How Productive Are You?

10 Growth Habits That Will Transform Your Life.

Growth habits are what you use to maximise your productivity.

They are effective ways of ensuring you’re reaching your potential.

Anyway, let’s get into the thread.
1. Eliminate The Hard Tasks First:

Avoiding procrastination is one of your hardest challenges.

Start eliminating tasks you find unpleasant.

Prioritise them in the morning and you have set yourself up for:

- Your first win of the day
- High productivity for the rest of the day
2. Follow the Pareto Principle:

80% of the value of doing a task, comes from 20% of the effort put in.

In other words, don’t be a perfectionist.


- Direct your energy with the 20%
- Don’t overdo the non-important 80%

Prioritise the parts that will make a difference.
3. Set Deadlines:

Deadlines will massively increase your productivity.

This is because they:

- Help you stay on track with your work
- Make you more productive to meet the target date

If you need a source of productivity, set a time to complete your work by.
4. Optimise Your Strategies:

Use the process you would usually take to finding an answer.

Write down a step by step plan and implement it:

- Test your plan
- Refine your strategies

Usually we overcomplicate things when the answer is found by just taking action.
5. Find Your Music:

Finding the right music will:

- Put you into deep focus
- Improve the results of your work
- Allow a smooth flow state with limited distractions

Find the music that works for you. It will differ from person to person.
6. Balance Between Your Online And Offline Life:

Give your online life a rest, to focus on your offline life.

Allow yourself to detox and focus on:

- Family
- Fitness
- Mental clarity

You need to find that balance to live life to its fullest.
7. Switch Off Your TV:

It’s completely useless to your life, especially the news.

You will save so many hours in which you can put towards something that matters in your life.

Seriously, switch that TV off.
8. Give Yourself Prizes:

- Watch a movie
- Book a massage
- Go to a theme park

Don’t burn yourself out, instead reward yourself for your progress.

You deserve it.
9. Find Your Peak Times Of Productivity

Utilise your peak times of productivity.

For some people that’s 5am.

For others, it’s 8pm.

Whatever time it is, schedule major tasks to that time and you’ll find it much easier to overcome them.
10. Narrow Down Your Tasks

Break the complex tasks into smaller, well defined tasks.

Completing the smaller task will:

- Build your momentum
- Push you closer to the ultimate goal

You can raise your levels through the process.
Your Growth Habits:

1. Hard tasks first
2. Follow the Pareto principle
3. Set deadlines
4. Optimise strategies
5. Find your music
6. Balance between online and offline life
7. Switch off your TV
8. Give yourself prizes
9. Find peak times of productivity
10. Narrow down tasks
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Another good habit is to never stop creating.

Social media is the best place to build an audience that listens.

Click the link to learn to become a creator.…

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