1/ COVID Update: Summer 2021 and the Delta variant, mask wearing and “following the science.”
2/ That phrase “following the science.” What does it mean?

It means relying on the data
It means using the best judgment we have at the time
It is useful that help us assess risk, not provide guarantees

What doesn’t it mean?
3/ It doesn’t mean:

Providing us certainty when none exists
Saying there is zero risk
That there won’t be adjustments as more is learned
4/ It also doesn’t mean that the science alone needs to determine the choices we make. It should only inform the choices we make.
5/ Take the CDC’s guidance on mask wearing.

The science says if you are indoors and fully vaccinated, you don’t need to wear a mask. It means it’s very unlikely you will get COVID and even more unlikely that you would get sick from or spread COVID.
6/ It doesn’t mean there won’t ever be people who are vaccinated & get COVID. Nor does it mean there aren’t other reasons to wear a mask.
7/ you might wear a mask because it makes you feel more secure or to set an example for your kids or so others don’t have to wonder if you’re vaccinated. If you wear a mask, you’re not violating the science. The science provides guidance but allows for other factors.
8/ People do things for lots of good reasons.

Some people buy more insurance than they need just in case. Some wear a flag lapel pin to show patriotism.
9/ But if you are only following the scientific recommendations & you’ve been vaccinated, you don’t need to where a mask indoors. Your chance of getting COVID are very low.

But what about the WHO guidance? What about municipalities who still recommend masks?
10/ Yes, it is confusing to be told different things by different people. But the underlying science is unchanged.

The WHO guidance is for the globe, the CDC’s is for the US.

Municipalities or stores who suggest masks are adding their own considerations on top of the CDC’s.
11/ People want things to be black & white but that’s not how science always works.

The CDC should not be giving the impresssion of false certainty when there is none. If you are vaccinated, there are a number of acceptable approaches, not just one.
12/ Unvaccinated Americans face a different fate. 2021 COVID is twice as contagious as 2020 COVID. Right now, prevelence is low enough that there isn’t much COVID. But that will change as Delta finds welcoming communities.
13/ Unvaccinated people will be at elevated risk and should strongly consider getting vaccinated. Vaccinated people with typical immune reactions are largely (though not entirely) protected.
14/ The science will evolve. So will our comfort with how we each want to adjust our lives. And as things change, including durability of immunity and persistence of variance, we will need to be prepared to evolve our response. If we do, it won’t mean we’re wrong today.

• • •

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There was a point in time in this pandemic when we didn’t know up from down.

There was a time when people in charge were describing up as down. 2/
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