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29 Jun, 11 tweets, 2 min read
1…Discussed with an immunologist: new variants are appearing with mutations in the human tissue receptor portion of COVID, which is also the portion of the spike protein that the vaccine-induced antibodies (AKA your immune system)…2
2…while this does not increase the infectivity or virulence (disease severity) or the virus, it could lead to significant decrease in vaccine effectiveness…3
3…Further, there is absolutely nothing stopping this from recombining with (or spontaneously occurring in) variants already possessing greater infectivity and virulence…4
4…For a while now I have been pretty quiet about my opinion on restrictions, because I’ve kind of lost faith that anyone is listening to anyone. But, this has me concerned…5
5…You see, if there is now mechanisms available to the virus to thwart vaccine effectiveness, and all the virus needs to accumulate those resistances is to replicate a whole lot…6
6…then creating a cesspool opportunity for lots of unvaccinated or other “infection susceptible” people to co-mingle isn’t just going to create a risk of overwhelming the healthcare system again, and costing more lives in the vulnerable…7
7…it’s going to potentially cost everyone whatever immunity they have already attained (through infection or vaccination). This could very well put us back at F’ing SQUARE ONE. All progress lost. Poof. Gone…8
8…@CMOH_Alberta are you not telling @jkenney this?!?! @shandro, are you not somewhat responsible stepping in, it’s your MF’ing portfolio!..9
9…if high virulence/infectivity combines with antibody-neutralization we are so screwed. So screwed. People, your leaders negligence isn’t going to have simply caused you to lose livelihoods and family members to this virus (past tense). Their negligence is going to…10
10…Their negligence is going to eliminate any future security you felt, and let the virus have another chance at your families. @jkenney’s deliberate negligence over the next week will destine some of your loved ones to die, that wouldn’t have if he weren’t premier.
Addendum to 1…portion of the spike protein that the vaccine-induced antibodies RECOGNIZE

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11 Mar
1...I think it is official...the "contract" offered the docs by @shandro is not actually a contract. Its an autograph book that Shandy wants to collect COVID-hero signatures in. It is so vague that this contract lawyer of a minister...2
2...has generated a document that can't be legally upheld as a contract by any self-respecting contract court.

@shandro can't even do his original job as a lawyer correctly
As it is not actually a legally binding contract...this makes this document nothing more than a vehicle by which this minister can continue his abusive attack upon doctors. This document is the written equivalent of gaslighting. My gosh...@Shandro you are classic. Never change
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4 Mar
1...For those wanting a little context on how @jkenney failed us all because of corruption and TOTAL LACK OF VISION. In April 2020, when the world knew COVID was about to lay us all to ruin, and many were already singing the praises of vaccine development...2
2...@jkenney and the @UCPCaucus @YourAlberta government sunk what was left of our heritage fund into the CEO pockets of O&G companies waiting on the doorstep to leave. Canada had no vaccine production capacity, Alberta was leading the country in unemployment...3
3...and @jkenney wanted “shovels in the ground, now”! Any medical researcher and most doctors could have told you which companies would likely have the best shot at vaccine production (Pfizer, AstraZeneca, GlaxoSmithKline, Johnson&Johnson, Merck, Bauer) those would have been...4
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4 Mar
1...Sometimes a little context is in order. Realize that while our Minister of COIs has presented the AMA with a contract “good for everyone”, here is a person who felt fine to trespass on a neighbour’s property, threaten them and their family because they were a doctor...2
2...with an opinion on his ulterior motives (owning a private health insurance company). He has harassed multiple doctors, he has demanded punishment from the college for any doc that has opposed him...3
3...and on the eve of this contract revelation, his own licensure as a lawyer is being reviewed by the law society’s conduct board. This is who is presenting us with a “win-win-win” contract. Now, who thinks that is likely sincere?...4
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3 Mar
1...@shandro, @jkenney, @ucpcaucus have engaged the AMA for further contract talks. We doctors are finding ourselves soon to be voting on a contract we don’t even yet know the details of. Meanwhile, the govt (and the AMA) have asked us to not discuss the details...2
2...with the public (once we know them), as a show of good faith. However, in the last 3-4 days we have seen numerous “UCP-allies” publish articles taking shots at docs, we have heard the Minister proclaim Bill 21 isn’t a threat to contracts, and UCP MLAs email their...3
3... constituents to engage them about our contract negotiations. Further, has the UCP taken town their prior doc-smearing websites, as promised? These are all blatant signs of poor faith, and continue to erode trust. I speak with many of my colleagues and what I can tell...4
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6 Feb
1...As a doctor I am morally very concerned that the @UCPCaucus intention to open up Alberta (just as the hyper-infectious variants descend upon the province) is going to push our system deeply back into overburdened, slowing down services and costing people time and life...2 seeking care for their mortal illnesses, resources that will be exhausted caring for people who could have avoided getting COVID.


3...having a family member be diagnosed with a deadly condition today that will require surgery for cure...I will be veganly enraged if this person’s care is delayed by an upswing in COVID cases and it results in anything but the best outcomes for them.
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2 Feb
1...@AHS_media @UCPCaucus @shandro
I have had multiple patients now test + for COVID, without me being notified. AHS has a protocol they want family docs to follow where we contact patients at home every 2 days to ensure patients are coping/recovering...2
2...That's the extent of the healthcare people are being offered at first contact. However, if AH doesn't even notify the GPs of their patient's status, not even this can be acted upon. This is ignoring the huge burden this is on GPs...3
AHS: "Continue to deliver all the care you have done in the past".
UCP: "While we continue to attack, malign and lie about you"
AHS: "Now we want you to start phone triaging all the COVID cases for us, for complications over the phone"...4
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