Former Deputy National Security Advisor & Intelligence Committee chair S D Pradhan:
"The manner in which Xi is pursuing policies for self-projection & ensuring loyalty of the CCP members reminds us how Adolf Hitler manoeuvred to grab power in his country."…
"Hitler’s most important step was to declare himself as the Fuhrer and assumption of the powers of Reich Chancellor after the death of President von Hindenburg in August 1934."
"Soon after on 20 th August, 1934, the longstanding oath taken by state officials was changed so that they no longer swore loyalty to the German constitution but rather to Hitler as head of state."
"Xi Jinping has similarly soon after taking over as the President of China in December 2012, declared himself as the ‘core leader’ of the CCP doing away with the collective leadership. He got himself equated with Mao."
"Like Hitler, Xi has eliminated all those who could oppose him, through several purges in the name of removing corrupt members. The Politburo is now filled with his loyalists."
"Xi like Hitler has ambition to dominate the global order. If Hitler wanted to extend his empire based on lebensraum, Xi is also making assiduous efforts for expansion based on the Chinese Dream of restoring (imaginary) dominance that China enjoyed in the past."
"While Hitler used..muscle power, Xi is using not only muscle power but also economic power..The debt trap diplomacy, known as the Belt & Road Initiative, is employed to obtain strategic concessions. [Also], Xi is changing the facts on the ground to justify the Chinese claims.
"Like Hitler, Xi believes that effective means of psychological campaign could turn lies into truths resulting in the change the perception of people."
"The use of social media has multiplied several times for propagating Chinese views and claims. Big data, which is stolen or acquired through other illegal means, is being for specialised influence operations."
"While Hitler targeted Jews, Gypsies (Roma and Sinti), homosexuals, communists and other political dissidents, and those Germans who were viewed as inferior; Xi has launched genocide against Uyghur Muslims, indulged in the repression of Tibetans and Mongolians."
"Whether Xi meets the same fate like Hitler or not would be known later as the situation unfolds. The future historians would examine why the International Community tolerated Xi’s aggressive policies for so long as also their limitations and compulsions."
"Why anti-Chinese alliances took so much time to come into existence to contain China? Was the International Community inveigled by the Chinese projection of its ‘Peaceful Rise’?"
"While these issues would be scrutinised in future, the early indications are that the International Community is no more willing to tolerate Xi-led aggressive China."

• • •

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4 Jul
"One day, we had a heated argument about those rules and beliefs I had about society & the party.

"Why must China follow collective ownership?" he asked me.

"Because China is a country ruled by the people's democratic dictatorship," I answered quickly."…
"And what is people's democratic dictatorship?" he challenged.

"Democracy over the people and dictatorship over the enemy," I said.

"What is democracy and what is a dictatorship?"
"My biggest disappointment about the party and the government that I had once trusted so much was:"
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4 Jul
.@ltntw editorial: "In the past, the international community has often put practical considerations ahead of values in its desire for access to the Chinese market and its hopes that China moves toward democracy in step with economic development."…
"As a result, advanced democracies have often tolerated China’s human rights abuses, including persecution of ethnic minorities, and its authoritarian dictatorship. This has allowed China to deceive the world by hiding behind a mask of reform and opening up."
"The discrepancy between ideal and reality has prompted the Western world to gradually wake up to the deadly risk posed by communist China."
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4 Jul
“We are family with Taiwan,” Yasuhide Nakayama, Japan’s defense minister, said during an online event on Monday. Taiwan’s integrity “is clearly related to Okinawa’s protection.”…
"The real revelation in Sevastopulo and Hille’s reporting isn’t the prospect of a joint U.S.-Japanese war plan. It’s that Japanese leaders apparently have resigned themselves to war in the event China invades Taiwan."
"A clear willingness by Japan to send its troops into battle over Taiwan severely could complicate Chinese planning. Perhaps to the point of making an invasion unacceptably risky."
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4 Jul
"On June 24, Ko said that the cluster at the firm’s markets was “not as bad as you think” and persisted in his strategy of using rapid virus tests before administering vaccines and polymerase chain reaction (PCR) tests for thousands of market workers, ...…
... although Chen a day earlier advised the city government to primarily use PCR testing to identify all infections at the markets."
"When the city government began conducting large-scale PCR testing on Thursday last week, at least 41 cases were identified from the Huannan Market, showing that Chen’s judgement was accurate."
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3 Jul
For anti-imperialists in the West, you might look to China as the 'savior' but for us Asians in Asia who have more recent histories of CCP due to our proximity to China, the Chinese government is the imperialist threat we are facing today.
China (the government) is taking over land in Nepal and Bhutan, China is propping up authoritarian leaders in Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia and Laos, and China is oppressing Asian minorities within China (Tibetans, Uyghurs, Mongolians, Koreans).
To anti-imperialists in the West, you might be unhappy with your governments due to economic inequality or unhappiness due to the discrimination happening in your country, but when you turn to China as a counter-resistance to your governments, you undermine the rights of us ...
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3 Jul
"Imagine Joe Biden had been U.S. president in the 1930s. How should he have responded to dark omens posted by Josef Stalin and Adolf Hitler?"…
"Given the severity of the Great Depression, many Americans welcomed purchases of U.S. goods and technology by the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany. But should they have done anything to cooperate with a Kremlin that abetted mass starvation in Ukraine and Kazakhstan?"
"The signs from Germany were also ominous. The Führer ended every vestige of Weimar democracy, glorified the Big Lie (die grosse Lüge), persecuted Jews and pronounced Aryans the master race, and claimed a right to Lebensraum in the east."
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