You have a former member of the far right at Byline whose schtick was driving division. Byline proceeded to post a video this weekend calling someone a Galloway supporter, insinuating they were part of the campaign, without even going to Galloway for comment. Shame on you.
Byline proceeded to retweet a range of Labour politicians retweeting the video, making the same assertion, without checking the facts.

Liberals like to think they are defending the truth, but this was a crystal clear case of political communications, not impartial journalism.
It was the exact same play as this gentleman before he recanted his former politics. Find the issue, divide and to hell with the truth.

Unlike Peter Jukes I have no dog in this fight.
People change, and that is fantastic, but please spare me this crap when you've hired a former housemate of Jack Buckby and you've previously written, and then deleted, that I'm on the payroll of the Russians (yes, really).

If Labour lose in Batley and Spen thats on Labour.

• • •

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25 Jun
“Our mission will be successful the minute Keir Starmer has a leadership challenge”

What I found in Batley & Spen was a crumbling Labour vote, broad support for George Galloway & the beginning of organised efforts to stand candidates against Labour.…
The Galloway campaign has 3 campaign centres, (I’m told) 10 organisers and is better resourced than either Labour or the Tories. His election agent told me last week he thinks there are “no circumstances” under which Labour can retain the constituency.…
The idea Galloway has pulled the wool over the eyes of constituents really doesn’t get the anger people have in being taken for granted. What I found was voters, of all colours & creeds, under no illusions about *any* politicians.…
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25 May
In the name of ‘anti racism’ Cambridge University Labour club have expelled a BAME student from their executive for disagreeing with the IHRA definition of antisemitism.

Kenneth Stern, the definition’s lead author, wrote ‘it was never intended to be a campus hate speech code’.
Stuff like this is why I, and others, tried to make arguments against it. The IHRA, used as it now is, curtails criticism of Israel and its government.

The fact someone is expelled from an executive for even questioning something?

Puritanism of the worst kind.
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25 May
Starmer is now *21pts* behind Boris Johnson in Best Prime Minister polling.

In December 2019, Jeremy Corbyn was 13pts behind Johnson.

A brilliant article from @LeftieStats - Labour’s biggest problem is its leader.…
Things started to go dramatically wrong for Starmer, and Labour, late last year. The party’s old policies aren’t the problem.
This feels right from @LeftieStats

As members leave you suspect another centrist would replace Starmer as leader anyway. He deserves the chance to lead Labour into the next GE. But going on last 6 months it won’t be pretty....💀
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25 May
Xi Jinping recently claimed China had ended extreme poverty. On a meaningful measure it hasn't, but since 1990 its taken around 900 million out of $5 a day or less - a huge achievement.

All while ignoring the Washington Consensus. Me for @novaramedia…
If we adopt $5 a day as measure for extreme poverty that would require global GDP to increase *175 times* to end it. In other words, using this benchmark, it's impossible to eradicate extreme poverty with our present economic model.

That's the context for China's achievement.
Achieving the millennium development goal of halving global poverty from 1990-2015 (measured on $1.25 a day) came to depend *entirely* on China. Success there masked worsening situation elsewhere in global south.

The 'good news' story of international development isn't true.
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17 Apr
As the US announces withdrawal from Afghanistan you can't help but think about the lack of accountability for the Blair government in becoming embroiled in a hellish, historic defeat.

One figure, Labour's John Reid, exemplifies that. Thread (1/5)
In 2006 Reid oversaw the deployment of 3,300 soldiers to Helmand, a prospect about which he was optimistic saying, “we would be perfectly happy to leave in three years and without firing one shot” (2/5)…
Yet within twelve months British soldiers there had fired *four million bullets* in some of the most intense fighting seen by any unit since the second world war (3/5).…
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24 Mar
Can We Solve the Climate Crisis Without Ending Capitalism?

My review of @BillGates 'How to Avoid a Climate Crisis' for @novaramedia

Thread covering key points below. Read on!…
1) Gates talks about warming of 4-8 degrees this century in the absence of meaningful action. That is way beyond most liberal thought leaders or politicians. A new level of candour on the topic for someone so wealthy.…
2) Elsewhere he writes that over next "decade or two" economic damage caused by climate change will “likely be as bad as having a Covid-sized pandemic every ten years”. A powerful way to talk about catastrophe ahead & one we rarely hear. It surprised me.…
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