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Three major January 6 figures were trailed by film crews, all foreign (Donald Trump, Enrique Tarrio: UK; Roger Stone: DK). Not likely random. Documenting your coup goes better if the filmer is less emotionally invested. Here's the subpoena (& response) by Alex "Leni" Holder 1/ ImageImage
Let's review the timing: by mid-September the machine for Jan 6 was already in motion: rallies, new organizations, talk of martial law. "Stop the Steal" was announced Sep 7. Holder's statement says he started the next week. 2/… Image
At the Capitol, #NeonFilmer, who filmed straight into the violent tunnel fight, is an Italian cinematographer working for BardsFM. Several videographers with better gear, pro stuff, have no known ID or outlet & their footage has never appeared. We called them "in-house media". 3/
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#SeditionHunters, finally watched the @nytimes piece (via @capitolhunters) by @NatalieReneau, @_stella_cooper, @alanfeuer, and @itsAByrd.

I encourage everyone to watch it. It's extremely well produced. It's a good synopsis of the PB J6 actions.


I have a major issue with it.

And having watched it, I understand the context of @capitolhunters thread better and what they were tactfully trying to accomplish with their recognition of all of us (and Cap, much love. Thank you).

I love the @nytimes, current and archives...

I can't tell you how often I use it for research.

I love a good bit of the previous work of those involved in the video.

I appreciate the (vastly) greater reach to the general public the @nytimes has over most of our little Twitter accounts followings.

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#SeditionHunters - 16 months ago, the US Capitol was attacked by a mob spearheaded by over 200 Proud Boys. DOJ & an unprecedented set of volunteers mounted a frantic, immediate response largely unseen by the public. NYT now shows it all, clearly. Watch 1/…
All who complained that DOJ moves too slowly - watch the NYT video (which for clarity UNDERsells the number of Proud Boys - nearly 300 counted so far). It was clearly a national emergency - to arrest the army, find who if anyone commanded them. And DOJ responded. 2/ Image
The NYT has done a masterful job of laying it out. The online community helped with it; the public needs to know. Just realize: everything here, Merrick Garland understands. As someone who was NOT in the PB working groups, I can say it: the effort was massive. 3/ Image
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#SeditionHunters: the "1776 Returns" document referenced in the Proud Boys indictment was released today as a court exhibit. Just a quick take: this is not the ops plan for the Capitol attack. It seems meant for the public, to move crowds around. 1/…
Remember not everyone gets all info. The crowd is told enough to get them to the Capitol. Proud Boys have specific assignments, as do regional militias. The PBs themselves have minders. The people directing the attack are largely not identified, though can be sometimes seen. 2/
The Capitol attack itself was highly coordinated with signals. Those are not described here. On Jan 6 there were no organized attempts seen to get into other buildings from outside, though it's possible that with larger crowds the story would have been different. 3/
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#SeditionHunters: The obvious question after today's hearings: where did the money go?

On the $5M to Manafort's company for the Ellipse rally, that's not necessarily overcharging - they pulled off was a miracle of logistics in 1.5 weeks. See thread next Tweet. 1/
Manafort's company seems to have stepped in last minute to make the Ellipse rally happen - people had travel plans but there was nothing, no permits even, no location. See links in thread. (And correction here - the final permitted size was 30K people.) 2/
The J6 Committee does seem to be hammering the money aspect, setting grounds for fraud charges. Financial crimes can be the best way to prosecute a criminal boss: remember, Al Capone was a murderer, but they got him on tax evasion. (h/t @Teri_Kanefield) 3/
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🆕 @January6thCmte footage shows Mastriano ally and PA resident Samuel Lazar as he crosses police lines.

Lazar was a frequent guest at @PAGOP events. On Dec. 12, he was with Mastriano in DC for a pre-Jan. 6 event.

He also had front row seat for @PASenateGOP Gettysburg hearing.
Here’s (a pretty weird) video that Mastriano took himself of him and Lazar together in DC in December 2020 at a Stop The Steal event.
.@ryanjreilly who has documented Mastriano and other @PAGOP elected with tries to Lazar, who bragged he attacked police on Jan. 6
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It’s accountability time. #Jan6Hearings beginning now. More PA context below.

My 🧵 setting the scene for how @PAGOP engaged in this anti-American conspiracy to overturn Trump’s loss, void millions of PA votes and have kept the MAGA lies and election sabotage alive ⬇️
Trump’s Attorney General Bill Barr says what PA Republicans like Doug Mastriano have said about the election being stolen is bullshit.

He’s right (but still terrible)
Here’s a tour-de-force of reporting on the nearly limitless 2020 election lies by PA Republicans.

via @Wrschgn then of @CaucusPA…
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Some key points as we head into J6 hearings. The Capitol attack was 1) coordinated, 2) meant to be fast, and 3) derailed by a rapid police response that produced key delays. Watch here as democracy is saved by DC bike cops: momentum shifts after the first terrifying minutes. 1/
To make sense of the 5-hour attack on Jan 6, we’ve broken it into 8 phases. These diagrams can help understand. Here’s the first hour: the rush in (L), & then (R) the faceoff on the W. Plaza that bought precious time. 2/ ImageImage
The delay was followed by a frenzy of action - coordinated movements around the Capitol to breach doors on both sides, flood the interior. They got through 5 exterior doors & the Senate, were blocked at 2 & the House in violent fights. It almost worked - but it was too late. 3/ ImageImage
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#SeditionHunters - BREAKING news, the first Jan 6 arrest of a major political candidate currently running. It's curtains for Michigan gubernatorial candidate #IamRyanDKelley. Charging docs are meticulous - all the known video. FBI is getting it done. 1/…
Ryan Kelley is one of many candidates at J6 - bottom center in this collage from last year - but one of the most arrestable since he committed vandalism. First flagged by @MichiganTea a week after the attack; the charging documents show that Tweet. 2/
Here's the mention of @michigantea's work: - page 2 of the charging docs. Never doubt that your contribution cannot move the needle on national scale events. 3/
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#SeditionHunters - a long-awaited Jan 6 milestone: the Proud Boys, engines of the Capitol attack, now have seditious conspiracy charges too. Over 200 Proud Boys marched from the Wash. Monument, rushed the first police lines, were there at every breach. 1/…
The Proud Boys were so integral to the Capitol attack that they were our first "reels". Here's leader Joe Biggs, former US Army, former media (reporter for InfoWars), pal of major US politicians - he links all the worlds. Full reel at link. 2/
There's a time error on that trailer; the rush of the NW Scaffolds was 1:50 PM. Just beforehand, the Proud Boys lined up to prep for the breach, leaders Donohoe (#YutYutPB) and Biggs (#JoeBiggs) gathered as well. 3/
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#SeditionHunters - if you thought Peter Navarro's pro se court appearance today was a new low in J6er decisionmaking, Rudy Giuliani says "hold my beer". He's apparently hired as his PR agent Roger Stone's girlfriend, who spent J6 with Stone (via @dlippman). 1/
Here's Stone and Kristin Davis ("Manhattan Madam") with Pastor Mark Burns and crew in the Willard on Jan 6. 2/
Here are Stone and Davis with Pastor Greg Locke at the pre-insurrection VIP party on Jan 5th (h/t @PiperK). The Black Robe pastor Locke just lost or gave up his 501c3 status for preaching that Christians can't be Democrats - but seems hanging with madams and swingers is OK. 3/
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#SeditionHunters - at the impeachment trial in 2021, we saw chilling footage of Sen. Chuck Schumer trying to evacuate and nearly running into invaders - he did a U-turn and fled. Now we know who he encountered: the hulking Proud Boy Joshua Pruitt, #BaldBulldog. 1/
Here's what Schumer nearly ran into - a massive, muscled bodybuilder, inducted into the Proud Boys only in November as they prepped for the Capitol attack. Read about encounter in Pruitt's new Statement of Offense - he just pled guilty (h/t @emptywheel) 2/…
Minutes before, at 2:28 PM, Pruitt (#BaldBulldog) helped lead the mob breaking the police line in the Crypt above. They seemed fixated on getting down to the Visitor's Center quickly. 3/
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#SeditionHunters - On Jan 6 nearly 300 Proud Boys were the engine of the Capitol attack. Florida provided their leadership (Tarrio, Biggs) & the largest numbers. NYT describes how those FL Proud Boys have seized power in the Miami-Dade GOP. 1/…
At least 7 Proud Boys now sit on the Miami Republican executive committee. Here's one of them, Gilbert Fonticoba, leaving the Capitol to high-five his buddies and tell them: "They hit me with tear gas - with rubber bullets.." Sound up to end. 2/
For pictures of the Florida Proud Boys who now have GOP roles, see thread by @MIAagainstFash. 3/
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#SeditionHunters - a long-awaited arrest today for assault on the press on Jan 6. Rod Milstreed, #UnderArmorDarkShades, tied to the Proud Boys, was one of the first to attack AP photographer John Minchillo. He's in camo at 0:08 in this video (from AP). 1/
Court docs for Milstreed were filed in Denver, though he's from Maryland - as reported by @jeremyjojola and @MacFarlaneNews. Will post updates when docs are public. 2/
Of Minchillo's attackers, 3 have now been arrested (#UnderArmorDarkShades, #CamoCrazyEyes, and #GreyBeanieMeanie). #GreenBandanaMan is still at large. And the folks who helped Minchillo ... also deserve arrest. See thread. 3/
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#SeditionHunters - a new name connected to Jan 6 that hasn't come up before: GA Rep. Barry Loudermilk provided a day-before Capitol tour to someone. His GA colleague Rep. Jody Hice is tied to Latinos for Trump leader Bianca Gracia, who got a White House tour on Dec. 11... 1/
Here's Latinos for Trump leader Bianca Gracia re-tweeting GA Rep. Jody Hice on Dec. 21, as she calls for a mob: "Its going down in DC" (presumably her typo writing "December" instead of "January"). 2/
That makes 3 Georgia state reps. now with Jan 6 connections, the third being of course former Rep. Vernon Jones, who spoke at the Ellipse, then joined the mob at the Capitol. Sound on to hear him: "We're taking our country back!" 3/
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#SeditionHunters - today brings the news that Charles Herbster, so close to the Trump family that he spent January 6 with them, has lost the Republican primary for NE governor. This excellent article from the Nebraska Examiner shows why this matters. 1/…
After Herbster was accused of sexual harassment by eight different women, Trump traveled to Nebraska to campaign for him. Herbster was leading in the polls. But now he has lost. 2/…
Primary season will show see whether insurrection sells. Ohio saw a shock last week: the QAnon-associated JR Majewski, who at the Capitol Jan 6, will be the OH-9 Republican candidate for Congress. But Nebraska held the line. 3/…
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“The world is run by the pedophile Illuminati baby eaters” and we are “LITERALLY” in a war against them.

The latest from Miami QAnon personality and Roberto “Rob” Gonzalez FL State Rep District 119 @RobJGonzalezFL campaign promoter Isabella Rodriguez, aka #RedPillBabe.
This clip is from an April 27, 2022 interview with another QAnon personality, Chaney Nash of the Chaney Project podcast, who we will detail below.

At apx 1 hour mark Isabella and Chaney discuss their Jan 6th experience as well. 🧐… Left: Chaney Project Instag...
Let’s meet QAnon and conspiracy promoter Chaney Nash / Chaney Jean who lives in the Vero Beach, FL area + associated with a soap shop. 👋

User names: @ProjectChaney, @ChaneyProject, project_chaney, skeptical_chicken.

Podcasts: Chaney Project, Idiocalypse, Lesbo and the Bean Photos and podcast & media ...Photos of Chaney Nash / Cha...
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#SeditionHunters - you may have read Steve Schmidt's bombshell thread tonight detailing Paul Manafort's long-term efforts to aid Russia's interests - first in the McCain campaign in 2008, then Trump's in 2016. So let's remember Manafort's connection to January 6, 2021 too. 1/
Paul Manafort's company ran the Ellipse rally where Trump spoke, that brought 1000s to DC. But rally planning was late and started a mess: Jan 6 was not green-lit til Dec. 19th early AM, and by the 21st it was tangled in a power grab by Cindy Chafian to put herself in charge. 2/
On Dec. 22d - 3 days after green-lighting Jan 6 - Trump pardoned 2016 campaign advisor George Papadopolous (convicted for lying about his Russia contacts), also Blackwater guys convicted of murder. On the 24th, he pardoned Roger Stone & former campaign chair Paul Manafort. 3/
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#QAnon is a dangerous conspiracy theory linked to acts of violence & the Jan 6 insurrection.

Today we will REVEAL the employer of major QAnon figure Isabella Oneida Rodriguez, aka #RedPillBabe

Knowingly supporting her is Chris Daley, Logitalent VP & Talent Acquisition Manager. Top left: Isabella Rodrigue...
For those not familiar, we wanted to establish Isabella Rodriguez’s role as a key influencer in the QAnon conspiracy world.

Her #RedPillBabe account has been reported on by Media Matters & identified as an admin of “We The Media,” the main + largest QAnon account on Telegram. Too left: Truth Social post...
Isabella has also been a local leader promoting QAnon not just online but IRL, radicalizing followers into dangerous & rabid conspiracy content such as her 2020 “Save the Children” rally where she promoted pizzagate.

(Be sure to read the alt text for additional details) Top left: Facebook posting ...
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This video shows @MIGOP Co-Chair Meshawn Maddock (@CoChairMeshawn) and MI State Rep. Matt Maddock (@matthewmaddock) very close to the US Capitol at approximately 4:45pm on J6. More information in the thread 👇🏻
Link to the source video. The Maddock’s show up at 16:15.…
Since this was a live video we have a lovely time stamp. 16 minutes into a live that started at 4:29PM brings up to 4:45PM.
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An intriguing piece of #OSINT was revealed in a tweet by Staci Burk days ago. Its not clear she realizes the possible significance. Days later she would receive another "credible threat" demanding she delete her twitter accnt & stop talking. Out of fear it appears she compiled.
In a recent @Propublica article about the #BigLie (Trump's continued fraudulent claim the 2020 election was stolen), Ms Burk is mentioned & implies she came up with some of the election lies. Burk posted a NEW late Nov. 2020 text 2 refute this & suggest she was used as a conduit
Turns out we grabbed this first screenshot and then moments later it was gone, then followed by another one that now redacted the word "Robyn" at the bottom. We figured she had just missed that redaction and wanted to correct it. But immediately the name "Epps" caught our eye.
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Here’s a little fun fact for everyone. The DC pipe bomber spent more time outside @LindseyGrahamSC’s house than they did anywhere else on the night of J5. Things that make you go 🤔

#seditionhunters Image
Save your breath if you want to cry about doxxing. There was a pretty infamous protest outside his house two years ago that everyone covered, including Fox News.
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#SeditionHunters - the 2022 John F. Kennedy Profile in Courage awards go to 5 for "their unyielding efforts to safeguard democracy": Liz Cheney, Volodymyr Zelensky, and state officials in MI, AZ, and GA who resisted efforts to subvert election results. 1/…
Carolyn Kennedy said this year’s honorees “put their careers and lives on the line to stand up for democratic principles and the integrity of our elections. Their service and courage inspire us all.” 2/ Image
By contrast, in MAGA news today:
* Marjorie Taylor Greene committed perjury
* the son of Richard Mack (board member of the Oath Keepers and founder of the anti-federal-government CSPOA) was arrested for incest and sodomy of a child under 12.
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Today Ron DeSantis shared the stage with four Jan 6ers, many QAnon followers, at his Hialeah Gardens press conference:

-Eulalia Jimenez, Miami M4L
-Angelique Contreras, M4L + Palm Beach school board candidate
-Jenna Hague, FL state rep candidate
-Alan Chovel, Miami CCDF

🧵 Image
Proud Boy Gabe Carrera “the attorney that rides” drove from Broward and was in the audience pointing his far-right friends.

Below we will detail each J6 participant including Alan Chovel, who will be identified for the first time here. Let’s go!! 🔥🔥
Miami Moms for Liberty chapter chair Eulalia Jimenez was quoted in the Miami News Times as attending Jan 6 while attending a Proud Boy organized rally on Jan 6, 2022 in support of arrestees facing trial.

We’ve documented her extensive ties to the Miami Proud Boys as well. Image
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