5 Counterintuitive Ways to Improve Yourself

// A Thread //
1. Broke and Low in Self-Confidence?

Look in the mirror, groom yourself,

Shave & comb your hair,

Iron your clothes, clean & polish your shoes.

Walk out the door = feel like a 1 Mio.$ instantly.
2. No Friends? Family Not Talking to You?

There's no better person to be your friend than you.

Introspect, write and journal.

Become self-reliant.

Don't fear being a loner, but embrace your uniqueness.

Become self-reliable and the most loyal person you know.
3. Feeling Incompetent in your Skills?

Keep on keeping on.

Dig deep, keep practising, research to give 110% all the time.

Focus on improving on just 1%.

Celebrate each micro step.

Review constantly and refine.

Get a Mentor to upgrade radically.
4. Feeling Overweight and Unfit?

Go out for a walk.

Dying for candy or chocolate?

Drink water, eat an apple.

Still hungry? Go make yourself a salad.

Go to the park and do some Calisthenics.

Acquire some weights.

Work out.

Get jacked. You too Jill.
5. Overwhelmed and Stressed?

Take a Cold Shower. Walk.

Write down your thoughts.

Talk to a friend.

Focus on your breath.

Drink lots of water.

No put it all into perspective.

It's not really that bad is it?

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23 Jun
20 Life Lessons to live by

1. You don't have to be sorry for feeling what you feel

2. If you think you can change someone, you're wrong. Change must come from the self and from within.

3. Just because you're not perfect, doesn't mean that you're not worthy of love.
4. Being valued feeds the soul. Being wanted feeds the ego.

5. Pain & struggles showed your weaknesses, and they can also bring out the best in you to display your true strengths.

6. When you know who you are & what makes you happy, others' opinions will not affect you.
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13 Jun
How a 7-Day Challenge
Helped Me Defeat my Demons

5 years ago I did the impossible.
I went from 0 to Hero.

7 Days = 1024 Push ups

// Mini Thread //
I once hated push ups.
I couldn’t even do 5 push ups straight.

I had to change something:

So one day I said to myself
“I’ll do 100 push ups every day”

And that's exactly what I did.
On the first day, it took more than 20 sets.
On the 2nd day it took 16 sets

On the 3rd day it took 14 sets

On day 6 I did over 300 push ups

To get to 1024 in total

But do you guys and gals know the best part?

Not the pushups, but the fact that I defeated 7 of my own Demons.

Here are 7 things which I learnt:
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11 Jun
10 Keys for Limitless Abundance

// A 15K THREAD // 🙏

“When you are grateful, fear disappears,
and abundance appears.”

-Tony Robbins

Inspired by @FI_imagineer & @Yasi_Zhang
@FI_imagineer @Yasi_Zhang When we hear the word abundance, many of us think only of money.

The secret to true abundance is to “have plenty” in all aspects of our life.

Not just financially.

Money is the manifestation of energy, but there's more.

How can you live a more abundant life in every way?
@FI_imagineer @Yasi_Zhang 1. Develop an Abundance Mindset

“We have more of what we truly need,
And need less than we think, we need.”

What good can you do, today, to change for the better?
What can you do to get closer to your goals?
What makes you happy?
What are you grateful for?
Write these down
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2 Jun
What You Should've Been Grateful For
10 Power Thoughts

// A THREAD //
You had a safe & challenging job, yet you always wanted more.

Not more challenges, but LESS work & MORE money.

But now you don’t have a job, NO money, because “you’ve been replaced”

Either by a Bot or a younger worker, very happy to receive a quarter of your wage.
But, instead of looking for solutions, you complain even more.

Bills keep piling up.

Your family won’t admit it,

But they’re better off without you.

You’re a lost case, and a hopeless one at that.
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31 May
9 Phrases To Skyrocket Your Relationships

1. “Do you want me to simply listen?”

A question is a great way to flip the script.

Put the ball on their side.

And being prepared just to listen, just to be there for the other person, with your undivided attention, now that’s a lifehack.
2. “Tell me more.”

I haven’t stopped for 10 minutes & you still want more?

If listening is a life hack, this puts you in another galaxy.

You’re showing true concern, and true care.
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17 May

Bring Even More Meaning to Your Life
and Your Journey

“Wer fragt der führt”

When you ask yourself powerful questions, you challenge yourself to come up with powerful answers which help you grow exponentially.

Here are 7 examples of power questions to get your mind churning, motors running and mojo flowing.
1. How Can I Help?

Imagine waking up every morning and asking yourself this. It’s a total gamechanger. Helping is what you’re here on this earth for. Asking how you can practice this craft will challenge you and provide you with an elightening answer.
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