Wait… what did Whoopi say?

Saying something crazy like Biden or Establishment Democrats ended apartheid would be easily to dismantle.

A thread:
One of the reasons we don’t know what’s going on now is because we don’t understand history. Some Folks seriously think that Trump is the most racist president ever.

Sheeeit. Ronald Reagan would like a word with you outside.
Ronald Reagan dog whistles were just as loud as Trump’s.

Remember, after living under Reagan for 4 years, in 1984 he got the smallest percentage of the Black vote in history. White voters loved him, though.
He railed about affirmative action, Law & Order & “Welfare queens.”

Reagan originally opposed an MLK holiday because he said MLK was a communist (sound familiar?)

This is why you gotta laugh when people ask “What happened to the Republican Party?”

They’ve ALWAYS been this way
And a lot of folks think that some new “woke” movement has taken over the country.

But really, it’s just the internet. Honestly, a lot of this right-wing backlash is because white people can see and hear what Black people have always been saying about them.

It ain’t new
For instance while Reagan and the Republican Party was demonizing welfare, affirmative action and socialism, (sound familiar?) the Democratic Party should have been pushing for universal healthcare, tax cuts to the wealthy and ending the war on drugs.

Well actually…
Someone was.

People forget that Jesse Jackson was close AF to becoming president.

I know you’re like “close AF?” come on dude.

what if I told you that Jesse won more primaries in ‘88 than Bernie Sanders in 2020? What if I told you Jackson had a bigger percentage of votes?
Unfortunately, white people were REALLY on the Reagan train. They wanted law & order. They were against Marxism and welfare queens.

Meanwhile most Black folks supported Jesse, because his ideas were TOO CRAZY
For instance, he was talking about universal healthcare, criminal justice reform, wealth inequality, taxing the wealthy, student loan forgiveness, reparations… you know… INSANE IDEAS… To white America

Meanwhile, the Democrats chased white voters & lost terribly
What does this any of this have to do with Whoopi?

Well, because he had so much Black support, the Dems knew they needed the votes. So, even though they picked a moderate, the ONLY thing they included in the party’s platform was Jesse Jackson’s anti-apartheid position
You gotta understand, this was a crazy idea. We were in the midst of a Cold War with Russia, and the media told white people that Russia was backing the ANC.

Just like white folks found out about Black Wall Street last week, a lot of whites had never heard of Nelson Mandela
Those who had heard of him had been told he was a terrorist.

But before the “woke”
Movement, there was the “conscious” movement that was taking over Black music.

In 1985, Stevie Wonder dedicated his Oscar to Mandela a lot of white people asked WTF is he talking about?
He was eventually arrested protesting and his music was banned. But here’s the thing: A lot of people were only aware of this situation because civil rights leaders had been lobbying the govt for years and using nonviolent protest
Even the “establishment” politicians in the CBC were holding weekly protests

And in 1984 it finally made it into the Democratic platform.
And guess what happened?

A lot of white people start caring!

Not a lot, though. Because Ronald Reagan said you cant forget that —and I swear this is true—that corporations do a lot for “the blacks”
But in 1986, Dems passed the Anti-apartheid Act that levied sanctions against South African corporations.

It made it through Congress and the Senate hurray!

Reagan vetoed that shit.

The Dems needed Republican support to help override the veto.

Who could convince them?
It would have to be someone on the Democratic side who had been there for a while.

Someone with foreign policy bona fides.

Who, though?

This guy.
And it passed. It was the first time Congress had overridden a presidential veto on foreign police.

But Reagan was so racist, he wouldn’t enforce it. Bush did, tho. And the financial pressure from those sanctions actually helped force De Clerk to the table with the ANC
As @AfricanaCarr says (not in these words, he’s smarter) but who TF made us think we gotta LIKE or trust politicians?

Politicians are A TOOL, the same as a hammer or a socket wrenchI don’t give a fuck about liking my Senator or my needle nose pliers.
If you know me, you know I’m not a blind stan for Democrats or Biden. But some shit, like police reform, healthcare, criminal justice reform, wealth inequality etc…

CANNOT be resolved outside the system through protests and progressivism ONLY.
If your opponent uses the system as a tool, you either face defeat or learn how to use that tool and stop trying bring a safety pin to a gunfight.

So, in this case, Whoopi was right.

To be clear, The US didn’t end apartheid, South Africans did

MLK & Civil Rights protests didn’t give us voting rights.

Black Lives Matter protests won’t end police brutality.

The system needs activists

Activists need tools

• • •

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25 Jun
A cool thing just happened with one of my favorite stories about Black History.

It began when a Black community went up against LITERALLY one of the most powerful corporations in America

A thread:
My hometown, Hartsville, SC didn’t fully integrate its schools until the 90s. But in 1982, they closed the black high school/middle school.

It was named for a local pastor and preacher.
After the school closed down, this huge property was just sitting there. No one could afford the upkeep.

Meanwhile a family-owned business was looking for a place to try out it’s new plan to revolutionize small-town shopping with a thing they called the “superstore”
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Ohhh @DanCrenshawTX likes to get "facts straight" about voting rights.

So let's do it.

A thread.
First of all, Dan Crenshaw represents Texas' second district, part of which includes Harris County, some places over there & some other parts

It's hard to explain because Crenshaw's district can only be accurately described as: "the white people near Houston"

Look at this:
See, the 2010 census showedTexas gained 4 million new people. But Texas had to figure out how to keep their districts majority-white, so the GOP gerrymandered the electoral map so bad, a federal court said:

"Come on y'all. You be racist but I can't let you be THAT racist!"
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11 Jun
This is damn near impossible. It's like asking: "Can you briefly explain how the universe works?"

However, there are some things people should know.

A thread.
First of all, you should know that critical theory, as a tool for examining social structures, has been around for more than a century.

Broadly put, no social structure is perfect, and all social structures must be examined
And we know that when you examine or "critique" something, especially a society, the critique is NEVER objective. It is always colored by the perspective of the observer. I know this sounds like something someone says when the edible kicked in, but here's an example.
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2 Jun
Well actually, medical Jim Crow BEEN here.

And I know white folks are gonna point to poverty and "socioeconomic status" but I'mma just post some facts:

A thread
Census tracts with predominantly black populations are more than 2x as likely to lose hospitals, clinics and pharmacies.

And it's not just "poverty."

When they controlled for income, mortality rate & ppl over 65, the disparities were even HIGHER.

Again, it's not poverty. Another study found:

"25.6% of Blacks live in zip codes with few or no primary care physicians, compared to 9.6% of Asian and 13.2 % of Whites. The disparity disappeared for Hispanics after controlling for socioeconomic factors."

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30 May
On the 100th Anniversary of the Tulsa Massacre, let's acknowledge that what happened in Greenwood was not a spontaneous eruption of hatred.

That's the narrative that America likes to portray but what happened on May 31, 1921, is an example of systemic racism.

A thread
First of all, we have a false notion that Tulsa was an oasis of exceptional Black people. It wasn't even the MOST POPULAR "Black Wall Street."

Look up the Hayti neighborhood in Durham. Look up Boley, Oklahoma. Look up Richmond's Black Wall Street.

And this is not to dismiss Tulsa. I'm just saying that we shouldn't feed into the narrative that Black ownership and success is extraordinary.

Every time Black people are left to their own devices, excellence emerges.
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27 May
Someone asked about the worst job I ever had:

One summer, for 3 weeks, I worked at a place that rhymes with “Boss Dress for Less.” I don’t know how it is now, but when I worked there, it was INSANE!

A thread:
First of all, a lot of you might not know what Boss Dress for Less is. It’s a place where white women go crazy.

That’s it. That’s the whole description. I don’t even understand what it does. It sells clothes, and umbrellas and toasters and window fans but it isn’t a dept. store
Basically people go shopping there. Not for A THING. They just wander in and buy stuff.

Say you wanted a blue blouse. They might have They might have 178. They might have ONE. I truly don’t understand how it works because, if they only have one item, it’s not that they sold out
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