1. I’m all for evaluating non-police anti-violence strategies but note that reporters NEVER EVER require similar evaluation of policing strategies. Only reforms must prove their worth and cost-effectiveness NEVER mass carceralism.
2. For example, here is a study that suggests that when prosecutors refuse to jail people for low level offenses, VIOLENT CRIME PLUMMETS. bostonglobe.com/2021/03/29/met…
3. I mean check out these results. So when are cops and prosecutors going to have to prove that their strategies work?
4. This kind of stuff isn’t a sincere effort to figure out what works. It is a massive thumb on the scale in favor of a status quo hyper-carceralism that has NEVER EVER been forced to prove itself.

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19 Jun
I don’t know anything about critical race theory, but as I see some of the stuff floating through my timeline – and the incredibly stupid elite dialogue about it – I just find my mind returning to Baldwin again and again. Image
I mean THIS. In the end anti-CRT or anti-wokeness or whatever one wants to call this particular incoherent spasm of white supremacist authoritarian backlash, it is in the end about white people and the terror that they have of looking at themselves... Image
...looking at their forbearers, their history from the perspective of the people they have treated for ~400 years as less than full and equal humans. Their need to maintain the myth of white innocence is just so profound. To relinquish it is an existential threat.
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12 Jun
1. Fabulous article about Kip Kinkle who, at age 15, committed the most notorious crime in modern Oregon history when he killed his parents and shot up a school. Now he’s 38, is in treatment for paranoid schizophrenia, and has grown and changed a lot. huffpost.com/entry/kip-kink…
2. As those of us who have represented people on death row know from our own personal experience, even people who commit the most ghastly, unthinkable crimes often grow and change as they get older. Many, (though not all), become rehabilitated. huffpost.com/entry/kip-kink…
3. This is not just true of people who committed their crimes as children, like Kinkel; it’s also true of those who committed crimes as adults. And it’s also not merely true of those who played a small role in a violent crime; principals/ringleaders often transform over time.
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9 Jun
1. I mean if you want to understand why there is still so much protest and still so little police reform in Portland the answer is concrete and basically never mentioned in any of these articles.
2. The mayor protects downtown business interests, loves police and always backs them. He got a MINORITY of the vote for reelection, yet he still won the race, because two candidates that promised transformative changes split the vote.
3. So after a year of protest and a lot of support for police reform among radical elements and not so radical elements, hopes were raised and very little changed.
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9 Jun
Actually violent crime in toto was DOWN in liberal cities — like Portland, Philly, Chicago and NYC — last year. Homicides were up, though homicides were up in conservative cities as well. But go on with your false information and casual racism.
Here are receipts for three of the four cities I mentioned: Portland, Philly and NYC. (1) Portland 2019 (2) Portland 2020 (3) Philly 2019-2020 (4) NYC 2019-2020.
3. Can’t find end of year for Chicago, so only have year-to-date (violent crime down every year for four years). Also adding year-end San Francisco and Seattle for good measure – two more “liberal cities,” also down.
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8 Jun
1. Even though she was confirmed today, the politicization of the nomination of an old school prosecutor for the high court of New York State was a good thing. Something to be emulated.
2. These state appellate courts are lousy with former prosecutors. In some states it’s like ~60%+ former prosecutors and 0% former criminal defense attorneys/civil rights lawyers. That is some real nonsense. We have to contest that.
3. We are already contesting these judge positions at the local level. Important victories in Philly, Pittsburgh, Nevada, New Orleans, etc. theappeal.org/politicalrepor…
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6 Jun
1. This is some real demagogic bullshit from I guy I thought I liked. No sense of responsibility about how law enforcement including his own office helped to created that outcome.
2. When people fail to come forward they are not "choosing the side" of the harm-doers. Such nonsense.
3. They are responding to the circumstances around them which has involved 30 years of hyper-carceral harassment over the tiniest offenses — literally worse than anywhere in the world — from the people you’re expecting them to go to when something bad happens.
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