@LovesMercy I suggest that you file a written complaint with the Fresno County Civil Grand Jury. I'd be happy to testify before them. Even the liberal places like Dakota Eco Village are a culturally toxic mess, abusive, dangerous, arrogant Board members.
@LovesMercy Far from being decent, the @UUFresno Unitarians who run Dakota Eco Village in Fresno support the sexual harasment of women clients upon arrival by men clients. It was disgusting! Sick women being subjected to that crap! Cc: @DYSONJANZEN /1
@LovesMercy 2/ According to the sexist old Unitarian white man/Dakota Eco Village Board member Gerry B, I had to change one thing about myself & he got to choose. He said I was too strong. I'm 1/2 Russian, paralegal, worked for top Bay Area attorneys, and changed CA law for crime victims. 😂
@LovesMercy @threadreaderapp unroll thread, please

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20 Jun
@Auras_Journey @AFR365 4/ A friend suggested that I join Debtors' Anonymous (also Underearners' Anonymous). She thought they could teach me self-care concepts, after my family that was deficient in such skills. I did. I learned how to save for my birthday, things I wanted (earrings), flowers, foods.
@Auras_Journey @AFR365 5/ I learned how to do all of those things, met with two other people for Pressure Relief Groups to take Action Steps. I ultimately did not stay with DA because I'm not a shopper. I had an Anxiety Disorder. Being around the crowds & noise & lights & all that stuff was misery.
@Auras_Journey @AFR365 6/ As an epileptic with photosensitive epilepsy (the color red, stripes, certain patterns, office lights, concert lights, and movies)...they make me very sick, very fast. They cause too much electricity in my brain. ⚡🧠
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17 Jun
@StanfordPSY @StanfordBrain @PascaStanford @KarlDeisseroth 2/ I was priced out of Silicon Vly housing and moved to Fresno, CA 4 yrs ago for the cheaper cost of rent & a Social Work degree @fresnostate . My plans were derailed by sick, hospital.
@StanfordPSY @StanfordBrain @PascaStanford @KarlDeisseroth @FresnoState 3/ I have photosensitive epilepsy too: the color red, stripes, flashing lights, concert lights, clubs, and movies to name a few.
@StanfordPSY @StanfordBrain @PascaStanford @KarlDeisseroth @FresnoState 4/ I also have depression and anxiety, common in the epileptic brain. I do not smoke, drink, or use drugs. I was told since childhood that it would combine with my epilepsy medicines and kill me. I obeyed the instructions.
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14 Jun
@DanPriceSeattle @dtripp4801 @FDRLST I'm in CA. We've other examples of outrageous spending behavior. Yrs ago voters approved high-speed train construction. $10 bil dollars. Now, $85 bil over budget, not done. I'm unemployed paralegal, 59, with epilepsy since age 6. Sleep in my Civic 3 yrs. No disability. No apt.
@DanPriceSeattle @dtripp4801 @FDRLST 2/ I earned A's in college. Worked for Silicon Vly law firms. Moved to Fresno, CA (1.5 hrs S of Yosemite). Plans derailed by sick, hospital. Spent savings. Most relatives dead. Few survivors taking care of disabled relatives.
@DanPriceSeattle @dtripp4801 @FDRLST 3/ I've been thru Fresno, CA's frightening, abusive shelter systems. Unicorn in it. No smoking, drinking, drugs, or crimes. Just epilepsy and photo sensitive epilepsy.
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10 Jun
@Coldrain76 I've learned from the bizarre, unethical, lying, abusive Unitarians @UUFresno to watch out for their advertised code words like "love". The Unitarians aren't loving at all. They're arrogant, tryannical, abusive. Cc: @fresnoland @DYSONJANZEN
2/ @fresnoland @FresnoBee @fresnoland @DYSONJANZEN So even though a donor to Dakota Eco Village paid for @FresnoBee newspaper subscription for clients to read, I wasn't permitted by Unitarians @UUFresno to read it because I wasn't willing to listen to conspiracy radio 🤨.
3/ @Coldrain76 @fresnoland @FresnoBee @DYSONJANZEN So apparently the Unitarians @UUFresno subscribe to the conspiracy radio & meth client's beliefs that when a woman on the sts flicks her hair, she is really an agent of the gov stalking you, signaling another agent. 🤨
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10 Jun
@Coldrain76 @UUFresno The woman client listening to conspiracy radio refused to put on her earbuds because they "hurt", refused to do something quiet in the designated quiet room, or go to another location to listen to conspiracy/staking radio. The Unitarians were *hurt* 😂.
2/ @Coldrain76 According to the bizarre Unitarians @UUFresno my enforcing the boundaries was scary, violent. 😂. Those Unitarians are a piece of work. Perhaps a large order of Thorazine for the Unitarians AND conspiracy radio client. You ain't ruining my morning coffee, babe. 😂
3/ @Coldrain76 Local architect Art Dyson @DYSONJANZEN in Fresno, CA, has designed some libraries and other buildings in the area. He has designed a few small dwellings at Dakota Eco Village, the urban failure run by @UUFresno Unitarians.
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9 Jun
@SenatorBorgeas @KMPHFOX26 @MarieEdinger I agree that my native state CA should rescind skyrocketing gas tax. I was Silicon Vly paralegal, A's college, priced out of rent there ($3500 mo for 1 bedroom). Moved to Fresno for cheaper rent, Social Work degree @fresnostate. Plans derailed by sick, hospital. -Michaela /1
@SenatorBorgeas @KMPHFOX26 @MarieEdinger @FresnoState 2/ I spent thru my savings, couldn't get disability via Social Security (a yrs long process for most with many denials). I became homeless. In Civic 3 yrs. Epilepsy. No smoking, drinking, drugs, or crimes. -Michaela cc: @GavinNewsom @SecFudge @HowTheWestWS @kevinmnye1
@SenatorBorgeas @KMPHFOX26 @MarieEdinger @FresnoState @GavinNewsom @SecFudge @HowTheWestWS @kevinmnye1 3/ I despise former CA gov @JerryBrownGov . And I say that as a mostly Dem voter raised in a Dem family in San Francisco Bay Area. -Michaela cc: @NAMIAdvocacy @EpilepsyFdn @namicalifornia
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