards the heavens, and hit a shot into the top corner so unerring, so perfectly timed, so wrought with wrath, that it could have burnt a searing hole through a literal iron curtain ⚽
As football analysis and punditry have evolved in the information age, elite-level players are increasingly judged on their data, the numbers they produce both in front of goal and in their season-long all-around play, rather than on their moments of brilliance 📈
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The Liverpudlian who invented the goal nets was the same man who left his mark designing Lutyens' New Delhi. A thread, while we await the #UCL Final. 1/14
John Alexander Brodie, born in Bridgnorth in 1858, was a prolific civil engineer best known for his contribution to Liverpool town planning and building the iconic Mersey Tunnel beneath the River Mersey. 2/14
However, his most popular invention has a fascinating story. On 26 October 1889, Everton was playing Accrington in Anfield when a goal was disallowed although the Everton fans were convinced they had scored. 3/14
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A look at tomorrow's venue 🏟️ #UCL
Fears were raised over the Champions League final pitch last night as it emerged it was only laid on Thursday because of tight scheduling caused by the late allocation of the game in February, as per @TeleFootball
@TeleFootball The frantic preparation is because of tight scheduling caused by the late allocation of the game after it was moved by Uefa from St Petersburg to Paris.That decision was made on Feb 25, following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, as per @TeleFootball
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Jurgen Klopp on losing the #UCL in 2018:

“I remember a little glimpse of light while standing in the queue at the airport where we had to go through a security check going to the plane. I had this thought: ‘Do we come back next year?’" #awlive [telegraph]
Klopp: “But I actually remembered it only a year later. I didn’t think about it all throughout the whole Champions League campaign [in 2019]. Just when we qualified for the final, I remembered there was something, and I remembered that was there.”
Klopp: “At that moment, I didn’t know the final was in Madrid. If I would have known that already, I’d have thought ‘definitely, we have to’. I can’t explain it. I only realised it a year later before the final.”
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Ian Rush on the #UCL final:

"Will Liverpool win a seventh European Cup? I always expect Liverpool to win, no matter who they’re playing, and Saturday will be no different." #awlive [liverpool echo]
Rush: “Liverpool need to shut down Madrid’s service to Benzema, who is set for a fascinating battle with Virgil van Dijk. If the Reds can limit the supply to Benzema and simultaneously play their own attacking game, then I think they’ll win the game.”
Rush: "They’ll have to take their chances when they come though, because Thibaut Courtois is a top quality goalkeeper who has bags of experience, and he’s no stranger to Liverpool given his past with Chelsea.”
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Sergio Aguero on the #UCL final:

“I think Liverpool will kick off with their usual intensity. They’ll aim to score from the get-go. Their attack is top-notch, and their wingers can carry the ball forwards and assist brilliantly." #awlive [independent]
Aguero: “Madrid will play on the counter, making the most of Vinicius Jr’s speed and [Karim] Benzema’s form. [Luka] Modric will be one to watch out for, as he always plays a pivotal role in these instances. He’s a pivotal player and even more so in finals.”
Aguero: “I think Real Madrid have more experience overall as a club, but Liverpool have shown up well in the Champions League for the past few years. It will be close, but I think Madrid will be more confident, having played the finals before.”
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Liverpool and Carlo Ancelotti share plenty of history, and they will meet again in club football’s biggest game on Saturday night for the #UCL final 🔴⚪ #LFC #RMCF

We’ve explored the shared destiny of the club and the manager 👇🧵…
Ancelotti was always supposed to end up living in Liverpool. Once he did, he found that he loved the coastline 🏖️

‘There’s a beautiful beach,' he said. ‘You can walk all the way to Formby on the coastal path. There are the Gormley statues, 100 of them. I really like it.'
Since the final he lost with AC Milan in Istanbul when Liverpool came from 3-0 down to win on penalties, Ancelotti's fate had been to end up in Liverpool 🔴

That night his and the Reds' respective destinies became one, bound by the twisted metaphysics of football.
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Ibrahima Konate on what winning the #UCL would mean to him:

"This is indescribable. I've not got the words to explain what winning huge trophies like this one would mean. The club wants to show that they’re already part of football history." #awlive [goal] Image
Konate: "They want to go on demonstrating that year after year. So when I think about the motto of being together [You’ll Never Walk Alone], and having this history together, it is beyond words, beyond dreams."
Konate: “I think that with this trophy, we’re talking about games I watched on TV as a kid and grew up watching. Even the final against Madrid [2018] when they lost, I watched on the tele."
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Jamie Carragher on the #UCL final:

"I've watched Real Madrid in the Champions League this season and they've lost more games in the Champions League than Liverpool have lost all season in all competitions." #awlive [the overlap]
Carragher: “Real Madrid are a very good team but they're not as good as Man City and I don't think they're as good as Chelsea - even though they beat both of them. You can spin it both ways with the spirit, the winning, the coming back.”
Carragher: “But they've carried a lot of luck in those games, which you need. If you win every game in the last minute coming from behind, if you're that good a team you don't get yourself in that position all the time. Man City should have battered them.”
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Liverpool and Real Madrid will start the #UCL final with systems which look similar on paper, but which hide so much more beneath the surface 🔴⚪ #LFC #RMCF

We’ve analysed both sides' setups, to find out where the match could be won and lost 👇🧵…
Both will ostensibly look the same, bar the colour of their kits — 22 men, each 11 arranged in a 4-3-3 in front of their respective goalkeeper.

But the differences between those 4-3-3s mean both sides are going to have plenty of opportunity to exploit one another's weaknesses ⚽ Image
For Real, the key to their hybrid 4-3-3/4-4-2 is Federico Valverde 🇺🇾

He is asked to give width on the right wing when his team are in possession, while dropping deeper and narrower in defensive transitions to become an extra midfielder when Liverpool are have the ball. Image
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Jordan Henderson on potentially lifting the #UCL trophy for a second time:

"If we do manage to win it twice it’s because of the team, it’s because of the manager, it’s because of the staff and everybody involved." #awlive [the guardian] Image
Henderson: "When the time comes for me to look back on it, that’s what I’ll think about. I never really see it as ‘me’. Yes, I wear the armband on a match day and I’ve been here a long time but there are so many other leaders within the dressing room."
Henderson: "There's so many big players, and it is a collective effort. It’s not about me trying to match other amazing captains that Liverpool have had, or trying to beat records. I am fortunate enough to be in a world-class team."
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🤩 We've got some early specials ahead of the #UCLfinal on Saturday

📲 They are under Football - Specials here:…

🧵 A thread...
👀 Deja vu of 2005 #UCL final anyone?

📌 Liverpool to be 3-0 down, Full Time Score to be 3-3 & Liverpool to win on Penalties at 300/1...
🤔 Can Real Madrid repeat the same antics in the #UCL final like they did earlier this month vs City...

📌 Real Madrid to be losing at minute 79:59 & win the match in normal time at 66/1
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🔴 Have you read about the Liverpool cash out conundrum?

👀 2 games to go and potentially £367k up for grabs!

🧵 A thread

#LFC | #LIVWOL Image
⏰ Rewind to August 7

🏟️ Liverpool were a week away from their first Premier League game of the season

And a Betfair punter was confident they'd win the lot...

🏆🏆🏆🏆 Image
✅ The Carabao Cup

🏆 #LFC's first trophy in the bag, the cash out rocketed to £32,492 after City's shock #UCL exit

📉 Only to fall back to £10,120 after they were held by Spurs

⛔️ But the customer held firm & didn't cash out Image
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1247- Cristiano Ronaldo é o jogador que mais sofreu faltas nas Top 5 Ligas desde 03/04, ao todo sofreu 1247 faltas.

9- Cristiano Ronaldo é o Jogador que mais sofreu faltas em uma final de Champions League (9) em 07/08, 3 a mais que qualquer outro jogador.

45- Cristiano Ronaldo é o jogador que mais sofreu faltas em uma edição de #UCL (45) em 07/08
1247- Cristiano Ronaldo is the player who has the most fouls won in the Top 5 Leagues since 03/04, in all he suffered 1247 fouls.

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/Thread/ Estimated amounts for #RealMadrid's participation and triumph in the #UCL (starting fees, fixed amounts, coefficient ranking, market pool), and then in the match for the UEFA Super Cup, will boost the club's revenue to a level close to €141 million #SportBusiness Image
@fcbusiness @RMadridInfo @MMajeedSX @InfiniteMadrid @MadridXtra @RMADailyNews @FranceRMCF @RMadridHome @managingmadrid @LosMadridistas_ For making the group stage alone, the 32 clubs involved each took home a minimum of €15.64 million. Each victory in the group stage is worth €2.8 million, which means that #Real in five victorious games earned €14 million.
@fcbusiness @RMadridInfo @MMajeedSX @InfiniteMadrid @MadridXtra @RMADailyNews @FranceRMCF @RMadridHome @managingmadrid @LosMadridistas_ Los Blancos generated €48.5 million in the playoffs, beating PSG, Chelsea and Manchester City along the way. If Real Madrid wins the #ChampionsLeague final, the club will earn an additional €4.5 million. The sum of the prize money won will ultimately increase to €82.64 million
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💥Real Madrid 3 vs. M. City 1: @RodrygoGoes, el emblema para llegar a la final de la #UCL

👏 Los blancos firmaron una de las remontadas más espectaculares en la historia

• Madrid: 2 mediapuntas
• MC: Silva como jugador libre
• Rodrygo: el equilibrio…
#UCL Real Madrid fue dispuesto en un 4-2-3-1, frente al 4-4-2 en fase defensiva del City. Valverde tomó posiciones interiores para convertirse en un segundo mediapunta junto a Modric. Carvajal avanzó desde el lateral derecho para aportar amplitud, con Vinícius por la izquierda.
#UCL Una clave de Real Madrid fue la acumulación de jugadores en las zonas centrales, trasladada también a banda izquierda. Con Valverde por dentro cuando el balón estaba en la izquierda, Casemiro y Kroos buscaban encontrar al uruguayo entre las líneas rivales.
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#BREAKING Real Madrid beat Manchester City after extra time to reach Champions League final #AFPSports #UCL
#UPDATE Karim Benzema scored an extra-time penalty as Real Madrid pulled off another astonishing comeback in the #ChampionsLeague to stun Manchester City, 3-1, and book a showdown with Liverpool in the final. #AFPSports #UCL #RealManCity Real Madrid striker Karim Benzema
Here are three things we learned from the classic Champions League semi-final between Real Madrid and Manchester City, won by the Spanish side in extra time. #AFPSports #UCL #RealManCity
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