#DMK the confrontation was to be expected. They came to power out of greed and with intentions of pent up vendetta of 10 years. It's obvious that they'll use every opportunity to undermine the center. In the assembly the direct misinterpretation of the constitution by the CM ,
himself, is an indication of things to come; the freebie culture has left the state penniless and by past experience there'll no new investments in the near future, inspite of all the drama. A surplus state on power a few months ago, is now reeling under; the average DMK person,
is a Dada, only the degree varies; exchequer is zero balance and the need to borrow at a high interest exists; dynasty influence and political survival being the nomenclature for the formation of the ministry has been s jinx to them, either it be education, power , finance hr&ce,
land administration ,and revenue ofcourse; L&O is to be discussed separate; health sector which is primary now, has a minister, who can't spell his name in English without a spell error, and the pandemic has not left us yet; while the CM seems to have taken the confrontation
route, he's also ensuring that his mouth pieces before the media are taking an opposite stand eg: @Suba_Vee if to be taken on record; I foresee a lot of diversionary acts coming into play, to cover the mismanagement and governance (less said the better): this has been their
Policy from inception as a ruling party. @sansbarrier is a mere small example of throttling voices; they'll now begin to encourage people like that salem crook, Piyush something. They'll provoke @annamalai_k more and my bet is on him, without giving them room ,he will take them
On, after he was a policeman in uniform and equally knows every trick in the trade. I hope as a collective 4 , the elected MLA's have the sense to dispute with facts the garbage that'll be dished out in days to come on farmers issue, CAA, Art.370,etc., the DMK is certain to
provoke ,hoping that there'll be an attempt to oust them (that's not going to happen): however they'll try , even to the extent of creating an L&O situation. The recent supposed TNEAA is all talk and as such people are not impressed. It'll play itself out. Let's hope for a
miracle and that may happen, sooner than expected - no man , how I'll the wealth is , can afford to lose 26,000C ,that too ,to China's big bully tactics. Unless there's a wake up call within DMK (that would be miracle 2), the number damocles swords hanging above their heads is
sure to come into play, but certainly not immediately as that would be used by these goons as a ploy against center. Thanks to the irresponsible MiG's TN now has a non functioning elected government and we need to live with it. At this point I merely suggest stay safe.
An indian

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6 Jun
#RW I'm really enjoying the RW going bonkers , over issues , which are meant to divert attention, like the blue tick issue, forgotten are sale of vaccines in Punjab, dumping vaccines by Congress governments, advising the elected experts on how to run the government; the RW in TN
have lost their marbles completely - seeking to segregate the state, they've played right into the hands of DMK' s earlier demands of Dravida naadu. Worse, some self acclaimed bakhts are creating a non existent narrative between a state CM & PM - this is where the Saba's and
Rana's score. C'mon folks, focus on 2022 & 2024. The narratives being created are to ensure you don't look at the larger canvass. Unless you set your home right, none is going to do it for you. Look at the larger canvass and prepare for that , with @Kumarsarangapa1 @wataboutery
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4 Jun
#lockdown2021 I've really lost count of the number in TN; as I watch it , the present lockdown, the municipal administration , headed by a young , but intelligent and sincere lady ,here, has done wonders; she , no doubt, has built an excellent team around her, this in spite of
handicaps, of malfunctioning of the state machinery. Literally every grievance is attended to ,and, the manner in which she has carried the message across to people , on safety measures, it's really remarkable, indeed. The over pricing of essentials is not very high , comparative
scale used here. Ably helping out is her MHO , the vaccination process has not stopped, but regulated and more numbers are turning in. She really has her office open, literally 24/7, she takes into confidence - the people too. Common man issues are addressed. Roped in volunteers
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10 May
He has shared the post please read
I request all members of this
eminent GP to ponder over it
without any political or other
1 Till February 2021 all seem to be wonderful
2 The malls had opened shopping centres restarted schools were reopening and life was creeping back to normalcy in India
3 The Indian vaccine had been the talk of the town in the whole world with exports to 87 countries
In fact we were competing with China in most of the countries as Indian vaccine gained more favor
4 The farmer protests had almost died down and no major protests of any nature were happening in the country; 5 End February The boundary talks with China have finally resulted in to
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1 May
It began sometime , a little after the manner in which he handled not only the earthquake disaster , but the speed at which he rebuilt not only the disaster affected areas in Gujarat, used it as a leverage to bring Gujarat up in the map of India ; Congress, especially Ahmed Patel
sensed the danger this man could be , not only to Congress , but their hold on people, (read as minorities) and the counter measure ,began albeit slowly. The shrewd and wily Ahmed, began restructuring the original Khan Market gang, (modern India defines them as luteyns), take a
Good look at political history from that period. Using, muscle, money power , the connection with Vatican , and the ever subservient sullahs ,the diabolical plan began to emulate, and this sinister plan kept modifying itself , as needed. This man was not bothered, he was only
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30 Apr
One thing is very clear from the observations made by #Apex - the RW , @BJPLegalCell , the supposed media handlers , individually and collectively failed (this isn't the 1st time and personally I think it won't be the last either ), to instantly kill the fake narratives created
whether it's O2 issue, or vaccines or anything to do with the centre; in TN I see a large group doing it , but localised , and that's not enough. I'm refraining from tagging certain handles , not out of fear, but one of hope that their Rip Van Winkle act will end and you'll push
against false narratives - your opponents are established network , you're not. Unless you wake up and get your act together , coming days are going to be more difficult. I'm saying this out of anguish and I need to appreciate the efforts of @ikkmurugan and he must now focus on
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30 Apr
I'm only using this as a reference point : my queries go differently :-
- if MiLords want price control , and one black coat cites a supposed interview by @ndtv ...I'm sure MiLords are aware of the credibility of #NDTV and all its allies;
- relating to price , the suppliers are
II. are business, in the business of producing vaccines - to them the pricing is also based on their needs for R&D, which is of primary importance - are MiLords suggesting that R&D be damned?
- Astra supplied to U.S. - they never had FDA approvals and it was never administers in
the soils of U.S. what's the rationale MiLords in your observations, in relativity of prices?
- in another case relating to Covid , MiLords , you admitted it before dismissing it with costs imposed - unfair in the sense , while you have the advantage of inputs from experts ,the
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