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Proud Boys partial verdict in and it is a triumph for US democracy (and for DOJ) - Proud Boys leaders guilty of seditious conspiracy. Jury is deadlocked on the lower-level Pezzola still, which is reasonable. But the leaders are GUILTY. 1/ Image
GUILTY: Enrique Tarrio, protege of Roger Stone, Chairman of the America's brownshirts the Proud Boys, who knew an attack was being planned 2 days before Trump announced it and thought he could skate free by skipping the action. But he failed. 2/ Image
Now the next stage - negotiating before sentencing. Proud Boys leaders Tarrio and Biggs, proteges of Roger Stone and Alex Jones, were acting on orders. Now they have reason to talk.

Biggs incited the breach of the Capitol with an InfoWars megaphone. He can implicate Alex. 3/ Image
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Did you know @SeditionHunters is the organization working with the FBI that is tracking down J6 people and politically persecuting and smearing and slandering them on their website. Plus, this group is singling out people and they are being arrested.… Image
Why focus on our Veterans??? That's who this group is targeting. Our military veterans. Almost all the J6 victims of political persecution and prosecution are veterans. Somebody stop this travesty. We need an act, or a bill, or some sort of government intervention.
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That the "Democracy-Dies-in-Darkness™" WashPost now does the job of the US Security State by hunting down its leakers and doing everything to expose their identity really says everything about the real function and ideology of these media corporations.…
Recall that the WPost did the same thing with Edward @Snowden. They gleefully used part of the archive he obtained, published those docs, praised themselves for the Pulitzer they co-won, and then. . . .

Demanded he be imprisoned and never pardoned:

This then-Huff-Post reporter, @ryanjreilly, has devoted his life to doing the FBI's work, hunting anyone associated with 1/6. He swooned when AG Garland praised "#SeditionHunters" for their service. For it, he got promoted to NBC. This is state media:

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This fourth installment in the @anoncomrades expose of the White Art Collective is a family affair and will be delivered in two parts. @161Partisan, @utah161, @utrresearch, and various anonymous comrades serve it up family style. STRONG CONTENT WARNING
1/ Meet neo-Nazi activist Jamie Ryan Troutman (aka James Ryan/AltRightVA/AltAntiochus/ seen here participating in the January 6th 2021 insurrection in Washington, DC. He is from Alexandria, Virginia but currently lives in the Harpers Ferry/Charles Town area of West Virginia.
2/ We promised a family affair, 33-year-old Jamie Troutman and his younger brother Brandon were obnoxious mainstays at numerous “Alt-Right" public appearances in the Washington vicinity. Brandon Troutman aka ManWithTheHand is getting his own comeuppance separately, stay tuned.
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@julie_kelly2, who’s followed by AUSA Mike Gordon @mikegordon33, points out this Jan 6 prosecutor is full of anti-Trump likes & msgs

🚨AUSA Gordon is ALSO actively DM’ing #SeditionHunters on Twitter & providing likes/feedback, asking them questions

Is that normal AUSA activity?
Makes you wonder why the Jan 6 prosecutors ignore Ray Epps, despite knowing the law

AUSA Mike Gordon can even cite the law!
This feels mildly inappropriate to be publicly posting & liking political things as an AUSA prosecuting 🇺🇸 citizens in DC Court for January 6th trials

But AUSA Mike Gordon @mikegordon33 lets it stand

He prosecuted @BigoBarnett … was this shown in court @McBrideLawNYC?
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In the Proud Boys trial today you'll hear about ex-Marine Ronald Loehrke, a 'tool' of the Proud Boys - Nordean recruited him, wanted him "on the front lines". Loehrke is so central to the attack that he was the first to get a 'reel'. You can watch. 1/
Loehrke helped run the breach on the W. Plaza, then walked around the Capitol to breach on the East. His actions set off a massive manhunt by #SeditionHunters, though in the end he was there in Nordean's phone - see his 'arrest thread' from Dec. 2021. 2/
The night that Jan 6 was greenlit the Proud Boys leaders were awake & planning. 1:42 AM Dec. 19, Trump sent his "will be wild" Tweet. 3:55 AM Joe Biggs says they need better PBs: "We recruit losers who wanna drink. Let's get radical and get real men." Loehrke was the upgrade. 3/
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@DCPoliceDept body📸+@uscapitol📺

Did👮‍♂️action💥crowd 2 rush👮‍♂️?

2:25:22👮‍♂️Alioto throws CS
2:25:45👮‍♂️Khoury CS misfire
2:26:10 CS hits👮‍♂️Leslie
2:26:26👮‍♂️shoves👩↘️ stairs=crowd livid
2:27:38 Crows breaks👮‍♂️line…
@uscapitol Officer on January 6, 2021 @ 4:10:21pm:

“You guys have any good candidates for Chief?”

“We need a new one”

Perhaps allowing your police force to be operated at the whim of @SpeakerPelosi’s political intent wasn’t a good plan

@CapitolPolice inept all day on Jan 6
@DCPoliceDept Jan 6🎥

“U’ve been detained. @CapitolPolice is not going 2 process ur arrest 4 Xing👮‍♂️line so 2day is ur lucky day Ok? Don’t come back just take a walk. Go back 2 ur hotel & meet ur friends. Don’t do anything crazy” “Good luck”

DOJ & @January6thCmte didn’t share👇
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NEW: Feds seek 5.25 years in federal prison for romance cover model Logan Barnhart, who dragged a cop down the stairs and was identified by online sleuths. #catsweat #seditionhunters
Logan Barnhart pleaded guilty in September:…
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@DCPoliceDept Bodycam 🎥 of Lazewski

@DCPoliceDept scramble 2 figure out where the platoon’s gas masks are - parked in a van blocks away - as they were caught totally off guard about the CS gas

Lazewski & others warn fresh 👮‍♂️ arriving to mask up, as they continue 2 choke
@DCPoliceDept Lazewski Bodycam 🎥

🚨 Holy crap 👇🚨

👮‍♂️DC Metro angry, frustrated, complaining of CS gas & no prep by police leaders

“Let us know [about CS]!” “I didn’t know we were coming up 2 this, I woulda made sure we all had our masks” “They set us up to fail” “They did”……
Recall @DCPoliceDept Miller🎥

“We shoulda had ppl up here, I’m very pissed about that. [Boss says] we’re not going, we’ve got other responsibilities, can’t send our guys in there [@uscapitol] there’s ppl all over the city w🔫”

Fake/hyped Intel on🔫 =🛑 DC Metro being @uscapitol
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A call for aid, #SeditionHunters.

The crowdsourced effort to arrest assorted MAGA chuds who attacked the Captol in an effort to prevent the peaceful transfer of power in the United States has yielded results. I salute your work.
You have watched thousands of hours of video, looking for small details, identifying insiders and AFO suspects. Your work has been affirmed in federal court at the DCD, and has formed the entire evidentiary basis for many cases. I salute you.
My own skillset is a bit different. From the spring of 2021, I have focused on documents, rather than video evidence. From various soical media posts, from my second podcast episode on Shane Jenkins, through the Matthews Memo, through to the material in the Oath Keepers...
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Jan. 6 defendant Gabe Chase is set to take a misdemeanor plea tomorrow. An online sleuth flagged to me that he appears to have briefly used what appears to be pepper spray as rioters were fighting cops, so potentially getting good credit for cooperation here. #SeditionHunters
Gabriel Chase was one of five Groypers arrested back in September.…
You can see the moment in @FordFischer's video here. He appears to sort of blindly shoot around the corner, and now I bet he's feeling very lucky that it does not appear his spray actually connected with a cop.
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Media & DC elites ❤️ DOJ Indictments & 🎥 calling out “stack” or “tactical column” of Oath Keepers used 2 walk up stairs & stay together. Here’s @DCPoliceDept doing same maneuver

Also note compliant protester asked by 👮‍♂️ 2 get down so he can stand higher 2 get view of crowd…
@DCPoliceDept Lapitsky sees👩shove👮in Rotunda -14:59:24

👮responds w face punch b4 she’s restrained by coworkers

Man🗣️👮‍♂️: “Take care of that officer right now, she’s going 2 cause a real problem”

Fight 1m later,👮‍♂️throws punches on down protester -15:01:04

That’s Bigo🗣️re:🇺🇸
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@CapitolPolice @DCPoliceDept held Capitol Steps 2h.👮‍♂️Thao told👮‍♂️Chief North Grandstands=key; 150👮‍♂️needed

@uscapitol steps lost:
👮misfires gas @ north stands =forces 👮‍♂️brass 2 flee 2 South stands
THEN flood
Tells cops not 2 go reinforce @FormerFeds @julie_kelly2 @DarrenJBeattie

@DCPoliceDept @CapitolPolice January 6 undercover @CapitolPolice have wrist bands & “candy stripe”💈on barrel of their guns

🚨Here’s some examples of a USCP gun with a “stripe” sticker; from a plainclothes officer on the House Floor ⬇️
@DCPoliceDept @CapitolPolice January 6 undercover @CapitolPolice have wrist bands & “candy stripe”💈on barrel of their guns

🚨 However, here’s an example of a uniformed USCP gun with a “stripe” sticker on the House Floor ⬇️
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Patrick William O’Brien of Montana has been arrested on Jan. 6 charges. He entered the Capitol with his son, a juvenile, per feds.

Court documents not available, but sleuths tell me this is him, and the description matches with the DOJ press release. #SeditionHunters ImageImage
There are hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of more people who have been identified but not yet arrested:…
Here are the details:… Image
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Two days after the two-year anniversary of the January 6 attack on the US Capitol, a scary analogue is unfolding in Brazil, where massed crowds are invading Congress. The US and Brazilian anti-democratic movements are linked and both have ties to Steve Bannon. 1/
Second Tweet in David Adler's thread. Video from Brazilian news sources. But for the color of the flags, this could be from the US Capitol. If the analogy is correct, there will be someone behind the scenes directing. 2/
In September 2021, a similar 'riot' broke out in support of then-president Jair Bolsanaro (now avoiding arrest in Florida). Former Trump aide Jason Miller and Breitbart 'journalist' Matthew Tyrmand were there; Miller was detained by Brazilian police. 3/…
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Two years ago, on Jan. 7, 2021, federal prosecutors filed the first cases against rioters who stormed the U.S. Capitol.

They've since charged hundreds in what's become the largest criminal probe in FBI / DOJ history.

There's a long way to go.…
So far, they've made 900+ arrests and secured nearly 500 pleas and 40 guilty verdicts.

Even so, that's only a fraction of the 3,000+ who could be charged for either entering the building or engaging in violence and destruction outside.…
In many ways, the prosecutors spent year two playing catchup on the arrests made in year one.

The pace of arrests dramatically slowed in 2022, but DOJ secured convictions against 300+ defendants, including several on charges of seditious conspiracy.…
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FYI: the @January6thCmte's new website with a version of the physical attack is....not complete. Really makes you wonder why so much is left out. The NYT had better analyses months ago. This omits major breaches, all coordination, and all Alex Jones...The story is, why? 1/
The world is watching our response to an attack on our nation's Capitol. Sure, this kind of analysis requires exhaustive patience, long experience with spatio-temporal data, & a dedication to finding the truth, but we have people who can do that. What is the excuse here? 2/ Image
The unsung heroes of January 6 are the DC government & police. They understood what was happening. Here's MPD Cmdr Glover, who directed the fight on the W. Plaza: "it was well coordinated with ... military or combat or tactical experience." "like..a War College exercise". 3/ Image
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Flynn's sorry-ass refusal to march to the Capitol bc it was too cold on Jan6 is hilarious for a lot of reasons, but it has significant ramifications for both the Oath Keepers and Brandon Straka.…
But a lot of this also falls out from the VIP fight (the Report is a bit thin on that too, not even mentioning Flynn): Had Flynn and Stone gotten their speaking role, they likely would have marched.

The effect was likely the same (except for Straka and the Oath Keepers).
The Report relies on claims Alex Jones made on his own show for details about his movement, which makes it about as reliable as the claim that Sandy Hook victims were just crisis actors.
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Say hello to Kenneth J Bonawitz, the Davie, Florida Proud Boy currently wanted by the FBI for attacking police + carrying a knife on January 6th.

He made the mistake of attending an anti-LGBTQ hate rally in Fort Lauderdale & today we reveal him as #MAGAMarlin. Let’s go!🔥🧵 1/ Bottom left: Kenneth Bonawitz of Davie, FL pictured at the J
Back in April we posted on Kenneth “Kenny” Bonawitz seeking his ID. There were many clues on him but now we know.

Let’s review what he was up to on Jan 6th before we go into his personal history. 2/
Proud Boy Kenneth “Kenny” Bonawitz of Florida absolutely attended the Jan 6 insurrection and we know because he posted the receipts on his Facebook page.

His tough talk and violent threats also line up with his actions the day of. #MAGAMarlin. 3/
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Pretrial hearing in Proud Boy Leader case. A debate about whether Antifa (yes) or BLM (maybe) will definitely come up at trial. There's an effort to prevent prosecutors from introducing events from December 12, including Tarrio's destruction of BLM banner.
Prosecutor Erik Kenerson: It's all thru the chats. It'll come up in the civilian witnesses at trial. Who they thought was taking down America.
Carmen Hernandez says Zach Rehl doesn't oppose BLM bc they oppose police brutality, which explains why he as still hanging around Tarrio after the BLM flag attack.
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Nick Fuentes and over 200 of his America First (AF) followers, aka Groypers, were present on J6.

Fuentes doesn't like to discuss how many of them have been charged, so here's a thread to keep track.


1/ Nick Fuentes screams into a bullhorn while standing on the PNick Fuentes, surrounded by a large group of Groypers, chant
- AF connections are speculative, and not proof of illegal acts
- IDs based on allegations of law enforcement
- Defendants presumed innocent unless/until proven guilty

We’ll update this thread as more charges are brought.

(Spoiler: more charges will be brought)

Anthime Gionet, 33

Charged: 2021-01-16
Convicted: 2022-07-22

40 USC § 5104(e)(2)(G) Parading, demonstrating or picketing in a Capitol building

3/ Post on Nick Fuentes’ Telegram wishing Baked Alaska a happNick Fuentes and Baked Alaska outside Pfizer headquarters duGionet livestreams while pretending to use an office phone iNick Fuentes stands next to Gionet, as he appears to livestr
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Someone has to say it: Elon Musk has lied for 27 years about his credentials. He does not have a BS in Physics, or any technical field. Did not get into a PhD program. Dropped out in 1995 & was illegal. Later, investors quietly arranged a diploma - but not in science. 🧵1/ ImageImageImage
This thread will be long. Finding the key contradictions took just a few hours, back in May, but it’s important to be complete. So I’ll go through it all, and why it’s dangerous for the US.

Please retweet. Sunshine disinfects. All sources are at
2/ Image
Catching Elon in a lie isn’t hard. In 2013: “I had to [stay in school]..otherwise I’d get kicked out of the country.” (This is correct.) Then “since I already had my undergrad, I could..get an H1-B visa” (That’s a lie). In 1995 he had no degree, so no visa. He was illegal. 3/
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Anti-vaxxer Simone Gold, who breached the Capitol on Jan 6, is back in headlines for misusing funds at America's Frontline Doctors. Now sued by Joey Gilbert. Reporters, add context! Joey is #PurpleMeathead, who called Alex Jones up the Capitol steps, then ran for NV governor...1/
Joey Gilbert has been publicly identified as #PurpleMeathead since May 2021. He and Gold were both scheduled to be speak on Jan 6 (same rally as Stewart Rhodes) but climbed the Capitol steps instead. Joey didn't go inside, but he confronted police.. 2/
Here's Joey pulling down barriers. The FBI will surely come for him, now that campaign season is over. (Joey came 2nd in the Republican primary with 28% of the vote). He's is a public figure, and his Capitol activities belong in news stories about him. 3/
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