#SeditionHunters - in ancient Rome, the elite Praetorian Guard kept overthrowing the emperors they were assigned to protect. In DC this January, seems the “1st Amendment Praetorians” had similar ambitions - intrigue is timeless. Here’s a 1st thread on 1AP & the Willard Hotel 1/ ImageImage
#SeditionHunters have been tracking 1AP since Jan; the 1/5 Freedom Plaza rally permit says: “...1st Amendment Praetorian Group will provide...security.” Founded 2020 by messianic Green Beret Robert Patrick Lewis who now hangs with the VIPs. They recruit from former military... 2/ ImageImage
...& now also police & intelligence officers. RPL is now on the speaker circuit. On Dec 12: ntd.com/former-green-b…
On Jan 5 in DC, warned that U.S. kids may "grow up in a communist hellhole" "This is our chance...take back the country." Listen to it. 3/
1AP speeches are crazy enough but videos are worse - the Oct. 2020 “What is 1st Amendment Praetorian?” ends with RPL saying “we’ve activated the counter-insurgency” against fellow Americans. They’re so scary #SeditionHunters had kept quiet about them. 4/
Now that 1AP is getting some press, tho (Daily Beast, Vice) it’s time to shine the spotlight - & they’re crawling all over DC on Jan 6. So we’ll post several threads. This one covers RPL’s associates on Jan 6, and their circle. 5/
On Jan 6, RPL headed to Trump’s rally with two companions. We call the tall one #TallWillardGuy; he’s easy to see above the crowd. They watched from the VIP section with other A-listers. 6/ ImageImage
On 1/5 both were in the VIP tent at the Freedom Plaza rally. Here’s #TallWillardGuy wearing an earpiece, near Roger Stone & election-fraud conspiracist Joe Oltmann. (Joe’s data/marketing co.: “We start conversations & make sure that they’re going in the right directions.”) 7/ Image
On 1/6, after Trump’s speech many VIPs headed to the Capitol. RPL isn’t seen there yet, but tweeted 1:18 PM “Today is the day true battles begin.” #TallWillardGuy ended up at the Willard Hotel in Rudy Giuliani’s hotel suite, in the famous photos found by @BitsButterfly... 7/ Image
...from the Insta of CT lobbyist & Ukraine schemer Robert Hyde. Call it the Sore Loser room: it holds 3 failed Congressional candidates (Hyde, Eastman, Ramsland) + the son of a 4th (Daniel Bostic, dad is Curtis). Seems like a political / propaganda group, not military ops... 8/ ImageImage
Rudy couldn’t book the right 4 Seasons, much less run a coordinated crowd attack! Election-lie promoters include Oltmann, Ramsland (Allied Security Group), Eastman (ex-law prof), Bobb (OANN, ex-DHS), & Ryan (Rudy’s girlfriend). Bostic is pals with Ali Alexander since 2013… 9/ Image
Note Bostic’s signature haircut. Bostic & Ali’s schemes include “a cryptocurrency project, a listless consulting agency, a defunct MAGA gossip blog, & a scam donation project created with R-wing trolls Jacob Wohl and Laura Loomer”. And now sedition. 10/
On 1/6 Bostic sat up front at the rally, then walked to the Capitol in a “stack” of 15+ VIPs, OathKeepers, and security guys. Most went to the East side; 6 entered the Capitol & have been arrested (red text). 11/ ImageImageImage
Bostic, Courtney Holland, & Megan Barth of Stop the Steal went West instead, arriving on Capitol grounds at 2:53 PM just in time for the Giant Flag drop. (Finds & analysis by @bennybryant17) 12/
youtube.com/watch?t=102s Image
So Bostic was at the Capitol late, & the Willard Hotel photos were taken after 3 PM, maybe even the “night” of 1/6, as Hyde writes, after police cleared the Capitol building. We don’t know yet what the Willard group were doing, but the timing is important. 13/ ImageImage
Multiple 1AP figures are seen on Capitol grounds, so stay tuned for more threads.

As always, research is a crowdsourced effort by many, often anonymous volunteers. @bennybryant17 led on figuring out Bostic’s “stack”. All results go to the FBI first. 14/
Sources for "stack" videos include

Bostic is seen at the Ellipse in Michael Coudrey's Parler selfie. 15/ Image
The 2020 screenshot of Bostic is from

& tagging up some of the VIPs in this thread (must be confirmed on Capitol grounds for a hashtag). So many VIPs - more are tags coming!
16/ Image
Correction, t/y @bennybryant17! Though #AdamWeibling has been arrested, #BrittneyWeibling stayed outside the Capitol doors and has not. So here she's correctly marked in black, not red. 17/ Image
#SeditionHunters - #TallWillardGuy IDd! Nailed by @visionsurreal as Philip Luelsdorff, Director of Business Development for 1AP; he & RPL filed the Sep. 2020 incorporation docs. A small-timer: serial DC business owner, unsuccessful poker player, arrest for theft. So..why him? 18/ ImageImage
He’s a bit overshadowed by mom, who claims she's an exiled Russian aristocrat, Baroness von Luelsdorff; Dad likely a multilingual professor. Philip whined in 2017 to NPR “You are expecting to do as well as your father and you can’t.. It’s emasculating” 19/
pbs.org/newshour/polit… ImageImage
Mom tells her story in video on Russian site; judge for yourself. Full Luelsdorff OSINT report at link. What does he offer to a wannabe “elite” organization? Besides maybe Russian language, and self-pity, and gambling debts...20/

Now let's find #GreyBlazerGuy! He's in animated conversation with RPL and #TallWillardGuy while walking in, and sticks with them at the Ellipse rally, so #SeditionHunters might look for him in rally footage... 21/ ImageImage
And some video! For people searching for #GreyBlazerGuy, here’s the clip of him walking in, from a Twitch stream (DylanBurnsTV, Protesting in DC.mp4). Next up, a reel of the Bostic “conga line”... 22/
As usual this research is done by many dedicated individuals, often anonymous. @visionsurreal has been tracking 1AP for months, & @StevieG54099097 has put together a video reel with map to help people understand #IamDanielBostic’s walk to the Capitol 22/
And in case you still had doubts about the politics of Philip Luelsdorff aka #TallWillardGuy, here are his tweets, h/t @PabloRedux! Twitter acct. private but many archived. November 2020, ~1 month after 1AP started, ~1 week after election day: "The election is not over." 23/ Image
Dec. 13, 2020, #TallWilllardMan replies to Joseph Flynn (Michael Flynn's brother) thanking "RPL and Yoda and the entire crew of 1AP for taking great care of #TeamFlynn yesterday". 1AP provided security for the Dec. 12 `Defend America' rally in DC, where Michael Flynn spoke. 24/ Image
Here's Michael Flynn at the Dec. 12th DC rally, with Joseph Flynn behind him and his faithful 1AP bodyguard #ShadowFlynn in front. (More on him to come!) 12/12 might seem like a dress rehearsal for 1/6; everyone was there - Proud Boys, militia, right-wing speakers, 1AP... 25/ Image
Watch the 12/12 activities for yourself at link below! Then count how many figures here appeared on Capitol grounds on 1/6. #2 in this pic is currently-serving Army Reserve officer & insurrectionist #IamThomasSpeciale, spokesman for Vets for Trump. 26/
Or, if video is not enough, you can watch 1AP live soon - they're scheduled to appear in Palm Beach FL on July 4th. The July 4 event is run by the "Coalition to Defend America", same folks who put on the 1/5 rally in DC. (More on them coming!) FBI might be watching too... 27/ ImageImage
Still don't think 1AP is scary? Read RPL's Tweet from June 28 calling on "Patriots" to "take back and keep this Republic" by turning into "Old Testament, full wrath of God, destruction of their house and salt the earth beneath them Christians." Hope FBI is watching July 4th. 28/ Image

• • •

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Jan 12
"Influencer" Rogan O'Handley aka DC Draino wants more Capitol footage from Jan 6. We want it too - we want to know where he goes after this fist-bump on the E. Plaza, 5 mins before the doors were violently breached. The night before, he'd said he was at a White House meeting...1/
On January 5, Rogan O'Handley was a prime-time speaker, just two slots before Mike Flynn. He fired up the crowd for the next day: "Are you fired up? Are you pissed off? Are you going to let them steal this election? It may be 40 degrees out here but it sure feels like 1776!" 2/
"I was just at the White House - I can't tell you who I was meeting with, but they're optimistic. They think something good is going to happen tomorrow..it damn well better..I don't want to see these patriots more pissed off than they already are, in DC right next to Congress" 3/
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Jan 10
How a nation should respond to an attempted coup: with unity. For now anyway, Brazil shows how to do it right. 1/
President Lula met with every governor and walked with every high official of the country, from all parties, down to the trashed Supreme Court to witness and condemn the destruction together. Read thread. 2/
Another difference from the US: popular outcry in Brazil to support democracy. Of course, in Brazil the attack was against the sitting president, not for him. And the property destruction was even more shocking. But this is still a model for the world. 3/
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Jan 8
Two days after the two-year anniversary of the January 6 attack on the US Capitol, a scary analogue is unfolding in Brazil, where massed crowds are invading Congress. The US and Brazilian anti-democratic movements are linked and both have ties to Steve Bannon. 1/
Second Tweet in David Adler's thread. Video from Brazilian news sources. But for the color of the flags, this could be from the US Capitol. If the analogy is correct, there will be someone behind the scenes directing. 2/
In September 2021, a similar 'riot' broke out in support of then-president Jair Bolsanaro (now avoiding arrest in Florida). Former Trump aide Jason Miller and Breitbart 'journalist' Matthew Tyrmand were there; Miller was detained by Brazilian police. 3/
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Jan 7
Impossible to overstate how important this is: Kevin McCarthy became speaker by giving Congressmen who sought to overthrow the vote (e.g. Jim Jordan) new sweeping power to "review" criminal investigations and see classified information. Read thread and article by @kyledcheney. 1/
Here is the Politico article but read entire thread for details. Next Tweets will be Jim Jordan items from the Jan 6 "Big Timeline". 2/
Timeline items:
* Jan 2, Jim Jordan leads a conference call with members of Congress discussing how to delay certification of the vote.
* Jan 5, Jordan gets a memo from former Blackwater executive (and DoD official) Joseph Schmitz suggesting what Pence should do on Jan 6.
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Jan 6
Good morning America. Two years ago at this time, crowds in DC were streaming in towards the Ellipse, though gates were not open yet for Trump's rally. Ali Alexander was up since 4 AM. Courtney Holland, Scott Presler, & Rose Tennent of Stop the Steal laughed as they walked in. 1/
By 8:39 AM the National Mall was starting to fill up. The atmosphere was cheerful, almost a party. Most of the non-VIP crowd saw no point in going through security to sit in the seats; they gathered on the Mall instead and watched the overflow screens. 2/
After last-minute drama, the first speaker hits the stage 9:06 AM: "I'm Congressman Mo Brooks..and I've got a message that I need you to take to the Capitol." "Today is the day American patriots start taking names and kicking ass." You can watch. 3/
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Jan 3
The $1M-plus that Donald Trump Jr is getting from Rumble isn't as much as the $4B Jared Kushner got from the Saudis, but surely it's time to talk about quid pro quos and the Peter Thiel/Devin Nunes social media play. What is Rumble getting for their $? 1/
Rumble has long supported the alt-right - its founder says his goal was to make "infrastructure that is immune to cancel culture". In 2021, it got fresh cash from billionaire Peter Thiel (via his protegee & now-Ohio Senator JD Vance, who he'd set up at Narya Capital). 2/
One of Rumble's first moves after Thiel's takeover was to pay prominent pro-Russia voices for content: Glenn Greenwald & Tulsi Gabbard. Both claimed to be "left", now shill Putin's propaganda. Their deal was only $100s of K, less than Trump Jr's, but still an odd investment. 3/
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