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I am reviewing this Global News video and realized a portion shows preplanning.
START: 1:03:53
END: 1:07:46
1:03:53 – Male wearing with dark hair and mustache/beard, a black backwards Hurley baseball hat (with a blue “Q” on the front??) and wearing dog tags (“MilitaryInciter”) steps over wall in front of camera and looks around. He has at least 2 friends with him (see below).
1:04:05: [radio chatter]
1:04:31 (MilitaryInciter): “Can you see my signal?”
1:04:36 (MilitaryInciter): Yeah, they … cause this is where they all moved to instead.
1:04:41 (MilitaryInciter seen speaking into radio): “See me now?”
[radio chatter]
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Prosecutor in case against Brent Bozell IV, who was caught on video smashing a Capitol window and storming the floor of the Senate, told a judge this morning that he has not yet obtained authority to extend a plea offer.
Bozell was arrested in February, but then indicted on more serious charges in March after #SeditionHunters surfaced footage of him smashing out the window.
Judge John D. Bates said he’ll be “very disappointed” if the government has not produced a lot more discovery and engaged in more discussion about pre-trial resolution of the case by the next status hearing, which he set for July 7.
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NEW: The feds have arrested Utah’s Landon Kenneth Copeland for assaulting cops at the Capitol. #seditionhunters #RedPoloRising
“Copeland admitted to fighting with police officers,” on February 11, per affidavit. #RedPoloRising…
Really making some federal prosecutor’s pretrial detention memo pretty easy here. Beginning to suspect some of these Capitol defendants haven’t read the Muncel decision! (h/t @SandySkipper1)
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Reed Knox Christensen, 62, was arrested for attacking cops at the Capitol. Key court docs still unavailable, but feds say he initiated the “aggressive removal of metal bike rack barriers.” #SeditionHunters…
Reed Knox Christensen was FBI 191-AFO, aka #grandpayellowhands, per The Oregonian.…
Here’s the video the FBI released on March 18. #grandpayellowhands
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HASHTAG PREVIEW: #EastSideStripes #GnarleyParley #WoodlandNorris #KleenKutKen

#SeditionHunters, this'll be complicated. These 4 guys conducted a meeting with #MaroonPB on the East Side of the Capitol, in front of cops. Let's call the meeting #J6EastMeet to keep it simple. 1/
Our first #J6EastMeet guy. Dark business casual. Lanyard. Comms? Definitely a phone in #KleenKutKen's hand, but maybe the antenna belongs to #GnarleyParley. @capitolhunters @TwittsnTweets @SeditionHunters 2/
A little extra background on #KleenKutKen: he and #WoodlandNorris are seen earlier at barricades near #ZZTopPB--he bumps one as he's stacking barricades. (If someone has photos/footage, please add and hashtag.) #SeditionHunters @capitolhunters @TwittsnTweets 3/
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Capitol defendant Anthony Antonio told the FBI that he locked eyes with D.C. Officer Mike Fanone, who was seized by mob and tased.

Antonio said he could see “death” Fanone’s eyes and could not get the image out of his head.

“I didn’t help him when I should of."
Danny “D.J.” Rodriguez has been charged with electroshocking Fanone. Antonio is seen near Rodriguez on video that shows Rodriguez holding a stun gun.…
Here’s @delawareonline’s coverage of the case against Anthony Antonio:…
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Among the tales of intrigue from Jan 6 is what was Ukrainian Serhiy Dubynin (Russian sp: Sergei Dybynyn), a member of the neo-Nazi Ukranian paramilitary 'The Right Sector', doing at the #CapitolRiots seen in a Happy Snap w/ Jake ‘The Shaman’ Angeli? #CapitolHunters See below 1/
2/ Sergei Dybynyn in a 2014 photo at Russian occupied Donetsk airport. Anti-Putin pundits claim he was an "infowarrior for Inter TV, owned by fugitive oligarch Firtash but beneficially owned by Putin pal Medvedchuk," proving the dark hand of Russia was behind the #CapitolRiots 2/
3/ But Putin friendly pundits contend Sergei Dybynyn (they use the Ukranian sp Serhiy Dubynin) is a Ukraine supporting Neo-Nazi who is wanted on criminal charges in the “pro-Russian” Donbas region of East Ukraine. Pictured below is his arrest wanted poster #SeditionHunters 3/
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NEW: The FBI arrested a Capitol rioter today who they acknowledged tracking down using facial recognition.

The feds say got a hit off of his girlfriend’s publicly available Instagram page.

The feds say Stephen Chase Randolph (aka #GrayCarharttHat) was among the first to break the barriers at the Capitol. The FBI affidavit cites the work of @SeditionHunters directly. #SeditionHunters…
Then the feds used an “open source facial comparison tool, known to provide reliable results in the past.” They got a hit for “Individual-1” who "appeared to be the girlfriend of the SUBJECT.”

In one Instagram photo, he was wearing the same hat.…
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Two more men arrested and charged in connection with attack on D.C. Officer Mike Fanone.
Here’s the indictment of Albuquerque Cosper Head and Kyle Young, who are now charged alongside Thomas Sibick. #SeditionHunters…
Sibick was arrested last month.

He’d buried Officer Fanone’s badge in his backyard.…
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@OSINTyeti flagged this #SeditionCommsUse as the East Capitol barricades are breached

1/ #EastComms hashtag: who is in this group and where are their meeting points?

More videos & group members further in this thread

Filmer Ken Oberkrom seems familiar w/ the #EastComms group. He's not part of the #SeditionComms at 5:00 when he speaks to the camera

See esp. 3:15-end: comms coordinating

Militia-type members move out into plaza with flags, apparently to await others

An earlier Oberkrom video: arrival of the Proud Boys parade, East Capitol

@ukrmed points out "Multiple radios, packs and at least one extra vest," woman in red hat may be the babysitter

Note Florida flag
#SeditionBullhorn w #Sedition3P Punisher skull

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#SeditionHunters A #FascistRef thread to collect images, vids, etc of various fascist, “militia,” etc groups from rallies, docs, etc as #CapitolRiots refs. Please reply with any images & sources you deem relevant. Aug 2017, Charlottesville, VA (PBS Frontline doc): ImageImageImageImage
Proud Boys, including Enrique Tarrio. Aug 2017, Charlottesville, VA (PBS Frontline doc): ImageImageImage
Proud Boys Aug 2019, Portland, Oregon (PBS Frontline doc): ImageImageImageImage
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#SeditionHunters #FYI Thread: Despite their bullshit, some #ProudBoys affiliated w/ explicit white supremacists, e.g., #BryanBetancur (left), assoc w/ neo-Nazi Patriot Front & arrested for #CapitolRiots. @CTExposers @Detrumpify_org @phoenixonwheels @amrcncybrpnk @capitolhunters ImageImage
#KyleChapman aka Based Stickman, the founder of a #ProudBoys “tactical defense arm” wants to rebrand PBs as explicitly white supremacist & anti-Semitic. Chapman claimed in a message on Telegram that he has staged a “coup” against Enrique Tarrio… ImageImageImage
Pictures of neo-Nazi #ProudBoys as shown in the PBS Frontline doc “American Insurrection” ImageImageImage
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Yet another @SeditionHunters citation in the latest Capitol case against Paul Russell Johnson.
Here’s the tweet and #SeditionHunters sleuthing cited in the FBI affidavit. #moretreesguy
The FBI affidavit, dated April 12, notes that the bureau received tips on Jan. 11, Jan. 20, and March 19, but doesn’t mention when the overwhelmed FBI followed up on those tips.…
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#BeanieGiant is ID'd as #ProudBoy Gregory Kevin Mullin of Roscoe, NY, who assaulted police barricades at #CapitolRiots & vowed to kill Biden "You won’t be laughing when We the People hang Biden & Harris in the streets...then we will come for Soros and the media" #SeditionHunters
2/ "January 6 is our D-Day...we can clean house...all federal politicians massive hangings and heads on pikes" Mullin, who also has ties to #OathKeepers, wrote on Dec 15 on his Parler account #SeditionHunters #ProudBoys #BeanieGiant 2/
Mullins has many social media accounts & doesn't hold back on his #ProudBoy & extremist affiliations. "Join! Go to ProudBoys page on Parler & find your local chapter. Either join or stay out of the way!" His FB page has PB logo as his avatar #SeditionHunters #BeanieGiant
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In court hearing, an attorney for Jeffrey Sabol says he has “come to terms with the mistakes that he’s made.”

Sabol, he said said, realizes his “mindset on January 6 was completely wrong” and he’d “been lied to.”
Sabol claimed he was “patting [an officer] on the back” and saying “we got you man” when shown a video that appeared to show him throwing punches at an officer.
In Sabol hearing, federal prosecutor seems to reference the #SeditionHunters community and shows the court a "photograph disseminated across social media" that "very quickly kicked off” the probe that led to Sabol’s arrest.

“That's what began the investigatiion,” she says.
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A few updates on Danny Rodriguez, aka #TaserPrick, who was arrested last week after he was indicted for electroshocking a D.C. cop on Jan. 6.…
Rodriguez’s docket in the Central District of California was finally filled in this week after a judge ordered him detained and sent to D.C.
And a tipster send me a video they found featuring Danny Rodriguez before the Capitol attack. Someone with a high-quality camera ended up right behind Rodriquez. The video shows him trailing a known associate and using a walkie talkie to communicate. #SeditionHunters
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#SeditionHunters - the Capitol attack has bursts of organized action, & then times when the plan goes wrong. Watch this synchronized reel of its first 23 minutes. In just 6 astonishing minutes, racing invaders take the Lower W. Plaza and Media Tower 1/
This amazing compilation as usual by @StevieG54099097 with timing by the #RealTimeLords.

The rush up the Penn. Walkway began at 12:53. Ten minutes later the Proud Boys are confidently strolling the front lines (note #Rufio), tho some Capitol Police in riot gear have arrived 2/
At 1:05 PM, the Joint Session to certify the electoral votes begins. At just that moment, a man on the tower begins reading a prepared speech justifying insurrection. You can read the full transcript by @LayanDoesDance here: 3/…
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#SeditionHunters - a very big arrest today that will make many people very happy! #Scallops seems cooked. No further info yet but will look for more.

Thanks to @Other63517090 and @justhelpingout6 for flagging it.
This is #Scallops' attack on police at the tunnel, for those who are new.
#Scallops may be Jack Wade Whitton, arrested in Georgia yesterday. Still no individual charging documents but Whitton has been added to the indictment including #Caveman (Peter Stager), #OrangeNTeal (Jeffrey Sabol), and #Slickback (Clayton Mullins).…
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1/ Thread on the West Plaza #MediaTower

FLIR Thermal Imaging Monocular: these aren't cheap.

Was someone planning on staying the night?


Video h/t @TweedleRiot
At 21:56, left edge:
⬇️ Temp hashtag #TowerGlower (at 23:48).

Better view of his finger tattoos.

Anyone know of other sightings of #CapitolFLIR at the insurrection?

The #MediaTower was an excellent vantage point.
Thermal monoculars can also be used in daylight.
Video:… ImageImage
TL: #TowerGlower at the front of the #MediaTower a few mins later in the video, watching the police line battle.
Monocular's strap is hanging down.
Note coat sleeve & cuff, dark hood, blue hat, black bag & camera with lens hanging by hip

TR, BL: Green stripe of #CapitolFLIR
. ImageImageImageImage
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ICYMI: Danny “DJ” Rodriguez was arrested yesterday. He electroshocked DC Police Officer Mike Fanone, who suffered a heart attack. The FBI received tips about him in January, but it wasn’t until HuffPost made an inquiry that they contacted a key witness:…
Here’s our February 26 story, which was built on the excellent sleuthing work of the #SeditionHunters network. A federal grand jury indicted DJ Rodriguez on March 24, and he was arrested yesterday.…
Read the eight-count indictment here, and stay tuned for Rodriguez’s bail hearing this afternoon:…
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BREAKING: MAGA fanatic D.J. Rodriquez, who tasered D.C. Police Officer Mike Fanone during the Capitol insurrection, was arrested today in Fontana, California.

HuffPost, working with citizen sleuths, revealed his identity last month. Story w/ @JessReports:…
"The FBI received tips about Rodriguez in January, including one from a man Rodriguez assaulted on video at a Los Angeles-area rally. But it wasn’t until hours after HuffPost contacted the bureau… that the tipster heard from an FBI special agent.”…
The federal grand jury returned the indictment nearly a month after our story ran:…
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1/ Before 1/6 “The House Sergeant at Arms warned Members of arrive early...and use underground tunnels to travel" between office bldgs &
"the Capitol, instead of walking.... Such precautions are not common during protests"…
2/ Beyond guarding the Capitol & congressional office bldgs, Capitol Police “patrols take them as far as the area around Union Station.”

USCP controls the "movement of all vehicular and other traffic, including demonstration activity," on Capitol Grounds… ImageImage
3/ From 12/31 DC road closures for 1/5 & 1/6 focused around the WH/Mall (unclear when it was known that Trump would speak at rally)

The road closures stopped at 3rd St NW, west of the Reflecting Pool & West Lawn, near the edge of the Capitol Grounds map

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NEW: HuffPost, working with citizen sleuths, has identified a man out on bail on an attempted murder charge as a likely suspect in the Capitol attack. Story with @JessReports:

#SeditionHunters #SoggyKidInsider #NaziGrayHat…
Be sure to watch the video here:…
Matthew Beddingfield of North Carolina is out on bail on an attempted murder charge. He went to the Million MAGA March with his dad, who came back again on Jan. 6 to — as he wrote on Facebook — “take this country back from those commie bastards."… Image
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The FBI has released a batch of videos showing suspects wanted for attacking police officers on Jan. 6. #SeditionHunters…
FBI 91 is #plaidlaid:

FBI 94 is #pinstripeboilersuit:

FBI 113 is #thewincer:

FBI 114 is #marinehatmask:

FBI 123 is #stripesguy:
FBI 153 is #emonazi:

FBI 170 is #boyinthehood:

FBI 191 is #grandpayellowhands:

FBI 231 is #cranoceansprayer:

FBI 255 is #greenhornhoodlam:
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